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    • Video and CONTEST!

      7 years ago


      We start things of with the part where I link something of mine for your enjoyment. Firefox 11, Hunger Games, and Scary FAU Students is this week's phlog blog. Hope you enjoy!

      And if you aren't willing or wanting to watch the video, I'll cut right to the contest.


      Essentially what this contest is, is my way of opening the Hull gates to the readers. This contest has a very simple submission: you make something that has to do with Sheridan Hull, or John Walker, or any character, scene, whatever from my writing series, "Hull," and submit it. It can be a drawing, a painting, a short video, a short story, a song, whatever! As long as it is your representation of the series, it passes. If you have a submission, please message me here on Rooster Teeth. There's no set end date on this, so you have time to work on.

      Now, no contest would be complete without a prize, right? The winners will be decided by a random panel of people I know, and this is what you stand to win. The 3rd place winner will receive a...


      $10 GameStop Gift Card!

      The 2nd place winner will receive a...


      $25 GameStop Gift Card!

      And now, the pièce de résistance. The 1st place winner will receive a free copy of...


      Mass Effect 3! Oh snaps!

      So spread the word and get your submissions in! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

    • So

      7 years ago


      This little guy showed up in the mail for me yesterday.


      And he came to me courtesy of DmonDisaster and pretty much made my day. So I owe a super big thank you to my bro Demon. I'll buy you a drink at RvBTO, since you won't be able to yourself. smiley8.gif

      Also, I'm loving the feedback to my previous journal. Very insightful information for both sides.

    • Curiosity of Opinions on Prostitution

      7 years ago


      I will preface this right now: this journal covers a very serious and contentious topic. Please don't make an ass of yourself in the comments, and know I am not aiming to insult anyone.

      I am curious to learn my friends' opinions on a very peculiar topic, and that is the potential legalization or decriminalization of prostitution. I've been in a Human Sexuality course this entire term, and only now, just hours before the final exam, have I found something in our textbook that legitimately piques my interest. But I'm curious about your beliefs as well. So, I will outline the potential pros and cons to the legalization/decriminalization to prostitution, and I want to hear your opinions. Again, I am not aiming to insult and you obviously do not have to voice your opinion if you would prefer not to. I'm simply curious.

      -Legalization would reduce or eliminate the rampant victimization of prostitutes by pimps, johns, and the other criminal elements now associated with prostitution.
      -Legalization would help control STIs(among prostitutes and the general public) by requiring sex workers to obtain regular checkups and health certificates.
      -Legalization would remove many prostitutes from street work and allow them to work in a safe, controlled environment.
      -Legalization would redirect more of our limited law enforcement resources into fighting other, more serious crimes.
      -Legalization would eliminate the profit motive in human trafficking and much of the motivation for pimps to addict young women and men to drugs in order to force them into prostitution.
      -Legalization would eradicate a significant source of income for criminal networks.
      -Legalization would allow governments to receive tax benefits from the regulation of sex trade businesses.

      -Legal prostitution has increased trafficking and victimization of children because illegal sex trade activities can be concealed behind the legal ones.
      -Legal prostitution is predominantly violent, not truly consensual, and invariably victimizes, exploits, and injures girls and women in countless ways.
      -Legal prostitution forces women to prostitute themselves as a last resort for economic survival.
      -Legal prostitution leads to physical illness (such as multiple STIs and drug addiction) as well as psychological harm (especially PTSD).
      -Legal prostitution is, in reality, a form of "paid rape."
      -Legal prostitution is fundamentally immoral and removing it from our criminal laws would be a move in the wrong direction for society and could lead to a rampant sex industry in the United States, victimizing even more girls and women.

      This list comes from "Human Sexuality, Second Edition" by Roger R. Hock. My views do not necessarily reflect the ones expressed, nor are these every potential pro and con to the situation.

      Now I open the gates to you. I truly am curious to hear what people have to say, so please give it a response!

    • Hair

      7 years ago


      My hair took quite a trip today.


      I'm so bored today, only hair can describe it.

      The last one's my favorite. I feel like I jumped out of a taped version of Boy Meets World.

    • 7 years ago


      Is it awkward to look at a picture of one of your friends, say, "Man, he looks like he works out," and suddenly think, "I NEED TO FUCKING WORK OUT."?

      brb going to the gym

    • Adding Clutter to the Clutter

      7 years ago


      Look at me being a total hypocrite by adding to your feed clutter by trying to decrease the clutter.

      I have big plans for my writing series, "Hull," and these plans will involve a lot of posts. But I didn't want to have to keep using my journal and profile as a way of displaying all of this stuff, since all it would do is clutter my friends' feeds. So, to hopefully cut down on said clutter, I have created a Rooster Teeth group for "Hull," and it is on this page that I will post updates about my series from here on out. Hopefully the few of you who are interested will check in there for what comes next.

      I also have to once again give a very big thank you to you all, for the support and encouragement you've given me over the past several months. I actually sat down and watched a video I recorded on February 12th at about 4 AM, just before I officially launched this writing series. Looking back just a month from two days ago, I was so sad and so disappointed with myself. It was on that morning that I ultimately invested all of my faith and effort into this project, hoping it would be enough to keep me going and that you all would enjoying. Given that we're a month and three stories later, I'd say that invested faith and effort paid off.

      So once again, thank you all so much. You mean the world to me. smiley12.gif

    • Callie's Hair Tribute

      7 years ago


      I was recently asked by some family friends to make a video tribute for a very big thing that happened for them. Their daughter, named Callie, has been growing her hair out for quite a long time to donate it to Locks of Love, a nonprofit organization that helps disadvantaged children who have lost their hair due to medical issues. Callie's aunt passed away in early 2007, and as a way to pay tribute to her, she grew out her hair to have it cut.

      Linked here is the video I have made for them. I tried something new with it, since the footage I was provided with was all shot in portrait-style on an iPhone and would've had the annoying black bars on the side had I not improvised. This is what I came up with. Please leave some feedback here as I wait for the call from the mom. Thanks in advance, guys! Love you all!

      Also, one part of the video brought me to tears, but it didn't make the cut. It had the mom turn to her daughter and say, "JT's gonna work his video magic," and the daughter gave a big smile. Made my day perfect.

    • Got Bored

      7 years ago


      Got home. Got on Facebook. Saw one of the stupid "post this to # pages and ____ will happen" blah blah.

      Found a loophole and did it anyways for shits and giggles.


      Do I get my good news now?

    • Indescribable

      7 years ago



      This is my face right now. If you look, you can see someone who has just had their mind blown away into nothingness. If you look closer, you can see tears rimming up in my eyes. And in those eyes, if you look even closer, you can see the end credits of Mass Effect 3.

      Emotions right now? Indescribable.

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    • ulovekelly

      10 years ago

      oh really? what do u do?

    • ulovekelly

      10 years ago

      thank u! lol and yea i used to go out there all the time down to corvallis lol

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      10 years ago

      Awesome, what are you going for?

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      10 years ago

      i grew up in kings valley.

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