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    • Epic News

      9 years ago


      I am very glad to announce that the rough script for my first novel, "Star Wars: Tremors of a Jedi's Past," is officially complete! I do not falter in saying this is my best work to date. I don't think I've ever enjoyed writing something as much as I did for this.

    • Red vs. Blue: Revelation-- Best Season?

      9 years ago


      So, I can honestly say I have never been this excited for a Red vs. Blue Season to come out before. I have a good feeling Revelation will be the definitive Red vs. Blue season. Who agrees?

    • An Idea

      9 years ago


      I've had to most curious idea in my head for over a year now for a story. This one would stray from my science fiction roots and instead dapple in the murderous and mysterious side of things. It's tentatively titled, "Prewritten."
      Can you imagine, if one day, you read the Obituaries section of your local newspaper, and saw your name listed? Would you be even more shocked if it listed how you died, the time, place, and day? Would you be scared if you saw the day was today, the place was where you were, and the time was now?

      The town of Pond Springs, Nevada has had a recent spree of deaths. And it seems that the newspaper editors are always on top of getting the information out. But when young Jason Kames sees his name in the paper, listed as dead, and he just barely avoids being hit by a truck, he realizes something else is happening. It's a race against the man behind the words to find out who is killing off the people of Pond Springs, and how. Jason and his friend, Sam, embark on a perilous search to find answers. The search reveals a dark history to Pond Springs' history, and leads the two to question: Are these deaths all being performed as assassinations, or is something more paranormal occurring?

      It's obviously a work in progress, but I see some raw potential in it, if I can develop it.

    • Raise the Curtain

      9 years ago


      So, after a bit of mental debating, I've kind of put myself on an interesting path that I'm curious to follow.

      On Friday, I spoke with my English teacher for about 15 minutes regarding reading, writing, and teaching. As you know, I love to write, but I'm hoping to become a teacher for English. This teacher is also my school's Drama teacher. Now, after talking to him, we got on the topic of how I wanted to become a teacher. He said I could make a great English teacher, and then let slip that he could see me being an excellent Drama teacher as well. I've never really considered Drama as something, though all of my life, I've had people say, "You could be an actor" or "You should be in plays." I'd never taken them seriously, because I've always preferred being the hand behind the play. And that's when my teacher suggested playwright.

      The idea of being a playwright had never really occurred to me as a possibility, but now it has. My teacher said, when he'd gone to college, he'd had the same idea as me: Become an English teacher, and do writing on the side, see if he can't get a book published. Now, once he did become an English teacher, he realized he has no time to write, as he uses all of his English and Literary skills at work, and when he gets home, he's too burned out on that subject to enjoy it. However, the idea of directing plays, writing plays, is something he's always found enjoyable, and he said that I could possibly become a successful playwright myself.

      Now, he then said that in order to become a successful playwright, it'd be smart if I dappled into the Dramatic Arts and got a first-hand experience myself. In order to do this, I would inevitably take Drama as an elective during my Senior Year. Now, understand, I don't like Drama anywhere as much as I like writing, but he made an excellent point: A playwright is an opportunity that could await me. He said that when it comes to writing, you have to find a niche where you really shine. I'd always assumed science fiction was my niche, but I don't know for certain since I've never branched out. So now, I've got another idea on my mind.

      And who knows? Maybe one day, it will be me who writes, "Close curtain."

    • A Revelation(Continued in Comments)

      9 years ago


      So, amid my random thoughts and thinkings back on Thursday(I think), I had quite possibly the greatest writing revelation I've ever had. It shook me to the core when I thought of it, and upon allowing it to develop in my head, I realized that inside my mind, I held what was probably the key to my writing future. I was honestly astonished that I'd never thought of this idea before, and nearly slapped myself for taking so long, but holy hell, I'm excited.

      Allow me to explain a bit. Starting back in late 2005, when I first moved to Monroe, writing was not something I had largely considered. Prior to moving, I had written a few things, one being a spin-off about Jaden Korr from Jedi Academy(let it be noted that all of my major writing pieces are Star Wars-related.) The others were what I called "The Interceptor Series", which was basically my first real step into the writing world, a 3-part series about Grand Admiral Thrawn. None of it really impressed me. But, in 2005, I met a teacher, whose name I shall keep anonymous for her privacy. This teacher had probably the greatest impact on my life, that any teacher has ever had. She helped me blossom not only as a writer, but also as a student and person. She is the person I truly am thankful for meeting, for without her, I don't know where I'd be today. Anyways, she encouraged me to write, but her teaching career ended in my 8th grade year. In what I believe was a personal vow, I sought to write as I'd never wrote before, for her.

      My mix into writing started Freshmen year of High School. I started working on a story called, "Star Wars: A Clone's Redemption." This story followed CT-1175, nicknamed Thor, a clone trooper in the mix of the Clone Wars. Thor undergoes a more unorthodox time as a trooper, as he falls in love with a young Jedi named Kiara Tee. The story follows Thor through his mental struggles, all the way up to Order 66, where obviously, Thor must choose between love or duty. Now, since I can't really elaborate on the stories past "Redemption" without a minor spoiler, I'll just say it now: Don't read the next three paragraphs if you for some reason would rather wait.

      After "Redemption" is "Star Wars: On The Run", a sequel to "Redemption." "Run" follows CD-1148, nicknamed Deadeye. Deadeye is a former demolitions' specialist but, at the time of Order 66, chose not to kill the Jedi and instead turned against the clones. Deadeye escaped Order 66 and is now, one year later, on the run from the newly-formed Empire. Deadeye encounters the young Twi'lek Tielu Garz on his travels, but more importantly, he meets a young man named James Kryack. Deadeye knows James to have had a family of Jedi, and thus seeks to get him trained. Deadeye's missions with James and Tielu put them at the cliff's edge(literally), and inevitably force James to make a choice between saving his life and his training, or saving Deadeye. Deadeye "sacrifices" himself for James to escape, who then leaves and forms a resistance group against the Empire in the off-the-chart system of Revesen.

      After "On The Run" is "Star Wars: Realities of the Force." "Realities" follows James Kryack, five years later, the only Jedi in the Dark Resistance Against the Empire. James has started receiving cryptic messages leading him on a breadcrumb trail, slowly uncovering a sinister secret. James' travels take him from Kuat to Coruscant, and along the way, he encounters a Force adept. The adept is a peculiar fellow to James, as even though he performs Dark actions, he is in no way influenced by the Dark Side. James, with this new knowledge, continues, and slowly puts a puzzle together that unravels a conspiracy at the heart of the Resistance. In a desperate attempt to save his fellow soldiers, James fights the evil Darth Vader in a one-on-one duel, only to be interrupted and saved by an old friend.

      Now, my latest story, which is incomplete and tentatively titled "Story 4", follows up five years after "Realities" and follows James once again, but is joined by a group of main characters. James and his wife Sola are accompanied by *SPOILER ALERT* Kiara, Thor, Alaz, and Nora. Someone has been targeting the group, and Alaz sends James and Kiara to find out who. James and Kiara, as private investigators, are hired to investigate the ruins of the Jedi Temple, where James unravels a family secret that shakes him to the core. James is captured by the Empire and, in his captivity, learns of the monstrosity that is the Death Star. The story, though not written for this part, ends with James allowing the mastermind behind their assassination attempts to live, but only at the cost of billions of lives. Fugitives of the galaxy, James and the group leave known space for safety.

      This, is where my revelation comes in, and beware, as this may contain spoilers as well. I won't be saying the entirety of the revelation, but I will establish a bit. Throughout my writing time, I have wanted to incorporate a character named Darth Malevolent, but I've never had the opportunity. Now, I do. Story 5 will take place 10 years after the events of Story 4, and will follow Darth Malevolent. Story 5 also takes place 1 year after the Battle of Yavin. Malevolent is an unorthodox Sith Lord that doesn't so much as take pleasure in killing as he does in learning, and making necessary sacrifices to keep the peace. I still don't know exactly what I'm going to do with Malevolent, but I'll tell you this: the revelation isn't the fact that Malevolent is the main character of Story 5.

    • Star Trek

      9 years ago


      My first review in a while, feels good to be in the critique mood. Tonight, my dad and I decided to watch Star Trek. Myself being a Star Wars fan? I was impressed.

      Star Trek follows the beginnings of the career of young James Tiberius Kirk(and anyone who calls me that will be forcibly conscripted into Starfleet) as he joins the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Kirk is a young, outspoken individual who doesn't abide to the rules very well. His opposite, Commander Spock, is a straight by-the-book Vulcan. The movie follows these two in their first encounters with each other, and with the Romulan dissident Nero.

      The movie itself was, to be fair, very surprising in storyline. What you will find with most movies based on older television series is that, it is difficult to step into the story in media res and assume you will be able to pick up on what is happening. With Star Trek, however, that was not the case. The movie properly introduced each major character, gave them a background, personality, and purpose, thus allowing any newcomers to the series the same chance to enjoy the movie as a "Trekkie" would enjoy it. I was only once confused with the events of the plotline, but that did not at all detract from the overall enjoyability of the movie.

      The graphics of Star Trek were amazing. Each combat moment gave you the feeling that you were in those peoples' shoes, if such people ever existed. You can practically feel the explosions, and the inclusion of the fact that sound does not exist in space gave the movie an even-greater advance on capturing space and reality. Not to mention, the construction of the Enterprise was of absolute beauty. The ship shined with exuberance and impressed me beyond my expectations of the series.

      The casting for Star Trek is probably what is most recognized, as most teenage females flocked to the theatres just to see Captain Kirk. While this was undeniably a noted bonus by director J.J. Abrams, the casting did not at all create a bad effect on the movie. All characters played their parts well, and the including of the original Commander Spock was true icing on an already-well made cake.

      Overall, I found nothing particularly upsetting with Star Trek, besides the fact that at some points in the movie, the background music was so loud, the dialogue couldn't be heard. Other than that, the movie surpassed my biased standards, and has given me a more positive outlook on the Star Trek series itself. That, is a major compliment coming from someone who is obsessed with Star Wars.

      Star Trek performed perfectly, and earns a:


    • Just Great

      9 years ago


      So I went to change my dog's water bucket today before leaving for my brother's birthday party. I was in a tad bit of a rush, so I had my iPod Touch and my keys in the front pocket of my sweatshirt. Running out to grab the bucket, I leaned down and heard a plop and saw the water ripple. It took a bit for the horror of what had happened to sink in.

      I looked down to where my headphones were still in my ears, then followed the cable down, down, down into the bucket. And there, floating in the water, was my iPod Touch.

      Now, I had already been planning on getting a new iPod after my Touch's screen broke, but I hadn't expected this. The severity of this wouldn't have been nearly as bad if not for the scenario:

      On my iPod Touch, in the Notes application, I had over 200 story ideas written. These story ideas are what have fueled my writing for the past 5 years. I never bothered to write them somewhere on paper. So, unless I'm somehow able to salvage the Notes' data and get my ideas, I'm up a damn creek, because I can't remember even half of those ideas.

    • Best. Discovery. Ever.

      9 years ago


      Thanks to MyLifeIsAverage, I have stumbled upon what could possibly be the greatest innovation of mankind.

      The process is simple:

      1. Take your iPod/MP3 player/whatever.
      2. Plug in your headphones.
      3. Instead of putting the headphones into your ears, place them into your nose.
      4. Start a song.
      5. Open your mouth.

      Suddenly, your mouth is a giant speaker.

      Congratulations. You've just been learn'd.

    • RvBOR?

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      I think sometime this summer, we should try and host an Oregon Red vs Blue event. I mean, the state's not so big where it takes more than a day to get from one side to the other, and hey, we might even get Griffon to come home for the summer and visit.

      I sure as hell wouldn't mind helping to set up something like this.

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