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    • Two Reviews--Sherlock Holmes & Avatar

      9 years ago


      I'll post the reviews separate.

      In order to fully satisfy my love for Holmes, I ventured to the theatre to see the new movie. My impression of the movie, was astonishment.

      Sherlock Holmes takes place in early 20th century London, following the tale of Mr. Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. John Watson, in their escapade to discover the mystery behind the resurrection of Lord Blackwood. Holmes embarks on an action- and plot-filled mission to learn the truth behind Blackwood's magic. The movie does not hold back in not only showing the true colors of Holmes and Watson, but also venturing to explain a more in-depth look at characters such as Irene Adler, commonly known as "the woman", Inspector Lestraud, the not-so-inquisitive head of Scotland Yard, and of course, Blackwood.

      The plot to this movie is quite possibly one of the most thought-out movies I've seen. Not only did it properly implement the hundred-year old element of Holmes, it gave a new taste to the old fans. Seeing Adler make a point in this movie very much made me happy, as her story was not well-covered by Doyle. Very rare have I watched a mystery movie or show and found it difficult to follow, but the difficulty allowed Holmes to shine in his natural stage of deductive reasoning. The usage of the science allows all movie-watchers to let their brains attempt to figure out the truth to the case, and allowing people who have tapped their reasoning skills to smile at the subtle hints.

      Casting for the movie was superb. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law perfectly portrayed the visages of Holmes and Watson, while still giving it a more familiar feel. Downey's performance was nothing short of brilliant, bringing out the best of his character.

      The only downside any person may find in this movie will be either the inability to follow the plot, or the obvious cliffhanger at the end.

      Nonetheless, Sherlock Holmes was wonderful, and gets a:


      Part two of my theatre visit was Avatar. For any of you who don't plan to read after this, here's my opinion of how you will react after seeing this movie: mind blown.

      Avatar takes place on the planet of Pandora, a world enriched with life, and Unobtainium, a special material that sells for $20 million/kilo. It's regarded with great importance by humans, who have utterly rendered Earth useless. The movie follows Jake Sully, a Marine disabled from the waist-down. Jake is apart of the Avatar program, an operation created as an attempt to infiltrate to Na'vi, the locals to Pandora.

      The program puts people into genetically-engineered bodies that mirror that of the Na'vi, allowing them to attempt and become apart of the People. The movie shows no mercy in exploiting the truth to how greedy people can be and what measures they will go through in order to obtain money and power. Every second of this long movie is worth the watch, and I personally regret having had to leave for a minute-long bathroom break.

      The plot of Avatar matches the mind of Cameron superbly. You as a viewer are enticed by the action, the harmony of Pandora, and the personal struggles of Sully. No moment came where I found myself waiting for the next important scene, as this movie was obviously worth the money put into it.

      What we all know about this 10-year project Avatar is, the special effects are indescribable with simple words. What can truly define Avatar's innovations in effects is that it is a revolutionary. This movie will no doubt shape how future special effects are implemented. The world Pandora itself is so realistic but also so dreamlike, you find yourself feeling the glow of the plants, seeing it as if it were really there, and that's all without 3D or IMAX.

      Throughout this movie, I was not once disappointed by anything featured. The movie succeeded in the line of cinema, even further showing the idea that this is how movies are meant to be made.

      Avatar is simply excellent, and gets a:


      If I could give any higher of a rating, I would.

    • Star Wars Dark Times: Fan Fiction

      9 years ago


      I decided I might start posting some of my Fan Fiction for anyone's reading pleasure while I'm in the intermittent period before publishing. I've got an ad, so hopefully some people will notice and show up to read whatever I decide to post first.

    • Whoa

      9 years ago


      Totally missed the fact that yesterday marked two years since I signed up on Rooster Teeth. I've watched Red vs Blue since the first episode, only got involved with the community two years ago.

      What can I say? It's been a good two years.

    • Up -- Review

      9 years ago


      Tonight, my family decided to sit down and watch the movie Up. I was not disappointed.

      The movie "Up" follows Carl Fredrickson, an old man who spent his entire life with his love, Ellie. Carl promised his wife they would one day venture to Paradise Falls, a lost location in South America. However, Ellie dies in the very beginning of the movie, leaving poor Carl to live alone as a senile old man. The plot, however, molds itself into what I can classify as a classic Pixar movie, and an instant family classic.

      With the many jokes made towards elderly people and their capabilities, Fredrickson takes his house and pilots it with a hoard of helium balloons tied to the chimney. Joining his travel is young Russell, a boy scout venturing to get his "Assist the Elderly" badge, but instead gets caught up in Carl's adventure. The plot does not waste time with boring minute-long sessions of nothing, and always gives you something to either laugh at or feel sympathy for. Let it be known, this movie is sad. Not ending-like sad, just overall sad at the start. But hell, I'd be upset too if I made a promise to my wife, and she died just as we were going to do it.

      The effects from Up are classic Pixar animation, giving the child feel that we all know from movies like Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Cars, Monsters Inc., etc. It gives a sense of nostalgia that makes the movie enjoyable and allows the watcher to smile and relax. What caught my eye about this movie, however, was blood. For the first time in Pixar history, you see blood on a character. While shocking, it's true that bleeding occurs, only making it evident that Pixar, while remaining a good animated film creating company, is still looking towards reality.

      Nothing in this movie struck me as upsetting as far as my standards go. The movie is a good watch and is most certainly one for the shelf to keep and watch at a later date, on those days where you feel like going back. Up gets a resolute:


    • Cloverfield -- Review

      9 years ago


      So, I decided to write a review on Cloverfield, despite it being fairly old.

      So, while babysitting for half a day yesterday, I popped in Cloverfield, expecting crap. I was surprised with what I got.

      Cloverfield is set in Manhattan, subtly moving between April and May of 2009. The movie follows a young Robert "Rob" Hawkins through the view of a typical camcorder. The movie begins with Rob in the apartment of his girlfriend's father. His girlfriend, Elizabeth "Beth" McIntyre, has been his best friend since college, and it is quite apparent with her being naked under the bedsheets that they had their night. The movie abruptly goes 1 month later, to when Rob's brother, Jason, is accidentally overwriting Rob's previous tape with a goodbye tape to Rob, as he is leaving for Japan. Halfway through the goodbye party, Rob and Beth have an uncomfortable conflict, showing that something went wrong with their relationship. Suddenly, an earthquake-like occurrence signals the beginning of the god-damned movie. Finally.

      The plot to Cloverfield was, believe it or not, enticing. Perhaps I was just tired, but I absolutely refused to stop watching the movie once the action had started to take fold. The odd reptilian creature that seems to wreak havoc never is seen for full form at one camera angle, but that's excusable, considering the camera holder is Rob's socially inadequate best friend, Hud. The plot never really goes outside the fact that this thing is pissed off, and it's turning Manhattan into a playground.

      A thing that is most certainly the con to this movie is what is called the Queasy-Cam. The camera is literally filmed from the viewpoint of a camcorder, and this has been actually proven to cause nausea and vertigo among movie-watchers. If you're suspect to blow chunks because of a shaky camera, then don't get this. Caveat emptor.

      A thing I found enjoyable about the movie was Beth. Beth is played by Odette Yustman, who also did the 3D image and voice of Amata from Fallout 3. Odette did a fair job at acting in the movie, and gave us males some sort of eye candy through all the chaos and destruction that was Manhattan.

      The special effects for the movie were iffy. Yes, the monster(named "Clover" by the directing crew) is so mottled with crap that it's impossible to tell what he looks like, but the explosions were cool, and the blood was purple. Really. When Marlena... Well, I'll let you watch THAT part.

      Overall, Cloverfield is worth a rent, and gets an honorable:


    • Owned?

      9 years ago


      So, I seem to recall at one time posting a comment about Trials HD, saying some friends and I had tried Human Tetris. I was neg-modded into infinity, hurray!

      But now, what's this? Oh my God, it's PEOPLE DOING HUMAN TETRIS!

      Human Tetris in San Francisco

      So, to all those who neg-modded me? You just got...


    • Halo 3: ODST -- Review

      9 years ago


      So, I typically enjoy to write reviews, and thought I would publish this one for anyone to see.

      It's time for a review, and get ready, because we have a fine piece of quality on our hands.

      Halo 3: ODST is the newest Halo-series game released by Bungie Studios. The game puts you as The Rookie, an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper(ODST) who is being dropped into New Mombassa after the events of Halo 2. As the Rookie, you're drop doesn't go smoothly, and you wake up 6 hours later in your pod. You then begin the adventure of piecing together what's happened to your squadmates through flashbacks.

      ODST features two new styles to Halo: open-world, and no shields. You must utilize any cover you can find as you advance through the vastness of New Mombassa. The first thing you will notice upon starting this game is, it's absolutely fucking beautiful. The design of even your simple pod is well-detailed and realistic. As you leave the pod and take your first steps in New Mombassa, you realize this game is dark. Not mentally, but physically. The only light provided to you, is what's not broken, or whatever the Superintendent(the city's AI) decides to illuminate. But once you activate VISR(visor) mode, you see the true beauty of it all. Bungie took their time making this look, and perform, perfectly.

      The gameplay is still Halo, but has been dramatically upgraded. The new stamina/health system has no flaw, and the VISR mode is very well-implemented. Granted, you don't want to use VISR in daylight. Trust me, it hurts. The flashback system was also very good, allowing a smooth transition between characters and a better understanding of events in New Mombassa.

      The plotline to this game was a new side of Halo, for reasons I'd rather not state. Least to say, it was well-written, which always makes me smile due to my writing roots. The predictability level of the plot was close to null, as well, so you were on the edge of your seat the entire time. The characters were also fascinating in their own little ways. I felt personally, though, that the Rookie was underappreciated by his squad members, despite what he does.

      But don't let me forget what I'm calling the icing on the cake: Firefight. Firefight is a mix between Halo's campaign aspect, Halo's map integration, and Gears of War 2's Horde mode. I will not detract from the point that Firefight is fucking fun. The thought of it being unlimited surpasses my imagination, and thrills me to take the time and play.

      The only con I find to this game is the lack of full online multiplayer. I can see reasons why they left it out, but I also could see how ODST would work very, very well for Multiplayer. Nonetheless, the game is very deserving of the score it receives, which is a:


      AND to commemorate the special occasion, I proudly say that Halo 3: ODST is the first recipient of JamesKryack's Seal of Approval. My Seal basically means, this game is worth the buy 100%. So, without further adieu...


    • Scandinavian Festival

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      So, first, AWESOME to see Oregon has a group here, I was worried the state really had about 5 members!

      Second, does anyone make an occasion to go to the annual Scandinavian Festival in Junction City? I've participated in it several times, and my family avidly works at booths and such. If anyone's going, post, and maybe I can meet some fellow RT fans.

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    • Uhm

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      Because I'm not sure of another place to put this besides' Geoff's comments, Wolfenstein isn't due out for 3 weeks, rather than the 1 week listed.

      Just wanted to point that out.

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    • Comic-Con '09

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      I'm surprised there isn't already something to discuss this, unless my search didn't show me all of the results, in which case I apologize.

      Who's excited for today's Star Wars Spectacular? The rumored "surprise announcements" have me sitting on edge, patiently awaiting these and everything else. Least to say, I'm hoping for some new video game announcement, or maybe a release date to The Old Republic.

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