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    • Vampire The Masquerade - Redeption

      14 years ago


      Today i am going to buy the game Vampire The Masquerade - Redemption for PC and it was released 2000 and i hope it works for XP cause if it doesn't that's gonna MAJORLY Suck ..... anyways here is a link to the game .. may not be a greaat review but i had fun playing it ....


    • King Of The.... Apartment Building ?

      14 years ago


      yea my Parents are out to drive my nan to the country .. and i hate the country .. only like 2 channels to watch cause of No Cable ! No PS2 only good thing to bring along is a discman and gameboy ... i'm not bringing gameboy and i'm defenitly not bringing a discman cause music i get annoyed listening too after about half way through a cd to full of the cd and then after that i watch trees and grass and mountains and dirt and other cars go by past us .. so i am hear by myself most of the day ... i have to show an apartment .. a guy has to come and pick up some Fish that my dad caught during fishing yesterday and .. that's it ... nothing else ...

      if anyones up for a chat on the messenger's or on RVB drop me a line and if it takes a while to repond i'm not in the room ... but i will respond back

    • Star Wars Episode 3

      14 years ago


      it was a good Movie but ! nothing will beat the Original Star Wars that first came out ... A New Hope

      Mace Windu Dying that way .. that just sucks ass !!! .... he was the best * in my opinion * he even over came the Sith !!! now tell me That's not Alot of fucking power !!!!

    • ( enter good title here )

      14 years ago


      i couldn't think of a good title for this journal ... it's too Blah in here ... ( mainly cause of heat ) to think in here ......

      so i think i'l watch some movies today especially the 2 movies i rented , what are they you ask ?

      1. Shriek if you know what i did last friday the 13th
      2. Deep Impact

      i got Deep impact for Morgan Freeman ... i'm still trying to find the movie S7ven ( Seven ) he stars in with Brad Pitt i found it .. BUT it's the single disc version .. i want the 2 disc version for more features ! ... but no one i seen so far has it to buy ...

      MXC is cool i still have episodes 12 - 27 to watch ... and the best and funniest competitors are the .. Babaganoosh's i dunno maybe it's the name the fasinatis me and like them so much ... their diffrent people each time cause the commentators just say oh look it's .. so and so Babaganoosh , if your a fan of the show or seen a few episodes you will know what i mean

      i been thinking if i should go to the mall TODAY to buy a book or wait another day cause i feel like going to my friends house that lives near the mall ,

      yea that's it nothing too interesting .... i know Joel said he was gonna be on a TV show i forget the name tho but it's on Fox .. but he said the 8th .. i didn't watch it but is he suppose to be on last night's show or is their another show hes gonna be on cause he said eppisode 8 and 9 ... well first person who finds out for me and answers will get a mod point ....

    • Return To Castle Wolfenstein

      14 years ago


      Here's a Funny Moment That Happened to me when playing RTCW hahaha


      Yup their you have it .. man i love that photo .. it's Hillarious

    • MXC

      14 years ago


      my friend is lending me taped Episodes of MXC which i find really funny .... and i can't wait cause i never really actually sat down and watch the whole thing but i'm looking forward to it apparently 10 episodes are on it ...

      oh look another person took me off their friend list ... oh i know who now !! I Don't Give A Damn Anyways ... i was gonna take that person off my list really soon .. just too bad i wasn't the first person to do so

      things around here have been Ticking me off .. like family stuff and all .. so i'm trying to get that out of my head

      what a boring journal this is huh .... i try to get something entertaining up later on

    • Anyone Fan Of CSI Books ?

      14 years ago


      yea people considered me to buying a CSI Book i expected it to be like 500 pages or whatever but their like ... 250 - 290 pages .... and i was like wow ... and it costs me 13 dollars ( canadain ) Of Course all together WITH TAX ... buttt i was thinking Should i get a CSI or a CSI Miami title ?

    • Name Your Classic NES Game !

      14 years ago


      i would like people to wrtie the name of the Favorite NES game that they FIND Classic !!!

      and tommorow's Journal I'l get Peope To Rate Top 10 NES Game Of Their Choosing !

      Please let others Know about this post so i can get their Opinions On What Their Classic Game Is

      Starting With My Classic NES Game

      The Legend Of Zelda

    • wouldn't it be cool if ....

      14 years ago


      Zelda was remaked on the new nintendo console .. i hate nintendo now cause they have pretty much boring games and child games PS and X Box is more for mature people .... that's why i hate nintendo ....

      Zelda the original Zelda for NES being made again ... it won't be like the classic version from the op over view but with Zelda 64 Graphics .. well with what ever the new nintendo system will have for graphics .... that would be cool ....

      But how do you think it would turn out

    • Yesterday's Mall Adventure

      14 years ago


      Me and my friend hung out yesterday and we listened to music and talked for a bit watch parts of DVD's and then i went and delivered papers and he came along afterwords we headed down the mall...

      well everything was hunkydory we visited EB Games and looked at games and such then we visited CD Plus then headed our way down Music World and looked around for abit saw one of my enemies at the mall as well i seen her and i didn't know if she pay attention to me or what i look at the las minute going down the esculator and she looked at me ... man i hate her ( why do i hate her long story )

      then we went to Lawton's and he picked up some candy then we headed out and starting leaving the mall when this dude walked up to us ...

      we had no clue who he was he was like can you believe that and i was like .. uh what ? and he said that he called in a place yesterday and talked to a secretary and he asked for .. and he said lets call him Bob Hart and he said he wanted to discuss interviews for a certain job and he said the secretary said Bob isn't in the place right now

      ( now at this time we were in the front doors in the mall ) and he said now i called up today to see if he was in and the secretary said no Mr Hart isn't in right now and she seemed unhappy and when he called yesterday she called him Bob Hart and she was happy but when he called today she sounds unhappy and she calls him Mr Smith and then he said .. so what do you call him i looked at my friend like .. what the hell and the guy stares at us and my friend said i am not quite sure man .. i don't think it matters and i said yea i really don't think it matters ... ( not that i give a You Know What ) and he was like so what do i call him ? Mr Hart or Bob Hart i mean he can call me John and i can call him Bob right what's wrong with that ( at this very moment i was like .. their goes some of my life i won't get back ) i said to him i said i gues it depends on the person maybe he wants to be called Mr Hart or Bob Hart .. it just depends on the person i suppose he looks at me and took at step back and looked to his left and looked at us and said well it's weird i';m not sure what to call him tho and my friend just said i'm not really sure man i don't think it makes a diffrence .. and then he said well i hope you find out what to call him and he looks at us and he said ok thanks ! and walks back into the mall ....

      me and my friend left and we looked behind each other and said ... that ... was weird .... it was strange and i said yea man like what the Hell ... it was strange to have a conversation like that with us

      anyway then we headed back to his place listened to more music for a bit and i talked with his siter for a few mins and then left ....

      came home .. sat around bored till RVB was back up .. i watched Canadian Idol then went to my parents work and ame back home with my mother cause she got off work and then watched Malcolm in the middle and went to bed ......

      oh and one point we sat on a bench at the mall and some old guy pushed the bench back in it's place for us and he asked my friend what's it say on his T-shirt and i can't really remember myself but he said it's a band called " Beastie Boys " and below it says ( sorry for you Beastie Boy fans i'm gonna say this wrong ) it was like Touch your head or Hold your head or something like that and the old guy was like .. yea and make sure your head's intact .... after he left me and my friend laughed and i was like .. wow .. another Snappy Comment from an old person ...

      what a CRAZY Day !!

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