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    • Allies Vs Axis The Beach Chronicles

      14 years ago


      * position view over the Beach * * you see the Aliies Boat and you see the Axis Building *

      ( in the Axis building )

      James Soprano : look at them down their planning to get our documents ... in our War Room

      Sam: yea haven't they got them before

      James Soprano : yea but how do you think we stil have the secret documents .. i'l give you a hint * shows Sam the gun *

      Sam : Oh ! we killed that guy i remember ...

      James Soprano : no , no .... that was me ! i got Resserected and i had to go search for the guy luckily i found him before he got to the Radio Room up stairs it took me 20 seconds to get get back on track you know !

      Sam : yea ... i forgot we killed you .. sorry

      James : and i'm a medic .. pfft i should be Lt .... thank god that Ally was A New guy case he didn't know his way around base

      * zooming in on the Allies *

      Brad: yea so you went in and found what ?

      Zack : an easy bake Oven

      Brad : An Easy Bake Oven ??

      Matt : What The Hell... why didn't we get one !!!

      Brad : get focused will you ! we need a plan to get in their so they will be occupied while i am getting the secret documents ... hmmm Adam get over here , you too Ryan and Rick ! get over here and lisiten to my plan ... you and adam go over and ...

      * zooming into Ax Command *

      ( looks in the Turrent Scope ) alright good ... don is down their listening to the plan behind one of them blocks ... as long as he's not seen were good ! go down and tell Zack to fire on my signal alright

      Sam : yea sure whatever

      * keeps watching them down on the beach *

      ( hears gun fire )

      James Soprano : Zack Stop Firing You God Damn Gun you Moron !

      ( Don Runs off )

      James Soprano : that's not My Signal !!

      Zack : ( yelling ) i thought Sam telling me was your signal !!!

      * red team looks over and sees Don running *

      Brad : Men After Him Now !!!

      Don : Oh Crap Oh Crap ! Stop Firing At My Direction You Moron !!! ( To Zack )

      Zack : Oops Sorry i haven't learned how to use a Turrent yet ! i wasn't trained for this !!!

      James Soprano : i couldn't be in a worse situation ... ( shakes head )
      ( notices gernade on the floor Armed )

      James Soprano : Gary !! .... Bruce what have i told you ... Not To Play Kick The Gernade in the room next to me .. cause i always happen to be in the next room !!!

      * screen Goes Black * ( sound of gernade blows up )

      ( sound of Gary ) Oooops Sorry Sir !!!

    • Return To Castle Wolfenstein

      14 years ago


      i played RTCW while wiating for the site to be back online and it was worth the wait .. let me tell you about the advetures i had on RTCW ...... ok i got killed by alot of teammates and quite abit of them are stupid .. Caboose would be like a Genius comapred to these guys .. mean while secret Documents are being stolen .... of course people on my team just watch them take it with out killing them to get it back .... like seriously ... i do not want to be at war with these guys LOL .... anyways ..... they killed me more times then they killed the Enemies ....

      Anyways ! better go Eat .. hope you all enjoy the new Website !

    • 1.5 SWEET !!!

      14 years ago


      1.5 Rocks !!!

      Thanks Rooster Teeth for making a BIG UPGRADE to the website it looks great !

    • No Word Yet

      14 years ago


      still no word of the Staff member i emailed yet .... i finnaly looked at the Camping Gear we won 2 sleeping bags .. a tent , a big cooler with some can holders up top .. for a nice cold one and ... the tiny propane stove and the Lamp we got with it .. and it's all very nice !!! worth quite abit too !!!

      I Noticed Someone Deleted Me Off Their Friends List And I Got One Thing to Say .. Thank You Cause I Hated Your Guts

      hmm here is a quote ...

      He Jin From Dynasty Warriors - Break The Siege Of The Yellow Turbans ! ..... Humble The Rebels !!!

    • Yuk

      14 years ago


      what a bad day it is .. it's been really cloudy for the last few days and sometimes with it ... Rain !!! ....

      well not much but i have something that may interest a certain staff member !!!

    • Carrie Underwood Wins !!!!!

      14 years ago


      Carrie " Sexy " Underwood has Won American Idol Congradulations To Carrie Underwood and i will BUY your First CD !!!!

    • Camping Gear

      14 years ago


      when i first joined this fourm i posted that we got a call from Tim Hortons A Coffee Shop here in Canada ( and it's in some places in USA ) to answer a math question to get the prize you roll up on the rim of your cup and well we won and we had to wait 4-6 weeks or 6-8 weeks and well we didn't have to wait even that long and it came in today !

      and were going to pick it up today which will be cool

    • Just Bought Newsradio DVD

      14 years ago


      yup i'm excited season 1 and 2 DVD Set of Newradio just came out today and i payed 44 something with the taxes which is great i'm about to go watch some of it .. Season 1 is only 7 Episodes and Season 2 is 22 episodes and it comes on 3 discs !

      just got to wait for season 3 , 4 and 5 !!!

      It Rocks So far Disc 2 Is almost Done .... Disc 1 was pretty good !!!

    • 1 More Day

      14 years ago


      so yea ... can't wait to buy the DVD NewsRadio ... i'm been of fan of it for about 2 or 3 years now ... one of the funniest TV shows i have seen in my life ... it's great !

      Tonight is the CSI Miami Finale !!! and well for those of don't know what will happen i won't say .. but it's gonna be really good !!!

    • Sleeping in feels Great

      14 years ago


      i slept in today which was awesome ! 11:00 AM

      and i am COLD it is very cold in here ..... i think i may take a shower just to get warm ( my 2nd shower of the day )

      so Geoff and Gus had a good time with E3 which i'm glad for them

      New Trailor Park Boys is on tonight ... can't wait to watch that ..

      if anything else happends in my day i'l gladly update my journal to share with you all

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