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    • Summer Country Concerts

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      So, who else here is excited for all the country concerts this summer? Specifically the Megaticket. Dierks Bentley and Kip Moore are up here in Pittsburgh on Saturday, and I'm so excited to go.

      So what country concerts are coming up that you're looking forward to? Anyone not coming that you wish were? General Country music discussion too, I suppose.

      If you don't like country, don't comment. I see in every country music thread/discussion, there's always one "clever" person who says "Country sux". So if you're just here to make sure everyone knows country music is terrible, just don't comment, please.

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    • Movie Rewrites

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      Have you ever watched a movie a couple times and thought "I could do better", and proceed to either rewrite the script, or at least just figure out how the story would be better?

      I do it constantly, but one specific example is my current project; Rewriting Pacific Rim.

      I determined that, to make Pacific Rim great, it all boils down to Mako. She needs to go. Her development and conflict do nothing but add to the 40 minute gap between the first and second action scenes. What we have to do instead is change Raleigh's brother Yancy into a female to maintain the female lead (Nancy?). Then have her not die in the very first scene.
      See, my logic is that I cared more about the relationship between Yancy and Raleigh after the first 5 minutes than I did about Raleigh and Mako after an hour and a half.
      Second, we'd remove the Australian kid, and his place in Striker Eureka would be replaced by Stacker Pentecost, since Stacker and Herc have a great relationship.
      Now, of course, you're wonder "but Jink, what about the best scene in the movie, Mako's flashback!?" And to this I say, fear not dear disciples, we'll maintain it. However, instead of Mako, it will be the Becket siblings, and they'll be just a touch older. Stacker's rescue is what inspires them to be Jaeger pilots.

      The entire idea is to flesh out the interesting characters and drop the one who, while a strong female lead, is simply not an interesting character. This movie shouldn't be about characters meeting each other and creating a relationship, it should be focused on people who have existing relationships so that we can use precious run time to watch giant mechs beat the shit out of giant aliens.

      Oh, also; More Charlie Day. So much more Charlie Day.

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      I'm still Christmas. You can't stop me. This ride never stops!

    • Mad Max: Fury Road

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      I'm kind of surprised that no one made this topic yet, but here it is. Who's seen the trailer? If you haven't, you need to. This movie looks like it's going to be a BLAST. Any part of the trailer jump out to you? I thought the music really stood out, I think this movie will be great. What are your thoughts?

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    • RTX 2015 Quick Build?

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      I had a thought. I'm not sure if it's something that's come up before, but I think it'd be awesome to, at some point, have a LEGO quick build contest.

      What we'd do is agree on one Lego set, and everyone would buy one, and one evening we'd all meet somewhere and see who can build it the fastest. Does anyone think this would be viable? And if so, who all would be in on it?

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    • mrarcys FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Austin Head Guardian

      4 years ago

      Taking this to your comments so we don't choke up the thread.

      I actually lived in Kentucky! NKY is basically Ohio Lite without all the political bullshit. I miss Jungle Jim's so bad. That place is the Shangri-la of food! Nothing like it down here in Austin.

      • JanJinkle FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        4 years ago

        The only time I was ever in Kentucky was when I tried to park at the US Bank Arena, went under the overpass and ended up on the bridge. And Jungle Jim's was so much fun. Have you ever heard of Rib City? I would go to both those places every time I visited. And WashPA has literally no big attractions, so pretty much every town or city is a better place to visit.

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