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    • State of Decay:YoSE

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      If Geoff or Michael dont do a This Is for this game Im gonna take crack at it. Anyone want to co-com with me?

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    • 11 Years and one long story

      4 years ago


      With today being the day that we celebrate the birth of our beloved Rooster Teeth we are all reflecting on what drew us to this amazing community. I keep meaning to tell my story but I also keep forgetting :P so why not make it today.

      In 2003/2004 I was in my second year of college when one day my friends gathered our usual group into his room as he had downloaded a weird show where people were making fun of Halo. Oddly enough this was episode 20. We all just sat amazed at how just moving a few characters around made for such an amazingly funny show.

      We left the room, quoted what we remembered and where it was appropriate but then I realized "Wait...this is episode 20! Where are 1 - 19?" So i went on a search and not actually knowing about the rooster teeth website (because my friend had gotten them illegally) and sadly I followed suit to find the missing episodes. I laughed and enjoyed the first 19 episodes of the show and of course became a fan.

      Around a year and a half later I realized that where I was in life was not good for me. I had jumped into something because I never really knew myself or what I liked to do. I basically had a mental break because I had no plan for my future or anything I had just gone with what other people told me rather than my own choices.

      So my sister sat me down, had a talk, and we found I really loved film/televison/radio stuff and there was a program nearby. I got started down that path and never looked back. As RT grew, and i was still a fan all this time legally buying the DVDs this time :P, I felt like I was growing and they sort of pushed me in a way. I went back to old seasons to try and figure out how they did effects like ghost church. It made me curious and in a lot of ways pushed me towards editing because of all the cool things you can do with it.

      Really one of the best shorts to me will always be the "Shaving Time" because I just was amazed when I finally realized how it's done.....it did take me a lil longer than I'd like to admit :P. Really Rooster Teeth, the community (and eventually the Achievement Hunter community) have been a major part of my life. Helping me when I'm down, giving me a creative outlet when I needed one, and of course unknowingly to us both setting me on a path to doing something I love.

      So thank you Rooster Teeth, 12 years is amazing and I hope for years upon years more.

    • One Year Gone

      4 years ago


      At around this time a year ago I was uploading a video that I hoped would make a difference in a very small way. That was of course episode one of Community FAQ. I feel very fortunate that I was allowed to make a series that was something at the time I thought I needed to be made to help everyone. It allowed me to do something I never thought I'd do, being allowed to be on the Community Panel at RTX. Plus there have been a few people that have benefited from it so that's always nice.

      To be honest thought I made it for a very specific reason, as an editor I had been lazy since graduating grad school (i still feel weird saying that). With student debt piling up and no real way to pay for things I kept feeling like I was hitting a wall. I've been unemployed for a very long time and having a degree hanging on my wall didn't help things as I felt I never earned it. I wanted to feel like I took a step forward. So i put what I had been learning since getting out into something new, thus FAQ.

      But now a year has gone by and I haven't done much else again. Basically after RTX took place the remainder of the year was spent helping family and getting a bit of a job that really took up to much of my time to really do much of anything. Of course thats no excuse for this year. I have a few plans to make a couple of FAQ episodes as well as getting back into making community guides. I'm working on some now but I almost felt like I needed to apologize.

    • 90s Survey time

      4 years ago


      Because @BioHRay tagged me, dont worry I dont make other people do this stuff.

      Username: Jason
      Age: 30
      From: Gate City, VA
      Sponsor: Forum Mod, AH Admin
      Date Joined: 12 06 2009
      Last Signed in: 5 Hours ago

      Rooster Teeth Content:
      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Episode 20 of RvB
      Last Podcast you watched: Whatever the latest one yet
      Favourite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: JJ
      Did you watch a RT video today: No
      -If yes Which one: N/A
      -If no why: Been doing other stuff
      Favorite RT Series: Shorts
      Favorite RT Video: Catch

      RT Site:
      Current Number Of Notifications: 0
      Name of first Journal: Achievement Hunting
      Name of your latest Journal: I did the thing
      Last Photo you uploaded: RTX photos
      Last Thread you commented on: No idea
      First group in your group list: Community Hunters
      Last Private message sent to: Asked to do Co Com for CH videos

      Achievement Hunter:
      Gamer Score: 57995
      Team Lads or Team Gents: Team Gents
      Favourite Achievement Hunter: Michael
      Minecraft Skin: Scarlet Spider
      Favourite AH show: Lets Build

      The Community:
      Favourite Group: Community Hunters
      Have you gone to a community event: No
      Have you gone to RTX: Yes, 2013 and 2014
      Favourite Fellow Community member: All the Community Hunters

    • I did the thing!!!!

      5 years ago



      So I did the thing that other people were doing....am I one of the cool kids now? Also seriously go support a charity of your choice. there were a LOT I wanted to mention and didn't so while i didn't stick to the ALS challenge per say....I hope you all accept my challenge.

    • Future "Community FAQ" episode ideas

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      Since Community FAQ was meant to answer questions in the forums, what better place to start looking for idea for future episodes than the forums.

      What do you guys have questions about, what would you like to see covered, or would you like a specific topic covered really in depth?

      26 replies

    • AH Video Helper

      5 years ago


      So I've been thinking for awhile about this. Since I can't really make new AH videos as I really have no spending money to buy new games, and now the Xbox One out (which I wont buy for awhile anyway due to financial issues and games available.

      I really want to be a part of the community as I really enjoy every aspect of it. I like to be doing something, to help others with things that are hard for all us, and mostly its because I enjoy editing. But I can't contribute in the usual way so I'm posing this as more of a question to everyone.

      I'm sure I say it enough to let everyone know but I have plenty of experience with video editing, proper exporting, and basic rules of editing. So would anyone be interested in my writing a series of journals on editing, proper recording, exporting, etc.

      Or would it be more helpful to really go over the FAQ for Community Videos and go more in depth with things that may just be loosely covered and go more in depth with things to show ways to that would solidly answer questions and basically improve the overall community. Sorta education through example...

      So what do you guys think?

    • In Memorandum

      6 years ago


      I just learned about the passing of David "Knuckles Dawson" Dreger and am deeply saddened by it. Despite his standing with most people Knuckles was a good guy. Yeah he had his faults but we all do, at the end of the day he was someone I was proud to know. My words aren't enough to express my sadness for all those who knew him well. I can only comment on the time I knew him.

      When I first learned about Achievement Hunter Knuckles was obviously one of the first names I knew of. Of course the drive and want to talk with someone who was so popular was great and it actually sparked up a friendship with Casey (Churches Wife). It was actually really great getting to know her and eventually David. He motivated me in a way I would never expect and during the very short time I was allowed to know him he made me laugh and feel special.

      I know he didn't strike the right cord with everyone but he liked me for who I was as a person and we had some fun times. Hell helped me get through Gears 3....I didn't even have to ask he decided that I was going to be part of his team to run through and he knew how horrible I am at the Gears series. Then came a very big honor.

      The day I got to host the Official Extra life stream with him and Casey. It was a big surprise that anyone would want me around for something like that. I got to play games all day and talk with friends and earn money for a wonderful cause. After that we tended to loose touch and not talk for long stretches of time but we tried to reach out to each other now and again and then....well...we all now know how the story ends.

      I will always remember as the man who believed in me, I will miss you David.

      PS: Bob Hoskins IS Zorro.... (truly the first inside joke I ever had) :(

    • Dear Desna

      6 years ago


      Today marks one of the saddest days in my life, the day we lost our dog Desna. She's been with us for 8 years now and over the past 2 she has grown a closer devotion to me so much so that sometimes I was the only person in the world that she would listen to.

      I remember when we first got her and she was this big round pudgy ball that looked like her hair was actually a wig from 15th century France. She was a big ball of fur and nothing more. We almost lost her once before when deer wondered into our yard, and in a show of dominance and protection, she and her sister Atlas chased them off and up into the woods. We were able to find Desna that night but not Atlas (we never knew what happened to her).

      The worst part is today she was fine, something just happened and she died. She came very close to dying in my arms which scares me on so many levels. Needless to say I'm writing this to help myself cope as well as to honor her. For the past year and a half she has been a constant in my life. She wakes up with me, goes to bed with me, sits next to me while I game. Hell if you've been in an XBL party with me you've surely heard me talk to her.

      She helped me in so many ways that I realize now. She kept me sane at night knowing she was always next to me in case something happened. She missed me so much when i left for work it almost hurt me to leave her behind some days and she was always there to great me when i got home and wouldnt stop barking till I petted her upstairs so I would only focus on her.

      Desna I will love you forever and the only good this about this is you died painlessly. I hope there is a dog heaven and right now you and Atlas are getting to play together again, just be a lil nicer Desna she is your sister after all. But tonight is going to be a very lonely night for me as I wont on the big D to help me sleep.

      ALSO I'm posing this to help me grieve over her, I dont want remarks, comment,s messages, skypes, anything. I just can't handle that right now or probably ever. I just needed to to get this out of me or let it eat away at me.

    • 50/50 Chance

      6 years ago


      Some people on twitter have asked that I stop being vague and actually explain this 50/50 i keep posting about on Twitter. To be honest I'm not really being vague its just 50/50 is not the offical title of a personal game I'm playing.

      Right now as I type this I sit at 47740 gamer score on XBL and have been plowing through the DLC expansion for Oblivion aka the Shivering Isles. Honestly the DLC is kind of more inventive than the main story itself and makes for a really fun play if you pay attention to some of it. But that's all beside the point I SHOULD be talking about what 50/50 means.

      Ok so here is the breakdown, back story, and rules for my little game. As you read earlier I'm not really all that far away from hitting 50k in gamer score. BUT I also realized that I'm only really 9 games away from hitting 50 completed games. So I thought, wouldn't it be cool if i could make it to 50k GS AND 50 completed games!! Thus I began doing some research into my gamertag to see what games I was so close to completing but really needed to just file through a few odd achievements.

      My plan is simple, complete 8 more games bringing me to 49 completed games and exactly at 49000 GS. Sounds a TAD off doesn't it well once I reach those I am going to start in on Dead Space for my final 1000 bringing me to 50/50. I got the urge to play Dead Space thanks to Michael's Lets Play. I'm usually lucky because he plays games I've either played already or have no interest in. Dead Space just hit me though and I really wanted to play it and go through the whole series. I've already made some preparations to move through the series further after going through Dead Space.

      As of Friday March 21st I'll have finished my 42nd game, Elder Scrolls Oblivion after going through my final part of the DLC. That leaves me with just 7 games to finish and 1260 points to get to where I am going to feel comfortable playing Dead Space. I'd make a Lets Play out of it if Michael's wasn't already done, and also very entertaining. I'm honestly no good at things like that as I generally dont talk. But most people are probably wondering, quite planning for shit to do at 50 and start telling us what you need to do to get there.

      I do have quite a few games I need community assistance on and finding some people to help are really becoming a rare thing, so lets put a quick list up shall we :)

      Firstly here is a list of all the game I have achievements in, as well as said achievements, that need to be done.

      Streets of Rage 2
      First Verse
      Online Warrior
      Online Co-op
      High Score

      Transformers FOC
      Ballistic Energon Goodie
      Heavy Metal War
      Maccadams Old Oil House
      Rust Marks
      Ultra Power Master

      Puzzle Quest

      TMNT 1989
      Turtle Soup

      Halo Reach
      Don't Touch That
      Paper Beats Rock
      All Alone
      Bounty Hunter

      Resident Evil 4
      Heart of Steel

      Castle Crashers
      Arena Master

      Five Keys
      The Vendetta Begins
      Carried The Team

      Modern Warefare 2
      Honor Roll
      Start 69
      Downed but not out

      Halo 4
      This is My Rifle, This is my Gun
      No Easy Way Out
      Didn't see it Comin'
      Bird of Prey
      Bullet Sponge
      Flash of Light
      Last Man Grinning
      Pigs can Fly
      Callin' in the Big Guns

      That's QUITE a list isn't it. Especially considering most of them require mutliplayer help AND coordinated play between me and the others to make sure I get what I need. Some of them I have found ways around, specifically TMNT1989 and Streets of Rage 2 80k score achievement. Sadly both require some work and since I've gotten a job recently my free time, and honestly my urge to game, has gone a little haywire.

      Also I've place a bit of a time limit on myself just to drive toward a goal, sometimes it's always helpful to give yourself a dead line. And honestly with DLC's rolling out I do have some catching up to do. Hell I can't even PLAY some games I have DLC for because right now my gamer tag says I have them 100% and updating them with the DLC achievements will cause BIG problems since I'm trying to get to 49000 even before starting Dead Space.

      There are ALSO extra rules to this game.

      Rule 1) ONLY games that are currently purchased AND on my gamercard can be completed before starting in on Dead Space; If I need to grind some extra achievement I may go into some of the games I have but have never started, there are actually quite a few surprisingly (sometimes I buy games and forget I did until later or had some plan to play them that never came to fruition)

      Rule 2) The time limit is my 29th birthday, June 1st 2013. This basically means I have a little over 3 months to complete all of this.

      Rule 3) I cannot in any way effect games completion rating until AFTER this challenge is over. Let me explain that rule; Right now I have Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3, and Skyrim at 100% completion rating on my gamer card. BUT if you were to look through my achievements I have several missing DLC achievements left in them. THUS i cannot in anyway play these games to grind for score until after I've reached my 50/50 goal. Its a rather silly stipulation but when you think about it I could artificially inflate/deflate my score/completed games to make certain things happen.

      I know all these stupid rules seem rather silly but its not a good game without some rules to go along with it, now is it :P

      So for anyone who wants to help, give me a shout and we'll set up some time to play. Or at the very least some time help make a game plan.

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    • johnnyboy17

      5 years ago

      Thanks for accepting my friend request! :D

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        Wait....I had a choice!?!? OH GOD!!! (im kidding)

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      Hey Jason...thanks for the add twitter friend

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        6 years ago

        Honestly had been looking for you on the site since they said you were editing the "Lets Builds" Always love finding/talking to editors :P so just keep staying awesome.

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      Congrats on being Community Hunter of the week ^_^

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        Ah you want to take the cupcake.. I am going for the brownie smiley1.gif

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        Thank you...i hope to repeat

    • Nand

      7 years ago

      Did you have any luck with pre-rendering settings or anything? I haven't had luck yet, still trying though.

      • JasonMB FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

        7 years ago

        read my latest journal. it doesnt keep native 720p look but gets rid of MOST compression problems and keeps some of it rather clean looking.

    • Dame

      8 years ago

      We've got a lot of community gaming events happening this month in the RT-XBLC group!. Halo, Gears of War, BF BadCompany2, Grifball Tournament, Kinect challenges and more. I know youre in the group, but I dont think you've made it to any of the "playdates". smiley0.gif

      News post is here:


    • Pianofingers

      8 years ago

      Now that is a fantastic idea sir! I was thinking along the same lines myself.

    • Knuckles_D

      8 years ago

      See? You'd kill for my set up, and what have I been doing? Squandering it. Well, no more. This is going to be put to use and taken care of.

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