Hey RvB fans.

My name’s Jason Weight and I’ve written (most of) Red vs. Blue: Singularity. Hello. Naturally a fan’s first question is Who the heck is this idiot, so here’s my resumé:

- Writer/director, Starship Goldfish (S1 E1-3)

- Assistant Writer, Gen:LOCK (S1 E7-8)

- Assistant Writer, Red vs. Blue (S16 E6-7, 10-11, 13-14, 4x PSAs)


(RTX 2018, RvB Panel)

Red vs. Blue’s writer is often also its director, but this season the writer/director personality has been shattered into several rampant fragments: veteran machinimators Josh Ornelas & Austin Clark are directing (excellently, I might add), my favourite ragamuffin S15-16 writer/director Joe Nicolosi co-broke the season’s story along with S11-13 writer/director/fangasm Miles Luna, and Miles more than supervised the writing of Singularity. Miles wrote episode 5 plus a half episode here and there, so co-writer would be a more fitting title but I’ve been told not to call him that here, ha! We’re all shepherding the Blood Gulch crew around their lives, causing them problems, hurting and bewildering them, and I feel like I speak for everyone when I say we deserve a public execution.

Red vs. Blue is a precious thing. This is an enormous responsibility, and one that - as a fan of the show - I don’t take lightly. I’ve let it consume a year of my life - it deserves more than that but without the benefit of time travel I can only dispense one year per year and I’m sorry. This season was a fat bag of fun to write, and I promise that every faction in the RvB fanscape will be stoked on where these twelve episodes go.


For the curious, here’s how it happened.

In 2017, RT producer/cap-wearer Koen Wooten invited me to speak at RTX in Austin. He’s a fan of a show I’ve been making for most of the last decade, Starship Goldfish, and so I hopped over to Texas and spoke on some panels beside animation luminaries whose oxygen I had no business stealing & had a proper good time. As the festival wound down I happened to bump into Miles in the green room. Sparks flew. Doves cried. A few weeks later and I had submitted my first RvB PSA, Hard Truths, with Sarge!

The months that followed saw Lopez’s Technical Guide to Empathy, Recycling, and Caboose's Guide to Finding Your Home, as well as a never-produced Youtube-centric PSA, ‘Keeping Your Webseries Hip’, featuring Sarge’s makeup tutorial show ’Beaut Camp’ which landed in the RT inbox just as RvB moved from Youtube to RoosterTeeth.com. Like so many Youtube commenters I’ll never forgive them for that.


Joe Nicolosi requested a co-writer midway through S16. It was my first experience writing someone else’s story and scene breakdowns into script form and I learned a lot from it! Joe did let me add the odd idea of my own, so give me a cookie if you liked Atlus as comic relief. Poison the cookie if you didn’t like the Tucker/Sister argument. Poison Joe if you hated the cyclops bit. Give Joe a big big cookie if you loved the S16 finale (eg. everyone give Joe a big big cookie).

When Joe’s duties moved off S17 I was approached to write. I’d love to conclude with “And here we are!” but it took three of us breaking the treatment, two changes to the season’s name, and one entire from-the-ground-up story rewrite to get here. But we got here. Episode one, ‘A Sitch in Time’, is out Saturday! Hope you like Donut, cus he’s what’s for breakfast.

Everyone on the show deserves a shout-out here, but lacking a credit roll I’ll just say thank you to the artists, technicians and producers of Red vs. Blue. Their immense talents cannot be compressed into one studio and so squeege out of its windows like Play-Doh, blocking Austin traffic in every direction. They’ve trusted me to help them make amazing things, and my job is to ensure that trust is well-placed.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the new season as much as I’ll enjoy the sweet taste of the grave I’ve been promising myself during its production.

Finally, rest.

Your new stepdad,

Jason Weight

p.s. Tonight we begin a MASSIVE RvB marathon on RT TV, so come and get caught up. Beginning at 9:00 p.m. CT and going until Saturday at 7:30 a.m. CT, RTTV is being taken over by the Reds and Blues and will be showing Seasons 1-13, 15 and 16. Let's try and figure out why you're here: https://roosterteeth.com/live/rt-tv