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    • PaxPrimedGus

      7 years ago


      I was at PAX Prime again, and decided to stop by the RT booth. Saw gus there and decided I'd try to get a picture of my (not actually) attacking him. Started lining myself up:
      Then at the perfect moment, Gus purposely turned his head and made the final picture awesome as hell. Thanks Gus!

      The rest of Pax prime was awesome by the way but this picture basically made my trip haha.315457_10150308329651385_501471384_76546

    • I'm 21

      8 years ago


      So basically I can go to the states, such as the next PAX Prime again (potentially), meet the RT guys again, and actually go the the bar and DRINKKKKK!!!

      Man I truly feel sorry for you Americans, how do you manage to go until 21 without being able to legally drink?!


    • PAX Prime

      8 years ago


      I was just there not long ago.

      It was awesome.

      Met some sweet people.

      Got to say hi to pretty much the whole RVB gang.

      Purchased all seasons of RVB including the season that just ended.

      Played some games.

      Saw ABYSS_GK's awesome costume.

      All in all it was one of the best trips I've ever been on. Would have been nice if I was still active on this site, then maybe I would have found other people that I could meet in person while I was there. Oh well at least I had some of my close friends to share it with!


    • 8 years ago

    • Blarggggg!!

      9 years ago


      HONK HONK!


    • My life is...

      10 years ago


      Video Games


      and School Work


      Sometimes its tough, sometimes its fun... sometimes I just... don't know... and other times, well.. who am I kidding, life is life, you all know what its like.

      But yes, I am in fact "alive" and apparantly, all my old friends from here are too.

      I'm not "back" to the website, just thought I would say hi,

      before games and school and booze again consume me,

      and again run my life.

      Hope all of you out there are doing well! My best wishes to you all.

      But as it stands, this is the best video game season yet held in Fall, so I need to go please my addiction before I begin to go into withdrawal.

      Take it easy.


    • Summer

      11 years ago


      The cold lands of the north (Canada) are now the hot (don't do activity outside or else you could get heat stroke, kind of hot) lands where the Calgary Stampede, the main tourist event of the year is about to start.

      To those of you that don't know about the Calgary Stampede, it is a western theme park. Most people are wearing cowboy atire, there are tons of different rides, there are daily concerts. This year there is going to be Hedley, The Trews, Finger Eleven as well as many others. All in all it is a very cool event so hopefully I'll find time to go.

      The reason I may not find time to go is that starting July 2nd, I go back to my summer job I had last year. That being that I go from school to school all over the city and make sure their computers are in top shape. Pretty fun I must say.

      In gaming news I now have a level 70 Holy Paladin on World of Warcraft, along with my first flying mount (to many of you that doesn't mean much haha, to others it may). Diablo 3 was also just announced so I've been questioning if I want to play some more Diablo 2 for old times sake.

      I got myself a new laptop, both for gaming while at home, and something to take to University when I start in September going into Computer Science and eventually specializing in Video Game Design. The specs are decent: 3.00 GB RAM, 2.00 Ghz AMD Turion processer, the graphics card is actually quite low but still plays games like WoW quite nicely. (It's an HP laptop)

      Oh and yes, I am done writing all my final exams so I am officially done Grade school for the rest of my life, Yay me :)


      I'm so dissapointed that mods aren't worth anything now, so no point in saying 1 mod to first 5 comments. :(

      Less than 3 you all!

    • Graduating

      11 years ago


      Todays the day. In a couple hours I will have graduated.

      Yay me and all my classmates of 08!

    • May Long

      11 years ago


      It is now the may long weekend, my last journal was Spring Break, and yeah, heres a brief catchup.

      I graduate from high school in a week (well that is when the ceremony is, not actually my last day) so I am pretty excited about that. My childhood friend is going to be my grad date but when we were younger she moved away to another part of the country so she is flying in. So I am looking forward to seeing her, and letting her try out rock band :P

      Nothing is really new with the rest of my life lately. I just push along until something happens.. then once its over its just another push until something else happens. It can be a little bit stressful every now and then dealing with school, but I've been pulling through really quite well.

      I've already secured myself a summer job for this upcoming summer to work full time and it pays amazing for my age so I am looking forward to making some money as well.

      I also get to go to an all day concert in the summer which is gonna be friggen sweet. Maybe some of you have heard of it:

      This isn't actually the kind of music I like that much, I am mainly just going for the experience, the fun, and well.. the drinking lol. It should be great.

      Other than that, everything else is pretty much same old same old. Sorry it wasn't really much of an interesting update.

      2 mods each to first 5 comments, no double posting.

      Have a good may long!


    • Spring Break!

      11 years ago


      It is now Spring Break for me and yesterday I moved from housesitting my uncles place back into my own home.

      With Spring Break now here I plan to sleep more and catch up on my rest. I have been quite drained lately so this should be quite a healthy comeback for me.

      Being 18 now I've been having more to drink lately which is always fun hehe, and I bought myself Devil May Cry 4. It's a good game, you have to be interested in its style though to find it entertaining, although its cinematics are also pretty cool.

      Lately though the main game I have been playing is more Mass Effect.
      It still astonishes me how much I enjoy the game. Just today I beat if for the second time and now have 710 (I think) of a total 1050 gamerpoints (including downloadable content). Now with the conclusion of the alternate ending I was looking forward to, I am now starting a 3rd play through to fight for more of the achievements. The first time I played it took 35 hours to beat the game, the second time 30 hours, but considering I will be playing the same amount as last go around, I'll probably have to commit 30 more hours to it.

      Anyways, school has been alright lately... video games are great as usual, and now that I am home its a good time to relax.

      I hope everything is going as good for all of you!


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