So let me start off saying I'm not trying to disrespect the RWBY crew and cast at all as well as Monty Oum this is my opinion and I may very well may be an idiot to all of you but I'm writing this to give criticism on the overall volume as well as hear your thoughts on this . This is also not a rant that she's not dead with stupid theory's or anything like that as I am fully aware of Jen Brown tweets stating Pyrrha confirmed death I'm just saying why its shouldn't have happened in the first place and here's why. It's ironic and not in a good way she is based on Achilles who had a very similar fate as well as her name also corresponds with Pyrrhic victory now these concepts sound very interesting on paper...but really only there think about it she's dead they use her as a motivator for the Main characters to keep going so what? I mean seriously they have a pretty decent developed character arguably more developed than the four main characters they can use it to their advantage but instead they use her death as motivation ? I mean If they needed motivation they wouldn't have stayed to try and save beacon they would have left and nothing in the development of the characters would ever suggest they were cowards and would run from the first sign of trouble so why use it on that." but you can say it's for Jaunes development so he can unlock he semblance "did you think he would never have found it if she was alive? you can also say he becomes more of leader because of her death even with all that it isn't worth it. That's why it's ironic the Pyrrhic victory isn't on the plot itself but on the writers this concept of killing her wouldn't match the potential she had if she was alive furthermore her death wasn't even satisfying if I had to sum of her death it felt off really off the cryptic last words ,cinders tear, the immediate transition to ruby and Salem felt like" yeah she's dead bye" okay I get that she was never going to have a good ending as seen in the episode destiny but insignificant? they did more harm than good killing her off so much so that it felt half assed like they didn't care they just wanted to progress the story and yes you can say but they will explain in volume 4 ,well this should have been explained in volume 3 the whole Salem thing could have waited. Again sounds good on paper but looking at it more closely it's stupid there is the symbolic meaning where you can say "shit just happens "okay so are you saying next Weiss or Blake are going to get killed because "well shit happens just move on" there needs to still be some meaning or its just dumb. If I didn't know any better I would have thought this is really lazy writing but I'll assume they made mistake as I can see how it would sound cool but really looking into the whole plot and how it affects others in the story it's really stupid and not worth it which brings me to one other thing Ruby Weiss Yang and Blake are still too underdeveloped to start reacting the deaths of the peers especially on the third volume also one other mistake was that if you hadn't noticed they went from zero to a hundred. This volume was way too fast and made it sloppy they need to slow down and build their characters rather than keep throwing new obstacles at them. The reason Pyrrha is arguably more developed than them is because her conflicts were personal not oh bad guy fight done and she had to make a choice Yang ,Weiss Ruby and Blake didn't really have those conflicts they always had conflicts that were straightforward they never questioned themselves if what they were doing was right or not Pyrrha had to choose between her life as Pyrrha or her life as the fall maiden not ashes .

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