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    • Update time again

      2 years ago

      Jax_Rae Guardian x5

      Hey everyone, it's been a good long while, again, so here goes. 

      I have been dating a guy who is amazing and who I love for now like going on 7 months.

      It's the kind of relationship that feels like home and like I wanna stay here forever. 

      Not gonna jinkx it though so, he also makes funny noises sometimes and often forgets to clean up after himself.

      in another week I'll have been unemployed for 3 months, I've been working out a lot of stuff, and also being lazy, and also the holidays, but all the excuses aside, I've found the next step, or series of steps.

      I'm gonna be a blacksmith. Like Ordering the anvil, ordering the forge, hammering metal kind of blacksmith.

      I'm freelancing as a graphic designer (web pages, adverts, logos, invites, branding, etc.) in the meantime and I'm trying to get the youtube channel onto some cinder blocks so we can actually get wheels and wings on this baby.

      Depression is mostly in check, still living at home, but making progress.

      Thanks for reading,


    • Ayo life is crazy

      3 years ago

      Jax_Rae Guardian x5

      So, last september I started and internship at an advertising agency for graphic design, 3 months in they offered me a full time position, a little while after that my boyfriend and I broke up (we were only together for like 5-6 months), then a friend and I started recording a podcast, and 2 other freinds and I started recording lets plays. We're still a bit of a ways from being able to put up episodes (I'm assembling a backlog of episodes so we can be consistent when releasing them even though we all have extremely busy lives). I'm busier than ever, I'm being creative every single day, I'm always tired, I'm afraid if I stop doing any of these things that I'm going to lose all the momentum I've gained up to this point.

      Then yesterday I found out that a very good friend of mine finally got the kidney transplant that she's needed for a very long time. And, as it turns out, the person who donated it is her loving boyfriend, a friend of mine from a guild we are both in.

      When they found out that he was a match it was clear to me that he was going to go through with it, he's just that kind of guy, and the really really really really love each other.

      I'm so happy for them, I'm actually about to go visit her at the hospital, and it really helps put things into perspective for me.

      No matter how much I'm doing I start to feel that I'm both not doing enough and that the whole intricate web of activities is so fragile that I need to take a step back.

      Seeing (and reading about, my friend writes a Sweet Lolita blog called Parfait Doll (http://www.parfaitdoll.com/) where she talked about her relationship and how much her boyfriend Paul has helped her through all the hard times and that together they have faced the worst of her illness. Go give the post a read, it's really sweet.

      Now, I'm not a cutsey type. I prefer gore to flowers, but goddamn did I almost sob in the middle of my office because of how adorable these two beings are.

      So in my flurry of trying to do all this shit, I have a perfect time to take a breath and refocus on what matters to me. I'm not stopping what I'm doing, I'm just taking a deep breath and remembering it's something I really wanted to do.


    • A slow start

      3 years ago

      Jax_Rae Guardian x5

      Today got a little more of a slower beginning than most of my days do.

      this would be all thanks to the very strange dream I had that involved Danny Sexbang and Arin Hansen of the Game Grumps. I have gotten into the habit of listening to their Blood Borne play-through as I fall asleep and until last night I hadn't run into any strange dreams... well no strange dreams involving them at least, or even the game.

      Last night's slumber proved that it was only a matter of time.

      In addition to the 2 grumps, Suzy Berhow was also there.

      We were a band of hunters in the Blood Borne world, all able to fight and whatnot but the commentary was still the same, talking about random stuff, making funny noises, commenting on the "game" but the game was real life and it was all very strange. It felt extremely real.

      I had a hard time waking up.

      Maybe I'll draw what we all looked like... but that might be a little creepy.


    • Holy shit am I trying to adult hard

      3 years ago

      Jax_Rae Guardian x5

      SO! Starting next monday I'm gonna be getting up at roughly 5 am to work out, and on top of that I'm gonna be starting to release episodes of a youtube series that a good friend and I are putting together. It's very much game grumps style format but we're not Danny and Arin so it'll be waaaay different (though I love them so much). I'll post updates and links to the show when I start posting.

      Oh man, I'm starting to get anxiety just thinking about all the stuff I'm gonna do...

      Oh man oh man oh man.

      Anyway... back to work. I'll be in touch!

    • Been away, lots to catch up on.

      3 years ago

      Jax_Rae Guardian x5

      So... Bernie is doing what-now?

      I saw a glimpse of the news on twitter I think but holy Damn.

      I have about a gazillion podcasts to catch up on, better start the downloads now.

      Lets plays, RT life, RWBY... holy balls I am so far out of touch it's painful.

      I need to start planning better for long train/car rides and/or stop watching/listening to the same Game Grumps Blood Borne playlist. Internet goodies here I come!

      Anyone have any suggestions on where to start, anything super hilarious that I missed?


    • Actually a good year.

      3 years ago

      Jax_Rae Guardian x5

      This past year has been one of change and accomplishment.

      Things I've done since around this time last year:

      Got a full-time job in my chosen field (and I'm actually having a great time with it)

      I had and now don't have a boyfriend

      I've been to 4 conventions since last RTX (including RTX)

      I'm living at home

      I've lost something like 30-40 lbs.

      I've done stand-up comedy for the first time.

      I've accomplished a lot in the past year if I do say so myself.

      The next wave of goals goes like this:

      Finish my undergrad degree

      actually be dedicated with my streaming

      get on top of making the videos I've been meaning to forever

      put an entire cosplay together and actually wear it

      Get on that podcast roll with my very good friend.

      Become proficient at as many Adobe programs as I can without going insane.

      Cheers to feeling good about the past year and planning for an even better one next year.

    • heyo bitches, PAXPrime was amaze.

      3 years ago

      Jax_Rae Guardian x5


      My first Pax ever was amazing, I have tons of fun, met one of the guys from Sleepycabin; Mick Lauer (a.k.a. Ricepirate or RicepirateMic), Tom Fulp (founder of Newgrounds and co-founder of The Behemoth) , and William Stamper of StamperTV.

      As much as I felt like an total annoyance they were madd chill guys, suepr friendly and nice and they totally make my PAX, even though I felt like I was an annoyance (personal anxiety, nothing they did).

      It was a bit of a kick in the teeth to get my shit in gear to be able to accomplish my goals. Some day I'll be a special guest, but only if I can focus and get my shit together.

      Getting my shit together and in gear: goals numero one and 2.

    • 4 years ago

      Jax_Rae Guardian x5
    • Yoyoyo, RTX

      4 years ago

      Jax_Rae Guardian x5

      yep, pretty awesome, very excited.

      Great con so far, lovely people everywhere!

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    • AH_Victoria

      5 years ago

      so...... barfly though.

    • Cheshire_Cat FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Registration Team Lead

      5 years ago


    • nannyoyou

      5 years ago

      Thanks for the add! :D *buddy hug* lol

      • nannyoyou

        5 years ago

        Haha Well alrighty then! :)

      • Jax_Rae FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Guardian x5

        5 years ago

        Sounds wonderful to me.

      • nannyoyou

        5 years ago

        Not a bother at all.. Matter of fact you can bother at me anytime lol mmm'kay! :D

      • Jax_Rae FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Guardian x5

        5 years ago

        I'm always tentative when it comes to requesting people, I don't want to be a bother. Glad I'm not! smiley0.gif

    • MrStansell

      9 years ago

      Glad to hear we shall be friends.

      I completely understand where you're coming from about critiques but they are actually the greatest things in the world. I actually don't believe people who tell me my stuff is perfect. I KNOW there has to be something. Plus you come across people who just don't get it...but that doesn't mean your writing is the problem. Just means it isn't their cup of tea. You just gotta write for yourself and no one else. I actually stopped working on my stuff for a while because I didn't want to pour my heart and soul into something that someone might just throw into the trash without a second glance. At some point I had to realize that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. This is what I love to do and I'll be damn if anyone is going to tell me I'm not good enough or I'm doing it wrong. I learned a LONG time ago that the only way you can get art wrong is if you just don't do it at all.

      Please pursue your short. I really think it has some potential and I think you're definitely on the right track with splitting it up. That's a great idea. Honestly, I think you could actually make it a great three part short if you added a little more dialogue. You're doing good. Like I said the only thing I'd suggest is tightening up the dialogue a little.

      So good luck and be sure to link it when you get it made. I'd love to see the final product. Oh and feel free to hit me up any time. Like I said I love talking about writing and I'd be glad to help out any way I can. Til later, later.

    • Jax_Rae FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Guardian x5

      9 years ago

      lol ^_^ thanks, It's nice to hear from other writers, and it's much easier for me to take constructive criticism over the interwebs because I try to put a lot into my writing and tend to take it personally when someone critiques anything, but not so when you don't know the person who's critiquing you! yay!

      I'm going to revise it a bit, either make it a two-parter or just take some things out like the part about the mom or shorten it or whatever.
      I've gotta find people willing to do the part and who are going to fit in with the character outline, i think i have a few people in mind, and if I ever get it shot and edited I'll have to post it to youtube and I'll post a link in my journal if I ever actually do it =P

      but, anyway, I deciiiiddddeeeee!

    • MrStansell

      9 years ago

      So apparently I friend requested you...at least I think so. I don't remember doing this but you somehow ended up ended up in my friend section under pending or something another. Eh, watcha gonna do.

      Anyway, I checked your page out and read your Zombie script. Some pretty funny stuff there, especially given the right dedicated actors. Only thing I would suggest...I mean since you DID ask my opinion and all...maybe tighten up the dialogue a little in some areas but besides that this is a short that I'd watch and probably enjoy. Best thing about it is its super simple. Just two people having a conversation. So get out and shoot this already. Other than that I'd suggest getting a script program if you don't already have one. I'd check out celtx.com/ Its free, its easy to pick up, and can do pretty much anything one of those paid programs such as Final Draft does. Its my program of choice.

      So yeah, I know you didn't ask my opinion but you had a journal that had to do with two of my favorite things in the world , writing and zombies, and as a writer I couldn't help but say something. I love to meet writers when I can and wish you all the luck with your writing. You should keep it up. So, I'm just gonna leave now...but feel free to imagine that I said something incredibly insightful and inspiring about writing to you just before I left...I'm sure you can handle...I mean you're a good enough writer to come up with something pretty decent. Just make sure not to make me look stupid, okay? Until later, later.

    • Jax_Rae FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Guardian x5

      9 years ago

      Um, thanks? lol I've been keeping up with RT since it's creation basically, just never got around to making a profile ^_^

    • Nathan The Dark

      9 years ago

      Well, xD, welcome to Rooster Teeth. :D

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