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    • Bumblebee Pairing: All The Reasons Why It Makes Sense

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      (Originally from my DeviantArt, JayEmEl)

      Hey guys!

      For you RWBY fans, I'm sure many of you are aware of just how many ships exist out there for that anime by its late creator Monty Oum. If I'm correct, there is a name for literally every romantic relationship possible (and not) between each individual character. It's actually kind of creepy. But I'm not going to delve into the highly improbable ones.

      No, I want to address the ship called Bumblebee, which is a romantic relationship between Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long.

      When I first started watching RWBY, I didn't really care about who would end up with who. But then I was introduced to the fandom, and maybe I was influenced in part, but after that I began to really think about it. I enjoy stories and relationship development that make sense. You won't find me wishing for something to happen, or accepting something, if there wasn't any logic behind it. Because of this, I tend to analyze thoroughly.

      The conclusion I came to was that Bumblebee had plenty of reasons to become canon. Aside from Monty stating he didn't have a problem with featuring characters with varied sexualities, and that Arryn Zech (voice of Blake Belladonna) and Barbara Dunkelman (voice of Yang Xiao Long) have mentioned that they themselves ship Bumblebee, there are also other contributing factors to this belief of mine.

      1 - Blake and Yang's fighting styles. They complement each other extremely well on the battlefield. Where Yang is an aggressive up-close combatant most of the time and displays excellent martial arts skills, Blake on the the other hand uses long to mid-range attacks. Where Yang is strong and possesses incredible endurance, Blake is swift, agile and very accurate. They form a very effective partnership.

      2 - To be able to be so effective, Yang and Blake would have needed to trust each other immensely. Nobody puts their lives in the hands of someone else by choice if there is no prior trust. And to be able to trust each other, it would have been imperative for them to at least have spent a long time together training and learning to coordinate efficiently. This only makes sense. They have already shown that they have some interesting tricks up their sleeves, proving that they spend time together practicing intensively.

      3 - At first glance, it would seem that Blake and Yang are polar opposites. In essence, they therefore shouldn't necessarily get along. But they do. I won't start spouting the "opposites attract" nonsense and instead explain this properly. They get along because underneath the surface, where it matters, these two girls are deeply passionate, driven people. Yang is not a superficial dumb blonde. Blake is not cold and aloof. Yang would have had to have gained a certain maturity and sense of responsibility by having to somewhat raise her little sister Ruby by herself. Blake does have a sense of humor and has shown that she can be deeply touched by certain things. On the outside they appear very different, which lends to great scenes and lovely development, but in the end the two partners aren't too much different from one another, both searching for answers and justice.

      4 - Personality-wise, Blake and Yang balance each other out wonderfully. The weaknesses of one are the strengths of the other. Where one is impulsive and subject to bouts of frustration, the other is deliberate and calm; where the latter is stubborn and haunted, the former is amiable and family-oriented, etc. Because of this, they would work very well as a couple, able to understand and trust each other but also help and support one another. They may get on each other's nerves from time to time, but what couple doesn't?

      5 - Blake must have chosen Yang as her partner. We never saw the way she landed, and for all intents and purposes, she stalked Yang and revealed her presence willingly to her by beating down that Ursa. So...what gives?

      6 - Arryn and Barbara literally read a Bumblebee fanfic out loud together while being filmed. Even if it may have been jokingly, has this actually occurred with any of the other RWBY cast members? Why would they even do something like that?

      7 - In the episode 'Burning the Candle', just at the end of the talk Yang and Blake had, Yang suggests to her partner, "If you feel like coming out to the dance tomorrow, I'll save you a dance." And then, lo and behold, Yang winked at Blake, as if saying "You know you want to." That turn of phrase and subtle action wasn't suspicious at all, right? Furthermore, for those of you who wish to dispute that Yang was only being playful and didn't actually mean it, Blake and Yang really did dance together at the party, even if they didn't have to. Blake also insisted to tell Sun that her first dance was taken, as if it mattered to her.

      8 - More on that subject. When Sun awkwardly asked Blake to go to the dance with him, Blake displayed absolutely no interest in going. It wasn't until Yang spoke with her that she finally showed an improvement in her attitude towards the whole thing. Therefore, although Sun and Blake technically attended the dance 'together', Sun couldn't have been the main reason why Blake went in the first place.

      9 - Supposing the creators were intent on eventually forming a homosexual couple within the circle of main characters (let's say Team RWBY and Team JNPR), Yang and Blake are the only two protagonists who are both comparatively more mature and available to make this development happen (Pyrrha would be too, but I believe Arkos is realistically more than obvious + other reasons I won't elaborate on right now). Yang's rather casual approach to sexuality suggests a more grown-up state of mind, probably because she barely enjoyed a childhood of her own, what with watching her father fall apart and searching for her mother even at the cost of putting her young life in danger. Being involved with the White Fang and being treated as something less than human from childhood, Blake would have been forced to grow up far faster and accept how harsh reality is. Because of this, both of these characters have passed the innocence and naivety of childhood and would be perfect candidates to experiment with.

      10 - Yang is a wildcard. I think everyone can admit we can expect just about anything from her. While we know she has an attraction to boys, she could easily also be bisexual/pansexual - nothing has made this assumption impossible, nothing has proven that she wouldn't be game to try/experience it. As for Blake...we don't know where she stands, as she is the most secretive and private member of Team RWBY. But we have seen that she is not interested in Sun. Yes, he was someone she could talk to because he is a Faunus like her, but she has shown no willingness towards him and has often rather been indifferent, if not cold. Funnily enough, Arryn stated in the RWBY girls' podcast that she wouldn't be surprised if Blake was a lesbian. It would be quite ironic if Blake represented more than one heavy subject of controversy, and I wouldn't put it past Roosterteeth to head that way.

      So, those are my reasons for thinking that Bumblebee makes sense and has a chance of becoming canon, unlike some other more rattlebrained ships out there. I bet some of you could come up with even more things to point out concerning the possibility of this couple.

      What do you think? Totally farfetched or solid theoretical proof?

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