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    • Overwatch anyone? Xbox one.

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      okay this is my first time trying to branch out and make friends within the RT community. I've been here for around 3 years and I've never really felt you know welcome(really intimidated) into it seeing as lots of you have been here for years and have friends for the community. I just feel like I wouldn't be liked or fit in...hell I still don't even know how to navigate this site to actually find people.

      But I'm feeling more confident and more willing to put myself out there so If you want to try and make a new friend or just get to know me.. Maybe message me here or if you wanna play some games together we can... I have overwatch, destiny, Battlefield 4, Halo 5, The Divison, MGS5, Star Wars Battlefront, FC4, Those COD games. I'm actually really looking to get interested in games other people play so suggestions would be lovely too.

      If you wanna take a risk and play any of those games with someone new like me... a long time fan of all things RT and a silent community site member for a few years then add me on xbox. My GamerTag is : K4K3 LEXI

      Thank you all for taking the time out to read this. Thank you for adding me in advance and thank you for even considering it.


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    • Double Charged and problem isn't getting resolved.

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      I got double charged for the 6 month sponsorship twice 2days ago when I shouldn't because auto renew is turned off. I shouldn't have been charged at all in the first place until I was ready to make the payment.

      Now I'm sitting here with a bank account that's overdrawn $-31.52 and now I'm getting charged an overdraft fee each day it's not fixed. I've emailed them twice and I've heard nothing from them. This is time sensitive and I'm a broke college student who didn't have auto renew on for a reason. I didn't have the cash for one 6 month sponsorship, I definitely don't have cash for two sponsorships and cash to waste on overdraft fees that weren't my fault.

      Like if anyone can get them to help me that'd be great. It feels like my important problem is being ignored.

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