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    • My OC Team: Team JEST, interested in your thoughts and possbily Rooster Teeths

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      So I decided to create my own RWBY OC Team, TEAM JEST, who are all based around fictional characters known for deception, manipulation or trickery.

      Interested to hear everyone's ideas and thoughts on my characters, their designs and if you want more info on them, go ahead and ask. 

      Thoughts on if you think they could fit in the series itself.

      Jester Asgard


      Eisen Blitz


      Sinbilo "Sin" Hamelin


      Tresoro "Tre" Silver


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    • The God of Darkness: Is his Name Grimm

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      Okay, after the latest episode we're finally told where the Grimm come from, that being they were created by a powerful God of Darkness.

      Now this is more just a thought than anything else but since we know that the "Creatures of Grimm" came from the god of Darkness, does that mean we should call the God of Darkness Grimm. I mean he made them and they are called Creatures OF Grimm. Plus it just feels easier than calling him the God of Darkness. What do you think?

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    • General Ironwood is Robocop: Anyone think some of Ironwood was inspired by Robocop

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      This is just a little theory, but comeon. He's man of authority whose surrounded what basically are mechanic cops, he's part machine and you can't tell me that huge ass revolver of his doesn't remind you of Robocop's trusty side arm

      And if you didn't think of it before, well I made this little video on my youtube page called RWBY Random: General Ironwood is Robocop. just watch this video and tell me it doesn't fit. I DARE YOU!


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    • Will Beacon Reopen and the Girls remaining Years?

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      Probably a question that's atleast entered our minds once or twice, is the future of Beacon academy and the girls schooling.

      Beacon was all but destroyed by Cinder's forces and is since in a state of seemingly perpetual disrepair, not helped by the seemingly endless hords of Grimm and the loss of Professor Ozpin. However, as Beacon was the center of the series for Three Seasons it's apparent that won't be the last we see of it. Thus I wonder do you think it will ever become suitable for habitation again.

      I mean look at Mount Glenn and more recently Oniyuri, these are towns that were overrun with Grimm decades ago and are still abandoned, will the same fate befall Beacon.

      And even if Beacon reopens, what of RWBY or the other students. Will they simply return to school after that, Given what's happening and the battles they will likely fight wold it even make sense to return to school? In one way this feels like Harry Power 7 where Harry, Hermonie and Ron never completed their 7th year, do you think that will happen as well? 

      Please share your thoughts.

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    • First RWBY Youtube Video, about Cinder

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      Hey I decided to make a video regarding what Cinder did in Season 3 as a way to lighten up the mood somewhat and get a few laughs for people


      I'd appreciate feedback if possible, and comments, as I have several other ideas in mind, so I'd like to know what you think.

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    • "Voice of Fans" Podcast Discussion

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      Here is the forum to discuss future plans for a podcast about the series RWBY.

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    • My New Memes

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      Hey I decided to make a few meme images relating to some of the stuff that happened in the last episode of RWBY.

      Thought I'd share them with you, tell me what you guys think of them and maybe I'll try to make more in the future.



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    • My OC Team For RWBY

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      Okay I'm just gonna throw this out there. Here's my team for RWBY I call them Team JEST because they specialize in Trickery and Deception. If you are wondering about the color theme or theme in general besides being named after people who've used deception in literature they also each have a name referring to a type of metal in some way. Please share your thoughts, but keep them constructive. I will add more but let me know what you think of this one first.

      Captain: Jester Asgard

      o Appearance: Around five foot nine in a dark purple zip up hoodie with

      yellow lines running down the sleeves, with a slight collar around the

      neck, similar to a jester's collar. Typically has his hood normally up,

      in black pants and shoes with his symbol on the back of the hoodie and

      his weapons chains attached to the sleeves and connected to devices

      strapped to his belt. His hair is a mix of purple and yellow, with it

      having some hanging bits that resemble a jester's hat. His symbol is a

      Jesters mask.

      o Weapons: A pair of large hooks, attached to chains that are capable of

      being extended well over a hundred feet at high enough speeds to embed

      themselves in stone and other items. The chains can also quickly reel

      backwards at high speed to pull Jester towards his opponents.

      Additionally using the handles on the hooks, he can push them down and

      reveal a mussel below each hook allowing them to work like a pair of

      submachine guns.

      o Personality: Like his name, Jester is a born trickster and prankster,

      who loves above all things to mess with his opponents, both innocently

      and in a more malicious sense. When not in battle he'll use casual

      misdirection, jokes and riddles to mess with other people, frustrating

      them with strange sentences, comments and the like in order to confuse

      them. At times he even uses his semblance to trick them using his

      ability to shape shift to make them say or do somewhat embarrassing

      things for amusement. Though he doesn't typically become cruel or

      selfish he isn't above it either, using his transformation to invoke

      psychological warfare, not being above using a persons darker secrets or

      simply turning into a family member or friend in order to get the upper

      hand in a fight if necessary. He is also intelligent and not extremely

      arrogant, knowing he has weaknesses and isn't afraid to have his

      teammates pick up the slack for him. In addition he's also a very active

      person who very rarely sits still, practicing acrobatics or even

      various types of poses and handstands when not walking around. He also

      has a love for various fruit flavored candy canes and rarely is ever

      seen without one in his mouth, which he doesn't care to share.

      o Abilities: Despite being the smallest of his group, Jester is arguably the quickest of his team, being highly agile, flexible and acrobatic. He fights using a style combining Gymnastics, Parkour and Breakdancing, to create a very fast, acrobatic and chaotic style of fighting, never relying on pure punches or kicks, but rather unpredictable movement and building momentum to deliver powerful strikes. One of his preferred attacks is latching his hooks either into the ground behind his opponent or onto their shoulders and then rolling into a ball and colliding with them at high speed. In environments he's extremely quick, leaping from trees, rocks and covering terrain very quickly with ease. He is similarly quick in terms of reflexes and his senses, though his biggest weakness is a lack of physical strength, as he relies more on momentum he builds up from moving around so much to add extra power to his strikes. As such his normal strikes down have a large amount of power behind them, which is especially a problem for larger and tougher opponents. Additionally this means if he's held down in a single

      position or can't move, then his fighting power decreases significantly.

      o Semblance: Trickster, an ability that allows Jester to effectively transform himself into people, animals and even inanimate objects if he so desires in order to trick his opponents. The duplication is pretty convincing as he does take up the parties appearance, weight and overall body mass for the most part, even duplicating their voice. When turned into animals like birds, he can even use their natural abilities like flight or breathing under water. However, this does come with it's own difficulties, his ability to transform into others is more for stealth or manipulation as the shift in body type makes it impossible for him to use his own fighting style or weapons effectively. It is also possible for him to use the ability to transform, atleast parts of his body into different dust elements, but he needs actual contact with dust to do so and usually it's restricted to just his arms, legs or occasionally his upper body, but is more draining.

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