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    • Gatorade and its impact on the WNBA

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      Sports drinks have come a long way. Replentishing the bodily fluids has become almost as important as the undergarments of preference. What concoction of sugary electrolytes has made you the stud you are today?

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    • Battle Royale, bitches!

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      Contrary to common wisdom this movie has gotten a domestic release. No it hasn't, made you look.

      However Netflix has decided to make it available to members anyway. That's awesome. When I think of Netflix right now I have a certain tightness in my pants due to tumescence (duh). Now I can finally see this cult film and decide if I want to order a copy of my own. I hope they add the sequel. It got mixed reviews and I am almost equally curious about this one.

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    • Porco Rosso

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      This is the new Miyazaki film.

      For those who think all animated films come from Pixar or Disney I feel nothing but pity.

      Has anyone seen this yet? It's by the guy who gave us 'Spirited Away' and a few other classics.

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    • Jose Canseco Tells All

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      Or does he?

      On Sportscenter tonight they had a big segment about the release of Jose's book. He names names, dishes dirt, whatever. The segment went into great detail about a bunch of players including Giambi, McGuire, speculation about Bonds, Sosa. But is Canseco full of crap?

      Tony LaRussa denied the allegations that the 'bash brothers' era was rampant with steroids. He claims this was an example of guys improving themselves the old fashioned way in the gym.

      Canseco has been known for errors in judgement, irresponsible behavior, flat out stupidity. Anything he says I will take with a pound of salt. LaRussa's unequivocal denials seem a bit naive as well. I think the truth is somewhere between these two views, and we will never know.

      One thing Canseco said struck me. He claims he wouldn't have been anywhere near big league caliber without chemical assistence. Granted, he was a defensive liability. So he was a bat, eventually a DH. The thing is this statement goes against the arguement that steroids cannot make you a better hitter. It is always argued that hitting is more about vision, reflexes, intuition, voodoo, etc... Hmm.

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    • Gunner Palace

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      I have become a big fan of documentaries lately. They can be powerful as an editorial work (if you are shocked and outraged by Moore after all these years you really are a thick bastard), but I prefer the ones that try to remain objective to some degree. Movies where the film maker is an observer, not judging or interjecting personal opinions, are the sort of stuff I prefer.

      Gunner Palace looks to be such a film. A brief synopsis from imdb:

      This is one of the greatest documentaries ever made. It deals with the young men and women who are overseas in Iraq fighting the ongoing war on terrorism. It's not about violence, or hatred, or glory; just about truth. A lot of movies and documentaries give the impression of the director; this film lets the soldiers do the talking. It concentrates on the 2/3 Field Artillery Unit or the 1st Armored Division, stationed in Giessen, Germany, also known as the 'Gunners'. This unit spent close to a year an a half stationed in Iraq, most of which was spent living in Uday Hussein's palace, renamed Gunner Palace. It takes you through the daily life and routine of an American soldier fighting in Iraq. It deals not only with the military aspect of their days and nights, but also with their down time, and how soldiers cope with the realities of war. It's a very emotional documentary that shows what these good men and women serving our country are truly like. Keep tabs on this movie, when it comes out it's going to snowball into something huge. On a side note, the soundtrack was provided by the soldier's themselves; a majority of which is given through freestyle rap; a common way for many of the soldiers to express their inner most emotions. If a soundtrack accompanies the movie… it to will be a must buy.

      Hyperbole aside, I can't wait to see this. After enduring months of insufferable bullshit from politicians, pundits, every other sort of moron, the people we have heard the least from are the men and women who are actually doing the work.

      This is not about whether you supported this war or not. Check the partisan bickering at the door. We are there now, right or wrong, and we have a job to do. It is costing us dearly in many ways, the blood of our servicemen being by far the most important. They should have a movie made where they express their opinions. They should have many movies made about what they face. Their heroism, and their missteps and abuses when they occur.

      For trailers and such go to Gunner Palace.

      I would be especially interested in hearing opinions from people in the military about this film, before and after they have seen it. I hope it gets wide distribution and good box office. I think it could be an important work, and the sort of movie that puts documentaries back on track in terms of being informative, not just propaganda.

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    • mel

      7 years ago

      Surgeon!? That sounds painful. I hate doctors. I don't like to be poked and prodded at.

      It's nice to have things start to come together. It's the waiting for it to happen that I dislike.

    • mel

      7 years ago


    • mel

      7 years ago

      I really liked The Hunger Games series. It was the perfect balance of fluff reading and a decent story. I flew through them pretty quickly.

    • steph

      7 years ago

      Jimz, pass this along to Razzy please? She and I aren't RT friends so I can't reply to her comment or message her. Thank you! :)

      My two kitties weren't related in any way, nor were they in the same house -- I got them from the same shelter but even then, they weren't exposed to each other in advance at all. I think the main difference between the way my two got to know each other and the way your two are getting to know each other is this: my two came home on the same day, therefore there's no place in my house that is one cat's "territory" over anothers. In your situation it's possible that the first kitty (who seems to be the more territorial one, and gosh darnet I forgot but I think it's Isis?) had that week alone and decided that this was HER house -- then Aja came and only got that one room, because that's where she stayed - but that could have further cemented for Isis that the rest of the house was "hers".

      My two definitely fought when they first got together, and I really thought they were going to hate each other. Then they gradually over a couple of weeks started to be in the same room together and ignore each other, which was an upgrade -- then after another week or so they started wanting to be petted at the same time even if the other cat was being petted too, etc. Now, they sleep next to each other and hide in the same closet from the kids (haha) and share food bowls, etc so it's all good. BUT they still sometimes rumble, depending on how feisty they are feeling. Nothing loud or bad, just a swat to the butt and a MROW or two.

      I googled and found a website that looks like it's backing up everything you guys are doing (and going through), and the only thing you didn't specifically mention that I would suggest trying, is giving them treats and canned cat food at the same doorway to Aja's room, with the door closed, so that they smell each other but also are being rewarded at the same time. Even though I brought my two home at the same time, I still give them treats right next to each other etc, so that they're reinforcing the "other cat is good" idea when they get treats and stuff.

      I think I'm about to run out of space AND I am catting up Jim's page, but message me if you have any questions, I love taking kitties! :)

    • Chi_Mangetsu

      7 years ago

      It gets better. She gets all high and mighty about "OH! SO YOU GET ALL YOUR INFO FROM WIKIPEDIA LOL" because I sent the one link so she retorts with a wiki link to Ben Stein's propaganda film Expelled. Then blocks me. Whaaat a bitch.

    • jackiebot FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold me irl

      7 years ago


      so, remember how we were talking before about the differences between browsers? well, i just realized something yesterday regarding the difference between chrome and firefox that is actually very important when choosing between them --

      both of these browsers have tabbed browsing, but the way chrome handles tabs REALLY bogs down your system.
      - when you have multiple tabs open in FF, they're still all handled as one, combined process in your system
      - when you have multiple tabs open in chrome, they're handled as a completely separate process for every single tab you have open. that means your computer is starting a brand new adventure for each individual thing, rather than combining them all to save on resources.

      SO.. if you're the kind of person that keeps more than one tab open at a time [like i am.. i never have less than 3 tabs open.. never. and usually half a dozen or more at a time], then firefox will be a lot faster for you.

      thought you'd be interested to know. smiley12.gif

    • FinchLynch FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      7 years ago

      twitter handle #1 @finchlynch
      twitter handle #2 @fauxmovienews

    • mel

      7 years ago

      That seems quite harsh, it must have stung. Was it done in a sensitive way? It could have been you were done a big favor by being told not to pursue something that would have ended in frustration. What do you think of that now? Are you grateful? Does this teacher know how it made you feel then and now?

      It was done in a not gentle way at all. It was very blunt, to the point. I remember I was sitting in my letter jacket in the office doing some sheet music sorting and filing for one of the bands. (I was the head librarian) and I just pushed the papers to the side, grabbed my bag, and cried for what felt like hours in the instrument storage area. Something just snapped, and I no longer wanted any part of the band. Looking back, I'm glad he told me because I love learning so much more. I really enjoy my academic career. Almost more than music. If anything, I'm grateful that I went down a different path, and found something I love, not just something I like.

      During my senior year I had very little do with Mr. Chandler. I was a drill instructor and section leader, but that's it. I did walk into my concert band tryout stating that if it came down to it, I would choose my AP classes over band, and that got me bumped into a different band so I could do both. But honestly, I wouldn't go to classes unless I knew we were doing something big for contests or he was taking attendance.

      If I saw him today, I would probably thank him for telling me not to pursue music, but that's it. I would not spend any longer amount of time with him. He did break my heart in a big bad way in high school, and that's when my depression really set in, so hearing that did a lot of damage. But overall, I'm lucky I found something better to do.

    • bigvig FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Rampant

      7 years ago

      I'm betting it hit Reddit before I saw it on boingboing.net.

      Should such an admission be worth anything, I certainly will testify to the fact you saw it and posted about it first.


    • FinchLynch FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      7 years ago

      Vitalogy is not a great starting pointing. For me, If I had been younger/older when they came out, I might not be such a huge fan. It's was one of those perfect timing situation. The fall of glam, the commercialization of rap, and grunge popped out. Possibly also my Seattle pride (since I grew up there) played a part in loving most bands in the scene. But it always comes back to the music for me.

      I could suggest a ton of songs. I will compile a list when I get a free moment but will not be butthurt if you don't take to them. They are totally a deep track band, which is why I love them. They have at least 6 albums where I only dislike one song (maybe two). The hits are great but were ran into the ground. Watching this documentary I realized I could listen to "Jeremy" again without being sick of it.

      They played that song into the ground.

    • FinchLynch FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      7 years ago

      Puscifer is a grab bag. It's a mix of chunky, electronic-ish, country, and bizarre soundscapes. If it wasn't cohesive, I'd considered it pre-recorded performance art.

    • Jimmerz

      7 years ago

      Image is everything.

    • Razzy

      11 years ago


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