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      7 years ago


      Man I forgot that I even had an account on here. I guess I should post a journal since I've been away for so long...
      Been keeping up with Season 9 and it looks absolutely amazing. The new animation along with the storylines in both the Epsilon unit AND the Freelancer Program is flawless. I look forward to many more seasons, but I can't imagine them being more awesome than the current one though :)

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      8 years ago


      Hey everybody. I've been a fan of Roosterteeth videos for a few years ever since a friend of mine showed me the first episode of red vs blue. Since then, I followed the progress of RT with its shorts videos, immersion, rvb, fails of the weak, AHWU, and Achievement HORSE. Since the RT community has been continually growing, I decided to join it myself. Anyway I look forward to whoever I might meet and hope that I have a great time here.

    • 2019 years ago

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