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    • RTX London 2018

      1 year ago

      Jin_D3vil The Scotsman

      Just seen the post that RTX London has a date and I am already looking forward to it. The 2017 was both my first RTX and one of the best experiences as a RT fan I have had. It was an amazing 2 days. Not only did I meet a long time friend for the first time in RL, but I got to meet Geoff and Gus in person and see a lot more of the RT staff as well.

      I will be planning it out as much as possible from this point on. I even upgraded to double gold ahead of time to aim for VIP passes this year. I can't wait to go!!

    • RT Anime Sponsorcast

      3 years ago

      Jin_D3vil The Scotsman

      Watching the live stream with Kerry, Miles and Gray. Really glad to have another podcast/stream to watch with RT members about a subject I enjoy. If only I could be sitting next to the set and able to enjoy it in person but a stream will do for now (future goal maybie?). It's a brave first step for everyone and I have to say that it was well done on everyones part, especially talking about first anime and prefrences. That was a good way to be able to grasp everyones anime experiance and prefrences for future episodes.

      I'm looking foward to seeing what will come of this, I'll try to watch every live episode I can, but I will watch them when they are up for viewing otherwise. I can't wait for some of the bigger anime talks and discussions with everyone (from staff and also the viewers).

    • THE PATCH #67 - Female gamers

      4 years ago

      Jin_D3vil The Scotsman

      An interesting point was kind of discussed in the THE PATCH #67. Specifically that Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming. While I will not argue the view of what is really 'gaming', in the view of many people who consider themselves 'real gamers'. I will instead talk a little about Ryan's question about his perspective of there not being many female gamers when he was younger, and how he wondered when it may have changed.

      For me being 30 this year, his comment immediately put the reason for this into my mind. Well... at least it made me make connections as to what I think is the main cause for this to have happened. I think that as gamers have grown up they have been in an interesting position that has happened to many mediums of entertainment through out history. That is simply that they they have grown up using that medium and became the authoritarian figures of society and more locally their own children and friends. I know many female gamers who picked up gaming due to friends, brothers or even their own parents playing games with them. I think because games had a core audiance that perhaps was mostly male, that allowed it to sustain itself long enough that the people playing them introduced it to those that they had the ability to influnce. I don't think it's directly down to the face consoles became really big, as much as I think consoles became really big in lieu of more people becoming gamers regardless of their sex.

      Perhaps the industry itself has blinded the core of what was it's market to not realise how many female gamers there actually was. I mean you'd only need to look at the male gratifying games to think that all those millions of sales is purely a male market. But instead, we missed the possible reason being that a female gamer wouldn't necessarally be put off a game due to the content. Prefering to enjoy the game for the story, mechanics or even just to beat other gamers at it in a competive enviroment. I think if you really considered the numer of gamers playing and consoles owned you'd probably find that the idea of a male lead is perhaps more a construction of a market that was trying to pander to what it perceived as it's market as opposed to proof of it being a male only hobby.

      The only thing gaming has taught me was that the majority of the time if someone came out as a female gamer they'd be subject to a range of horrible stigma, stupid chat up lines and various comments from people. So much so that if reversed it would have made me less sociable than I was as a male gamer, and perhaps made me unwilling to enable it in any capacity. This may have made it so female gamers just stayed within their own social groups, with perhaps male gamers who had already played games with them. Meaning that female gamers were missed due to the nature of the beast and the culture that it fed and we let ourselves believe what the industry believed was true, was absolutely true. Instead of realising that sex didn't dictate an interest in a hobby. That a hobby was always the sole reason someone picked it up.

    • Does it hurt when I do this?

      9 years ago

      Jin_D3vil The Scotsman

      Okay hot topic for everyone. Halo Reach Beta.

      If you're here you pretty much either know about it or already play it. So I'm going to make assumptions that no-one will be suprised by much of what I'll say here.

      Classes, the different set-ups or rather classes are pretty nice. Having the ability to pick a Scout class with the ability to sprint is awesome. By far my favourite as I haven't even tried the rest. The only downside is being caught short when you really need it and it's only useful for getting close and not flag running (but thats a good thing as well).

      Weapons, it's nice to see the weapons all back and updated. Oh how I missed the pistol, it's a nice alternative to dual weilding Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle or other equivelents. The weapons don't all feel over powerful but at the same time carry the threat they deserve. You quickly respect those with a pistol and those with a launcher (rocket or any other flavour).

      The game feels quite well balanced as in far as I can feel.

      Controls, it's nice as it mixes in well with the standard controls. I'm a green thumb and normal stick man. So to know that 2 seconds in how to play it a brilliant thing. I was concerned I'd be fumbling a lot, while I am making occasional mistakes it's been pretty inuitive so far.

      So far the sprint is every thing I want, though I'm looking foward to the Elite dodge as it seems more useful in combat. But the Jet pack and cloak looks intresting too, although to me being air born is like standing in the street without clothes and holding two signal flares in each hand. You become a very big target, not so bad a thing if you can use it against them but for me it's not too appealing to stand out and getting shot by everyone and their dog.

      The sheild skill is a big iffy one for me. Standing still is not my idealsituation. The more time the enemy has t move, or worse get ready then the more likely it'll be leathal for the sheild user and not the other player. I have only been suprised once or perhaps twice by a sheild user. One was a sheild user doing so to distract me and allow another to kill me. The last and most impressive was one allowing me to close the gap only to Sword my nipples and also dodge my grenade (it was a pretty sweet move if you ask me).

      But again this is my views so far.

    • 2019 years ago

      Jin_D3vil The Scotsman
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