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    • DK Barrel (left bongo roll)

      14 years ago


      My girlfriend got me Donkey Konga for Christmas.

      It is so much fun!

      I still wonder why she wanted me to open it so early.
      Thanks so much, Jacii ^^


      14 years ago


      I borrowed Final Fantasy Origins from a friend. It's exactly like Dawn of Souls, only it's more like the NES version.

      Origins FF1 still makes you save in inns or with tents. DoS FF1 allows you to save on the world map
      Origins FF1 still has the magic points, where you gain the amount of times you can cast a certain level spell, rather than DoS FF1 magic points where you can cast any magic spell so long as you have enough as a total.

      I've been playing FF1 a LOT lately... and it's making me look like a greaken fanboy the way I talk about it.. but I'm just preparing myself for Dawn of Souls when I actually buy the GBA cartridge. There's definitely no way that I can like Final Fantasy more than Zelda, especially when I've loved every Zelda game (aside from the Phillips CD-I trash, but we're not counting those), and I don't like Final Fantasy 7, 9, 10, or 10-2.

      Yes, you read it right. I like 8. That, and 11, are the only two 3D Final Fantasies I've really enjoyed. Kind of weird, eh?

      I can't wait for the Minish Cap. I played the Euro rom.. but I stopped myself so that I'd actually have something to look forward to when it released here in fucking January. I still don't understand how Europe - where the games have you choose between many languages - gets this Zelda release before we do. It only irritates me because it's Zelda, but still.

      Ah well.

    • Talk about being a loser..

      14 years ago


      I have been so bored the last few days. Unable to play ffxi, due to insufficient funds, I started up a game of Final Fantasy 1 for the NES. The cartridge still plays like crap, so I've been playing the rom.

      ..Well, long story short. I've not only been playing the game, but I've also been taking the sprites. I have all the enemies I've run into, the battle terrains I've come across, and maps of all the towns and dungeons I've been to.

      I mean.. bah. -_- No life.

    • Maybe it's the cartridge...

      14 years ago


      Well the NES has been cleaned, and works fine, other than the fact that my Final Fantasy cartridge keeps freezing on me. Too bad, too. I had finally gotten the incentive to play it all the way through before I got Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls for GBA. Ah well. There's always the rom.. but that defeats the purpose of the hardcopy.

      Perhaps I'll just buy an NES tool to make it as a removable disk drive on my PC, and throw the rom's save file in it ^^;;

    • Now You're Playing with Power!

      14 years ago


      Ugh.. you ever have one of those days where you try to play some NES games, all games freeze within 5 minutes, so you take it apart to find a coke spill that may have been there for several months to several years?


      ..well, in any case, I've had to clean that. No NES for a few days while I leave the motherboard out to dry. Joy.

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    • Zelda72

      13 years ago

      Hey there newcommer and/or user that hasn't been on in a while...welcome to Rooterteeth.com......if you have any questions any at all feel free to message me with them...I'm be more then happy to answer....so again welcome have fun and enjoy...also if you wish to send me a friend request do so i'll accept

    • Jinketsu

      14 years ago

      yeah yeah.

      I don't care much for it, but I've added some stuff =P

    • Drakengard

      14 years ago

      Hi. XD Are you going to finish you goods info?

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