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      4 months ago


      It feels like just yesterday I was drafting my first journal post to talk about taking over Red vs. Blue from sentient-sugar-high Miles Luna. Now with a mix of strange emotions, I find myself passing the torch on to the next generation.

      The upcoming season of Red vs. Blue - Singularity - which will explode brains and melt faces starting SATURDAY, is brought to you by a brand new creative team.  Well, not brand new. Everyone involved has extensive experience with the series, but by “brand new” I mean not me.

      Writer Jason Weight (@JasonWeight) and Directors Austin Clark (@aclarkislost) and Josh Ornelas (@Josho) have taken over the storytelling of Red vs Blue.

      This announcement of the changing of the guard is more than a little overdue, so to really understand it let’s travel back in time to last summer.

      Around the time Elon Musk was calling the British cave diver who saved those kids “a pedo," Rooster Teeth had some meetings to try and figure out how we were going to staff up some new upcoming projects. I got tapped to take the lead on one of them, which means my responsibilities on Team Red had to be passed on (sorry Sarge). I can’t really say anything about the new thing other than it’s not Red vs. Blue related.

      Obviously, it sucks to leave a series hanging from a cliff in Blood Gulch. But my departure from the show is made much easier with the knowledge that those replacing me are brilliant and incredibly passionate. The series is in great hands.

      Whose hands, you ask?

      The delectable Jason Weight has thrown his… mass... behind writing this season’s 12 episodes. He’s finishing the story I started with Season 16. As my co-writer last season, I was blown away by Jason’s insane talents for writing jokes and dialogue, so you can expect the series to be as witty and clever as ever.

      In order to ease the transition, Jason, Miles, and I sat around for a week and brainstormed the rough outline for the season. What we came up with is an awesomely satisfying conclusion to the Shisno Paradox, something well beyond my original idea for Season 17. This upcoming season is honestly unlike anything I have ever seen before and I can’t fucking wait to watch it along with y’all.

      Bringing that vision to life are two gentlemen who are no strangers to Red vs. Blue. Josh Ornelas and Austin Clark have a combined decade of experience turning video games into stories.

      Josh has been working on RvB since Season 12. I came to rely on him as a creative ace on the last two seasons. Austin Clark has shown awesome talent through his work on the series and the off-season PSAs. Both know how to nail jokes and get the most out of Halo 5.

      Jason, Austin, and Josh will all be making journal posts to talk about this change today. Those posts will be spread randomly throughout the day for no reason whatsoever. 

      And so as my watch ends, I join the rest of you as a Red vs. Blue fan once again.

      Lastly, sorry not sorry for all the movie references.

      So long and thanks for all the fish, 

      Joe (Jax) Nicolosi

    • Red vs. Blue Season 16: 'The [NAME REDACTED]'

      1 year ago


      Hello everyone! Or as Caboose would say, “Hello everyone!”

      The other day someone on Twitter mentioned that there has been little in the way of Red vs. Blue news. Well, that changes now. I've come to give you too much information, both about Red vs. Blue and also about myself. Prepare to hear all about Season 16 and this ingrown hair currently buried somewhere under my beard.

      -Let’s start with RvB. As some have guessed from my carefully worded logline, Season 16 is the beginning of a multi-season arc. The arc has a name but I think I'm keeping the name a secret for now. I will say that the beginning of Season 16 takes place moments after Season 15 ends. I'm pulling a Halloween/Halloween 2 thing. Before you start typing, "There he goes with the motherf-ing references again," DON'T PANIC; by Grabthar's Hammer I promise Season 16 will have way fewer of those.

      -Several days ago I noticed a skin bump under my beard. I immediately thought, “Oh no, it’s an ingrown hair.” Don’t know if you’ve ever had one of these fucking things but they are really hard to get out. I think if I keep scratching around I can probably pry it out. Fuck, I might need some tweezers.

      -I have been working on this new season since September. I began with a handful of ideas, and before I knew what was happening, more layers and ideas started to pour out. I gathered them all into a bucket and realized that one bucket wasn’t enough. Right now it's looking like two buckets’ worth of ideas. I don't want to give away too many details, but I will say this season will be epic, absurd, awesome, and perfectly fitting for the Reds and Blues in brand new ways. I'm taking them into uncharted territory.

      -Speaking of uncharted territory, why does hair grow under skin? This is really fucked up. It's never coming out. I'm just going to ignore it. Ignoring it from now on.

      -After Season 15 wrapped up, I went and assembled a comprehensive spreadsheet of every critical comment and post I could find, and wrote down what I thought I could learn from each. This was not a fun or easy process, but my life is a quest to become a better storyteller and learning from mistakes is a massive part of that. As a result I've re-tooled my approach to many things. Most things, even. The structure, the storylines, the pacing. I’m not saying that Season 16 will be a magical perfect fit for everyone. I’m am saying that this season, this story that I can’t wait to tell you, will (hopefully) be all the more entertaining and awesome from these lessons learned.

      -One change these changes this season is that I want to do bigger episodes, which tell more standalone stories. I want each weekly installment fo feel more dense and fulfilling. More story in less time. This comes with the tradeoff of fewer episodes total, but I think it's a good deal. Important: this is not a shorter season. This season will still be one of the longest in runtime, even with fewer (15 or 16) episodes.

      -If you're curious, ignoring the hair is not working.

      -Another change this go-around is that I have new responsibilities at RT. Although it's my main focus, RvB16 is not the only thing I'm working on. To assist in the writing of the season, we've brought on Jason Weight (of Starship Goldfish) as my writing partner for the middle/later half of the season. Working with him has been awesome even if we don’t agree on everything (the dumb dumb spells armor with a “u” because he’s “British”).

      I'll leave you all with this:

      The universe is large. There are new places to explore. Some filled with beings of unspeakable power. Other with creatures of light and creatures of darkness. In the dark corners we can find strange, unfamiliar things – and stranger still, familiar things in unfamiliar shapes. There is so much to explore, both without and within.

      Red vs. Blue Season 16 will premiere on April 15th, and I think this ingrown hair will torture me for the rest of my life.

      P.S. I forgot to hint about time travel.

      P.P.S. I got it! Yippie!

    • AnonymousMe asked Joenut a question

      Hi Joe. Does the water park Donut burned down have anything to do with Doc and O'Malley?

      Answered: Feb 6, 2018

      not at all. why?

    • mightymaster99 asked Joenut a question

      Your season of Red vs Blue was probably my favorite, just with all the hilarious and stupid jokes. Perfect balance of comedy and action. Will you continue writing for RvB Season 16?

      Answered: Feb 6, 2018

      yeah! i’m working on Season 16 as we speak. i am beyond excited to show you

    • MargopoloGX asked Joenut a question

      How have you enjoyed writing and directing Season 15 of RvB so far? I have to say, it's looking really good so far, so keep up the good work! :)

      Answered: Aug 23, 2017

      Dream job

    • Crazybob2017 asked Joenut a question

      What if Team RWBY was transported to Blood Gutch while the red team was transported to Team RWBY's Room in Beacon Academy? That's my idea for a crossover called RWBY Vs. Blue.

      Answered: Aug 23, 2017

      We would love to do it, Microsoft would definitely say no. 

    • Ag3ntWashingtub asked Joenut a question

      Just saw the rvb episode "Battle Scars", looks like you ship Carolina and Wash. I was wondering about your thoughts on the two.

      Answered: Aug 23, 2017

      The closest of friends. 

    • Terabyte108 asked Joenut a question

      How many times have you wrote a movie reference joke for Jax and someone reads the script and proceeds to look at you with a face of confusion?

      Answered: Aug 23, 2017

      Well it's Miles who reads them first and he's never seen a movie so... A LOT

    • Crazybob2017 asked Joenut a question

      Is there going to be a crossover of Red Vs Blue and RWBY?

      Answered: Apr 2, 2017

      I wouldn't hold your breath... they're such different universes and such different tones.

    • SailorGirl81 asked Joenut a question

      Where in upstate NY? I'm from the Syracuse area and am wondering if it was SU perhaps?

      Answered: Mar 24, 2017

      Ithaca. Miss that place

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      1 year ago

      Congrats on a great Season! Hope you get the chance to do another one!

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    • alecpaul

      2 years ago

      Congratulations on achieving such an incredible opportunity. Best of luck, and I can't wait to see what the future of RvB has in store!

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      2 years ago

      I look forward to seeing your amazing work on RvB Season 15

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      2 years ago

      Thanks for accepting my friend request and congrats on the new role!!

    • texascowboy

      12 years ago

      hi welcome to RT have fun

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    I wouldn't hold your breath... they're such different universes and such different tones.

    Since I was about 8 years old. Almost always with Legos. I'm pretty self taught though, meaning i don't know what I'm doing most the time. 

    I've actually never even heard about physical rigs, but after a quick google i feel like a dumb dumb, hot damn they would have helped on the running shots! 

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