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    • The Amnesiac Weather Controlling Prisoner from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Weather Report

      3 years ago


      Hello and welcome, my name is Jokerke and today we are going to look at one of my favorite Stand users from Jojo’ Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean, Weather Report.

      So, without further ado, let’s get started



      1972 the 5th of June, in the southern parts of USA, in a small clinic a mother who’s life didn’t contain any happiness has given birth to a boy. This boy was the young woman’s only hope for happiness, however shortly after she gave birth the boy died. Not being able to accept the death of her own son, before the doctors or the nurses noticed she replaced her son with a baby born on the same day, the stolen boy was from the wealthy Pucci family and the boy, Domenico, had a twin brother, Enrico. From that day on Domenico was known as Wes Bluemarine.


      Wes (nicknamed Weather by his friends) had a simple life, in his teenage years while working as a juice delivery boy, saved a young girl named Pearla Pucci. Unbeknownst to them that they were brother and sister, started dating, however their brother Enrico found out who Wes really was and tried to separate the couple. He hired a detective agency to put an end to their relationship. Little did he know the agency was run by the KKK, and when they looked into his family history, they found out that the „foster mother” of Wes married an afro american man, they assaulted the couple and hung Weather from a tree. Pearla cut him off and not realizing he still had a faint pulse she thrown herself off a nearby cliff and died. Shortly after both Enrico and Wes found out what happened to Pearla, Enrico was stabbed by The Arrow, giving him and, through their blood relation, his brother Stand powers. Weather tried to commit suicide on multiple occasions, but his Stand always saved him.
      Fueled by anger and thirst for vengeance, his Stand developed the ability Heavy Weather and went out of control, harming everyone around him, but he did not care. All he cared about was revenge against Enrico, for causing Pearla’s death. Enrico realizing that Weather’s Stand could destroy the ozone layer if left unchecked, confronted his brother and revealed that they were brothers. Wes ready to kill Enrico wasn’t listening to his brother’s words and attacked him, to which he reacted by stealing Weather’s memories and locking him in Green Dolphin Street Prison to keep an eye on him. This is where Weather masters his Stand, later meets the protagonist and takes the name Weather Report.



      Without his memories Weather was a mellow and eccentric person who often stood really close to people whispering to them rather than talking. He was trurtworthy and compassionate, helping those in need without caring for his own safety. He also had a great sense of justice.
      After regaining his memories he gained a bit sinister side. He isn’t afraid to use his abilities for his own amusement and doesn’t feel remorse when his Stand’s ability Heavy Weather harms people around him, but he still cares for his friends.



      Peak human physique: Weather himself isn’t particularly impressive in terms of physicality, however he can take ridiculous amount of damage before going down like any Jojo character, including (but not limited to) surviving dangerous levels of decompression, surviving two headshots just long enough to reverse the enemy’s ability and negate the damage, and shrugging off multiple blood icicle piercing into his upper body.

      Intelligence: He is a really good battle tactican, capable of making plans while he is on the verge of death. He is also very inventive when it comes to using his own Stand.


      Weather Report


      Stands are manifestations of a person’s inner power. Usually only people with stong spirit and determination can have Stands, otherwise they would turn on their user. There are certain „rules” that apply to every Stand (although depending on their abilities there can be exceptions).

      -A Stand protects its user, sometimes without direct orders from them.

      -A person can only have one Stand.

      -Stands can be inherited.

      -Any damage done to the Stand damages the user the same way as well.

      -Stands can only be seen by Stand users. Unless it’s bound to a physical object.

      -A Stand can only be damaged by another Stand.

      -The further the Stand gets from its user the weaker it gets.

      -They are usually bound the user’s body.

      -When the user dies the Stand dies with them.

      -If a Stand is defeated the user gets KO’d, killed, etc depending on the level of injury.




      Strength: Weather Report(Stand) is categorized as a rank ’A’ in strength, which is really strong. Even a rank ’C’ has enough strength to break walls, and a rank ’B’ can hold a person against a wall, sealing their movements. Other rank ’A’ Stands have demonstrated to easily break human bones or even entirely sever limbs with a karate chop. However Weather Report is most likely not as strong as Jotaro Kujo’s Star Platinum (also rank ’A’), that can easily smash multiple diamond hard, car sized teeth into pieces.

      Speed: Rank ’B’, also really good, but not as much as an ’A’. A rank ’C’ is faster than the eye can track , ’B’ is faster than bullets and small sized meteors, and multiple rank ’A’ Stands have shown to be around or even above lightspeed. So, Weather Report’s speed is probably somewhere around hypersonic and relativistic. HOWEVER, this is only the speed of Weather Report’s main body. It cannot make wind go faster than the fastest wind recorded on Earth.

      Range: 20 meters (66 feet). This is the range where Weather’s Stand can move freely, but depending on the weather phenomenon he’s controlling this can vary from a few centimeters to several kilometers. Also Weather Report(Stand) CAN leave its effective range in vapor form, but it is severily weakened at that distance. It is mentioned that it could destroy the ozone layer, so its maximum range is potentially planetary.

      Durability/Staying: Having an ’A’ rank in durability/staying would suggest that Weather Report is pretty damn tough, however it doesn’t have any notable durablity feats. The ’A’ rank probably refers to its ability to turn into vapor and phase through attacks, meaning Weather(User) cannot be injured through attacking his Stand. It should also be noted that Weather Report will protect its user even if he did not order it to do so.

      Weather Manipulation: As the picture above states it has the ability to contol various atmospheric phenomenon, including wind, clouds, lightning, cold and even the tides of the sea. But it doesn’t stop there. He can control water to a certain degree, freeze liquids to create spikes, use air friction to ignite the air or use air pressure to deflect attacks, and even make small animals rain down from the sky, like poisonous dart frogs. He can even manipulate the contents of the air. He can build up enough oxygen in the air to effectively paralyze and intoxicate his opponent, although he is vulnerable to this move too, luckily he can make a space suit out of clouds that can protect from even decompression and (most likely) provide limited air supply.

      Heavy Weather: A sub-ability of Weather Report. By manipulating the atmosphere he creates rainbows as far as the eye can see along with creating the illusion of seeing snails everwhere that are attracted to other living creatures. If a person were to touch a snail or interact with a rainbow, through subliminal messages that the Stand creates, they would start to believe that they themselves are starting to turn into snails. These subliminal messages even go so far as to physically effect the victims and they would actually start slowly turning into snails. These subliminal messages effect everyone except for blind people, Weather himself and some of the natural predators of snails (that will naturally try to eat the victims of Heavy Weather). The process can only be reversed if you kill the Stand user.



      -Operation: Savage Garden would have been a complete failure and the main villain of Part 6 would have won.

      -Figured out how to counter the Stand ’Bohemian Rapsody’ with two bullets in his head.

      -Would have defeated Pucci and end Part 6 early, if he didn’t get distracted at the last second by a car crash right next to them.

      -His Stand (extracted from him) was used to defeat one of the strongest Stands in the entire series that killed almost every main character in Part 6, including Jotaro Kujo.




                      -Weather himself can take extreme amounts of punishment.

                      -He is a very smart person and really good tactician.

                      -His Stand is really strong and really fast.

                      -His weather manipulation is incredibly versatile.

      -Heavy Weather is OP. If you don’t know about it beforehand you will most likely become its victim.

      -Potentially planetary range.

      -Only Stand users and their Stands can see and interact with Stands, meaning a non-Stand user cannot see nor attack Weather Report’s Stand, while the Stand can attack them.


                      -Aside from his insane endurance, Weather is only peak human.

      -His Stand cannot be farther away from him than 20 meters (66 feet) without severe loss in strength and speed.

      -Its precision is only rank ’E’, meaning it is a very unprecise Stand.

      -Certain abilities of his can effect even him too.


      Possible opponent

      Storm from Marvel Comics

      Something I realized not too long ago is that there aren’t that many fictional characters with weather manipulating abilities. You know... without being powerful  gods *cough*ThorfromMarvel*cough*. Well anyway, if you read my ’Top 10 DB ideas’ blog you know I find this a very good matchup. A fight between two weather manipulators. If you want to know what I think of this matchup in more detail, then read my Top 10 DB ideas blog’s Number 10 entry. It’s literally the first thing after the introduction, you don’t even have to read the rest if you’re not interested.


      Well, that is the end of this blog. I hope you enjoyed it. I have a few more analysis blogs coming up in the future. But until then, take care.


      Next time:

    • Death Battle Character Analysis: The professional Assassin of Hunter X Hunter Killua Zoldyck

      4 years ago


      Hello and welcome. My name is Jokerke, and as I promised last time I’m back with another Death Battle Character Analysis. We won’t stray far away from the last Analysis and stick with the same series: Hunter X Hunter. Today we analyse Killua Zoldyck, memeber of the (in)famous Zoldyck family and best friend to the protagonist of HxH, Gon Freecss.

      So, without further ado, let’s get started.

      Full name: Killua Zoldyck

      Age: 14

      Height: 158 cm/ 5'2"

      Weight: 49 kg/ 107.8 lbs


      The Zoldycks. Considered by many to be the most dangerous family of assassins in the world. They are so strong that they don’t keep the location of their estate a secret, rather it’s a tourist attraction (even thou they can’t enter, mainly because of the giant wall and the dog that’s guarding the estate). Even their butlers are strong fighters. The Zoldycks train their children from birth to be just as deadly as their parents, and send them on missions when they are ready. Usually while they are still kids.

      This wasn’t different with Killua and his siblings. They went through hard and torturous training and mastared various assassination techniques and completed tons of assassin missions. But one day at the age of 12 for some reason Killua, the third son, got bored of killing and ran away from home. He entered the Hunter Exam and met Gon Freecss. They became best friends immediately and have been adventuring together ever since.



      Killua has a mischievous cat-like nature outside of battles. He is really confident in his abilities. He is cheerful and sometimes cheeky and has a sweet tooth.  He’s often seen playing around together with Gon. However in battles he shows why he is a professional assassin. He’s ruthless, deadly and bloodthirsty. He’s a very intelligent and analytical fighter.

      In the past he was somewhat coward, he tried to avoid fights that he wasn’t 100% sure he could win due to his assassin training (and because his brother planted a mind-controll needle into his brain). However, this isn’t the case anymore, as he overcame his fear of losing (and removed the needle) and now he can choose his own fights regardless of his chances to win. Also he can be quite scary at times, but I guess it’s a family trait.



      Superhuman physique: Due to his harsh and painful training from a young age Killua’s physique exceeds even that of the finest athletes. He’s strong enough to open a 16 ton gate, smash through brick walls and easily snap a person’s neck, or rip their head into pieces. He can run several dozens of miles without any signs of tiring and thanks to his assassin training he can endure a lot of pain, likely to counter torturing if captured. He’s also tough enough to tank a point blank explosion without showing much discomfort.

      But his most impressive physical attribute is his speed. He is so fast that normal people can’t even see his movements. During the Hunter Exam he had to fight a life or death duel against a dangerous serial killer. His opponent was about 10-13 feet away from him, yet he closed the distance, ripped out the guy’s heart and appeared right behind him IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. Afterwhich he said it was nothing and his father is better than him anyways. After this I don’t think it would surprise anyone that he can also outrun horses or that he can do this.

      Intelligence: Killua is an analytical fighter, always measuring up his oponents strength and skill. He usually doesn’t show his full potential to his opponents, unless they force him to, this way he always has something to surprise his foe with. He likes to exploit the weaknesses of his enemies like flaws in the others fighting style (like unintentionally created blind spots) or their own self-confidence. He’s a fast thinker and a great strategist able to forge solid or even genius plans on the fly.

      Professional assassin/stealth: Killua has been trained to approach his enemies with caution, and not to be reckless, although sometimes he becomes reckless for fun or to boast with his abilities. His stealth skills are one of the best in Hunter X Hunter. He can hide his own presence, sneak up on and trail much better fighters and Nen users (more on that later). He can also sneak up behind someone who is staring into a mirror.

      Expert hand-to-hand: Dispite his young age Killua’s skill and experience are far beyond what people would expect due to the tons of missions that he’s been sent to over the years. He even outskilled opponents stronger than him. And since he’s been trained to be an assassin he has vast knowledge on human anatomy like weakspots and pressure points. His strikes are fast and precise, he likes to finish fights quickly and only prolonges a fight when he has no other choice or is feeling adventurous. He’s so skilled that he can fight several opponents ganged up on him without getting a single scratch.

      Electricity and poison resistance: Thanks to his assassin training Killua is completely immune to poisons and can endure tremedous amount of electricity. He was once hit by electricity stated to be 1 million Volts, but the guy who stated it was probably caught up in the moment that he finally managed to catch Killua. What matters is that the electricity was still supposed to render even the toughest foes unconscious yet Killua resisted it with only slight discomfort. He himself stated that electricity still hurts him, but he can endure the pain.



      Yo-yos: Killua has a pair of yo-yos each weighting 50 kilogramm alone (that’s 110.23 lbs). To put it into perspective Killua is 49 kilogramms, that means when he hits his opponent with just one of his yo-yos it’s about as strong as drop kick from him. Also it can easily obliterate a person’s head or take out a big chunk of a tree.


      Assassination Techniques

      Other than raising his strength to superhuman levels, his assassin training also provides him with various sneaking, assassination, killing, torturing, escaping methods and knowledge on human anatomy. These techniques are usually unnamed, but a few of them do have names and Killua mastered all of them. By detaching emotions and unnecessary thoughts and focusing on only killing the target Killua can enter a state dubbed by fans as the „Assassin Mode”, like flipping a switch. Also keep in mind that these techniques I’ve listed were not given an explanation in the show, at all.


      Claws: Killua can somehow form his nails into deadly claws stated to be sharper than knives. He can use it in conjunction with his strength and speed to rip people to shreds.

      Shadow step: A stealth technique that makes every step of Killua silent. He uses this technique subconsciously, so it’s always in use. His steps become so silent that he can run on a wet surface and there is no splashing sound, he can walk on a muddy surface and there is not a single sound. Killua met a Hunter once who could hear a conversation even if it’s in another building and can even hear someone’s heartbeat easily. That person could barely hear his steps while running alongside him.


      Rhythm echo: A technique that creates a visual illusion through a rhythm of slow steps. It makes it look like there is multiple of the user. It’s basically a slow afterimage technique. While in use Killua switches places with his „clones”, so if the opponent attacks where Killua was before the foe still misses. It is said that it’s based on the Shadow Step technique.


      Snake Awakens: A technique where Killua combines his strength and the speed of his arms ans starts flailing them. It is strong enough to create a small „grinder” in front of himself. (It may or may not require the dislocation of his elbow joints.)



      Killua can utilize a technique (jeez, I’ve been using that word a lot) known as „Nen”. Nen allows him to weaponize his own aura or life energy to strengthen his own abilities and to create special abilities. Every person in the world has aura, but only those can see it who trained in using it or were born that way. With Nen people can strengthen their physical attributes like attack, defense and speed.

      Physical amplification: Maybe the most important aspect of Nen and one of the most basic ways to utilize it. Killua can condense his own aura around himself to boost his own physical abilities or he can focus it on different parts of his body to amplify a punch or focus it to where an enemy attack is going to land to protect himself. Killua’s best strength feat is after he learned this and mastered it. The gates of the Zoldyck estate were designed to test the physical strength of the individual who tries to open it by having multiple parts that have different weights. Killua was able to open the gate that weights 64 tons.

      Aura seeing/sensing: Like every Nen user Killua can see and sense other people’s auras. This allows him to predict enemy movements by reading the slight changes in their auras or to spot hiding opponents.

      Weapon strengthening: By extending his aura around objects or weapons Killua can strengthen them greatly. With this even harmless everyday objects (like paper) can become deadly weapons.

      Enhancing stealth: By forcing his aura to not to leave his body Killua can completely hide his own presence, but he can still be seen. With this technique he can even hide his presence from much better trained Nen users and sneak up on them.


      Nen Techniques

      Nen users can create special abilities but the strength of the ability depends on which Nen category the person belons to. For example Conjurers can create objects out of thin air using their aura but they would have harder time learning Manipuator techniques like controlling other people. There are 6 categories: Enhancer, Transmuter, Conjurer, Emitter, Manipuator and Specialist. Killua belongs to the Transmuter category, meaning that he can change his aura’s properties like shape, density or even its attribute to usually mimic some kind of material. Killua’s chosen „material” is: electricity.

      Killua can discharge electricity through contact or at a distance. It should be noted that Killua can’t create electricity that easily, he needs time to charge it up UNLESS he literally charges himself up beforehand from an already existing electricity source. At full charge he can keep using his electricity for hours. He can also channel it through his yo-yos. it’s also worth noting that Killua’s electricity is much more similar to real life electricity than other anime/manga lightnings. It shocks or paralyzes people, passes through everything that’s a conductor (aka can’t be blocked so easily), can burn things or people with it and it travels at the speed of lightning (supposedly).


      Lightning palm (Izutsushi): Killua can discharge eletricity through his hands to shock people. It’s the first technique that Killua created.


      Lightning blot (Narukami): Killua discharges a big bolt of lightning through his fingertips. He usually jumps into the air before using it. It is strong enough to paralyze a more than ten times stronger opponent momentaraly.


      Godspeed (Kanmuru): Killua’s last technique he created and it is the strongest. By channeling electricity through his entire nervous system Killua’s body manages to perform at a level far beyond what should be possible. This drains his electricity faster than his other techniques. Also he sends electricty through every one of his strikes.

      Kanmuru is divided into 2 abilities: Denko Sekka(Lightning Speed) and Shippuu Jinrai(Whirlwind). Lightning Speed gives him a great boost in travel speed. He can keep a constant speed that is faster than any ordinary land vehicle, while carrying his own sister (and persumably one of his 50kg yo-yos). Denko Sekka, however, boosts reflexes by letting electric impulses travel much faster from his brain straight to his body. That with conjunction of predicting enemy movements by the slight changes in their aura and unleashing pre-programmed attacks and dodges and relying on reflexes alone makes this one of Killua’s most dangerous abilities. He can easily outspeed even top tier fighters of his universe (well, only the ones that we have seen so far aside from the Chimera Ant king)
      [For the anime's explanation about Shippuu Jinrai click here]


      -Opened a 64 ton gate

      -Ripped out someone’s heart in the blink of an eye

      -One of the best stealth users in Hunter X Hunter

      -He fought his way up to the 200th floor of Heaven’s Arena at the age of 6 (it took him 2 years though)

      -Considered by his family to have the biggest potential to become the best assassin in the world.

      -Helped Gon beat Greed Island

      -Was a key figure in taking down the Chimera Ants

      -Took down hundreds of military outposts of a small dictatorial country armed with lots of bombs, guns and even tanks in just a few days.



      Killua is a deadly assassin. He’s a smart, strong, sneaky and fast individual. He would do anything protect his best friends, but he’s not someone without flaws. Let’s summarize things shall we?


      -His speed is only rivaled by the strongests of his universe

      -Incredibly strong despite his size

      -Very smart fighter, able to to easily outsmart most opponents

      -Expert in the way of assassination

      -Deadly at both short and long range with his lightnings

      -He’s a cat :3


      -Despite being strong his fighting style revolves around his speed and not his strength

      -Can be very cocky and reckless at times

      -Can become quite nervous if he loses confidence in his powers

      -His special Nen abilities run on electricity. If he runs out he won’t have time to recharge

      -Gambling issues...


      Potential Opponents

      Uchiha Sasuke (or Sasuke Uchiha if you prefer to call him that way)

      Uchiha Sasuke is an obvious choice, since much of his character was based on killua. They both use lightning and are really fast. However, by the end of Naruto Sasuke became incredibly strong. If it wasn’t for his Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan powers, Killua would stand a chance, but in his current state Killua can’t win. Maybe if we wait for the mangaka to give him more strength... No, wait. For that the mangaka should stop going on long hiatuses every time.

      The Fourth Raikage ’A’

      This fight is the one I hope to see in a Death Battle once. Both are strong, insanely fast fighters with very similar techniques. I might do a battle analysis about this match-up in the future.

      Hatake Kakashi (or Kakashi Hatake)

      I included this one here just for fun. I think they also have some things in common. White, spiky hair, lightning is their signature technique, they are both master assassins, etc.

      Maybe a good opponent: Laxus Dreyar

      For quite some time I thought about this match-up as the best one for Killua out there, buuuuut then I remembered: Fairy Law... Yeah, that spell is quite the hax. (Not to mention every Fairy Tail member just got some serious power up recently)


      Well that does it for this blog. I hope you all enjoyed it. I know it has been like months since I said there will be a next time, but hey, at least it arrived, haha :)

      I think I’ll make another one in the future, but no promises. Until then, Have a good one!

    • Death Battle Character Analysis: The Spiky-Haired, Hunter prodigy Gon Freecss

      4 years ago


      Hello and welcome. My name is Jokerke12 and this is my first blog entry about the Death Analysis of Gon Freecss where we look into what  would the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter would bring into a DEATH BATTLE.

      I’m new to making Character Analyses, but I’ll do my best in convicing everyone that Gon is stronger than most people think and is fit for a Death Battle.

      So, without further ado, let's get started.

      Full Name: Gon Freecss

      Age: 14

      Height: 154 cm/5'1"

      Weight: 49 kg/107.8 lbs


      Gon lived with his aunt and great-grandmother on Whale Island, believing his parents died in an accident. On one faithful day at the age of 9 he met Kite, an apprentice of his father Ging. He informed Gon that his father is still alive and is a professional Hunter. This inspired him to find his father and become a Hunter as well.

      Hunters are basically government approved adventurers who search for ancient relics, wanted criminals, unknown species, etc.

      At the age of 12 Gon left Whale Island to take the Hunter Exam. Eventually Gon passes the exam and starts his journey to find his father, Ging. He fights his way up to the 200th floor of Heaven’s arena, he is the first to beat the (in)famous „videogame” Greed Island ,which literally „sucks you in”, and was a great asset to the Chimera Ant extermination team.


      Since he’s still a kid Gon is very friendly and even naive at times. He’s very determined and stubborn, but not very bright, altough he can be pretty smart in battles. He has a great sense of justice, which often drags him into situations that are too much for him to handle. And like every shounen hero ever: his emotions give him a great boost in strength.


      Superhuman physique: Altough Gon has a small stature he is no pushover. He is strong enough to open a 4-ton gate and smash boulders into pieces with one punch, fast enough to leave afterimages or disappear out of sight and has enough stamina to run several dozens of miles without showing any signs of tiring plus he can outrun horses. Also he has shown to have a great tolerance against pain as he kept on fighting after getting badly beaten up or losing an arm.

      Animalistic senses: Gon spent most of his time in the woods of Whale Island. This resulted in him developing his senses like sight, hearing and smell so much that it rivals other animals. For example his sense of smell is comparable to a dog’s and can even detect changes in the atmosphere with it (aka he can smell it when a storm is coming).

      Good tactician: Like I said before Gon isn’t the most intelligent person you can encounter, but is a really good strategist when it comes to fighting. He has shown to be able to exploit enemy weaknesses or utilize the environment to his advantage. He is also very good at stealth and tracking people.

      Moderately good in hand-to hand combat: He lacks formal training but he learned from previous battles, thus he doesn’t have any particular techique but he has shown to be able to outmatch opponents. He mainly uses his fists in combat with a few powerful kicks mixed in.


      Fishing Rod: Gon’s only weapon is his trusty fishing rod. He has extremely good aim with it. He can even steal a piece from the clothes of a fast moving target and using the hook he can grapple onto objects or people and swing them around. It’s very durable but not unbreakable


      Gon’s fighting techiques mostly revolve around the utilization of his aura in combat, also referred to as Nen.

      Nen is a technique that allows you to use and manipulate your own life energy or aura thus achieving supernatural feats and Gon is very talented in using it. Nen can be used in a variety of ways, but it’s used mostly in battles. Every person in the world has aura, but only those can see it who trained in using it or were born that way. With Nen people can strengthen their physical attributes like attack, defense and speed.

      Physical amplification: I’m not going to bore you by listing every basic Nen technique, but I’ll tell you what Gon can do with them. He can condense his aura around him to boost his own physical abilities or he can focus it on different parts of his body to amplify a punch or focus it to where an enemy attack is going to land to protect himself.

      Aura seeing/sensing: Like every Nen user Gon can see and sense other people’s auras. This allows him to predict enemy movements by the slight changes in their auras or to spot hiding opponents.

      Weapon strengthening: By extending his aura around objects or weapons Gon can strengthen them greatly. (With this technique Nen users can even make paper into deadly cutting tools,altough Gon himself never used it on paper)

      Enhancing stealth: By forcing his aura to don’t leave his body Gon can completely hide his own presence, but he can still be seen. With this technique he can even hide his presence from much better trained Nen users and sneek up on them.

      Nen users can also create special abilities but the strength of the ability depends on which Nen category the person belons to. For example Conjurers can create objects out of thin air using their aura but they would have harder time learning Manipuator techniques like controlling other people. There are 6 categories: Enhancer, Transmuter, Conjurer, Emitter, Manipuator and Specialist. Gon belongs to the Enhancer category meaning that he can strengthen his physical abilities much more efficiently than non-Enhacers. He named his techniques Jajanken after the Japanese name of Rock-Paper-Scissors (Jankenpon). These techniques often require charging up before attack for full effect.

      Jajanken Rock: It’s an Enhancer technique and thus Gon’s strongest attack. He concentrates his entire aura into one really strong punch. This attack is strong enough to send a Chimera Ant flying to an other country. (Altough they were small countries and it was never confirmed if the Ant even arrived there)

      Jajanken Paper: An Emmitter technique. Long ranged attack that shoots his aura like a projectile. It’s not as strong as Rock because it’s an Emitter type attack but it proved useful for pincer type attacks.

      Jajanken Scissors: A Transmuter technique. Gon forms an aura blade extending his pointer and middle finger. Although not as strong as Rock, because it’s a Transmuter attack, it’s still a very reliable cutting ability. It can cut a Chimera Ant in half easily (and Chimera Ants are no joke).


      -Passed the Hunter Exam which can only be accomplished if you are at least peak human

      -In the beginning of the series he opened a gate weighting 4 tons

      -Ran several miles without any sign of tiring

      -Tracked much better Nen users without getting spotted or noticed

      -Reached the 200th floor in Heavens Arena

      -He beat Greed Island and he was the first one to do so since the release of the game

      -Was part of the Chimera Ant Extermination Team

      -Punched a Chimera Ant to another country (though never confirmed)


      Gon is superhuman in every way. Strength, speed, senses, etc. He keeps on going no matter what. He’s a strong, intelligent (in battle at least) and skilled fighter who took on some impossible tasks and pulled through, but more often than not he needed help or prep time.


      -Superhuman in every way

      -An intelligent and analytic fighter

      -Utilizes environment to his advantage

      -Though not very bright he is capable of outsmarting opponents

      -Nen is a very versatile power



      -He tends to take on foes way out of his league

      -Jajanken needs time to charge. During that he can only dodge

      -Although he can outsmart enemies he can be outsmarted more easily

      -Fishing rod is useful but is not a tool designed for combat

      -Nen is verstile but Gon’s techniques are pretty basic

      -Few long-range options


      Potential Opponent

      Natsu Dragneel

      Both superhuman in every way and are very close in power. I’ve been thinking about this battle a lot and cannot decide yet. Natsu has more endurance and variety, but Gon is smarter and Natsu cannot see Nen. It’s a very interesting matchup in my opinion. What do you guys think?

      Well, that was my analysis on Gon Freecss. I hope everyone enjoyed it. If you’re wondering why didn’t I include Adult Gon, that’s because he can’t just turn into that form at will (actually he can but he probably won’t since it has serious consequences) and a normal Death Battle wouldn’t trigger the „anger switch” like the death of a „certain character”.

      Next time:

    • Jokerke's Top 10 DEATH BATTLE ideas that he would like to see

      4 years ago


        Hello and welcome. My name is Jokerke, and sadly the blog I planned to make after Killua’s DEATH ANALYSIS had to be postponed due to me being lazy. In the meantime I decided to make two blogs that do not require as much research as the postponed one. One of them is this: Top 10 DEATH BATTLE ideas I would like to see.
      I decided the order by the following factors:
      1. The matchups cannot be HUGE stomps (unless I don’t know it is one)
      2. How much I want it as an actual DEATH BATTLE episode
      3. How much I like the matchup (just because I like a matchup that doesn’t mean I would like an actual DB episode about it)

      So, without further ado, let’s get started.



      Number 10

      Weather Report vs Storm

      You know what is currently my favorite superpower? Weather control. My fascination with this ability is (mostly) thanks to Weather Report from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean. In JJBA it is very common to see that no matter how weak or strong your abilities are the winner of a fight will always be decided by who is smarter, more creative and craftier. This wasn’t different with Weather either, his creativity with his Stand (also named Weather Report) made him a very dangerous adversary throughout the story and he quickly became one of my favorite characters from Part 6. So, naturally I started thinking „Who could be a worthy opponent for him?”, and I immediately thought of Storm, from X-Men. I researched a little bit and found out, this match-up is rather interesting. Turns out this fight would be a battle of „power against craftiness”. Storm definitely has more power over the atmosphere than Wheater, but he has way more hax on his side. Which one would prevail in the end? Well, only a DEATH BATTLE could tell.



      Number 9

      Diego Brando vs Reptile

      Diego „DIO” Brando is an English jockey from the 19th century who has the power to turn himself or others into dinosaurs. Reptile is from a clan of „lizard people” from Outworld who has a lot of ninja and reptilian abilities. This matchup doesn’t really have much of a story of how it popped into my head. I simply thought: „Diego Brando? ... Reptile could fight him.” Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself „If he isn’t that is all there is to it then why is this number 9, why is it higher on the list than the fight he said has his favorite superpower in it?” Well, you see right after I thought of the matchup it occured to me. Every classic Mortal Kombat character has at least one possible opponent that they can fight on equal grounds except Reptile. So, I thought, why not have Diego as an opponent for him. I’m not an MK fan myself, but I always liked Reptile. He seemed cool. Basically the reason I want this DB is because I really like Diego’s character and I really want Reptile in a future episode.
      Diego also has a horse that he can turn into a velociraptor. A dinosaur riding an other dinosaur. How cool is that?



      Number 8

      Erza Scarlet vs Yu Mi-Ra

      Remember how there was a DEATH BATTLE dedicated to swordmasters? Remember how both of them were males? Well, it’s time time to give the other gender a chance to prove that women can be just as, if not more, badass swordmasters than men. I don’t think I’m alone when I say this: There aren’t ehough Girl vs Girl DBs. Let’s have a fight between the two most badass female swordsmen: Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail and Yu Mi-Ra (or in some translations Mira Yu) from The God of Highschool. Both of them are masters of the blade and possess indredible strength and speed. Personally, I think this is a pretty even matchup and this is definitely a fight that I’d like to see happen. If only GOH were more popular...



      Number 7

      Carnage vs Crona

      You know what kind of fight hasn’t happened yet? A fight of battle crazy psychopaths. Sure, we already had other crazy psychopaths fight, but never as crazy psychopath vs crazy psychopath. So, I think it’s time to finally change that. Ladies and gentlemen: Carnage vs Crona. Two crazy psychopaths who use black liquid-like substance as a means of fighting. Both of them are crazy and both of them are psychopaths (well, maybe not Crona. We need a psychologist to determine that). Okay, I admit, I don’t know that much about Carnage, so I can’t really tell who would win this fight. I originally wanted Crona to fight Venom because his symbiote is more black while Carnage’s has more red in it, but I thought maybe Venom is too weak to fight him/her, thus I settled with Carnage.
      I do find it weird that no one thought of having a DB that’s about crazy people, but maybe it’s only a matter of time.



      Number 6

      Meliodas vs Gildarts Clive

      Who said that you need to be stoic and serious to be badass? These two fine gentlemen has shown us multiple times that you can be a badass even if you are somewhat a perv and appreciate fine drinks. But don’t get fooled, if you ever happen to piss them off run because they will tear up the landscape just to rip you a new one. Meliodas from Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) is the captain of the order of knights called the Seven Deadly Sins and is part of the demon clan. He is the resident powerhouse of the series. Even before he regained his lost demon powers he could move faster than the speed of sound (yes, officially confirmed), slice hills/small mountains in half using only a twig and his magic Full Counter can reflect any magical attack thrown at him with greater power. Gildarts from Fairy Tail is the strongest wizard of the Fairy Tail wizard guild. His magic power lets him break anything to pieces if he isn’t careful, including cities, mountains, pseudo-black holes and even magic. He can also spilt a person into a bunch of small pixie-like versions of themselves. If this ever becomes a DEATH BATTLE then the battleground will be turned into nothing. I definitely want to see these two powerhouses fight each other and decimate the mountains in the vicinity.



      Number 5

      Hibari Kyoya vs Kiryuin Satsuki

      Some people can go for really great lengths just to keep the order in their school, be it dictatorial leadership (á la Kiryuin Satsuki) or simply being so badass that the teachers are afraid to tell you not to bring your weapons to school (á la Hibari Kyoya). I would like to see this fight happen once, not necessarily as a DB, but as a fight in general, One Minute Melee maybe? The reason for this is simple: They could actually have a really good reason to fight. In Kill la Kill Satsuki actually led her school against rival schools to take control over the different regions of Japan, so on one of these raids she and her forces would encounter Hibari who would easily kick the foot soldiers’ asses and then he would challenge Satsuki for disturbing the order of Namimori High.
      Also Satsuki’s eyebrows are against school regulations. Who knew?



      Number 4

      Naruto vs Black Star

      I’m sure many of you heard about this matchup. Two loudmouth ninja wannabes fight to the death. There are only two problems: 1. Black Star NEVER stated that he is a ninja. He always referred to himself as an assassin 2. The majority of people only saw the anime of Soul Eater and thus they believe this fight is a mega-über stomp in Naruto’s favor. If only they read the manga. Don’t get me wrong, Naruto probably still wins, but the fight is much MUCH closer than people believe. Black Star is a BEAST in the manga, seriously the shit that he does in the later chapters makes you wonder if he’s even human.
      Grabbing lasers, literally swallowing mini-nukes, keeps fighting after his spine is broken, etc.
      I really want to see Black Star in a DEATH BATTLE and this is probably the best matchup for him. Of course Naruto vs Ichigo is still a more popular request, but honestly I don’t really like the idea, not only because they barely have anything in common, but also because......................



      Number 3

      Kurosaki Ichigo vs Urameshi Yusuke

      Now that’s what I’m talking about. Two agents of the afterlife fight to the death. Both fighters use spiritual powers to fight and have access to powers that are demonic in nature. Come on, am I the only one who wants a Yu Yu Hakusho character in DEATH BATTLE? Let’s bring in Yusuke, and who else would he fight other than another agent of death, Ichigo. This fight is pretty darn close so far even with Dangai Ichigo. Unless Tite Kubo makes Ichigo stronger by the end of Bleach, this battle is ought to be awesome. Brawler vs Sword Fighter, Spirit Gun vs Getsuga Tenshou. Who shall win? Who shall fall?



      Number 2

      Killua Zoldyck vs Fourth Raikage ’A’

      If you have read my Killua Analysis blog, you probably know that I really like this matchup. They are both strong, really-really fast and have pretty similar skill sets. Both of them are among the fastests of their respective universes, their strength are superhuman, their skills are legendary. They can take down anyone with their lightnings and--
      Wait, wait, wait! Another lightning themed DEATH BATTLE? Didn’t we have TWO already?
      Yes, sadly this theme was already used before twice. However there are problems with those matchups. Thor vs Rayden was a massive stomp in Thor’s favor and it was a battle of lightning gods, not lightning users, and while Pikachu vs Blanka wasn’t really a stomp it wasn’t really even either, not to mention it was more like a joke battle rather than a serious one. So, here’s a DB idea that is both a serious and even lightning themed fight.



      There’s only the Number 1 left, but before we get to it here are the ideas that just couldn’t make it onto the list:

      Honorable mentions:

      Natsu Dragneel vs Sabo (Fight fire with fire - A very explosive DEATH BATTLE)

      Tohru Adachi vs Yoshikage Kira (Serial killers of a small town - Who’s body count will grow with one more victim?)

      Natsu Dragneel vs Meliodas (Fighters with demonic origin - Battle of the fantasy warriors)

      Yamamoto Takeshi vs Asakura Yoh (Going against the norm - The laid back and nice swordmasters)

      Jotaro vs Kenshiro (Rivalry of manliness - Time stop vs Musou Tensei)

      Gilthunder vs Laxus Dreyar (A shocking clash - The lightning strikes!)

      Dio Brando vs Demitri Maximoff (Muscular antagonists - Who will be the Lord of all vampires?)





      Number 1

      Uchiha Itachi vs Rokudo Mukuro

      There are a lot of themes for DEATH BATTLES that I find weird they haven’t been featured yet like the aforementioned Madness or Weather Manipulation, but if there is a theme I really want in DB is Illusions. The two best illusionist of anime find out which one of them is the King of Illusions.
      Actually they aren’t really the strongest illusion users of anime. There is also Aizen, who can make just as, if not better illusions as these two, but he is also much-much stronger fighter without them. So, why did I chose this matchup? Simple, the same reason why I chose Crona vs Carnage and not Kishin Asura vs Carnage. It would be one of the biggest stomps in DB history. Not to mention after his transformation Aizen kind of forgot he can use illusions (even though he could have easily won against Ichigo with them). That is why I chose this matchup to represent illusionists in DEATH BATTLE, but why is it Number 1. Well, that is because this matchup has the best mixture of the requirements for this list. The fight is really close, their illusions can counter each other, they are evenly matched in fighting prowess and Verde’s machine can counter Itachi’s limited use Susanoo. The fight is fit for a DB episode with a clear theme and a fight that has a lot of potential to be awesome and lastly, I REALLY like this matchup and the characters. That is why „Uchiha Itachi vs Rokudo Mukuro” is my Number 1 DEATH BATTLE idea that I would like to see.



      So, there you have it. My top 10 DEATH BATTLE ideas that I would like to see. Hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions regarding the list, the characters or matchups on it feel free to comment below.
      My name is Jokerke and I’ll see you in my next blog.


      Next time:

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