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    • Things to Do In Dark Souls 3

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      Hey guys,

      Just looking for some fellow dark souls players who would want to help/collaborate on an idea I have for things to do in dark souls 3. If you'd like to help out with footage or commentary you can message me on the site or on Xbox; my gamertag is J o n e z y. Much appreciated if anyone can help out.

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    • Question About Using Music In Videos

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      Hey guys,

      Just had a few questions regarding how to go about obtaining background music for videos. I'm not really familiar with copyright, royalty free, licensed jargon so maybe some of you veteran contributors could recommend a place to go to get some music that can be used in a video. Of course I know any radio play or popular music is out of the question, but I'm just looking for chill instrumental tracks. From my current understanding the type of tracks we can use are "free for commercial use." Am I wrong? I'm really excited to be putting the finishing touches on my first community video and some killer background tunes would be great. Any help appreciated.

      Edit: Some tracks are free for commercial use, but they require credit be given to the artist in the description. For example: "Music Used: Drops of H20 (The Filtered Water Treatment)" Would something like this be allowed?

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