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    • Great Weekend

      9 years ago


      Last weekend was great took a beautiful trip through the Rockies. 1200 Km loop from Edmonton to Jasper to Banff and back around Calgary to home.

      Also realized that the Wi-Five is catching on!
      For those of you who don't know me and my friend Dan always seemed to find our selves is awkward situations where we would throw a hand up to high five but be just a little to far away to connect. Thus we invented the Wi-Five this is also known as the "Across the Room High Five"

      Now before the Internet flames me, know that I nor Dan had seen or heard of the Wi-Five before we started using it. We can't of course claim to have invented miming a high five across a room but we were defiantly the first of the people we know calling it the Wi-Five.

    • DATS GOLD!

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      Smoovie & The Wiz! It's gold bro!

      Post your GOLD shizzle here yo!


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    • mmmmm

      9 years ago


      Grandmas blueberry pie makes the perfect midnight snack, thanks Grandma. That's right my Grams makes me pie, SUCK IT CAKE!

    • Rooster Teeth Bag is teh Awesome!

      9 years ago


      So for the past week I've been using my new "Caboose" bag, my review is as follows:

      smiley13.gif AWESOME smiley13.gif

      Not only does look good, it's made of some high quality stuff. Most companies just want something with their logo on it and opt for a cheap bag that will unceremoniously drop your laptop out the bottom seam in 3 weeks. Or in my case a 500 GB portable HDD smiley4.gif . Not RT! The material is solid, the stitching high quality, and the embroidery doesn't look as if it's going to fray and read "C b se" after 3 train rides rubbing against some H1N1infected hobo. The only complaint I might have is that it's a little small for folks with larger laptops, but then what idiot would buy a 17" laptop that weighs 25 pounds for no other reason than it had a full number pad... which never use anyway... smiley6.gif Anyway....morel of my story is the bag is the bombdiggity and if you need a bag for Christmas don't hesitate to pickup of these:
      Rooster Teeth

    • Technology makes helping a stanger easy!

      9 years ago


      The other day I decided to drive to the nearest city bus terminal and take the bus downtown to avoid the traffic and winter roads. On the way back to my car the lady beside me asked, rather confused, where the bus was going. I said it was heading to Northgate and her blank stare told me she had no idea where that was. I asked her where she was trying to go "Hosteling International hostel and I have no idea what the address is or which direction it would be in from here." She was REALLY lost. Then I remembered the adage Google knows a guy who knows. I whipped out my Blackberry searched Google maps for the hostel then got public transit directions, gave her the bus stop she needed and the bus number. She was super thankful, and i fell a little bit more in love with technology. ;)

    • Forum Spam?

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      I'm newish to using forums as much as this one so this might be normal now-a-days but I would call this spam. Is there any way to stop it? I add Captcha to all my clients websites to help combat bots filling in forms, think that could work here?

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    • May I present Winter, in all her glory!

      9 years ago


      Yeah it's here, -40C with the wind chill factor. Interesting fact, -40 Celsius is the same as -40 Fahrenheit so all you Americans know I'm not bullshitting when I say it's F'ing cold. Before this deep freeze hit we had the heaviest snowfall on a single Dec day in history and the roads were atrocious. I waited an hour and a half for a bus that comes every 15 min because he got stuck. This type of weather makes me wish I didn't get rid of my truck a.k.a. Vader. It was a big black 4x4 monstrosity that was absolutely ridiculous on gas and made mother nature wilt around me when I stepped on the gas, but damn I NEVER got stuck. I don't know what I'm complaining about, this weather hits every year and every year I ask myself why I haven't moved to South America. It's summer down there you know....sigh

    • Favorite Latin Country!

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      Besides your own...What is your favorite Latin country to visit or would like to visit and why.

      For me it was Ecuador I think. Chile was of course super cool but I fell in love with a town called Baños de Agua Santa when I was in Ecuador.

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    • I Am a Man of Few Words

      9 years ago


      That is all...

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