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      8 years ago


      Got up early after a nasty 12-hour shift of work last night so I could order tickets for Allynn and myself.

      Totally got em. Broken link and all!

      Thanks RoosterTeeth for everything and Happy Birthday!

      See the rest of you in Austin Memorial Day Weekend! smiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley13.gif

    • Guess Red vs Blue SSN 9's title CONTEST!

      8 years ago


      So, like the rest of you I'm sure, I am super stoked about next season of Red vs Blue!

      So in the spirit of things, as a loyal fan of RoosterTeeth, I'd like to share my love of the Red vs Blue series with the rest of this great community!

      So here's the deal: if you can correctly guess the NAME of the next installment, and your guess is correct, I will personally BUY you a copy of the DVD once it's released!!! Sound cool?! I'm serious! I'll do it!

      Now, I haven't had the chance to see the RT gang personally at any cons this year and maybe they've already announced the name somewhere?? Idk, hopefully not. If that IS the case, heck, I'm feeling generous and I'll come up with a new contest if I have to.

      If anyone happens to know whether or not there was a Q&A about this particular subject at a con or anything, please let me know.

      Who knows? Maybe they'll stop the trend completely with this next season and go with something simple like "RvB: Project Freelancer". Or perhaps you'll get lucky and in the end, you'll be the lucky winner!

      So go for it, give me your best guess for a chance to win!

      Mine's RvB: Reflection.

      Your turn! and GOOD LUCK! smiley13.gif

      Also be sure to "Watch" this journal and keep yourself updated just in case I do, in fact, have to change the contest!

    • Warped Tour Updates!!!

      9 years ago


      Check out for updates on what's happening with Fake Problems and myself on the Vans Warped Tour!

    • Patience is a Virtue

      9 years ago


      Monday can seriously not get here fast enough. smiley2.gif Finally got my e-mail from Chris and my flight to California is scheduled that day. I actually thought I was gonna be there already, but he had to wait to hear from our other tour mate, John, so he could get our tickets at the same time. The only bummer is that I could've used this week as an extra work week and had some extra cash on me. Now, like every previous tour, I'm broke. Luckily everything's taken care of as far as sleeping (tour bus bunks) and food (catering). So really, I don't need all that much money. We get $10 a day anyway. Which is also awesome since everything on Warped Tour is cheap (merch wise).

      This week also gives me time to prepare and continue practicing my parts so I'm taking advantage of my free time.

      In the mean time, I'm also currently watching Toy Story. :) 2 more days and Toy Story 3 is out!!!

      I will punch a child in the face if he tries to cut in line. They don't understand, most of us have waited over a decade for this moment. smiley13.gif

      What else? I guess that's it for now. Not much else happening right now. 5 more days. Ugh! Anticipation is killing me.

    • Welcome To Paradise

      9 years ago


      Woke up today to the pouring rain and a nice cool wind blowing through the windows. Nice day to again stay inside, practice the Warped Tour set list a bit and relax before my last 2 days at work.

      Then I walked into the living room and behold! Allynn had sold back some old games to get his copy of Green Day Rock Band. So I fired it up and did my thing for a good 3 hours. I naturally play the rhythm games on Expert and try to get all the hard achievements as quick as I can. Even a good band like Green Day gets old after trying to 5-star a particular song over and over. 9 times out of ten, even though the song itself is very simple, the rhythm can be very difficult to focus on when those buttons start flying at you really fast.

      All in all, it's a really fun game. It's really rad to get to play through all the sets and absolutely love every song on the soundtrack. More than I can say about past GH or RB games. Although GH5 had a really REALLY awesome ST.

      Anyone else a rhythm game player? Have you played GDRB yet? Thoughts?


    • Badabing! Badaboom!

      9 years ago


      Had a pretty great day with good ol' Allynn today.

      Woke up and checked my phone. It's fantastic not having a dozen missed calls from debt collectors anymore. Although I'm not completely debt free yet, I'm very close.

      So anyway, I woke up as Allynn got home. He told me his new glasses were ready AND that he got his transcript audited and found that he would finally be graduating in December! Although he still won't be teacher certified just yet, the hard part will finally be over. I'm stoked for my buddy. It's been a long time coming and I'm proud. Way to go, dude!

      Shortly after the discussion my phone rang. It was for my glasses also being ready. So right after, I hopped outta bed and Allynn drove us down to Gonzales to get my new optical enhancers... oh yeah, I went there. It's so weird though, I don't know if it's because I had to live without glasses for 3 days, or because these lenses are the first. New pair I've had in years, but I found walking out of the office I felt like I was 7 feet tall. Haha, it's weird but I suppose it's just my eyes adjusting to the new prescription.

      Afterwards, we raced back to New Braunfels to get Allynn's new glasses and on the way it was decided that we needed a BBQ lunch. That said, we hit up Rudy's. I don't know if Allynn has had Rudy's before but I sure haven't. Holy shit, that's damn good food and I want to punch myself in the dick for not eating there sooner...

      Ahem, so yeah... Rudy's. Delicious.

      One BBQ turkey sandwich later we decided to keep the day celebratory with new glasses and upcoming graduation so we decided to hit the Cinema. Needless to say, Prince of Persia was a great movie. It was quite refreshing especially after watching Allynn play the new game. The new game was crap. Too repetitive for me to take interest but I dunno, maybe that was just me.

      After the movie, we hit up the local Hollywood Video. The store is closing so everything's on sale. Gold to ears of poor boys. I scored a copy of Rock Band 2 for $15. We've been trying to get a copy ever since some friends, Look Mexico, got a track on the downloadable library thing. We took it to Hastings afterwards to get it buffed and looking like new. Allynn scored some Spider-Man comics, and finally before returning home, we hit up Dairy Queen and got some ice cream treats. Now we're finally home getting into Glee. Really cool series. Cool way to end the day. Return to work tomorrow. Last weekend and beginning of the last week before tour! The anticipation is killing me! Can't wait to be in California again and back on the open road. I'll be sure to post the link to my Tumblr account where I'll be posting entries about the tour shenanigans. So stayed tuned!

      Thanks for reading!

    • Awww C'mon!

      9 years ago


      I have nearly 100 journal views and over 100 profile views...

      And only 2 friends.

      I refuse to believe all those views are by those 2 people (one of them being my roommate with no access to the Internet 9 times out of 10). Ha!

      Don't be shy! I wanna be your friend!

      I'm a friendly nerd. :p Add me! :D

      And someone pass along that word of having the guys develop some sorta mobile site. :) my phone is the only access to the Net when I'm home!

      The End. I win. A+.

    • I can't see anything.

      9 years ago


      For Memorial Day, a couple of buddies and myself went to San Marcos to float on the river.

      Things were going great until I hit the fuck out of a tube chute. Lost my glasses, my beer, even my bandana?! How the hell does that happen?

      So I've been blind for 2 days. Luckily though, I'm not TOO blind. I can see well enough to get to work and such. Anyways, I'm currently running off of 2 hours of sleep. My brother took me to an eye exam and my step-mother is paying for my new glasses. smiley1.gif Score.

      Anyway, new glasses should be ready tomorrow hopefully. smiley0.gif They happened to have a pair of frames that looked like my old ones. Exciting.

      The End. I'm sleepy. smiley4.gif

    • Raise your hand...

      9 years ago


      If you want a Mobile version of!

      *waves hands wildly*

      Because I'm a super nerd and want easier access to my favorite nerd site on my phone all the time.

    • Waiting Game.

      9 years ago


      I'm currently sitting on my couch watching my roommate play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. He's waiting for his laundry to dry so we can go up to San Antonio later. Figured I'd kill a little time on one of my favorite websites.

      SO what to discuss...

      New RT Short was great. Nothing says "hubba hubba" like Gus in hot pants. I'm having second thoughts on getting a Mac. They seem to bring about very harmful viruses. Some that even take over the world... On the other hand... muahahahaha.

      What else... Oh, I'm LOVING the fact that Deadpool is very aware that he's in a video game right now. He's saying some pretty hilarious stuff. Although I'm not a huge fan of these type of games, this one's pretty cool. I'm liking the gameplay a lot. The power ups and special moves and what nots.

      Allynn, my roomie, also recently rented the new Prince of Persia game. It was garbage. He beat it in no time and it was seriously the same shit the whole game. Climb this wall, swing on this pole (that's what she said), cut down this banner... Then he learned the whole water thing. Seriously? Climbing on water? Even as a video game concept, it was all just dumb to me. I'm in need of a really good game lately. I haven't played anything in forever! Seriously, the last good game I played was MW2. I had a chance to play the Halo: Reach Beta. That was cool and I'm super stoked for THAT game. I have yet had the chance to play Bioshock 2 yet. That sucks because I LOVED the first one and I'm sure the new one is just as good if not better.

      Anything else good coming out soon? I can't think of anything at the moment. I've been a fan of all those rhythm games since GH came out on PS2, so I'm stoked for Green Day's Rock Band. Don't even get started with me on Green Day and their new albums. I'm a fan. Have been since I first heard em and that's not about to change. Say what you want, I stay true to my favorite bands.

      I don't remember when that one comes out though. It's this coming month but I may be gone before it comes out. I'll also be gone for Toy Story 3! Man! But I actually think that comes out before Warped Tour starts so maybe I'll get to catch it in California! :D

      Can't wait, I put in my 2 weeks notice at work this past Thursday. I fly out to CA around the 15th to meet up with Fake Problems in the studio to record my horn parts and practice for Warped Tour. The best summer ever is so close I can taste it!

      If you're attending Warped Tour this year, be sure to check out Fake Problems and come see me at the merch booth!

      Hope to meet some of you real soon!


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    • Xorda

      8 years ago

      Gehst du nach RTX bald?

    • Awful_Outlaw

      8 years ago

      May the 4th be with you.

    • JoshMassie

      8 years ago

      hell yeah!

    • Sefira

      8 years ago


    • Xorda

      8 years ago



    • BrokenRobot

      9 years ago

      ... Yeah it was October when I saw him/them I think. None too shabby if I remember correct. It was all about F.T. though.

      (It doesn't show me if you just post on your own wall in response, don't worry we all make that mistake)

    • JoshMassie

      9 years ago

      Yeah? :) Might that have been the last U.K. tour? I wasn't with them at that time, I didn't have the funds to travel with the guys. But I toured with them last spring/summer.

    • BrokenRobot

      9 years ago

      Fake Problems? I saw you guys supporting Frank late last year.

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