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    • Dragonzord VS Mechagodzilla - Editor Notes

      1 week ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi
      • I was so happy to get to edit this episode of Death Battle because I was huge into Power Rangers growing up. Somewhere in a dusty box at my dad’s house, there’s an original Megazord set of toys. All five. I’ve never had the heart to get rid of them. I loved those toys. I gotta dig them up some day soon.

      • Eagle-eared viewers will spot that Boomstick’s whistle is actually Nick Cramer. I grabbed the whistle that Nick recorded for the Benny VS Cuphead DBX from last December. Thanks, Nick! 

      • I had an old VHS tape of maybe three episodes of Power Rangers and I wore that thing out! The episode that is still burned into my brain is the one where Zach thinks they have forgotten his birthday. CLASSIC.

      • I was really happy with graphics used in this episode. We often have to get creative with how we visually explain the math and science in the script. I was pleased with the use of reverse, playback speed, and motion. 

      • If I may, I’m gonna plug my old podcast, (after) Thoughts. I used to produce/host a podcast where we rewatched a movie and compared our first impression with our second. Way back when, we did an episode on the Power Rangers Movie. I have vague memories of it being hilarious to record.

      • Speaking of movies, I didn’t like the new Godzilla movie. What did y’all think of it? I thought the plot didn’t make a lot of sense. It was hilarious though! A fun night at the movies for sure haha. 

      • What I did love was this episode’s script. Tony and Thac did a fantastic job. Both rundowns tell the stories of these characters really well. The flow of the edit really benefited from it I think.

      • Also we should totally do a Death Battle in the Zord/Zilla fight suit style. I would love to make a mini city just to destroy it in ridiculous costumes.

      • Despite knowing Power Rangers a lot more than Godzilla, the zilla rundown edit went much smoother considering that it was basically just two movies to comb through as opposed to multiple episodes of Power Rangers.

      • Finally, you should all know that my text tone is still the 6-tone Power Ranger communicator sound.


      Watch the episode!

      Watch the commentary!

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    • Giant Beer Pong | RT Life - Editor Notes

      3 weeks ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi
      • Welcome! I like to write up journal entries for the things I write and edit for Death Battle and I figured it would be fun to start doing this for RT Life as well. Enjoy BTS nuggets: 

      • Editing RT Life is just like editing home movies. If the people in your home play giant beer pong in the middle of the day, throw a dog wedding, race drones throughout their workplace and, you know, get paid to do so.

      • This edit was specifically inspired by the volleyball scene in Top Gun and anything in the Rocky franchise. 

      • Christina saying, “Hey Chad, what’s it like to suck?” made me laugh every single time I saw it. Which was a LOT. 

      • Same with another line, that I think got cut, about “Skater boi Chad…” 

      • Do you have a question about the cup in the middle of the table? Pour one out for Pizza Cup. The gang decided if you got a ball in the pizza cup someone would have to eat the slice in the cup. Sadly it never occurred. RIPizza Cup. 

      • Christina’s first toss in the video is legitimately the first toss of the game. It was amazing and totally led everyone to believe it would be a quick game. I think you can hear Barb saying “This is going to be over so fast.” When actually it took them close to 45 minutes.  

      • And what a comeback though right? Everyone loves a good comeback story.
      • My first draft of this cut was 12+ minutes long. Thankfully Ellie cut it down! I turned this cut around pretty quickly and at some point had to stop trimming and start adding music, text etc. I was too close to see how much more could be cut. I’m much happier with the leaner version you all saw! Every edit needs fresh eyes!

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    • DBX & DEATH BATTLE - Editor Notes

      1 month ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

      Welcome back to editor notes! Make sure to check out these episodes and then head back to check out some notes. If you've already watched 'em (Twice? Three Times?? You're a maniac!) then continue on for that BTS GOLD! 

      Gohan VS Superboy

      • It was really awesome to be asked to edit the premiere of DBX! Sam, Sean, Thac and these animators worked SO hard to bring this show back with a bang and to help them craft all of these different pieces was so cool. 

      • I really pushed to create a new look for the Broll used in DBX. I wanted it to feel like you’re looking at a screen in the arena with Ringmaster. We had a lot of different ideas on how we can do that. Thanks to Kristina, Sean and Sophia, we found something we all liked that gave us a jumbo-tron feel. 

      • I love that the winners of these episodes will be picked by you all! This means we’ll always get an awesome alternate ending and I think this could really start a movement to bring more lesser-known or less popular characters into the mainstream. If your favorite character is going up against someone really popular, it’s your job to rally around yours and let everyone know who they are and why they should win! DBX is YOUR new platform! Speak up!

      • My only regret is that we didn’t use this song as the new theme song: Santana DVX (Ft. E-40) by The Lonely Island.

      Aang VS Edward Elric

      • I wrote about this story back when we did the The Last Airbender episode of Desk of Death Battle but in case you missed it, here it is again! “I was in college, circa 2013, and waiting in the hall. My roommate and I had the same class and had about thirty minutes to kill. So we started watching an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I was watching it through for the first time. There was a moment, IIRC, where the gang starts hallucinating and Appa randomly stands up and starts speaking. It took me by such surprise that I started bursting out in laughter in the middle of this college campus hallway. It was embarrassing. My roommate was laughing more at my reaction than the show. At this point it was becoming inappropriate and that made me laugh even harder. It's one of my favorite memories with this show. And the movie really does suck.” Check out the rest of this old Editor’s Notes and that ep of DoDB!

      • I mentioned this on the Commentary for this episode, but more so than any other episode of DB, editing together the Fullmetal Alchemist stuff really made me interested in watching the show. It looks so dark, emotional and action-packed. That was my take away anyway. 

      • Some of you (a lot of you) super sleuths noticed some big differences between the Previews and the full episode. There was a mix up in the office and I ended up editing the Previews based on an old script. There were a couple of inconsistencies in that first script that were addressed and changed for the main episode. So those things were never meant to see the light of day and were actually caught before they were supposed to be produced. Oh well! Thankfully we caught it before the main episode and thankfully you all had a chance to prove your Avatar/Fullmetal knowledge!

      • Due to the mix up, I had to edit the episode at what felt like three times the speed. Kinda made me feel like I was editing in an action movie. The only way Tom Cruise can make in through this booby-trapped corridor, blindfolded and while he’s holding his breath, is if I finish editing Aang VS Ed! I gotta go! I gotta go! Edit faster! Ethan Hunt’s life depends on it! He’s the physical manifestation of destiny!!!!  

      • In the world of pop culture, Marvel just announced Phase 4 of the MCU and I’m super excited to get a lot of important representation coming up in the next couple of years! 

      • Watch the commentary!

    • Weiss VS Mitsuru - Writer & Editor Notes

      3 months ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi
      • Welcome to another round of my writer/editor notes! Watch the full episode and then come back and check out some random (quite literally) insights into my brain on Death Battle. (Remember those anti-drug PSAs? “This is your brain on drugs” and it’s a shot of a fried egg in a pan or something. The '90s were weird. Lot of dutch angles.)

      • This is the first episode of Death Battle that I wrote! Very exciting for me. I used to write a lot of Top 10s and Desk Ofs over the years and now I’m in the big leagues! And even bigger to be writing for a RWBY character! I wrote Weiss’ rundown and the fight and Sam wrote Mitsusu. It was a blast to write this and I hope everyone enjoys it!

      • The fight itself was actually where I started writing and the first idea I had was, “Let’s have it start mid-fight. We cut in and they’re already sword fighting.” I liked that idea a lot, It’s the epitome of “get in late” and it utilizes the freedom of this season - one that doesn’t feature that “FIGHT” graphic anymore. Actually, you could almost pretend in your head cannon that the FIGHT graphic happens before we cut into this fight.

      • Another awesome thing about working on this particular episode is that Torrian came back to direct the fight animation. I was so happy to work with him for really the first time. We have collaborated before and he’s helped me with projects of my own but we’ve never had a chance to work on an animated fight together. So that was very exciting.

      • A lot of my screenwriting experience is writing sitcom style stuff and comedies, so naturally my first draft of this script was overloaded with jokes. Here are some we ended up cutting: “Weiss schnee do that???” “Weiss couldn’t beat total ice-olation.” “Weiss wipes the floor with any whack wimps that dare to waltz.” “Mitsuru, persona user, she drives a Subaru, her favorite show being, Zoboomafoo.” Really silly stuff, you can see how they would get cut.

      • I looove cutting a character for DB that has a tv show or a lot of movies to pull from. No offense to comic book panels but it’s infinitely more rewarding to cut video together.

      • Did anyone see Liam (a DB writer/researcher) appear on DBCast a few weeks back? I am not prepared to be as thorough as he was when talking about this episode so don’t have your hopes up! haha

      • I work for Rooster Teeth obviously but I can’t tell you how excited I am to have had a chance to play around with an original RT property like RWBY. It’s so so cool and I’m so happy to have been assigned to write and edit this episode. Like, Miles and Kerry read through my script before we got started - how cool is that?!

      • So over the long weekend last month (Memorial Day) I watched all of Season 2 of Barry in. one. sitting. I definitely didn’t set out to do that lol. It was just so good. I’m sure this isn’t an original opinion on the show but what I love is how un-glamorous the violence is in the show. It’s not cool and no one is invincible. It’s brutal and unforgiving. It adds so much darkness and weight to the show. The irony here is that I’m writing about this in a post-mortem for a show called DEATH BATTLE lol.

      • Check out the Commentary for more BTS stuff. Behind the scenes not that one band. Unless you guys want us to start talking about them. Tweet at Ben I guess? We’ll do it.

      Watch the full episode! RT | YT 

    • 10 Years Since High School

      3 months ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

      We graduated high school ten years ago today. Here comes an unedited stream of consciousness to celebrate the occasion:

      1. Because I got a ride with Mr Mateyka, the best English teacher I ever had, I would wake up somewhere between 5 and 6am and get to school well before it started. I used to find somewhere on campus to sleep in private before the bell rang. I was never “busted” but there were some close calls.

      2. I miss San Francisco a lot. Four years of perpetual hoodie weather spoiled my hoodie-loving heart.

      3. Making “New Life Academy” and the countless other videos we made is the reason I work in the industry today. I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

      4. My voice cracked during a cover of a relient k song that we performed during a chapel and that still haunts me from time to time.

      5. I feel super alienated when people talk about their high school experiences in a negative light because mine, despite hardships, was ultimately so positive and I look back on it fondly.

      6. Last week I hurt my foot running around with our dog, Sophie. It still kinds hurts even now but in high school I once fell down an entire flight of stairs, landed on my feet, and kept running. Thanks, aging!

      7. I am SO happy that I recorded a ton of footage from these times. It's really, truly, one of the best things I could have done at the time. Maybe I'll share some soon. I've really enjoyed revisiting them from time to time over the years.

      8. I am a TERRIBLE tour guide for San Francisco. I won't take you to the touristy spot or the best spots, I'll take you to the tiny Chinese spot we walked to during lunch. Or the Win-Wah market up the street that had Wasabi flavored funyuns and arizona iced tea. The old hangout spots!

      9. For new friends who don't know, I graduated with a class of sixteen people. We were a tight-knit group of productive slackers and I miss them a lot.

      10. My sister passed away during freshman year of high school and my SFCS family got me through. Some of them talked me through it, some prayed with me and for me and most of them just made me smile when it was really really hard to. Thanks so much for so many dear memories, '09!

    • Wario VS King Dedede - Editor Notes

      4 months ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi
      • Another episode of this crazy pop culture fight to the another round of stories, fun facts and notes from the edit bay of DEATH BATTLE.

      • It was pretty cool* to have two characters that are both in Smash. Having the same source of footage was a nice way to provide some balance to both rundowns. Sometimes it can feel uneven between one character who has a bunch of movies to pull from and one who may only have a comic or video game. *YEAH! This is the kind of thing an editor finds PRETTY COOL. Deal with it. And thanks for reading.

      • I came to discover that Wario is a tragic character. Why wouldn’t you let him be Sheriff more, Mario? Now he’s a bad guy. Where is the gritty live-action Breaking Bad-style character study starring Wario?? #WAREISTHELIVEACTIONWARIOWHEREMOVIE

      • Now let’s talk about a really important thing specifically about Wario VS Dedede: I can’t wait for Avengers Endgame. At the time that I’m writing this, I’m about 30 hours away from watching it and it has consumed all thought. It has become a problem. Thankfully this episode of DB is done otherwise I don’t know what I’d do. Send help. (Don’t).

      • Here’s something I’ve wonder about the DB audience: Do any of you have any questions about the differences between DB previews and the final episode?

      • And now we have come to the point in this post where I truly nerd out about editing even more so than I already have. On more than one occasion, I had clips in this episode that had sound effects without music which meant that I got to include those sounds without having it clash with my music. SO AWESOME!

      • Seriously. Can’t wait for Endgame. When this post comes out I will have already seen it. I’m jealous, future me.

      • Check out the commentary!

      • P.S. My next episode is one that I also co-wrote! I can’t wait for y’all to see it.

      Watch the episode!

    • Black Widow VS Widowmaker - Editor Notes

      5 months ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi
      • Welcome to my editor notes. This is where I regale you with anecdotes from the edit bay and give you a peek into my pop culture-soaked-mind. For example: This was an interesting episode to edit because on one hand you had Black Widow, who has so many movies, shows and comics to pull from and then on the other hand (my strong hand) you have Widowmaker, who has one short film, one comic, and a game. So it took a lot of editing magic to bring it all together but I’m really pleased with how it came out.

      • Did anyone catch the preview of this fight at SXSW?? I’m super curious. But not at all like a cat. DOGSFORLIFE.

      • Wiz: “...Soon becoming the KGB’s top operative.” Me: “TOPERATIVE!!!!!”

      • Let’s talk about the FIGHT graphic. Now that everyone has seen the the BWWM fight, what do you think about losing the graphic? I think it would have felt forced in this fight. Also I think that going forward, the reason we got rid of the graphic will be even more and more evident with each new fight. WINK WINK.

      • This is my first actual episode of Death Battle that I edited all on my own! I was super happy to edit an episode about an MCU character. It gave me flashbacks to writing and editing Top 10 Avengers That Should DIE in Infinity War. 

      • Also for someone who loves the MCU so much (ME IT’S ME I LOVE IT) it’s crazy to think that I’ve gotten paid to play in this sandbox on more than one occasion.

      • Also also guess what doesn’t help your productivity as you’re finishing up the edit of this episode! A new Avengers: Endgame trailer!! I’ve watched that trailer twelve times for each snapped hero. You gotta pay your respects.

      • I legitimately stopped in the middle of writing this to watch an endgame trailer Easter egg video.

      • Finally, a question for you all: If Natasha and Amelie started a band together called “The BlackWidowMakers” what kind of music would they play? Also, I want to hear alt band names from you.

      • P.S. For more behind the scenes stuff check out the commentary and this week's episode of DEATHBATTLECast! 

      Watch the commentary!

      Watch the episode!

    • Aquaman VS Namor - Editor Notes

      7 months ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi


      • Season 6 of DEATH BATTLE has begun!! 
      • And this is my first episode! What a crazy thing to say. I’ve been working with these guys for almost two years and I have watched them work so hard to make awesome episodes. To now hop on to this DB team as an editor and writer (soon!) is just awesome. 
      • I also need to thank Gerardo and Noel for helping me out with my first edit. They edited the Aquaman Preview and the Namor Preview, respectively. They really helped me transition into the show. 
      • Right off the bat, the biggest difference between editing Top 10s, DBX and Desk of Death Battle and editing Death Battle proper is that I now get to work a lot closer with all of these people. It’s a much more collaborative show which I really enjoy. Editing can feel like you’re alone in a cave (even in a populated bullpen) but this experience has been just the opposite. I’ve had a chance to work more closely with Ben, Luis and the entire team. 
      • You may have also noticed me on the commentary for this episode. That was fun! What unfortunately got cut from the commentary was our speeches about how we don’t have and/or hate breakfast. Luis and I went off about how we never eat breakfast and how I only have precisely 4 oz of coffee every morning. 5 is too much, you morning monsters. 
      • Here’s a super nerdy thing about editing Death Battle that I’m looking forward to. When I would edit Desk of Death Battle, I would do my best to edit the music track to fit the video perfectly. That means seamlessly making the track longer and always have the track end as the video ends. The only time I deviated from this was when Jocelyn talked about more than one subject - then I would find a track to suit each piece. With Death Battle, just by the nature of the show I’ll be using multiple track per characters. So I’m looking forward to the creative challenge of finding new ways to edit music. ALSO HAVE ANY OF YOU SEEN THE ICE PACK I CARRY AROUND FOR MY INDEX FINGER?? It’s tired from constantly pushing the brim of my glasses up. 
      • Speaking of Desk of, any of you eagle eyed viewers notice anything familiar about any of the Aquaman rundown? 

      Watch the commentary!

      Watch the episode!

    • This Week At ScrewAttack - 12/14/18

      9 months ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

      The Desk of The Desk of Death Battle - The GARBAGE Billy Ray Cyrus Comic - Editor Notes 

      Watch the episode and come back for notes!

      • This episode of Desk of is the longest episode we've done in a while. I can't tell you how much time I spent with Billy Ray Cyrus as I worked on this episode. It was too much AND YOU'RE WELCOME. 
      • The Liam/Billy Ray Taken conversation: My best work? Probably. 
      • Why DO these Billy comics feature kids in both adventures? Were kids the target demo? Were KIDS the big Achy Breaky Heart fans??
      • Also poor Merlin right? Famous wizard that ends up pumping gas. Real bummer. 
      • Fun Fact: this is my favorite fun fact. 
      • And now this: The following is my attempt to write out the lyrics to Will Smith's Wild Wild West rap from memory:

      It's the wild wild west, jim west, desperado, rough rider, no you don't want nada, none of this, from the gun of this, buffalo solider, just like a told ya, wild wild west. That's all I got. 

      Here are the actual lyrics: 

      Uh, wickey wild wild
      Wicky wicky wild
      Wickey wild, wicky wicky wild wild wild west,
      Jim West, desperado, rough rider
      No you don't want nada
      None of this, six gun in this, brotha runnin' this,
      Buffalo soldier, look it's like I told ya

    • This Week At ScrewAttack - 11/30/18

      9 months ago

      JoshuaKazemi @joshuakazemi

      The Desk of The Desk of Death Battle - The INSANE Mishima Family - Editor Notes 

      Watch the episode and then circle back for notes!

      • The Thanksgiving break meant that this episode needed a quick turn around. Guess what makes it difficult when you need to edit quickly: When you know nothing about Tekken and all of these similarly named family members keep throwing each other off of cliffs and you need to sort all of these non-linear clips in chronological order!!!!!!
      • Thankfully my fellow SA dudes did a bunch of research on Jin and helped me out! 
      • But still, this was ridiculous.
      • Also don't be mistaken: Just because I used a shot from The Amazing Spider-Man doesn't mean I like that movie. I do not. 
      • I couldn't find a scene of a son learning to shave with his dad that I liked so Vader cutting off Luke's hand will have to do! 
      • Any eagle-eyed Knight's Tale fans out there? *wink wink* 
      • I vowed to use every single frame of these awkward, slow, close ups of Kazuya. Every. Single. Frame. 
      • I'm almost sad there wasn't room to include more footage of this crazy family like all of these guys strapped to a rocket. WHAAT. 

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      3 weeks ago

      hey can u tell me why Red vs Blue wasn't continued after season 13? I'm a really big fan of the show.

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      1 year ago

      Thank you for answering my last question.  Considering how awesome RWBY Volume 5 is, I'm not shocked at all Gen:Lock is still on the back-burner.  But since it is a new series that looks awesome, I want to help out to make sure it succeeds.  Right now, I have a character I would like to donate to you guys sometime.

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    Not annoyed at all! I asked around and it looks like things on that end are still wrapped up in RWBY Vol. 5. So, there will most likely be little information about Gen:Lock until some time after this production is finished. 

    Yeah! Josh is great. (I'm only picky about my name when I'm being credited. In that case I prefer 'Joshua Kazemi')

    Gen:Lock looks amazing. I am so excited for it. I don't know much about it beyond what the community knows. The staff saw the teaser - the one that played in front of Lazer Team 2 - a few months back and I've been anxiously waiting for it ever since. ScrewAttack also works right next to RT Animation so, animation is always on my mind! 

    I have no idea! Haha sorry. I do know that the Animation Department is always working really hard on a lot of ongoing and new content for the community. Keep your eyes peeled!

    It's great. I've been a fan for a long time. I have to pretend everything is normal and that I'm professional even though I sit in between Nick and Chad everyday, see Miles walking around our office, and watch them film Million Dollars But ten feet from my desk. Crazy stuff and I love it!

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