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    • The New Site / Rooster Teeth App

      1 year ago


      I have got to say that I really like the new Rooster Teeth app and the new site. Seeing as I watch a lot of Rooster Teeth content beyond the narrative shows like RWBY and Red vs. Blue it made a lot of sense to download the app. And honestly? It rocks and I'm glad the desktop site matches how the app is designed from the scroll down menu to the side to side selection of videos and video types you want.

      Especially in the age where streaming is so prevelant beyond just the internet - even very recently I got a Roku for my tv and my cable tv even is designed to mimic steaming sites like Netflix - it's nice that Rooster Teeth also has upgraded to match. The RT app and sites menus for choosing videos I think feels so friendly due to how similar it is to stuff like Netflix or off the top of my head Cable streaming apps.The fact now there's also a watchlist to keep track of things is very convenient too.

      As for the video player it's so smooth! And very convenient. Prior I would watch the RT podcast early but through my phones safari app which wasn't good - the video player was slow and off of that app wasn't better. The app is so smooth and plays the content at a good rate. But also the fact I tend to listen to the podcasts off of my phone more than watching off of my laptop or TV it makes a lot of sense to use the app more rather than what I usually did which was the YouTube app. But smartly now from watching off of Rooster Teeth I can avoid the abundance of ads off of youtube for products I don't care for and only have to bear Gus and friends reading ads which is so much better.

      So yeah I think Rooster Teeth's video player is great. The app is great. Good job Rooster Teeth / designers of the new site and the app. Ya'll did a damn good job :)

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    • Remembering Monty

      1 year ago


      It was around late 2013 when I'd first heard of Monty Oum. It was from a YouTube video discussing his latest project at the time, the animated web series "RWBY". The video was made by Gigguk and covered the first Volume of the show. It looked interesting and I was intrigued. At the time I'd been watching many anime that the community deemed "classics" or good shows, but it was also at this time I'd noticed how a lot of anime in it's approach to animation, how characters were animated, scenes framed, and more felt stilted. But I as the lazy person I was (and still am) did not approach RWBY, not out of a shared dislike that the anime community had, but because after that I didn't hear much about the show.

      Around a year and few months passed when I decided to approach the show. However I still to this day regret the fact that I didn't begin watching RWBY until the passing of Monty Oum. I still remember how on Facebook his death was trending and for once beat out stupid polical parties for news and attention. I was myself surprised because of how young he was - 33. At the same time both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of RWBY were made avaliable on Netflix and I then finally went for it and watched the show. And I fell in love with it like no other show.

      My best comparison of feeling towards RWBY is my love of other series like Bleach, my favorite anime and tv show; Rurouni Kenshin, my favorite manga series of all time; Star Wars, one of my favorite movie franchises; and Jurassic Park. The thing was that I had heard so much criticism leveled at this show towards its voice acting, animation, and approach to story, yet upon actually watching the anime for myself I found that much of this criticism was blown way out of proportion and literal virtuol. In particular the voice work of Lindsay Jones as the main heroine Ruby Rose pulled me straight into the world. Here was this little girl who wielded a giant scythe / sniper rifle and took on a group of mooks in a setting that looked straight out of the RPGs and video games I liked so much but emulating the cool appearance and style much better than other anime. The fact that this was 3D animation with a 2D aesthetic for its characters also drew me in as nothing looked bulgy or out of place - sans minor things. But the action -God the action I so loved. The moment Ruby threw a mook out a window in Episode 1, leaped out and the RWBY theme song played from her music player, and she twirled and swung that scythe confidently - that made me believe in this character as a hero despite the fact that at only a few minutes, I still didn't understand what the world or its story was about.

      But then the next scene brought me in. It was just Ruby Rose being interrogated by Glynda Goodwitch - who a scene prior had an excellent fight scene with series antagonist Cinder Fall - and whom Ruby just gushed over. Already from her conversation and Lindsay's acting I know who the character is - I don't understand exactly what a Huntsman is, but Ruby's love of the job, wanting to be a hero for non-selfish reasons, and how totally serious yet at the same time goofy Lindsay to illustrate who Ruby is, made me immediately like this character. And after watching all of Volume 1 in a day and getting introduced to Weiss, Blake, Yang, and others, and falling in love again during RWBY's battle with the Nevermore Grimm - specifically the action married with awesome song sung by Casey Lee Williams - I knew RWBY would be one of my favorite shows ever. I then watched all of Volume 2 the next day which had the action, funny character moments from Ruby and her friends, cool music, and just cool style overall that I liked. But it was also improved upon and to some extent, Volume 2 is one of my favorite volumes for how much tighter of a story it was in order to carry out its cool action and fun.

      It's February 1, 2018, three years after Monty Oum's passing. I should mention that once I watched RWBY it also made me interesting in Rooster Teeth, the company that created the show that Monty Oum worked for. But I also became interested in Monty himself and to this day feel a great shame for not having followed Monty Oum's work while he was alive. It was not long after I watched the show that I bought Volume 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray and there listened to Monty's commentaries on both Blu-rays, looked up his older videos like Haloid, Dead Fantasy, and interviews and panels featuring Monty discussing animation. Distinctly a panel he held with Jordan Cwierz discussing animation has always stuck with me. He was both silly and serious when he talked about animation, not one to hesitate making a joke or funny comment, but also respond respectfully and answer something seriously. But what most got me was his mentioning of how animation should mimic reality, how you animate, draw, and bring to life characters and worlds should be done and practiced by watching movies, shows, other animation, but especially reality itself. And the thing was his comments which really made me realize why Monty's animation stood out against other anime reminded me of similar words that Director Hayao Miyazaki said.

      I don't like all of Miyazaki's works to be completely honest, but I do agree with him in his approach and persepctive on animation. It wasn't even that long ago that he mentioned why Ghibli's work always looks and feels different from a majority of anime is because of the fact that many animators who create anime don't observe reality, they observe other anime, and create new anime mimicking other anime. But that life like feel towards animating human beings and animals and whatever your anime is about, is lost. I still remember a documentary about how Miyazaki worked on the film Spirited Away, how he was trying to describe a dogs panting and breathing and also how the movement of a snake falling looks like. But his entire team of mostly younger animators had no idea what that looked like, they'd become so modernized that they never interacted with animals or nature like Miyazaki had in his youth which led Miyazaki to sigh and bring his entire team to an animal shelter for them to gain that interactive experience for reference. Thus in Spirited Away, the beasts and animals in how they move resemble real animals much closer than other anime.

      Its here that I bring up my surprise when I learned Monty Oum did not have a background of a traditional animator. He never went to college or even completed high school and wasn't the best student. But he always had a creative mind and from what his coworkers say of him always was creating - be it his show RWBY, to cosplay, to taking apart computers and modifying them to suit his needs, to a paint gun, legos, whatever. It was even described that he had a special blu-ray player that played film at a slower or faster rate in order for Monty to really observe and see how images moved for reference. A lot of his old work is also products that are derivative, he taught himself how to gain the data from video games in order to use them for animating and continued at that even into his time at Rooster Teeth. He didn't go to CalArts or other animation houses, worked for larger companies like Disney or Cartoon Network, yet his approach to animation was just different and more vibrant and not stilted and strict like other animators. I'd argue he was bound to become the best animator of our time.

      Monty Oum... it's strange to speak of him and know that he's gone. Yet what he created, what he managed to bring to life in Haloid, Dead Fantasy, Red vs. Blue, and RWBY, along with much of his other work in a way keeps his spirit alive and well. I don't know if Monty Oum's name will be remembered ten years, twenty years, or a hundred years from now, but I do know his work likely will. In some ways like Walt Disney, he didn't die but he became the art that he created which now is viewed and loved by many people around the world. RWBY has spawned a video game, an official Japanese dub, many manga series, a large and loving following of fans from Asia to Latin America and Europe and beyond. I think that now we're past the point of whether or not RWBY is an anime, it undoubtedly is. But the more important question is of whether or not it's great, and in my opinion as a fan of anime, animation, and media ever since I was small, I would say that RWBY is indeed Great.

      Thank you Monty. You inspire me. It's still part of a dream of mine to become an animator but more importantly, to be able to have a gift to bring to life characters and stories that have a spirit of their own. And I'm not alone - many have been touched by your works and still are inspired to pursue their dreams. We'll keep moving forward.

    • Community

      1 year ago


      Y'know I don't actually do a lot to interact with the RT Community. Well, that might be due to my own social... anxiety? I'm sure I have that but also I just enjoy alone time even though I do also enjoy bonding with peers over shared interests and have done some like interaction with fans of RWBY. But it's when I reflect on the fact that I do actually watch quite a bit of Rooster Teeth content that I realize I don't interact with the community at large all that much. 

      As of November 2017 I'm a fan of RWBY, Red vs. Blue, Day 5, Camp Camp, X-Ray and Vav, Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, Immersion, the Podcast, Always Open, Off Topic, Achivement hunters random new videos, On The Spot, Million Dollars But..., RT shorts, The Know, and more recently the acquired Death Battle and Sugar Pine 7. Again however I don't really actually talk with or interact with many fans or people who watch the content I just listed and when I do it's moreso kinda rare. Reading comments on the Youtube versions of content and then comments on the actual sites of content also really shows where the actual fans of works are. Still maybe I should do better or at least strive a bit more for interaction.

      On the plus side, I signed up for the Holiday cards exchange. So that way I can at least send a card and holiday cheer to another person in the community and add more good feelings all around. I like that a lot. 

    • Red vs. Blue

      2 years ago


      About four weeks or so ago after getting my room perfectly clean and my television/playstation set up just right, I decided to finally sit down and watch Red vs. Blue. Because (shock) I actually prior to 2016 never watched the show that's been around since... was it 2002?

      Anyways. Overall I honestly really enjoy it. It's funny. It's intriguing in later seasons. I like the characters and as many informed me, it's fun! It's interesting to say the least and a great marathon show. I dig the Blood Gulch seasons and how wacky it was. I dig the Reconstruction trilogy and where it took the characters, 9 and 10 might be my favorite seasons for the sheer awesomeness of it's lore/action (Season 8 Tex fight was awesome too :D) and I dig the Chorus seasons so far (I am now on the last part of it).

      Funny enough prior to watching the show many people compared me to Caboose. Watching the show now... I see what they meant. No I'm not a hazard to my friends or that much of an idiot. More so his approach to logic is eerily similar in a way. He's my favorite character by far in the humor he brings and the rather heartwarming he can be. It's like Caboose is Forest Gump, a lovable cinnamon roll who's a bit slow but has a heart of gold... but is also completely deadly and you might not actually want to be around in person. But as a fictional character? He's alright in my book.

      It goes without saying. Tex and Carolina are the coolest characters. Props to Kathleen Zuelch and Jen Brown for both of their awesome voice work for the characters. They were just so cool and both do drama very well. Even in the early seasons I was surprised at how much Kathleen brought as Tex despite being in mostly goofy scenes. She was still funny when need be, but did nail drama when the role required.

      I'm gonna keep watching. Most likely will wind up buying the shows. Hell maybe even the guide book since there's still a lot to this universe I'm not clear on. Red vs Blue is... Red vs Blue, a fun awesome show.

    • RWBY Vol 1 Screening

      3 years ago


      In San Diego we were able to get a Tugg Screening at AMC Mission Valley which already happened. I went because despite owning Vol 1 on Blu-ray and having watched it already on YouTube, Netflix, here, and on Blu-ray, the oppourtunity to see it on the silver screen was something I really did not want to miss out on. And truthfully it was incredibly worth it :)

      It's funny in that still no matter how much I watch RWBY remains overall entertaining. The action is cool to watch and accentuated especially on the big screen. The funny moments and especially the goofy ones a la Ruby or Jaune still make me laugh my ass off. The theatre roared at Penny's "Is she a man" joke and I too couldn't hold back. Just something to note bout RWBY's quality as a show I guess but it was none the less surprising as a viewer. Maybe it's because the show quickly became a favorite of mine that watching it in theatres was incredibly fun. One does generally watch the first two volumes like movies and it's surprising how much that fit when going through the episodes and the arcs on screen.

      Oh one awesome thing is the fact that the cool moments always remain cool. Props to Monty for his work on the fight scenes that occur. I was amazed at still how Ruby ellegantly fighting with Crescent Rose in episode 1 or watching Yang or Ren or Blake fight in the trial or both Team RWBY and JNPR have their first major battle elicited gasps, laughs, and jaws dropping. Seeing these fights and how creative they were and entertaining still just makes me smile as a viewer. I also note that at my screening the entire crowd applauded after "Red Like Roses Part II" kicked in and Ruby epically defeated the Nevermore. That's a moment worth the ticket price that I'm glad got to be on the big screen.

      Meaningless gripes I have were that 1) it didn't say RWBY on my ticket. Just Tugg. I save my tickets and like keeping them as mementos, the fact it didn't say it changes nothing but it's nothing writing RWBY in sharpie on the ticket couldn't change. 2) the actual theatre inside the screening was screened in wasn't surround sound. I think that's so the major release films are given those films but it just made it a bit jarring at points when watching RWBY seemed quieter than it does on my TV. IDK it also would've benefited when the opening intro played or when Casey Lee Williams' songs kicked in at points.

      As for bonus content... well first I just want to say it was kind of creepy seeing Miles and Kerry on the big screen. I'm just not used to that. But it was fun seeing all the trailers for upcoming shows on the big screen even though I'd seen them already. Yet RWBY Chibi's previews just earned all our money. This might become my second favorite goofy anime spin-off since "The Melancholy of Haruhi Chan" also goofy but RWBY Chibi is goofy enough that's just so appropriate for it's fandom.

      Over all as a Rooster Teeth fan and a RWBY fan I think the Tugg screenings were a success. Already everyone was interested in further screenings of Vol 2 and 3. And as another opportunity to run into people you didn't know who were fans in your own city is also pretty nice. As experiences at the movies go RWBY's screenings definitely get a mention in my best films of 2016.

    • RWBY Volume 3 Finale

      3 years ago


      How did I get into Rooster Teeth? What made me a fan of this company? A little show called RWBY. It was a little bit over a year ago when I finally sat down and watched the show. Suffice to say I still regret not watching it sooner. There was a lot to love. The action, the design, the colors, the characters, the humor that just makes me laugh even when it's kinda stupid, the world and story-

      Actually it's simplier to say... sort of like, how every person that creates, that winds up bringing a story to life in any medium undoubtedly always had that story in them. They wanted to bring it out, to build it, to share it, you get the gist. By that same thought I think every person in turn has a story they don't know they want to witness. Everyone wants to find that book or film or show or game or whatever that catches their eye. That makes them spend a lot to own it, to rewatch it over and over again, to just love the hell out of it. RWBY was for me the show I didn't know I had wanted.

      Que a year later and Volume 3's finale has aired. The longest episode with a lot of the elements that make me love the show overall. Great characters, good drama, great design, music, narrative, oh and I know it get's knocked down a lot, but the acting and animation is great. I love all the choices for each and every role that comes to play. Props especially however to Lindsay Jones who-well she always rocked-especially killed it as Ruby in really dark and dramatic moments.

      I might just like the show too much. I might be a bit biased in that I really, really like this show. But to give it a lower rating would be a disservice and a lie to myself. As a season Volume 3 showed it can be entertaining, dramatic, cool, action packed, and balance moving on with putting it's characters through a ringer but being true to what made it's fans love the show to begin with.

      So with all that said, this show is a 9.5 out of 10. I"d go with 10 but the show isn't without it's flaws. That said it's positives heavily outweigh misteps and missed opportunities. I'm definitely buying Volume 3 on Blu-Ray in May and keeping watch for when Volume 4 arrives. Personally though if volume 4 debuted in 2017 I'd be fine with it, everyone did a fantastic job and has earned a break, even if for a while. I'm a patient fan and I know that however long it takes everyone that put their blood, sweat, tears, but mostly blood, will deliver on a good product.

    • Ten Little Roosters

      3 years ago


      As I'm a rather new fan of RoosterTeeth and it's sub...branches? Groups? Of it over all. There are things that even though I do watch that may go over my head or just never get around to watching. I'd heard mention of Ten Little Roosters before but didn't know what it was until suddenly suggestions for it came up and then I thought, why not watch it?

      It's funny. I only wonder what it'd have been like to have watched weekly but from one sitting I think it's great. I like the concept, I mean it's one that's been recycled over and over and over again. Who hasnt' watched a film where people are trapped in a place or building or something and there's a killer/guilty person amongst them to be found? Hell even The Hateful Eight is doing it a la Bonanza.

      But it's smart just doing it with a lot of people who the RT Community have gotten familiar with from watching it's various productions. I don't know if it was a conscious choice to not have Joel Heyman in it and I'm rather glad. IDK I feel like if he was in it we'd all think he was the murderer. Or IDK his insanity would get him killed. Everybody else I thought was great it's a fun mystery with what we love of RT and said victims we know and love.

    • 3 years ago


      So I'm still alive. Still watching RT stuff just haven't been on the site in a while. One thing I noticed though since my last post. I've eaten a lot more Pizza Hutt lately. Hm... I wonder why that is XD

    • 3 years ago

    • 3 years ago


      I just recalled something... I've no idea how to start watching Red vs Blue. I mean I literally know how, it's got lots of ways to start. But like I'd be starting 2015. Other than a few vague references and knowing who Tex and Caboose are (albeit from references) I've never watched the show before.

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