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      All the date-relevant info I could find for RT, AH, and RWBY as of... about a month ago. Open to corrections and additions

      It's huge

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      Special thanks to @RoseMaryM for getting this

      This is a list of birthdays of Cast and Crew. These are the only special occasions that will be listed on the calendar (with the exception of RTX dates), so holidays will not be included

      This list is open to correction and addition

      January 3rd: Jack Pattillo
      January 8th: Chelsea Atkinson
      January 18th: Burnie Burns
      January 18th: Chris Damarais

      February 2nd: Aaron Marquis
      February 22nd: Gus Sorola
      February 23rd: Stefanie

      March 12th: Meg Turney
      March 20th: J.J. Castillo
      March 22nd: Kyle Taylor
      March 28th: Dustin Matthews
      March 28th: Jason Saldaña

      April 23rd: Griffon Ramsey
      April 24th: Miles Luna

      May 1st: Kerry Shawcross
      May 3rd: Ashley Jenkins
      May 7th: Megan Castro
      May 14th: Blaine Gibson
      May 23rd: Gavin Free

      June 4th: Jeremy Dooley
      June 6th: Matt Bragg
      June 7th: Adam Ellis
      June 19th: Geoff Ramsey
      June 22nd: Monty Oum

      July 2nd: Barbara Dunkelman
      July 7th: Rebecca
      July 8th: Eddy
      July 24th: Michael Jones
      July 28th: Samantha Ireland
      July 31st: Kara Eberle
      July 31st: Patrick Rodriguez

      August 2nd: Nathan Zellner
      August 14th; Adam Baird
      August 19th: Shannon McCromick
      August 26th: Yvonne

      September 6th: Jeff Yohn
      September 6th: Lindsay Jones
      September 12th: Jon Risinger
      September 15th: Ray Narvaez Jr.
      September 16th: Joel Heyman
      September 20th: Peter Sorensen
      September 27th: Roman Lopez
      September 29th: Matt Hullum

      October 3rd: Sarah
      October 4th: Arryn Zech
      October 8th: Caleb Denecour
      October 17th: Daniel Fabelo
      October 23rd: Jordan Cwierz

      November 5th: Shane Newville
      November 14th: Kdin Jenzen
      November 14th: Maggie
      November 15th: Mike Huemmer

      December 3rd: Clayton de Wet
      December 6th: Ryan Haywood

      RT Cast&Crew without stated Birthday:
      Anna Hullum
      Patrick Mark Salazar
      Kathleen Zuelch
      Brandon Farmahini
      Gray G. Haddock
      Emily McBride

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