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    • E3 2018 MEMORANDUM

      1 year ago

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      Better E3 this year.



    • The Fallout 76 'Leak' & why it is fake

      1 year ago

      K0Z The Tower XVI

      With the recent reveal of Fallout 76 there has also been the rumor that it was leaked first on 4chan, and that said 4chan leaker has posted more info about Fallout 76 on reddit. Though with most things from 4chan there should be approached with a healthy amount of skepticism.


      Lets break this down.

      Source inside bethesda here
      Co-op but not MMO or Rust-like.
      IT IS NOT A RUST LIKE. Internal beth. comms seem to be worried that this will lead the hype in the wrong direction.
      Bethesda are in panic at these rumors and want to release further info soon to cut it off.

      Rumors are not something that would put a company in 'panic mode'. Companies don't give a damn about rumors about their game that they just teased. The sort of thing that would actually put Bethesda in panic mode is if the source code of Fallout 76 leaked. Also if this person is a 'source inside Bethesda' which is supposedly in 'panic mode' over rumors then the last thing you would want to do is break some sort of NDA and add more leaked info on top of that. And of course they will be releasing further info soon, E3 is next week.

      Will feature a scavenger from surface as main character, hence why vault seems empty other than main character in trailer

      Unlikely, it's strongly implied that the main character is from Vault 76.

      It's open world, improvised weapons and base building centered.
      Strong emphasis on building and improvised weapons as opposed to weapon customisation as we saw in 4.

      While base building like Fallout 4 is likely the 'improvised weapons' are less likely as it's only been ~25 years since the bombs dropped so there should still be plenty of pre-war weaponry that hasn't been looted yet. This would of been more believable is he said that the player could build AND customize weapons but apparently this guy forgot how to spell customize correctly too.

      Upgraded Fo4 creation engine.
      laying groundwork for FO5 which is already in the works.

      This is the sort of stuff that's obvious, of course each game is going to be incrementally better than the last.

      It's based along the interstate in northern virginia.
      It's still an RPG.

      More low hanging fruit. Fallout games are usually RPGs and the trailer strongly implies it is in virginia.

      Co-op but not MMO or Rust-like.
      Voiced protag is back.

      There's usually a lot of dialog with in Fallout games, so unless they got multiple voice actor's for the main character then the multiplayer is going to have a bunch of same voiced main characters. Not that it's impossible, it's just unlikely.

      Numerous retcons
      Harold will make an appearance, (retcon) as will young first Maxson.

      This is where thing become a lot less believable. Bethesda may be able to get away with retconning small stuff in Fallout, but not big stuff like this. This isn't the Elder Scrolls series where they can retcon something important and use magic as an explanation. The 'first Maxson' he would be referring to would be Roger Maxson, an Army captain at the time, who founded the Brotherhood of Steel shortly after the bombs dropped. There's absolutely no way we would see a young first Maxson as he would be on the west coast setting up the Brotherhood of Steel. Also Fallout 76 takes place 2102 and by that time Roger Maxson would have been a grandfather for several years.

      In fact it's unlikely we would see any significant Brotherhood of Steel presence at all as the east coast Brotherhood of Steel is led by Owyn Lyons, who is born a century after the setting of Fallout 76. 

      No external mods outside of CC, they're going to try and cut that off at the pass and sell it as a security thing citing stolen content and adult mods.

      Complete bullshit.

      Firstly, stolen content and adult mods are not a security issue. Stolen mods and mod theft in general is far less common than you think and creation club doesn't allow any stolen content to begin with. The worst an adult mod would do to the game would force them to change the ESRB rating, which will probably be rated Mature to begin with. 

      Secondly, the Creation Club is Bethesda's way of reaching out to the mod community and the external creators from it to make the content they put on the creation club. This works for games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 because there is a pre-existing modding community for those games. It's very unlikely they will have creation club mods for Fallout 76 if there isn't a modding scene for Fallout 76 to begin with. 

      Expect a leak from a more reputable source soon.

      No, expect a more reputable source to report this rumor as a 'leak'. That's how this sort of nonsense works, news sources will pick this up and say something along the lines of "we have a leak that has info on Fallout 76!" and then it becomes self-fulling.

      Believe it or don't, mark my words. Will be deleting account shortly.


    • Minecraft_Realworld Test

      1 year ago

      K0Z The Tower XVI


      I think I have my custom world preset mathed out correctly, It should allow for mountains to go up to almost the max block height without the mountains looking too insane (ie. no impossible mountains of madness terrain.) The idea is to make the world terrain as close to the real world as possible.

      The custom world preset is the following:


      The world seed used turned out to make a pretty great starting area. The world seed is:


      It should work properly, let me know if it doesn't. Happy building!


    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Omnibus

      1 year ago

      K0Z The Tower XVI


      The following is not just a modding guide, it's an index of the other modding primers I made for Skyrim as well as some of my person thoughts as well. I made these guides with the average Skyrim modder in mind, so there's that expectation that people who use this information actually know what their doing. The modding primers are by no means guides to making a perfectly modded Skyrim, as there are too many complications to overcome to accomplish that. Regardless of that, I'm satisfied with how this all turned out and it's definitely worth looking through if you're someone who's into modding.  AuwOVWi.png


      ENBs are filters added to Skyrim that make it look fabulous as fuck, however they cannot be added to the game as easily as normal mods. I didn't make a primer for ENBs, mostly because most people end up using the best ones like RealVision or Tetrachromatic (I use this one). It's good to remember to ONLY use one ENB at a time and not two; we all want our Skyrim looking like this and NOT like this. If you're interested in getting started with ENBs then watch this video. This may look a little intimidating for some, but I assure you it's not complicated like quantum mycology or something, it's easier than it looks.


      One of my biggest surprises while making this primer was how many mods there were that all modded the same thing, like there are over 8 different mods that all change the textures of rocks. Thankfully Skyrim's environment is where is shines and once fully modded it can become truly beautiful. 

      Towns & Cities

      This primer showed me how much bigger everything can feel once once you use the expanded towns and cities, and also how much you can get used to all the stuff it adds. Once you remove those mods things can feel a little bare bones. I also noticed how widely Noble Skyrim is used, not because it provides a better texture, but rather a cleaner texture.


      That's the joke. Follower and companion mods for Skyrim are super saturated with virtual waifus and whatnot. It's gotten to the point where I just filter out follower mods just to get to the real mods. If you're into that sort of stuff that's fine, but it's not something I plan on making a guide for.

      Weapons & Armor

      This primer made me thankful that not only are there's some good texture packs for most of the armors, but they're mostly in two of them, aMidianBorn's Book of Silence and Rustic Clothing. Those two mods handle damn near all the armors in the game. And speaking of armor, Immersive armors is awesome! why? Because it adds a shit ton of different armors from different modders all compiled into a single mod, and that's awesome.That said, Immersive weapons was omitted for a reason, it wasn't good enough to be added.


      Combat modding usually is made to make the game more difficult to combat one of the main problems of Skyrim, easy endgame. The mod communities response to this was to make the game into as much like Dark Souls as possible.


      It's pretty damn impressive what modders have accomplished in this area. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the quest mods ended up being larger than actual DLC, which was the case with Sotha Sil Expanded was for Morrowind. Some may notice that I didn't add Falskaar, that's because it's bad. I'm not joking. it takes the blandest parts of Oblivion and Skyrim and makes an entire mod out of it. And the dialog sounds too cartoonish or is too full of Skyrim memes to be taken seriously. Is it large? Yes, a large steaming pile.


      The main thing you should take away from this primer should be that regardless of whether or not you play a caster, you should pick up Colorful Magic. Not joking, it adds so much that it would be stupid not to get it.


      The Dwemer resources have be really great for any modders looking to add mechanical... anything really. Take the modder M150 for example, he's been making some insane mechanical stuff (or stuff in general). I'm very satisfied with all the Dwemer stuff in vanilla Skyrim to begin with, I loved all the Dwemer stuff in Morrowind and only found out about Dwemer ruins in Skyrim only right before the release.


      If there was only one mod to use from this primer, it would be Armored Skeletons and The Walking Dead, purely for varieties sake. 


      You would be surprised at how many of the good houses are made by only a handful off modders, the most notable being Elianora and her iron grip on Skyrim's real estate. Though in my eyes the perfect Skyrim house hasn't been made until someone remakes the Nethertower from Overlord 2.

      Character Creation

      *The joke being that Skyrim character creation mods are a mess. And it's the same problem with the follower mods, there's WAY too many mods devoted to waifu creation. Could I make a primer detailing how to make a voluptuous magical girl who's breast size can scale with how much mana she has? Yes, but I'm not going to. Got to have standards.

      Skyrim Creation Club

      If you were to give me the button that would permanently end paid creation club's paid mods, but doing so would give me terminal cancer, I would press that button. It's that bad. Make no mistake, Skyrim creation club IS PAID MODS and they are all horrible. It's horse armor all over again but worse. Pretty much anything creation club churns out has already been made before and made BETTER. Don't waste your money on that garbage.


      Bug Fixes and Stability

      I couldn't decide whether to make this it's own primer or have it here. But for now I will just lay it out as easy as I can:

      Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (aka USLEEP) 

      - Not optional, use this and things will break less. It was created for the sole purpose of fixing things the Skyrim dev team are too busy to fix.

      Skyrim Supplemental Patch

      - This fixes things not fixed by USLEEP, meant to be used in conjunction with USLEEP.

      Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch

      - This fixes certain problems that arise from a modded Skyrim, it covers certain issues not addressed by USLEEP because that mod is designed to fix problems with the vanilla game and it's DLC.

      Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)

      - Not optional, use this and things will break less. ALWAYS use this to run skyrim. It expands the scripting capabilities of Skyrim and a lot of mods require it.  Read the Readme for a step by step installation tutorial.


      - If you're not using an active ENB preset to make your game look good then you can still use it passively to increase the VRAM you can allocate to Skyrim, making it run smooth like butter.


      - LOOT is a tool for sorting the correct load order of your mod list, THIS IS IMPORTANT. If your load order is screwed up then your game will have all sorts of issues. LOOT will also notify you of any errors that could crash your game on startup.


      - another very important tool. TES5Edit is used to help clean mod files and detect conflicts that would cause your game to crash instantly.

      Mator Smash

      - Mator Smash is a tool that generates conflict resolution patches, similar to Wrye Bash's Bashed Patch. Smash is capable of handling conflicts in all record types.


      - Not optional, this mod is a complete overhaul for the UI of the game and a shit ton of mods require it. It was designed for PC players.

      MISC Mod Patches

      - LOOT will sometimes point out mods that require small patches, make sure all mods the need patches are properly patched.

      Skyrim Opening Glitch

      - If you ever started a new game of Skyrim and had this happen it's because your games framerate is too damn high. If you're using an ENB, like you should, then limit your framerate to 20-30fps, if only for the beginning of the game. 

      Ground warping

      - If you're running into an issue similar to the one in that link then go into your enblocal.ini file and find  FixParallaxTerrain= [true/false], set it to false. That should fix the issue.

      General Stability with Auto/Quick saves

      - A lot of mods use scripts that, when not properly executed, can cause problems and eventually cause your game to randomly crash. This is due to auto saves and quick saves not properly ending scripts when you quick/auto save. The best way to avoid this issue is to never start it. Which is to say you should only use hard saves (normal saves), disable autosaves altogether, and never use quicksaves.


      That's all I have for now, let me know if I donked something up. I'm not sure If I will make a Fallout 4 Primer but I'm damn tempted to, though it will definitely not be as big as this.

      Until the next time, oh reader mine. 


    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Quests

      1 year ago

      K0Z The Tower XVI


      This is a guide of some recommended quest mods for Skyrim. This contains most of the good mods, enough to add quite a few hours (or days) to your playtime. I'm also open to mod recommendations to add to the list,let me know if I missed any obvious ones. 



      This mod centers around a steampunk mansion with some horror themes. The mansion that the mod is centered around is pretty well designed and is probably one of the best player home out there. 


      Track down a band of necromancers and stop their leader from completing a ritual to become a lich -or- complete the ritual and become a lich yourself!


      It's just like Falskaar except with better voice acting, environment, story, and... just generally a better executed version of Falskaar. Some Tweaks and Enhancements are also available.

      The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

      Travel to Hammerfel in search for Nocturnal's Cowl, which functions similarly to how it did in TES4: Oblivion. It's a stealth oriented mod meant to be played with a thief's mindset.

      The Forgotten City

      A mod that revolves around a time paradox and a Dwemer built Utopian death trap of a city. The story is well written with how it handles the time travel and paradox elements.

      Beyond Skyrim - Bruma

      Leave Skyrim and head down to the Bruma region of Cyrodiil. The map is very large and seems pretty well filled out. The Beyond Skyrim team is working to recreate the rest of the world in the Skyrim engine so there will be more to come.

      Inferno - Envoys of End

      For those who thought the dragons in Skyrim weren't hard enough, be careful what you wish for.


      Darksouls inspired mod with Dark themes, Dark level design, and a Dark backstory. DARK

      Moon and Star

      A quest revolving around searching for a certain someone. Includes a new town and a Dwemer dungeon.

      Molag Bal's Inferno

      It's Dante's Inferno meets Skyrim. This one was a collaborative effort from several notable modders.

      Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles 

      A mod about traveling a beautiful dreamscape. This mod is more about taking in the sights than anything else, and there's a lot to take in.

      Project AHO

      This mod adds an entire town in a sort of underground cave/dwemer ruins. The quest portion involves getting enslaved to a alcoholic Telvanni wizard and ends with the player acquiring a Dwemer spaceship. You can also choose to destroy an entire town, if you're into that sort of thing. 


      Trainwiz is a popular modder probably best known for making the dragons very useful. His mods usually favor puzzles over combat as well as dipping into the DEEP lore of the Elder Scrolls series. He has a very particular sense of humor and this is usually reflected in his mods. GEARS

      The Lost Wonders of Mzark 

      A mod about a Dwemer facility that researched into use of tonal architecture to divide light (among other things), and as such it's filled with hard-light constructs that can only be defeated in certain ways.


      A mod about activating an ancient Dwemer spaceship and then being able to fly to the moon. Created while heavily medicated.

      Blackreach Railroad


      A mod that adds a Dwemer train to travel all underneath Skyrim. Exploring areas along the Blackreach railroad leads to shortcuts above ground.

      The Wheels of Lull

      A mod revolving around the Chronographers of Sotha Sil and travelling to the very foundations of the world. This is the deep end of the lore pool.

      Brhuce Hammar - Legacy

      Adds Trainwiz's own character as a follower in a grand adventure. Includes the following: FUN


      Vicn is a Japanese modder and probably one of the best modders out there, so you can say I saved the best for last. He has only 3 major quest mods for skyrim and they're all works of porting the worlds of Darksouls and BloodBorne into Skyrim, blending them together with very impressive results.


      A short mod about a cold, dark, and very gentle place which is home to a certain half dragon with a fluffy tail. Unless you're fluent in Japanese you should pick up the English translation addon


      A 4 part mod that blends the world of Darksouls into Skyrim. 

      Part 1 consists of joining the Vigilant of Stendarr in their day to day activities and rolls over into 

      Part 2 which involves fighting vampires deep beneath Windhelm. 

      Part 3 is a Silent hill-like spooky mansion.

      Part 4 is straight up Dark Souls, and its awesome. 

      Unless you're fluent in Japanese you should pick up the English translation here.


      This mod blends Bloodborne into Skyrim and will likely be similar in scale to Vigilant. Currently its still in development and is over ~25% completed, but for now its still available as a work in progress. Similar to Vigilant & Unslaad, this mod will get an voiced version when its been completed. Keep an eye out for this one in the future.


      Other Primers:


      Towns & Cities

      Weapons & Armor








    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Weapons & Armor

      1 year ago

      K0Z The Tower XVI


      The following is a Skyrim modding guide for the Weapons and armor you find throughout Skyrim. This includes new weapons and armor packs as well as new textures.



      aMidianBorn Book of Silence


      - The Book of Silence is a well known mod and has the best textures out of any other Skyrim texture mod

      - Covers a bunch of armor, weapons, and some other stuff

      - While this mod covers a bunch of stuff it doesn't cover some armor like Daedric,Dragonbone, Dragonscale, ect.

      - Its been a few years since it's last been updated so it's not clear if the mod's creator is still working on it.

      - Some other mods haven't been added to the Book of Silence yet, they are the Following:

      Elven Weapons for Silence 

      aMidianBorn Blade of Woe 

      aMidianBorn imperial light and studded armour

      aMidianBorn stormcloak officer armour



      - Covers all of the clothing & robes in the game

      - This will mostly impact the appearance of NPCs 

      RUSTIC FORSWORN for some reason hasn't been added to the pack yet, so i'm including it.

      Frankly HD Stormcloak and City Guards


      - Covers all the City guard armor

      Stalhrim Armors and Weapon Replace

      - Both mods are from the same guy, and do the same thing

      - Makes the Stalhrim armor have a deep-Ice look

      Unique Uniques


      - Gives unique appearances to all the unique weapons

      Jewels of the Nord - HD rings and necklaces


      - Covers the silver and gold rings & necklaces, but not circlets

      - for Circlets use Better Circlets 

      Gemling Queen Jewelry for the gems in the jewelry

      Armor & Weapons Packs

      -This is all items that are part of a weapon and armor pack -or- stuff made by a single modder that isn't all available in a single mod pack just yet.

      Immersive Armors

      - A compilation of a bunch of different armors, most of which feel pretty lore friendly.

      - Also lets you choose which armors you allow to show up in the world

      Lore Weapon Expansion

      - adds some legacy weapons

      Ultimate Assortment by FavoredSoul


      - Adds a bunch of Weapons and jewelry, all of which are highly detailed

      Warrior Within Weapons


      - Adds a bunch of wicked looking weapons

      Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection


      - Adds a bunch of Lord of the Rings weapons

      JaySuS Swords


      - Adds a bunch of swords, some of which are unique and scattered throughout Skyrim

      Artifacts - The Tournament of the Ten Bloods


      - Adds some weapons and artifacts of the Daedric Prince Boethiah

      Artifacts of Skyrim


      - Adds some unique Items scattered throughout Skyrim

      Johnskyrim mods72822-2-1453447848.jpg

      - Johnskyrim has been adding weapons and items from World of Warcraft and has been remaking them for Skyrim.

      The Lionheart



      The Ashbringer

      Thunderfury and The Bulwark of Azzinoth



      Finkle's Lava Dredger

      Zerofrost Armors


      - Zerofrost has been making crazy detailed armor sets that are scattered throughout Skyrim

      Evil MasterMind Armor

      Blood Witch Armor

      Silver Dragon Armor

      Knight Of Thorns Armor

      Contractor and Mavari Armors

      Raven witch armor

      Medusa and Drakul armors

      - Dragonlord, Nightingale Prime, and Valkyrie armors

      Dread Knight Weapon Set


      - FEEL THE EDGE!

      Lorkhan Moonlight Greatsword Reborn


      - Aah, you were at my side, all along. My true mentor... My guiding moonlight...

      Standalone Weapons and Armors


      - Just the standalone stuff, or stuff that hasn't yet been added into some sort of compilation mod.

      Giant Hammer - For when you need to hit things REALLY hard

      RetributionHonorus, Vindicator - Holy looking swords

      King Crusader Armor & Blade Set- Gothic style armor and weapons

      SPOA Silver Knight Armor - Silver armor in the style of the steel plate armor

      Dragon Carved Armor Set - Armor in the style of the nordic carved Armor

      Kynreeve Armor - a lighter version of Daedric armor

      Royal Greatsword - a royal looking greatsword

      Heavy Spellbook - Force the knowledge into your enemies

      Crystal Sun Sword - A glassy sword 

      Armor Of Intrigue - Rogue/Thief armor with a lot of customization

      Skaal heavy Armor - Also includes a pretty rad backpack


      - More may be added in the future

      - Some armor's (like Daedric armor) currently have no decent textures, which is why there is none currently listed.


      Other Primers:


      Towns & Cities

      Weapons & Armor








    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Environment

      1 year ago

      K0Z The Tower XVI


      The following is a Skyrim modding guide focusing on Environmental improvement mods, the majority of which are retextures. 


      Vanilla Skyrim/General

      aMidianBorn Landscape

      - A texture for the landscape itself and a pretty decent base for those who don't want to use the normal highres texture pack.

      aMidianBorn Caves and Mines


      - these textures are pretty underground, you probably never heard of them before.

      4K Parallax Mountains

      - 4K textures for mountains and stones, obligatory rock puns.

      Northfire's Photoreal Mountains


      - A different flavor of rock, texture I mean. Don't taste rocks.

      Northfire's Dirtcliffs


      - available in 1-2K with parallax

      Skyrim Flora Overhaul


      - the largest and most widely used floral overhaul mod, things get greener

      Unique Grasses and Groundcovers

      - Changes the grass and ground coverings to add some variety. Grass will better correspond with the environment it's in.

      Realistic HD Mushrooms


      - embrace your inner mycologist

      High Quality Snow

      - 4K for the snow on the ground

      Real Skyrim Snowflakes - (Physical) Vivid Snow

      - Changes the way the snow falls

      Real Snow Flakes


      - This mod changes the individual snowflakes from small white dots into several different types of snowflake, precious little snowflakes.

      Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE

      - texture mod that focuses on glacial ice, water ice, ice in general.

      Realistic Water Two


      - a mod that improves the look of water, so good you can literally drown in it.

      True Storms - Thunder and Rain Redone

      - a mod that changes the weather to make it seem more realistic and intense, rather than the mild looking rain in the vanilla game.

      Enhanced Night Skyrim


      - replace the night sky with something a bit more colorful

      Lorkhans Vision - Night Sky V2


      -replace the night sky with something a bit more realistic


      - enhances the auroras of skyrim for those who want an even MORE colorful night sky.



      - What, are you just going to stare at clouds all day?

      Real Clouds


      - This mod adds pseudo-volumetric clouds to skyrim

      Relighting Skyrim

      - Adds extra lighting in areas where it is needed. May be more useful for those who use particular lighting mods.

      Real Roads for Skyrim 


      - Changes the road mesh so the stones appear to pop out, like what you would expect from an actual road.

      HD Road textures


      - pairs with real roads of Skyrim

      Realistic Smoke and Embers




      Vivid Landscapes - Castle Volkihar


      - Improve the look of that fancy vampire castle

      Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture


       - a retexture for the Falmer temple ruins


      aMidianBorn Solstheim Landscape

      - a general texture that focuses on the landscape for Solsthiem

      Ash Rocks

      - a texture mod that focuses on ashes and the way it is spread on certain environment objects, similar to snow.

      Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Apocrypha


      - Improves the all the textures of Apocrypha including stonework, black books, and the pages strewn about that daedric realm

      Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture


      - Texture improving all the riekling structures that litter Solsthiem


      Other Primers:


      Towns & Cities

      Weapons & Armor








    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Towns & Cities

      1 year ago

      K0Z The Tower XVI


      The following is a Skyrim modding guide for the towns and cities throughout Skyrim. The mods in this list greatly expand on the cities and villages, some of which with can be a strain on low-end PCs. Please report any unlisted compatibility issues. 


      City Overhauls

      JK's Skyrim

      - Adds a bunch of building, objects, and other structures to make the cities and towns feel more filled out

      - Affects Whiterun, Windhelm, Solitude, Markarth, Riften, the towns of Riverwood, Dragonbridge, Ivarstead and Rorikstead, and the small open cities of Falkreath, Morthal, Dawnstar and Winterhold

      - Mostly incompatible with other mods that add stuff to above mentioned towns & cities (excluding textures)

      - Mod author also offers these as standalone mods 

      Dawn of Skyrim

      - Adds various structures, NPCs, vendors, and extra stuff to the 5 major cities

      - Similar to JK's overhauls but is more minimalist and adds different stuff 

      - Only affects Whiterun, Windhelm, Markarth, Riften, and Solitude

      - Mod author also offers these as standalone mods 

      - The great thing about these mods is that there are compatibility patches available that merges the changes of Dawn of Skyrim with the changes JK's Skyrim makes to the major cities. Though running both mods at the same time is not recommended for low-end PCs. 

      Winterhold - Expanded Ruins

      - This overhaul only affects Winterhold

      - Makes Winterhold look like an actual city that's been destroyed and includes a buried part of the city and [a quest?]

      - Will conflict with mods that also change Winterhold like JK's Winterhold or  ET&C

      Town Overhauls

      Expanded Towns and Cities

      - Greatly expands on most of the towns and exterior cities

      - This mod affects Darkwater Crosisng, Dawnstar, Dragon Bridge, Falkreath, Ivarstead, Karthwasten, Kynesgrove, Morthal, Riverwood, Rorikstead, Shors Stone, Stonehills, and Winterhold

      - This mod has should now include the content of Immersive Settlements which adds content to Morthal, Falkreath, Dawnstar, Rorikstead, Riverwood, Karthwasten, Ivarstead, Dragon Bridge, Shor's Stone, Stonehills, Kynesgrove, Orc Strongholds.

      - ET&C and IS make changes to some of the same settlements but both allow you pick and choose which you want, allowing you to avoid conflicts and pick which style you like best.

      - Don't use the texture pack included in this mod, unless you REALLY want to.

      Town & City Textures


      NobleSkyrimMod - Windhelm only


      - Major retexture for Windhelm

      Osmodius Windhelm Texture Pack


      - Major retexture for Windhelm

      Authentic Windhelm


      - Major retexture for Windhelm



      - Minor retexture, only affects tombstones, monument slabs, and wall of names in Windhelm (and other places).

      Windhelm Enhanced - HD 4k Metalwork


      - Minor retexture for Windhelm metalwork

      Windhelm Enhanced - HD 4k Grey Quarter Flags


      - Minor retexture for the Grey quarter flags

      Windhelm Enhanced - 500 Companions Wall 8k HD Retexture


      - Minor retexture, affects only the wall of names. An 8 fucking K texture.


      NobleSkyrimMod - Solitude Only


      - Major retexture for Solitude

      Osmodius Solitude Texture Pack


      - Major retexture for Solitude


      NobleSkyrimMod - Markarth only


      - Major retexture for Markarth, Dwemer ruins in general.

      - This was covered in the Dwemer Primer


      Skyrim HD 2k Textures - Riften Only


      - Major retexture for Riften

      - TO CLARIFY, only download the 'SHD - Riften' file under 'Older Files' and NOT the 'Complete pack'.

      NobleSkyrimMod - Ratways Only


      - a retexture for the Ratways and sewers in general


      aMidianBorn Whiterun


      - Major retexture for Whiterun

      Gildergreen 4K Parallax


      - Minor retexture, for just that one tree (and the Eldergreen tree?)


      Vivid Landscapes - Orc and Farmhouses


      - For the average farmhouses, and orc houses.

      Better Towns Textures


      - Major retexture for several towns

      - Gives a unique texture to the smaller cities of Falkreath, Dawnstar, Winterhold and Morthal.

      - Also includes the inside of the structures as well

      - Don't use the 'Winterhold - Expanded Ruins' compatibility option if you're using 'Colorful Magic - Winterhold Edition' as it moves part of the building those vendors use and makes things look sloppy. This issue don't affect the normal Winterhold option, just the compatibility option for that specific mod. I haven't tested if this issue occurs with JK's Winterhold, if it does then let me know.

      ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Cities - Falkreath


      - Gives Falkreath a more unique appearance

      - Should be compatible with Better Town Textures, so no worries.

      Better Mills Textures


      - Similar to Better Towns textures (same modder)

      - Only affects windmills, and things the might be windmills in disguise 

      Other Textures and Stuff

      Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM


      - a big overhaul that improves appearance of a bunch of things

      - *Custom Install this one

      - DON'T use the scaffolding though, it looks like garbo

      - The Lanterns in this mod are lit as fuck



      - a big retexture for a bunch of clutter, all sorts of clutter

      RUSTIC WINDOWS - 2K and 1K Textures


      - Retextures all the windows in Skyrim



      - Retextures for all the rugs in Skyrim

      PELTAPALOOZA - Pelts of Skyrim Expansion


      - retextures for the furry parts of Skyrim



      - retexture for cooking stations, now i'm hungry. 

      Better Signage - Inns and Shops


      - retexture for signs

      Better Shadowmarks



      - makes all the Shadowmarks look less like garbo


      - More may be added in the future.

      - Major texture packs for specific cities will conflict with each other, minor textures usually won't.


      Other Primers:


      Towns & Cities

      Weapons & Armor








    • Skyrim Modding Primer: Magic

      1 year ago

      K0Z The Tower XVI


      The following is a magic modding guide for Skyrim. To clarify; the guide itself is not magic, but rather is magic themed. You get the idea.


      Spell Packs

      Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

      - Adds 155 new and unique spells

      Ancient Spells 2 - Morrowind and Oblivion Spells

      - Adds over 50 new spells based off previous games

      Lost Grimoire of Skyrim

      - Adds over 120 new spells

      Skyrim Spells And Powers

      -Adds ~30 new spells, most are overpowered


      Midas Magic Spells for Skyrim

      -Adds a few dozen new spells that the player needs to 'make' after gathering the required ingredients, all of which involve gold.

      Colorful Magic


      - Adds over 340 new spells as well as new followers, armor, weapons, and unique items. Many of these new items can be bought or found on the 50 new bosses added. 

      -*Winterhold Edition recommended

      Spectraverse - Magic of the Magna-Ge


      - Adds 42 new spells based on starlight and the void. Includes a questline full of [DEEP LORE]

      Coldharbour Resummoned


      - Adds several new spells, mostly strong summoning spells, all themed after Coldharbour.

      - Spells are found at the center of the Soul Cairn

      Spell Sneak Attacks

      - mod makes all Destruction projectile spells able to benefit from sneak attack bonus

      Soul Gems

      Acquisitive Soul Gems

      - Souls only go to soul gems of appropriate value (ie. no more Grand Soul Gems filled with petty souls)

      Rustic Soul Gems


      - New Texture for soul gems, giving them a more crystalline appearance

      MultiLayer Parallax Soul Gems


      - Adds a sub-surface texture to soul gems, giving the appearance of a deep internal visual effect

      - Not sure how compatible this mod is with 'Rustic Soul Gems' but having to choose between the two, this one is the better looking

      Spell Effects

      Deadly Spell Impacts


      - Improves spell impacts

      Magic Runes HD


      - Improved rune textures

      Ultimate HD Fire Effects


      - Improves the effects of fire, all the fire, burn it all down.

      Necromancy -- Undead FX


      - Adds a decaying effect to all corpses raised from the dead, a must have for any necromancer.

      - Reminds us that there's a skeleton inside us all



      -Improves the appearance of absorbing souls

      Shouts & Dragon Souls



      - Adds ~30 new shouts and an extra area to High Hrothgar

      - Adds challenges and ways to augment some shouts

      Dragon Soul Relinquishment


      - Add an option to use accumulated dragon souls to enhance your character in multiple ways

      - Very useful if you maxed out all your shouts and have a bunch of unspent dragon souls


      No Enchantment Restrictions

      - Removes the armor/weapon type restrictions on all enchantments

      Remove Enchantment

      - Adds the ability to remove an enchantment on an item you enchanted

      Enchanted Arsenal


      - Adds over a dozen visual effects for enchanted items

      - The effects count as visual only enchants themselves

      Summermyst - Enchantments of Skyrim

      - Adds ~120 new enchants for weapons and armor

      - This supersedes Wintermyst, so use this version

      College of Winterhold

      HQ College of Winterhold


      - Improves the texture of the College of Winterhold

      Immersive College of Winterhold


      - This mod Hogwarts the fuck out of the College of Winterhold

      Books & Stationary

      Book Covers Skyrim


      - Adds custom book covers to every book in Skyrim

      Book Covers Skyrim - Lost Library


      - Similar to the previous mod, but adds books from previous Elder Scrolls games to Skyrim, each book has its own custom texture

      HQ Paper


      - Improves the appearance of all paper, journals, and notes

      Business Ledger HD Retexture


      - Improves business ledger texture, you can actually read it now

      Retexture for The Scroll


      - Makes scrolls look more magical



      - retexture for the Elderscroll

      Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons


      - Ceramic option looks the best.

      Other Primers:


      Towns & Cities

      Weapons & Armor








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