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    • Sort Through All My Brain's Complaints

      8 years ago


      So I had a friend over for the past few days. Not precicely how I wanted to spend them, but I guess I can't complain. Got to watch Splice, at least. Might invite her over tonight, if only to force her to watch Hocus Pocus... for purely sentimental reasons. My sister and I have watched Hocus Pocus every October since it came out.

      Today's been a breeze so far! My mother drove me to college since she goes right past the street on her way to work, meaning I didn't have to drive (which is awesome). In General Psychology, which I actually wasn't late for, we seperated into groups, collaborated, and presented a topic. In the group of three, one person volunteered. Hellz yeah. It was one of those "define" questions. I like those. They're easy as hell. I also found out that I received five points of extra credit on Monday, which makes it so that one absence on my record is covered! Yooha.

      I skipped Sign Language since it was just going to be review and I didn't want to put myself on the spot so suddenly. I'm fairly confident I'll do well, so I don't see why I should force myself to go. The humiliation of having to interact with people in a different language... urgh. Yeah, fuck that. I can get by without a condenscending teacher and students who happen to have better memory than I do.

      So I holed up in the library for two hours to type up a review sheet for my next General Psychology test a few weeks from now. Also did next week's homework while I was at it.

      The yellow notice of class cancellation tore a black hole through my heart. >_> I like Cultural Anthropology. It's my first class of the day where I can just take notes! Teachers who long for the student interaction on a day to day basis can eat my socks. Grr. It's not like it's even useful in that class. In the end, we only think of ourselves. *sigh* I guess I couldn't complain, but... man, I miss Mr. Sopko. At least he knew what he was talking about. She's so freaking dependant on that damn textbook, I want to shove it up her--

      I have British History in ten minutes. That'll go a long way in cheering me up.

    • Hadouken!

      8 years ago


      I can't decide if I'm a bigger nerd than the guy who posted this. >_< See, I was looking at a few pics on a College Humor website and came across this:

      Caption: Hadouken!

      In my defense, Street Fighter is a great game, even now during the age of the shiny things.

      As a completely unrelated side note, I had a bit of a laugh with my sister's baby's new toy. :/ I fucking hate Dora the Explorer, but I think I can make an exception in this case!

      "There are two of them! They are orange!"
      "Orange balls? Interesting."
      "There are two of them! They are orange!"
      "Okay, shut up."
      "Yes. Kindly f'ck off."

    • "Have you ever been so angry that..."

      8 years ago


      I started actually studying for my General Psych. test around 12:20am last night. Before that, I was reading a Star Trek fan fiction. [Yeah, I know I'm lame.] Anyway, I went through the four chapters we've covered and did the evaluation questions.

      Turns out the test was practically photocopied from the book. She changed around maybe one thing. So yeah, I'm fairly confident I aced it... in ten minutes, which was pretty awesome. Most of that time was spent staring at the test incredulously, wondering where the rest of it was. I was so discomforted that I went into detail on the essay questions.

      Did I mention I write very small?

      Yeah, that's payback right there. Wasting two hours of my time when I could have been reading more of High Fidelity... grr. I was both happy and so very annoyed.

      After that, I went to the library to settle in for my 3 hour break... which was more like 3 1/2 hours since I nearly gave myself whiplash, I finished that test so fast. I have a feeling that even if I'd had Cultural Anthropology today, I would've skipped it. yeah. I spent that entire 3 1/2 hours typing up my notes in British History. I assure you, it's ten pages of AWESOMENESS. I even added a bit of commentary to help myself remember.

      Suffice to say, I have never felt so confident about matching sections in my life.

      So yeah, I'm sure I nearly aced that one, too. I say nearly because I didn't have enough time to study the last day of notes. *rolls eyes* So two of the matching ones threw me off. There was no multiple choice. I was sad and, as a concession to myself, went into much detail for the two essay questions. I totally psyched myself out when I heard about them. I was so freaking glad I got to write about my two favorite people/events in that entire class... Chief Minister Robert Walpole and The Glorious Revolution, respectfully.

      In the past day, really, I wasted more than five hours studying. :| Yeah... if I don't get an A on both of those, I will not be happy. In fact, I will be this unhappy:

      Yeah, I thought not.

      After my British History test, which didn't damage my ego at all (the studying might have had something to do with it), I waited for my older sister to pick me up from college since she lives five minutes away. *twitch* She stopped at Wal-Mart to "get a few things." I don't trust women who shop. >_> I was in there for an entire hour, waiting by the door and wondering if I should just walk home. Not very fun.

      When I finally got back, I made myself up some chicken parmesan. At the time, I was still unsure as to what I thought of today. I started watching The Killers in the laundry room since my older sister, her baby, her roommate and my dad were a few rooms away with the big screen. *sigh* Christen wanted to watch it, so I moved into the living room with them and tried to listen over the baby playing. Oh...~ I wish I could give her some knockout gas or something.

      Then my mother came home and suddenly everyone was talking. I had to leave before I started grinding my teeth in utter frustration! If there's one thing I can't stand, it's my movies being interrupted in a particularly loud fashion. I'll watch the rest of the movie when everyone is asleep or just not here. D: I liked what I saw of it. It reminded me of Shadow of the Templar, goddamn it.

      Speaking of SotT, I had an idea. YEP, I HAD AN IDEA. It's gonna drive me into the nuthouse, but I'll go through with it. It's a story idea, so it shouldn't be too detrimental to my physical health. lol I guess we'll see how it goes. It's gonna be a SotT fan fiction, set a year or two after the last book in the series. It'll involve the Russian mafia (kind of), sleeping gas, a voice-activated bomb in a cell phone -- I don't care if it's impossible, goddamn it, it's happening -- and, of course, my two favorite guys in literary fiction!~ I'm gonna strive for a 10k word count, but I'm gonna have to put some serious thought into this. ._. I forgot the specifics of the ending to High Fidelity, so I'm gonna make a rough plan while I finish it.

      Not that it'll help. :/ I find that whenever I try to plan a story, it rebels against me. >_> But on the other hand, if I don't write it down, I'll forget everything!! So frustrating. I'll grit my teeth and bear it.

      Currently listening to: Falling Up - Fearless (250 and Dark Stars)
      Call it what you want it, call it just a game, call it insane,
      All of these voices... [x5]

      I'm calling from the back of your mind,
      From the places you'll never reside,
      Where your thoughts collide--
      See places and thousands of faces,
      All at the same time.
      Look, everybody close your eyes,
      Travel to the place in the back of your mind,
      The place you'll never reside,
      Where thoughts combine--
      See places and thousands of faces,
      All at the same time,
      All at the same time,
      All at the same time.

      Ha... I love this song. xD

    • Lyrics: "Ghost" by CAVO

      8 years ago


      Because it's stuck in my head and I like having lyrics where I can see 'em.

      Ghost | Cavo

      I'm taking scissors to all of the pictures of us;
      I'm cutting you out, but it won't be enough.
      It's never enough...
      You're still walking through my memories,
      I'll never solve this mystery,
      I lie awake with echoes and whispers of you--
      I'm still haunted by you.

      And I can't let you go if you've already gone,
      Can't bring you to life, it's been way too long!
      Can't move on, just can't stop...
      With the ghost of you in my heart.

      I see your face, I keep hearing your voice,
      Holding my breath and remembering every choice...
      I made a choice.
      Now you've taken all the life from me,
      Living ancient history,
      I lie awake with echoes and whispers of you--
      I'm still haunted by you.


      The walls are closing in, I...
      Just want this to end, I...
      Thought you would leave me by now,
      But here you are again!

      I'm taking scissors to all of the pictures of us;
      I'm cutting you out, but it won't be enough...
      It's never enough!

      I can't let you go if you've already gone,
      Can't bring you life, it's been way too long!
      Can't move on, just can't stop!
      No, I can't let you go if you've already gone,
      Can't bring you life, it's been way too long!
      I can't move on, just can't stop!
      With the ghost of you in my heart.


      And I now know why it's stuck in my head. Ah, the pleasures of knowing exactly what's going to happen in High Fidelity.

      My favorite part involves what I'd like to call the Triple G Factor-- the essentials to any good drama! Grievous, Gruesome, Graphic! Hopefully, in that order!

      And now that I know what to expect, having read this book twice before, I'll cue up... hm... Gackt's Sayonara would do nicely for that scene and the proverbial shitstorm that ensues.

      The violin duo is freaking brilliant. The video starts off slow, so if you're not a fan of soulful piano, skip right to 2:30. Then after that, go to 6:10. Their duet actually starts at 8:45. It's gorgeous.

      It's all a bit shorter and less awesome in the mp3 I have, but it'll do fine if I read fast and commit everything to memory. Heh...

    • Of Cordless Keyboards & Stage Diving

      8 years ago


      Kim: If you want, you can go on the computer now.
      Me: Technically, I've already been on the computer for the past five minutes-- but yeah, thanks anyway.
      Kim: Well... I meant, sit at the actual computer seat... thing.
      Me: Heh. Chupathingy...

      Ah, the wonders of having a keyboard with a long cord! I used to have a cordless one. Hell, I went without a keyboard for a while. Man, that was a pain in the ass, but at least I got to throw the cordless out the window at a tree and not feel too bad about it.

      Haha, someone responded to my mother's ad in the paper about the scooter that we sold a few weeks ago. I find that hilarious. Maybe it's the egg salad. As much as I like it, it still has the word "salad" in it. ._. I don't think I like any vegetables. And with fruits, I only actually eat sliced up apples and bananas. Mm... peanut butter and banana sandwiches...~

      I know the peanut butter kind of negates the healthy factor, but oh well. It's good. In retrospect, Nothing else matters.

      Yeah, my sister's kind of retarded at times. But she knows all fifty states now and where they are on the map. I can't say the same. According to the game she used to test her skillz, I didn't pass the third grade. *rolls eyes* In my opinion, that's a lot of useless information there. If I'm going out of state, it'll be do go to another country.

      But assuming the next Star Trek movie isn't a total flop, I'd have to reconsider. Every self-respecting Trekkie should make the pilgrimage to Iowa at least once in their life!...that was a joke. I seriously don't plan on going to there, I'd probably drive myself insane and drive my car off a cliff to escape boredom. Hey, it's the ultimate Trekkie death! Pulling a Kirk! Haha... I am clever in a very lame way.

      Oh, I came across a word in High Fidelity that I didn't know! "Alacrity" is a brisk and cheerful readiness. In the book, it was used to describe the way one of the main characters moved. He was on the run from the mafia! Well, he insisted several times it wasn't the mafia, but how else would you describe "a bunch of well-organized fellows in extremely good suits"?!

      I love this book so fucking much. I'm gonna have to put it down to study for my General Psychology test tomorrow, but it's for the better, I suppose. I wouldn't want to finish it before the obscenely long break I have in store for me! I'll only have two classes, since my teacher for Cult. Anth. said she won't be there and Sign Language is only on Mondays and Wednesdays.

      Unfortunately, I have tests in the classes I will be attending, and they're bound to be comprehensive.

      I'm just glad my history teacher was straight with us. I can do matching, and at least I can try to prepare for that essay question. ._. If it goes right over my head, I'm taking it out on my older sister by corrupting her baby. >_> She's coming to pick me up tomorrow, since she's right down the street from my college and wants to head over anyway. I might as well be of some use if I'm gonna be trapped next to the brat.

      ...because when you think about it you just can't expect good things to come out of brainwashing your child with country music 24/7. *shudder* To get that image out of my head, I'll write another excerpt.

      The tenor, apparently still wrapped up in his performance, threw his arms wide and hit the final note; thirty feet above him a dark-clad figure dashed onscreen from the right, his arms thrown out for balance as he ran full-tilt along the wide padded railings of the private boxes. Nate hit the space bar, pausing the recording, and tapped the screen. "That's Jeremy," he said.

      "Yeah, I figured," Simon said, squinting at the screen, "but what the hell is he doing? Christ, where does he think he's going?"

      "Watch," Nate said. He hit the space bar again and Jeremy flickered back into motion, vaulting from one box down to the next. Behind him there was motion, nearly invisible in the dark, as startled operagoers leaned out of their boxes to watch him pass.

      Onscreen Jeremy lowered his head and threw his arms out behind himself, somehow managing to pick up speed. He vaulted down onto the railing of the very last box, hitting it squarely, and put on one final burst of speed to nowhere; half a second later he ran entirely out of railing and dove cleanly out into the open space above the stage. Despite himself Simon yelped.

      The swan dive flung Jeremy into the massive red curtains. He caught one fold in both hands and turned his dive into a wild swing, his sheer momentum yanking the curtain nearly halfway shut as he sailed around in a lunatic arc. Below him half the orchestra crashed unmusically to a stop, dragging down the other half, and the audience screamed almost as one. The tenor, lost in some world of his own, held the note to the bitter end despite the sudden pandemonium.

      The curtain jerked and shuddered and swung, heavy folds of red fabric sweeping out across the stage. Jeremy clung to the curtain like a beetle, his legs drawn up to kill his excess momentum. Finally the tenor noticed and took half a step back, lifting his hands to protect himself even as the curtain shuddered to a stop.

      Jeremy swung over, grabbed the edge of the curtain, and slid down, his hands two little pale blurs of motion against the red cloth. He hit the stage a few seconds later, staggered, and spun around to face the tenor. The tenor flung his arms out in as perfect an expression of why, God, why as Simon had ever seen; Jeremy hesitated, then bowed deeply to the aggravated singer before spinning around again and darting offstage, vanishing behind the curtain and leaving the rest of the auditorium in chaos. Nate hit the space bar and paused the footage. "And that's why we can't have nice things," he said, his voice uneven with hilarity.

      Simon rubbed a hand down his face. "Oh, Christ," he said, cracking up.
    • With Intent

      8 years ago


      Finished With A Bullet early this morning and started High Fidelity. I'm nearing 200 pages already. Read right through my three hour break and in between classes. I wasn't even tempted to go onto my laptop. Just chilled there with a bottle of water, a piece of chocolate and my iPod on shuffle. Every time I looked up, there was a new set of people at the computers a few feet away. It was pretty cool.

      I'm not very happy with my General Psychology teacher. >_> She wouldn't accept the homework assignment for Monday that I slaved my ass over (not really, but it was pretty damn detailed). Aw man, I was scowling so deeply when I left, people practically leapt out of my way.

      Last night when I was picking up the pizza from the pizzeria, all of the people in the kitchens stared at me. o_O It was unsettling. I don't think they get enough action in their lives. Or maybe they were trying to place me. Am I am a familiar type of person? I like to think I'm kind of unique, though. :/ Bah. I just punched a hole through my own ego.

      All I could think of in my evening class was chicken-flavored rice and the movie Men in Black. They were strange, but welcome thoughts. By 7:00pm, I caught myself wondering how someone would react to a suddenly fractured spine. Would it be impossible for the person to arch their back up, to scream? I mean, that'd probably be my first reaction. Or would the pain be unbearable enough to take their breath away?

      I'm thinking of writing a scene like that for NaNoWriMo this year. Someone, an orphan who wouldn't know he has a weak spine, tries to man up and take football, only to get tackled hard during a game (how the hell did he even make it on the team?) and WOW, that'd just be awesome. I'd totally thrive on his misery.

      I'll write a nice couple of short stories and swear off writing for another year.

      I'll blind another character in a freak accident, then have the rest of them non-handicapped. Perhaps a music prodigy with a tragic past and a genius savant... hm... shit, now I want to read With Intent again for the fifth time. >_< I... can't help it! It's about an obsessive/compulsive, unwilling psychic who works at a coffee shop and freaks out a lot. Aw man, the angst! The drama! I live for that shit!

      Goddamn it. I need to go. NOW. Or I'm gonna want to spend all night reading it all over again, and that just won't do.

    • Studying Enforced By Guilt

      8 years ago


      I'll be going back to my reading after eating. Then... I actually will study for General Psych. test on Friday. Feel kind of guilty for merrily skipping out on Monday. Come to think of it, most of my irregular studying habits are driven by guilt. It's an efficient system that hasn't failed me yet.

      I cooked hot dogs in a pan all by myself. I've never actually boiled them before. Most of the time, I just throw them on a paper towel and into the microwave. One time, I buttered up a pan only to find out there were no eggs in the fridge and cooked my hot dogs like that. It was an interesting experience.

      I'm pretty sure I aced my Cult. Anth. test, which is pretty awesome since I only glanced at my notes and lazed off on the parts I slept through. I was going to ask to borrow someone's notes, but in the end, I just couldn't force myself to care enough. =P Got a B+ on that farce of a paper. As I told grifisgr8, I finished it five minutes before class and found out she would accept them late without penalty. I didn't feel like re-writing it to add more info, so I handed it in as the half-assed fuckery it was.

      It works for me.

      Still haven't seen anyone about changing my major. Feh. I'll do it before Spring semester and see if I have to stay another year. A lot of people I know have stayed a third year because of a sudden change in major. As I said before, I don't think I have anything to be worried about.

      I wish the weather would stop fucking with me, but I don't think that's ever going to happen.

      I'm going up to Love, Inc., which is apparently now in my town, to see about getting health insurance. Community Blue expired. :/ I don't know how I feel about that, but it does seem like a good plan or whatever and I'd qualify. Guess I gotta take what's in front of me, even if it'll probably will leave a sour taste in my mouth.

      I'm gonna eat my food now before it gets cold... then... back to Shadow of the Templar! *squeak* I'm gonna finish the third book...! TONIGHT! *twitch*

      My mother really shouldn't ask me things. I... I can't turn down free food... especially mozzarella sticks. Rawr. Gonna wolf my hotdogs down and go upstairs so I don't have to go pick up the food!

      ...they're talking about me. Grr. Okay. Yes, I'll drag my sister with me.

      I'll post this once my mother hangs up the goddamn phone. Man, I've gotta get this fixed sometime in October. This is driving me bonkers.

    • MLA > APA

      8 years ago


      BAH, that was kind of annoying. MLA format trumps APA format in terms of human compatibility. I really can't be bothered to care if it looks more "professional" when you type it in APA, it's a BITCH and shouldn't exist. Key-rist, it almost ruined my night!

      So I'll head up and "study" for my test tomorrow in Cultural Anthropology. Oh, that'll be a BLAST. I fell asleep halfway through one of the classes that apparently covered a lot of info on something, can't tell you what, but I took World Civilizations back a few semesters ago, so I've got most of the general knowledge reinforced.

      And her tests can't possibly be as bad as my history ones. Those make me want to perform a lobotomy on my own head just to scratch my brain. Professor Barker, who earned his professorship, gives lecture-intense classes that pale in comparison to hers, but at least he keeps me awake.

      Probably helps that I sat myself front and center so I would be discouraged from sleeping... those damn history classes. I usually sleep through the first two weeks and scramble for the rest.

      I'm goddamn determined to get an A in that British History class. >_> I've taken three classes with him, and they've all amounted to B+'s! Granted, B+'s are great for a lecture class, but I need the recognition that will come with an A.

      I will study hard for that first test. I'll impersonate a Japanese student by tying a white strip of cloth around my head. Oh yes, it'll be an awesome time.

      ...okay, this is kind of pathetic:

      Now you're gonna get an "A" On your spelling test.

      Random search on google found this on a teaching website. ._. They... got the spelling right, at least. But they capitalized what needn't be capitalized. That is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE! Someone get Simmons to light a fire under their asses! Aiaiai... teachers these days...

    • You're the voice, try and understand it!

      8 years ago


      So I haven't been on Roosterteeth for more than a few minutes the past two days. Just spent about 10 minutes checking all those alerts that piled up. ^_^ Very entertaining.

      My reading night was pretty awesome. I skipped dinner (which was a good thing since my older sister stopped by with her brat) and ended up falling asleep in a very uncomfortable position in the early hours of the morning since my iPod's battery ran out; at the time, I was too absorbed in my reading to go down and recharge it. =P

      :/ I did miss my music.

      So I ended up falling asleep like that after about seven mostly uninterrupted hours of solid reading (I remember I went down at the random hour of 2am to take a shower), annoyed as all hell, to find where I left off and read for a further two hours. Because, you know, I'm intense like that. Then I came down to have pancakes. They were dry, soggy, and generally unappetizing. Blech.

      I'd go back up if today wasn't MERLIN DAY. I'm sitting here, waiting for my friend to text me back. She's still caught in the terrible throes of church...! Not the fun kind of church. The evil kind that her family practically forces her out of the house to go to every Sunday afternoon. *shudder* I used to go to church, back when my family would travel down to Florida for Easter vacations.

      Actually, I think that's why I barely remember Florida. We only stopped going a few years ago, so I must've blocked it out of my mind. o_o'''

      My mom's on a cleaning spree, which really sucks because she's trying to do everything at once and is tearing the house up in the process... I mean, seriously. She wants to make it look... cleaner, right? Now she's taking a broom to the carpet. She's senile, I'm telling you.

      I've gotta re-download some songs to put onto a mix CD. I don't know about you, but I think the coolest thing to give to a friend (and receive from one) is a mix of their favorite songs. 'Specially if your tastes are similar. She recently got her internet back up, so she's been able to show me a few songs for a change!

      For example, "You're The Voice" by John Farnham! It has bagpipes, and the actors for Merlin and Arthur from BBC's Merlin, Colin Morgan and Bradley James respectively, sang it in some extra footage-- therefore, it is awesome.

      You're the voice, try and understand it!
      Make a noise and make it clear!~
      Oh-o-o-o~, whoa-o-o-o!~
      We're not gonna sit in silence!
      We're not gonna live with fear!~
      Oh-o-o-o~, whoa-o-o-o!~

      Another equally kickass song I became recently fond of (recently, as in just last night) is "War Sweater" by Wakey! Wakey!. No, I'm not kidding. Most of my current favorite bands have some pretty screwy names. =P It's too bad it was wasted on One Tree Hill. They almost never use music that make sense with the scene, from what I hear. :/ It's kind of annoying.

      I'm in the mood where I come all untied!
      I'm in the mood to say shit that'll change people's minds!
      I love you, I swear it, I would never lie,
      But I fear for our lives... and I fear your closed eyes!

      Aw man, it's so powerful. I can't wait to show it to Tiffany. Hehe. I'm also sending her home with the first book of Shadow of the Templar and Butterfly Effect... the latter, mostly just to fuck with her mind. XD Everyone should watch that movie at least once in their lives.

      I'm also gonna force her to watch the-- teeext!! She escaped and is going to be here soon. It's very obvious when I get excited.

      Tiffany: I've escaped! Be there soon!
      Me: F||CK YEAH! You're the voice, try and understand it! Gotta brush my teeth and clean the desk! Oh-o-o!~ Whoa-o-o!~
      Tiffany: WHOO!

      ...we have an interesting friendship. lol So yeah. I might be back later, might not. You know how it is.

      Goddamn, this entry is long. This is why you should be online, grifisgr8! I don't get sidetracked when I'm expecting your snarky messages!

    • Study or SotT? No contest.

      8 years ago


      I have two tests to study for, but I have all weekend for that. With that settled, I'm going to spend the next day and a half reading until my eyes want to fall out of my skull. I'm rounding the last quarter of the second novel in the Shadow of the Templar series, Double Down. After that comes With A Bullet and High Fidelity. The first novel has 134 pages, and the fourth has 523. Aw man, I love books that add on a hundred pages with every novel in the series.

      This excerpt had me laughing:

      "So come on, spill," Nate said, now laughing a bit himself in his anticipation. "How'd you get it out.

      Jeremy put a hand over his face for a moment in mock embarrassment. "So I take this two-meter long African fertility idol--"

      "Damn," Mike broke in. "Why don't I have stories that start that way? I been wasting my life!"

      "--and I wedge it between my thighs, as high up as it can go--" Jeremy snorted out a laugh before he could stop himself, "--so I have this massive meter-long wooden thing jutting out in front of me--" his hands made an extremely descriptive gesture that Simon could really have lived without "--and another half a meter or so sticking out behind me--" Nate's cheeks were pink and Mike was already hooting "--and so I leave the building hanging from the wire, climbing hand over hand with my thighs clamped down as tightly as they'd go and my ankles locked together and what amounts to a gigantic wooden erection leading the way--" Mike lost it at this point, dropping his head to the table and whooping "--and by the time I reached the other building and relative safety, I had learned a valuable new lesson: always double-check to be certain that your employer gave you the measurements in centimeters and not inches."

      And this one:

      "And this time he made it all the way down the hallway, managing to avoid a tripwire and a particularly obvious motion detector, before falling afoul of, of all things, a pivotal stair riser. At any rate, he went arse over teakettle down the back stairs, once again knocking himself unconscious."

      "Oh man, I like this story," Simon said. "It's 'The Little Dumbass That Couldn't'."

      "I thought you might like it."

      Then there's, of course, parts like this:

      ...and the wind shifted direction and shoved at his back, flinging rain into Rich's face, and Simon heard a third popping shot and saw the muzzle flash before the muzzle of his own, larger gun tracked across a moving blur of white and instinct and training kicked in hard and Simon pulled the trigger--

      Half of Rich's face exploded outward, canishing in a spray of vlood, bone and brain matter. He had just enough time to look shocked before he died.

      The bullet's impact threw him one way and his own momentum threw him another. Arms and legs flailing limply, Rich, or what was left of him, went tumbling wildly like a flung rag doll into one of the puddles by the back fence. The remains of his glasses spun crazily through the air, catching the sparse light as they went, one earpiece and one lens and one tangled mess of bloody wire. Simon saw the lunatic flashing arc of their flight but he lost them in the downpour before they hit the ground.


      But I left off in the middle of a more light-hearted part. You know, before everything goes to shit again. Hehe. I love this series so much. She makes run-on sentences look good, and really, that's the only way to put together a formidable action scene. It's gotta be one roiling current of awesomeness to be a good action scene. I really admire this author. ^_^

      So yeah. I guess I'm going back upstairs now with a thermos of hot chocolate and the book I shamelessly took excerpts from.

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