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    • I'm Cold Like That

      8 years ago


      Is my dad trying to persuade me to go out on a date...?

      Holy mother of hell, he is.

      That is so weird.

      I suppose he won't believe me when I say I think marriage is a senseless waste of time and money... and that I'm not interested in relationships. Yes, I also think those are a waste of time. I hesitate to say such things directly because my father would definitely blame himself. ._. Hell, he'd probably want me to see a therapist or some shit. *rolls eyes* What the heck are they gonna think when I say it's probably because the marriage my parents share has been stone-cold for most of my natural life?

      :/ If I find someone I want to share my life with in the next thirty years, they're just gonna have to deal.

      I hate it when I proclaim my views and people seem to think that just because I'm not a fan of marriage means I'd be an unfaithful partner. o_O I don't like being in close quarters with people! Hell, "spending quality time" with one person's more than enough to give me a headache. Therefore, that kind of accusation would make very little sense.

      Anyway, it really doesn't make a difference. *shrug* They should already know for certain that they can't expect grandchildren from me. I don't think I'll ever be able to stand children. >_>

    • Why Texting > Calling

      8 years ago


      Steve, you can run but you can't hide, hahaha. I love you and WILL see you tonight. -Dave. I found this attached to our front door. Should I be concerned?

      I... MY door? I say with all honesty that I have NO idea what you're on about? Did you take the note with you as evidence? Aha! You can't prove it, can you?!

      Steve is my dad's name btw.

      And I'm thinking, '...oh. OH. Wow, I really should read these things more carefully.' I texted back:

      I'm fairly certain my dad's not gay, my mom can't write in complete sentences, Kim doesn't even KNOW your dad, and I don't have a thing for old men.

      Despite what you'd like to believe.

      Are you free this Sunday? I'm thinking we should make it a Merlin day.

      ON MY DOOR, you silly head!

      Do you get that this means my dad is a hypocrite who's been leading a secret life?! And I'm free all weekend so far...

      I bet it's your neighbor. Just be glad it was addressed to your dad instead of your dog, 'cause that'd be all kinds of fucked up.

      Though I wouldn't be surprised if your dog turned out to be a wizard in disguise. Have you tried threatening to neuter him? That should do the trick.

      ...Sunday sounds great.

      That was the highlight of my day up there. It certainly washes away the painful embarrassment of forgetting the difference between savings and checkings when I deposited a refund... dated from back in April. xD It apparently expired a few months ago, but I just found it today. I'm very glad she didn't read the fine print. Let's just hope ECC'll let it slide, eh?

    • Any Legitimate Excuse Is A Good One

      8 years ago


      I really don't get my sister sometimes. She's running a fever and has what looks like one hell of a headache and get this: she wants to do her homework. Her homework. And after listening to her confused ramblings for a few minutes, I think she'd actually try to sneak onto the bus tomorrow.

      To me, any legitimate excuse not to do work is a good one.

      ...but I have a bone to pick with my parents. >_> I get headaches every other day! Just because I don't whine about them or mope around doesn't mean they don't hurt like a bitch. :/ Yet when I have a lie-in, they scold me for being lazy. Okay, okay, I get why they say that, but it still hurts. Like... deep, deep down. lol I don't have the closest bonds with my family. I'd say I spend more time reading than interacting with them, and it's been that way for nearly 10 years. =P That's probably why it's easy to remain optimistic around here.

      Anyway, I walked into my first class of the day fifteen minutes early. I mulled over how I would intercept that girl in my class for an interview and she made it much easier by not showing up. *rolls eyes* So I guess I'm falling back to Plan B, which requires an insane amount of work I'm certainly not looking forward to.

      I had a test in my Understanding Drugs class. Let's just say I'm very, veeery glad my teacher's a foreigner. The test was very simple and, despite some outright weird phrasings, I'm sure I passed. It kind of drove me nuts that she wouldn't let us write on the packets, though. I nearly broke into a cold sweat from all the typos and grammatical errors! >_< Granted, some of it was funny. xD

      Define 'asymptomatic.'

      a. with symptoms
      b. without symptoms
      c. with least symptoms
      d. This word is misspelled.

      Ah, there was also this one question, can't remember which, with this answer.

      d. one of them are right

      The 'n' was missing... xD If only, if only I'd been able to write on the test paper. Stupid freaking scantrons, wrecking what could have been an awesome time. She would've had to give the points to me! But next time... ohoho, next time she will get it.

      Hm... chicken and cheese potatoes. We have this dinner at least once a week and it never gets old. lol Good ol' American meal.

      ...OH, CANADA!~ Doo doo doo do do doooo... fuck off, I have a shitty memory. XD

      Somehow, my high school French teacher is still just as batty and awesome as she was when I left:

      "Dumbbells! Be quiet or Mr. Redslough will come over and sit on your face!"

      Not as awesome as, "They're trying to find your marijuana field, Robbie!" and "You know you're drunk at Disneyland when you can't find a vending machine", but it has potential.

    • Anyone voting in the 2010 MTV EMAs?

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      MTV EMA 2010 :: November 7, 2010 :: Madrid

      Because I see Tokio Hotel up for Best World Stage Performance and shall vote relentlessly. If they don't win that award, I'll-- well, I'll be very upset and should not be held responsible for the carnal raging that would ensue because of such a lapse in judgement. Their stage performances are brilliant; the best that comes to mind is Monsoon in the 2007 EMAs, which you can view here. Love, love, love the latter half.

      lol Shameless advertising... but I voted for Muse in the Best Rock category, so I don't feel like a total dork.

      I'm not all that impressed with the other sections. [<-- UNDERSTATEMENT. You will see.]

      What about you guys?

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    • SHOT DOWN!

      8 years ago


      I think the universe is against me writing my Cultural Anthropology paper. ._. On Friday, I didn't have the time (or guts) to ask Raga for an interview, and today my General Psych. class was cancelled altogether. I'm hinging my hopes on her being available on Wednesday, but I don't think it'll do any good.

      Too bad I'm stubborn as hell. I refuse to cave into the system! She's the only person I considered interviewing and-- there she is, I think. But she's with her friends. I don't want to interrupt them. o_o''' And... I don't think I can...

      Is she sitting right behind me? I-I'm afraid to hope. Aw crap, I don't want to turn around and ask a complete stranger. I could try... or I could study for my Sign Language test.



      I can do it. I can do it. *peers over shoulder* Unless she's doing something-- aha! One of her friends came over and noticeably didn't call her Raga. Studying it is.

      Wow, none of them are Raga...

      Figures. :/

      xD A few people from my General Psych. class are also at the computers. They're equally as frustrated. Sweet.

    • Musically-inclined conversations

      8 years ago


      I just realized how music-oriented my house is. lmao If my sister and I are home at the same time, nearly 80% of our conversations with each other consist of music in some way-- singing lyrics back and forth, humming instrumentals, trying to outwit each other in our searching skills... we literally can't go ten minutes without somehow bursting into song.

      ...and I just realized this.

    • Longest Song Title In Your Library?

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      What's the longest song title you have in your library? The longest one you've seen, period? You can describe the song if you like it, but no flaming, maiming, or otherwise disrespecting... unless it's for very good reasons you wouldn't mind listing for everyone's benefit.

      For me, it would have to be:

      I Know What I'm Doing Is Wrong, But I'm Going To Do It Anyway by Arrive Alive.

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    • My dinner...

      9 years ago


      ...tastes AWESOME. My dad cooked the spaghetti (I'd have f'cked it up somehow), but I took care of the chicken patties, garlic bread and sauce. Okay, so the garlic bread came out a little deformed, but it still tastes good!

      This chicken parm kicks restaurant chicken parm's ass. ._. I'm tempted to take a picture of it, but I'm not that proud of my lame accomplishment, considering I just kept them in the oven for ten minutes under 450 and hoped for the best. o_o'''

    • High Scream for Pot Ice Cream!

      9 years ago


      Now sold in stores. (Well, a store.) No, I'm not kidding. It's even got a news story and everything! Someone finally honed in on what pot-users have been considering (and secretly experimenting with) since ice cream was invented! Suffice to say, medical marijuana has never looked so appealing.

      Those who protest this brilliant invention should be put in a situation in which they accidentally eat it. Bet they'd change their opinions right quick. Hehe.

      I wouldn't mind getting a taste of that triple-chocolate brownie flavor, myself.

      I'm going to cover this for my Understanding Drugs response assignment. It's gonna be freaking awesome. Aw man, I'm so glad we can use internet articles. I might even...

      Guess I'll have to back out on presenting this to the class. :/ A few people, including my teacher, would be very excited to hear about it, but there are some... eh... conservative people in my class. *rolls eyes* I wouldn't want to spark a debate or anything. I don't deal well under that kind of pressure. xD But rest assured, I'll consider it.

      On the topic of Understanding Drugs, did you know opium and cocaine also have a currently accepted medical use in treatment? Granted, it's limited with restrictions, but they're still highly addictive. o_O

      Haha, I just ran a search. Beware:

      Cocaine is used as a topical anasthesia for "surgery of the nose, throat, and oral cavity." Now I can totally understand why some people seem addicted to facial surgery. ._.


      Hey, that's probably where the idea for [link=http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0963194/]Repo! The Genetic Opera[/color] came from! Man, that movie's the coolest rock opera you'll ever see.

      Yeah... Paris Hilton looked way better without a face.

      Opium was prescribed in the 19th century to help women with their monthly "female problems." lmao Get this: Between 150,000 and 200,000 opiate addicts lived in the United States in the late 19th century and between two-thirds and three-quarters of these addicts were women.

      I think I've done enough geeking around for now. lol

    • Can't Decide (Part 2)

      9 years ago


      Since it was giving me issues. ._.

      The volume is whacked in the computer I chose, so I can't listen to Otherside by Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'll have to move to my laptop if I want to listen to it and write a short RvB fic. For some reason, hearing it made me think of the last episode of Revelation when Epsilon locked down with Church inside and Caboose's reaction. D: He sounded so serious for a minute... poor guy.

      But it's okay. Church'll come back. Red vs. Blue is meaningless without him!

      I probably won't be back until 3 PM, knowing my mother. If I were driving, I would be home in less than half an hour, but she won't speed home with the goddamn baby in the car. Who I'll apparently have to babysit on the car ride back. :/ I still don't forgive her for drooling in my hair. Little snot-nosed brat. I know it's because she's only, like, ten months old, but still! My hair is off-limits!

      And now my computer's deciding to be a piece of crap and freezes every few seconds. >_> HOW FUN.

      When I get back into town, I need a new minute card. The messages on my phone need checking. I wish I could use my financial aid to buy minutes for my phone or something.

      I have a class in an hour and twenty minutes. Time flies, I guess.

      ...I see repetition in my last journal entry. >_> Must fix that. Then, moving to my laptop. It can play my music and NOT freeze every few seconds. Of all the computers I had to pick in the library, of course I get the glitchy one...

      We'll see how Cultural Anthropology and British History are. The first'll be boring as hell, but there's gonna be a change of pace in British History. We're gonna dive into modern stuff and leave the 1700's behind for a day! I like modern days. They guarantee use of modern day gadgets, like the TV. That means he's gonna turn the volume up super loud to get dirty looks from the other teachers on the floor!

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