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    • Good or Bad Friday? I Can't Decide.

      9 years ago


      I hit a lucky break in traffic, despite the WALL OF FOG that tried to deter me, and accidentally sped up when my rock station blared Christmas Eve Sarajevo by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The result? I rolled into college ten minutes early. I usually cut it close, so I fairly threw up my hands and said, "Take that!"

      Having gotten myself thoroughly hyped up, I then noticed that a huge amount of students were standing outside the doors to Building 4! I reacted as one would expect. "Son of a bitch!" I growled, wanting to smash my head against the steering wheel. According to the rumor mill, someone either blacked out, OR had a seizure, OR some dumbass pulled a fire alarm. o_O Turns out, it was all three. And the dumbass broke the fire alarm. Yipee. So I wandered around to the side of the building, sat down and listened to "Dead to the World" by Nightwish. I love that song. It's awesome.

      But it really figures, the one time I would've loved to be early...

      I wanted to approach someone about an interview for my Cultural Anthroplogy class, you see. *twitch* When I noticed I was early, I thought I'd be lucky enough to ask her before class. I spent the half hour that was left of General Psychology thinking about what to say. After class, I waited outside the door to... to intercept her... D: She walked out with the class, c-checked her phone... and I just froze. It took about three seconds for me to snap out of it, and I spent another ten trailing after her like a kicked puppy. She turned into another hallway and I... ambled to the library to lick my proverbial wounds.

      Man, am I glad Sign Language is only on Mondays and Wednesdays, even though the classes are obscenely long. I have a feeling I would've just walked out in utter frustration.

      She came into the library five minutes after I had. I happened to turn my head right when she walked in. Once more, I froze in my seat, hunched defensively over the keyboard. She walked to meet a friend and sat down with her. *sigh* If she's not alone, I can't approach her. And since I managed to curb my stalking instincts, she must have slipped out without me noticing...!

      Oh well. Project's not due until next Friday and I was kind of planning on taking care of it Thursday night anyway.

    • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

      9 years ago


      was the shiz. I am now swearing off the thought of ever watching Star Wars because Star Trek is the pinnacle of epicness. I rewound most of the movie because I wanted to see the scenes again and again! I never do that! It cracked me up!

      When I first saw the 2009 movie, I wasn't all that keen on watching the original series, but now... well... *sweatdrop* It really did grow on me...


      I'm looking forward to the season finale on Monday! I'll celebrate it by heading up to send in a money order for sponsorship next week. Hehe... I'm just gonna have to ignore the check boxes. x_x Must not cave into temptation...!

    • Like Caboose, I Hate Babies.

      9 years ago


      Still reading Star Trek fan fiction, but I'll take a break in a few hours to watch Warlords and... well... Star Trek movies 4-6. *sweatdrop* Unless, you know, Spock isn't in the last two. ._. It all depends on how much screentime he has.

      I loved Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. T'was brilliant and heartwarming and just plain awesome. My favorite part was the ending, when Spock remembered Jim's name. Hellz yeah!

      I was talking to a friend in Canada early this morning. He was searching through old chat logs and gave me the link to a song I showed him a year ago, The Horizon by Ralph Zurmuhle. I learned to play the entire thing by ear, which wasn't all that hard, but when my 2nd Gen. iPod disappeared, it erased itself from it's mind. ._.

      It was as if someone had plunged their hand through my chest cavity and ripped out my very heart!

      I told myself I'd never get a 5th Gen. iPod (because it would never replace the hole in my heart)... but then I saw a description about the video capabilities and thought, "Man, this would really help me with my stalking adventures!"

      ...believe me, it has. I am sneaky, sneaky.

      And like Caboose, I HATE BABIES. >_> My family seems to think if they put my older sister's baby in my presence more often, I'll grow to like her. My mother just shoved her on my lap with a bottle. The little snot-nosed brat grabbed a hold of my hair and started yanking on it. My mother only took her back when I threatened to throw her across the room. ._.

      Now she's being a bitch because my younger sister pleaded off feeding her. *groan* Man, I have such a freaking headache now...

      If she'd just stop spoiling the kid, maybe she wouldn't act up whenever my mother leaves her sight!

      Now I need another shower. Grubby little hands in my hair... T_T

      Yeah. I'm never going to like babies. The only time they're worth watching over is when they... when they... o_O Okay, babies suck, period. I only like kids who can appreciate my music and don't get whiny. Which is, I'm sad to say, an impossible combination.

      BABY DROOL. I am angry. Salvage my hair, then shower. Blissful shower.

      I was gonna go with my sister to the high school football game, but I'm not gonna have enough time to get ready. ._. Kim takes forever in the shower, whilst I'm usually out in 15 minutes! Hm... in that way, I might be able to get ready. :/ Nah. This headache's not going away anytime soon.

      I don't want to risk wanting to drop-kick anyone that gets too loud. Since loudness is kind of a requirement for football games, I'd say that's probably a bad combination.

      Then again, it might provide entertainment. I was planning to sit in a corner and sulk anyway.

      I must ponder my options.

      PS: Baby drool in my haaair. *twitch*

    • Why Can't American MVs be more Korean?

      9 years ago


      Because the story and camera techniques used in this video just... blows me away. I can name five more Korean MVs off the top of my head that totally amazed me! In comparison, a lot of American music videos are self-centered and lack the creativity necessary to be able to recall the finer details. D:

      "I don't know, but I go-- keep on running, running, running."

    • 'Cause when the going gets tough...

      9 years ago


      ...the tough go antiqueing.

      Because "Meet the Spartans" puts a smile on my phase and whenever I see the phrase I listed as the title, my mind finishes with that line. XD

      Since this General Psych. assignment is only two pages, I'm guessing it's due tomorrow. I've read up a bit, so I should be able to finish it within an hour. I could have done it earlier, but where's the fun in that? I'm setting a bad example for my friend up in Canada who failed three grades because of procrastination-- or, as he memorably mistyped it, procrapification. He's limiting his computer time to weekends. :/ It's sad.

      I like my Understanding Drugs class. The teacher makes it fun, with her wonky accent and her profound dislike of article summa--

      HOLY SHIT, THE THUNDER MADE ME JUMP. xD I've never heard it that loud before! It shook the house. <3 Like, CRASH! W00T!

      Anyway, I did my piece on a story I found in the Buffalo News back on Friday. Diet pills. Psh. I stated my opinion on them very clearly, especially since the diet pill in question, Meridian, is bogus! A 1-in-70 chance of heart attack or stroke for people without preexisting heart conditions! And the weight loss results were pitiful! 10 pounds in twelve months?! You can lose more in half the time by drinking water, not over-eating, and exercising a bit! >_> So yeah, it was a passionate opinion piece.

      I'm doing my General Psych. paper on Evolutionary Psychology. I'll try not to mention the Star Trek fan fiction I recently read that kind of mentioned it... lmao "Deer good, fire pretty..." Death by tar pit! XD

      So yeah, back to the-- nah, I'll finish this fiction first, watch some more of Naruto Abridged, then the paper.

      I know, I know. It's a guilty pleasure.

    • This, That, and The Other One

      9 years ago


      This, this, and this...

      ...are my favorite piano songs of all time. I'd say classical, but the first is New Age. At least, I'm fairly certain it is.

      I suck with genres, therefore THEY DON'T MATTER. XD

    • My Japanese Handbook [Part 2]

      9 years ago


      English --> Japanese

      Excuse me for a moment. '“ Chotto sumimasen.
      Do you have anything you want to ask? '“ Nanika kikitai koto arimasuka?
      How do you say "___' in Japanese? '“ "___' wa Nihongo de doo iimasuka?
      What did you say? -- Nanto osshaimashitaka?
      What are you doing? -- Nani wo shiteirundesuka?
      What country are you from? '“ Okuni wa dochira desuka?
      Where are you from? -- Dochira kara kimashitaka?
      I am from Tokyo. '“ Tokyo desu.
      How old are you? '“ Nansai desuka?
      I am __ years old -- Watashi wa __ desu.
      Do you like ___ ? -- ___ ga suki desuka?
      I'm looking for my friends. -- Tomodachi wo sagashite iru no desu ga.

      What is the matter? -- Doushitandesuka?
      What happened? -- Doushitano? (More informal version of doushitandesuka)

      Are you busy? - Isogashii desu ka?
      Have you got a moment? '“ Chotto ii desuka?
      Sorry, I don't have time. '“ Gomennasai, jikan ga arimasen.
      Maybe next time. -- Mata kondo onegai shimasu.
      Sorry, can you invite me again? -- Gomenne, mata sasotte kudasai?
      I've asked a number of people. '“ Nannin ka no hito ni kikimashita.
      It was fun! -- Tanoshikatta desu!

      Where are you? '“ Doko ni imasuka?
      Where are you going? -- Doko iku no?
      Let's go back to [place]. -- [place] e modorimashou.
      We should go to [place]. -- [place] ni modoru beki dayo.
      I'm going to [place]. -- [place] e ikimasu.
      Shall we go? '“ Ikimashouka? (formal) / Ikooka? (informal)
      Follow me, please. -- Tsuitekite kudasai.
      Stay here, please. -- Kokoni ite kudasai.
      Don't go too fast, please! -- Anmari hayaku ikanaide kudasai!
      I'm going back. '“ Kaerimasu / Modorimasu.

      Come here. -- Chotto kocchi kite.
      I'm coming now. -- Ima iku.
      I can go. '“ Ikeru.
      I can't go. -- Ikenai.
      I want to go. -- Ikitai.
      I don't want to go. -- Ikitakunai.
      Don't go. - Ikanaide.

      I don't know where [place] is. '“ [place] no basho, wakarimasen / [place] ga dokonanoka, wakarimasen.
      Where is [place]? '“ [place] wa doko desuka? / [place] wa dokoni aruno desuka?
      How do I get to [place]? '“ [place] wa dou itta houga ii? / [place] niha douyatte ikeba iikana?
      I am lost. Where is [____]? -- Maigo ni narimashita. [___] wa doko desuka?
      I went to Bastok. -- Basu e ikimashita.
      I am in Selbina. '“ Watashi wa Serubina ni imasu.

      This way! '“ Kocchidayo! / Kocchidesu!
      That way! '“ Socchidayo! / Socchidesu!
      That way over there! '“ Achira!
      Which way? '“ Docchinano? / Docchidesuka?
      To the right. '“ Migi no hooni.
      To the left. '“ Hidari no houni.
      You turn right... '“ Migi e magarimasu...
      You turn left... '“ Hidari e magarimasu...

      It's near. '“ Chikai desu.
      It's far. '“ Tooi desu.
      I'm not in a hurry. -- Isoide imasen.
      I'm leaving soon. -- Mou sugu deru.
      I have to go soon. -- Ikanakutewa ikemasen.
      Sorry, I have to go in 30 minutes. '“ Gomennasai, ato 30pun gurai de ochimasu.
      Sorry, but I have to go now. -- Sumimasen, mou ikanakutewa ikemasen.
      I'm going to the toilet. -- Toire ittekimasu.
      I need to reboot, be back soon. -- PC wo saikidou shite, sugu modorimasu.

      Fine / Splendid - Rippa (na)
      New - Atarashii
      Old - Furui
      Small - Chiisai
      Big - Ookii
      Pitiful (how sad) -- Kawaisou (na)
      Troublesome '“ Mendokusai
      AFK '“ Riseki shimasu
      (I'm) Back '“ Tadaima / Tada
      Welcome back '“ Okaerinasai / Okaeri
      LOL '“ w (short for warau)
      Hurry! '“ Hayaku! / Isoide!
      Good luck! '“ Ganbatte!
      This is fun! - Tanoshiine!
      I'm okay. / It's okay. - Daijoubu desu.
      Don't worry. / It's okay. '“ Ii desu.
      Of course! / Definitely! '“ Mochiron desu!
      Certainly '“ Tashikani
      Maybe / Perhaps - Tabun
      I need it. '“ Irimasu.
      I don't need anything. '“ Nanimo irimasen.
      I don't need it at all. '“ Zenzen irimasen.
      Anytime is fine. -- Nanji demo ii yo.

      Present -- Purezento
      Weak, scared, timid, scaredy cat -- Okubayo
      Great job! -- Yokuyatta! (masculine) Yattane! (feminine)
      Congratulations! -- Omedetou!
      Happy Birthday! -- Otanjoubi Omedetou!
      Take care! '“ Kiotsukete!

      Japanese --> English

      Anata ha itsumo nani wo sinpaishite irunodesuka. -- What's always on your mind?
      Anata nashidewa ikite ikanai. -- I can't live without you.
      Anata no shashin o totemo ii desu ka? -- Can I take a picture of you?
      Atarashii -- New
      Bansai -- Long life
      Boku no mewo mitte. - Look into my eyes.
      Eto... -- Hmm...
      Getsu -- Moon
      Heya wa kara desu. -- The room is empty.
      Ichiban -- Number one
      Itsumo -- Always
      Ka -- Fire
      Kage -- Shadow
      Kagome -- Mirror
      Kataioh, tencho kouide. -- I'll send you to heaven.
      Kaze -- Wind
      Kesshite akiramenai. - Never surrender.
      Kikimashita. - I listened.
      Kikimashita? - Did you listen?

      Mijikai e-mail de gomen nasai. - Short email, I'm sorry.
      Mimashita. - I looked.
      Mimashita? - Did you look?
      Minna... - Everyone...

      Na -- Huh?
      Nanka atta no? -- What's happening?
      Nemui desu. -- I feel sleepy.
      Nichi -- Sun
      Nihon he ikimasu. -- I am going to Japan.
      Nihon-go wo benkyoushimasu. -- Learn Japanese.
      Nihon-no ka? -- Are you Japanese?

      Rai -- Lightning
      Samui -- Cold (weather)
      Sekai -- World
      Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana. -- The only flower in the world.
      Senta ni tatsu. -- Be in the lead.
      Sento -- Lead; First place
      Sui -- Water
      Tengoku -- Heaven
      Tenshi -- Angel
      Tomodachi -- Friend
      Tsubasa -- Wing
      Tsukaremashita. -- I'm tired.
      Tsukaremashita? -- Were you tired?
      Wata -- Cotton
      Yasha -- Demon
      Zettai yurusenai. -- (I will) never forgive (you).


      Some of the phrases might be slightly inaccurate, but I'm pretty sure I nailed those insults back there. xD I spent a few hours on this, so I hope you guys find it interesting.

    • My Japanese Handbook [Part 1]

      9 years ago


      Over the years, I've happened across and thereby collected quite a few Japanese phrases.


      Japanese --> English

      Guzu -- Somebody who dawdles, wastes times, or goofs off
      Saboru -- To skip class
      Gaki -- Brat
      Baka mitai. -- You look like an idiot.
      Honto ni baka de. -- You really are an idiot.
      Baka -- Idiot [most commonly used insult in Japan]
      Ahou -- Idiot (less harsh, more comical/friendly)
      Dabo -- Complete idiot
      Boke -- Knucklehead
      Bonkura -- Dimwit
      Bakayarou -- Dumbass
      Usurontankachi -- Moron
      Mada mada da ne. -- You still have a lot more to work on.
      Yuudan sezu ni ikou. -- Don't let your guard down.
      Demarenasai ka? -- Won't you shut up?
      Damatte-yo! [f] -- Shut up!
      Damare-yo! [m] -- Shut up!
      Urusai na. -- You're annoying. [For other useful phrases, go here.]

      Abunai! -- That was close! / That was dangerous!
      Doke! -- Get out of the way!
      Masaka! -- No way! / It can't be!
      Yada. -- No way. (as in, "I won't do it, you crazy mofo.")
      Zettai yada! -- No way in hell!

      Datte sa... -- You see...
      Demo saa... -- But you see... / But...
      Demo... -- But...
      Ah, sou. / Sou ka. -- Ah, I see. / I see.
      Sono toori da. -- Exactly. / That's exactly it.
      Shinjirarenai. -- I don't believe it.
      Usu darou? -- You're kidding, right?
      Yappari! -- I knew it!
      Nandemonai. -- It's nothing.
      Iie, nandemonai. -- No, it's nothing.
      Betsuni -- Not really. / Not a lot.

      Yatta! -- Yeah! / Yahoo!
      Nani? -- What?

      Suteii... -- It's hot... (weather)

      Hametsu -- Destruction

      Aibou -- Partner
      Hidoi! -- Cruel! / Horrible!
      Sugoi! -- Cool! / Awesome!
      Kowai -- Scary
      Kawaii -- Cute
      Yappari -- I knew it
      Nandemonai. -- It's nothing.
      Iie, nandemonai. -- No, it's nothing.
      Betsuni. -- Not really. / Not a lot.
      Zenzen. -- Not at all.
      Zettainai! -- Never!

      Katagi -- Yakuza terminology; a reference to the normal people.

      Shitsureishimasu. -- Pardon me.
      Nani ka atta? -- Did anything happen?
      Doushita? -- What's wrong?
      Doshiyo -- What should I do?
      Tasukete! -- Help!
      Hayaku! -- Hurry!
      Bikkurishita! -- What a surprise!
      Wakarimashita. -- Understood.

      English --> Japanese

      Goodbye (formal) -- Sayonara. [This term is used with a stranger, or someone you don't think you'll see again.]
      Goodbye (informal) -- Ja ne. [Implies you'll probably see them again, a friendly term.]
      Hello (on telephone only) -- Moshi moshi!
      Pleased to meet you. -- Yoroshiku onegaishimasu / (formal) Dozo yoroshiku.
      Good morning. -- Ohayo gozaimasu.
      Good afternoon. -- Konnichiwa. [Said during the daytime.]
      Good evening. -- Konbanwa.
      Goodnight. -- Oyasuminasai.
      (May you) have sweet dreams. -- Suteki na yume o mite ne!

      It's been a long time, right? -- Ohisashiburi ne?
      Nice to meet you. -- Hajimemashite. [used when introduced to someone for the first time]
      How are you? -- O genki desu ka?
      I'm sick. -- Byoki desu.
      I'm fine. -- Genki desu.
      I'm okay. -- Kekko desu.
      And you? -- Anata wa?
      Thank you (very much). -- Domo arigato gozaimasu.
      You're welcome. -- Do itashi mashite.
      Say! Listen! (to get attention) -- Anone!
      Excuse me (to get attention) -- Sumimasen.
      Please (when offering something). -- Dozo.
      Please (when requesting something). -- Kudasai.
      Please show me. -- Misete kudasai.
      Please write it. -- Kaite kudasai.
      Please give me this. -- Kore o kudasai.

      Do you understand? -- Wakarimasu ka?
      Yes, I understand. -- Hai, wakarimasu.
      Oh, I see. -- Ah, sou desu ka.
      No, I don't understand -- Iie, wakarimasen.
      I don't know (informal) '“ Wakannai / shiranai.

      Please say it again. -- Mo ichido itte kudasai.
      Please speak slowly. -- Yukkuri hanashi te kudasai.
      Please wait a moment. -- Chotto matte kudasai.
      What is your name? -- Anata-no namae wa?
      My name is _______ -- Watashi no namae wa ________ desu
      Where is it? -- Doko desu ka?
      What time is it? -- Nan-ji desu ka?
      How much is it? -- Sore wa ikura desu ka?
      I will take it. -- Sore kudasai.
      No, thank you. -- Iie kekko desu.
      Do you like it? -- Suki desu ka?
      I like it. -- Suki desu.
      I don't like it. -- Kirai desu.
      It's beautiful. -- Kirei desu.
      Let me see... -- Sou desu ne...
      Welcome. -- Irrasshaimase.

      Where is the toilet? -- Toire wa doko desu ka?

      I can go. '“ Ikeru.
      I can't go. -- Ikenai.
      I want to go. -- Ikitai.
      I don't want to go. -- Ikitakunai.
      Don't go. -- Ikanaide.
      Ittekimasu. -- I'm leaving. / I'm going out.
      I'm going back '“ Kaerimasu / Modorimasu
      Oitama. -- I've got to go now.
      Doko iku no? -- Where are you going?
      Shall we go? '“ Ikimashouka? (formal) Ikooka? (informal)
      Can you come? -- Koreru?
      Let's go. - Ikimashou (formal), Ikou (informal)
      Follow me please. -- Tsuitekite kudasai.
      Itterasshai. -- Come back soon.
      Dewa mata ashita. -- See you tomorrow.
      Iishoniko. -- Let's go.
      Mo iiyo! -- Forget it!
      Mou! / Mataku! / 'Taku! -- Geez!
      Jodan desu yo. -- Just kidding.
      Kutabare! -- Go to hell!
      Zama miro. -- Serves you right.
      Mitsuketta! -- I've found you!

      Thank you (informal) -- Arigatou.
      Thank you very much. -- (Hontouni) arigatou gozaimasu.
      You're welcome. -- Doitashimashite.
      Excuse me / Pardon me. '“ Sumimasen / Shitsureishimasu (more polite)
      Sorry! '“ Gomen! / Gomen ne! / Gomennasai!

      Do you speak Japanese? - Nihongo ga dekimasuka? / Nihongo ga hanasemasuka?
      Do you speak English? - Eigo ga dekimasuka?
      Are there any English speakers? - Eigo wo hanasu hito imasuka?

      Please say it in English. '“ Eigo de itte kudasai.
      I speak a little of Japanese. - Nihongo chotto shaberemasu.
      I know a little Japanese. '“ Nihongo wo chotto shittemasu.
      I don't understand Japanese very well. - Nihongo wa amari yoku wakarimasen.
      Do you understand my Japanese? '“ Watashi no nihongo wakarimasuka?
      I'm not good at Japanese. '“ Watashi wa Nihongo ga amari jouzu jyanai desu.
      I don't know Japanese. - Nihongo wa wakarimasen.
      If there are mistakes don't be surprised. - Machigai ga attemo odorokanaide kudasai.
      I can't read Kanji and Hiragana. '“ Kanji mo Hiragana mo yomemasen.

    • Of Merlin Day and Padaung Neck Coils

      9 years ago


      I started my day out right by waking up in intervals, at 11am, 12am, and 2pm. My awesome breakfast consisted of a granola bar and two beef hotdogs (because they pwn regular hotdogs times infinity). While eating, I watched the last half of Star Trek (2009) for the eighth time. I began watching it in school yesterday, but had to cut it short by half an hour to make my Cultural Anthropology class. D:

      Not that I mind. That class is f'cking epic. We learned about the Padaung women of the Kayan people, over in Thailand. They began wearing neck coils to discourage slave traders and such, and they continued the practice because it gave them an identity, an ideal of beauty. I found it very intriguing!


      They begin wearing it from an age as young as two, as it's more comfortable to lengthen the neck slowly, and the coils push down on the collar bones and ribs-- in that way, the elongated neck is merely an illusion. It's an uncomfortable process, but they're totally cool with it.

      File does not exist.

      If you think that's weird, take a look at this! o_O


      They started the trend of lip plates for the same purpose, to discourage the abduction and rape of women, but it began to be seen as a sign of status. The bigger and more extravagant, the more the dowry, I assume.


      Nowadays, though, it's optional rather than mandatory. It does look pretty strange to me, but it's kind of cool at the same time, ya know?


      My drama buddy was able to come over today, even if it was only for two hours before she had to go out to eat with her relatives. She wanted to stay longer, she really did, but I think her father's jealous of the time she spends with me nowadays. lmao Much of my summer revolved around our awesome time together.

      It's refreshing, being able to interact with someone who shares my interest in drama and music. It kind of helps that her father didn't pay the internet bill! Now she looks forward to time with an actual, working internet even more.


      After she's done with church tomorrow, she'll come over again for much, much longer. We shall watch the second season of Merlin together. Despite the historical/legendary inaccuracy, it's gonna be the coolest day of my entire life thus far.


      I'll mark it on my calender as Merlin Day.

    • "Is this a dead man, doctor?"

      9 years ago


      It's nice to be on a computer where the ads actually load and don't lag down the website. xD Unfortunately, this certains that my computer is even more shitastic than I thought. Hey, there's no spell check on here! Wtf? *scowl* Every browser should have spell check enabled.

      Oh well. I'm having a good first day back. I didn't get lost on the way to my classes, for one! And they're spread out across four buildings, so I feel like I've accomplished something.

      I've been to two out of my four classes, General Psychology and Beginning Sign Language. Psych was interesting. I'm actually looking forward to any presentations. *evil grin* I took three psychology courses in high school. I'm ahead of the competition already!

      Sign Language was painful. She went through the alphabet too damn fast and my fingers refuse to make a coherent "y." Itai.

      Just found out my friend couldn't pay her tuition in time. She's the only friend I made at college... ._. We bonded over a shared, bad class. I hope she can figure it out. I want a Psych. buddy!

      Yesterday, I looked up a bunch of Star Trek clips from the original series. They were just... *shakes head* Out of this world. "He's dead. She's dead. Must be dead." and my all-time favorite: "He was worse than dead... his brain is gone!" The look on Kirk's face...! XD

      "Is this a dead man, doctor?"
      "Very dead, Mr. Spock."

      Aw man, I love McCoy... "I'm a doctor, not an escalator!"

      If you want to see something really strange, watch the "trippiest Star Trek scene EVER."

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