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    • "An Apple of Discord" by Hawaiian6

      9 years ago


      I started watching a Japanese drama, Gachi Baka, and this song turned up a minute or so in. It's so freaking amazing, the depth of emotion! I wasn't able to find it a few weeks ago when I was really looking, but I typed in a line today and found it. I'm very glad I did. <3

      An Apple of Discord || Hawaiian6

      Spinning globe...
      Repeating lie.
      God gave me an apple of discord.
      Desire gives birth to war,
      And death and rain cover all,
      The second hand cruelly turning.

      The footprints of the tanks,
      The shell of a child!
      The view is beautiful from here inside this sea of blood!
      I see a man taking the life of this fellow man!
      The conflict is for what purpose?
      Repeated history,
      Stop already!

      Someday, the light which resembles hope will cover the world;
      The silence spreads,
      And the human race disappears.
      Even the second hand stops--
      Already, it doesn't rain!

      Have you seen a woman who's crying
      and hugging and going mad
      with the shell of her child?

      Someday, the light which resembles hope will cover the world;
      The silence spreads,
      And the human race disappears.
      Even the second hand stops--
      Already, it doesn't rain!

      Already it doesn't rain...

      Have you seen the smile of a man whose legs were torn from him?!
      What is liberty, what is love?
      I can do nothing, nothing to do but only sing the song of peace,
      A song of place.

    • An Awesome Waste of Time

      9 years ago


      For more than ten years, people have been wondering what the Pokemon 1998 theme song sounds like backwards. This is the epic result. It practically predicted the future! "Bush has got to go! Please... don't wage new wars!" I kind of wonder what a Bush-vestite is.

      He also tries to translate the gibberish: "She's carrying arsenic, and a monkey with a wand!" and "I never wore those, I only wash my back!" are my favorites.

      But if you think this is disturbing, you should check out the Dora the Explorer one. ._. "Hey, hey, we'll need some food! (Line 'em up!) Nay, voices... voices! Graaab your happy bag!! Get mental help too for Christmas!"

    • What Crawled Up And DIED In My Trunk

      9 years ago


      No, it wasn't a corpse. It wasn't a dead rodent in the air-conditioning vent.

      My mother, who I never wanted to lend out my car to, left a container with food in the trunk. I only noticed the goddamn smell two days ago, so I didn't think to check the trunk. My god, there were maggots everywhere. I didn't come close to vomiting, but it was pretty f***ing gross. I nearly started hyperventilating and I had to simply walk away a dozen times in sheer disgust.

      It took an hour, an hour, to clean the entire trunk! The dead rodent was preferable to that ordeal. My mother's in for a rude awakening when she gets back from camping. I'm not letting her within ten feet of my car, no matter how much she whines and begs for the extra space.

      My clothes are ruined and I probably smell like a week-old corpse.

      Excuse me while I go take an uncomfortably hot shower and try to banish this entire night from my head.

    • With Friends Like These...

      9 years ago


      I spent three hours making plans for this day. I even lost sleep over it.

      I formed a carpool (7 people, one car?! Not gonna work!), made sure everyone was awake before noon, settled a dispute, and comforted my sister when she came back from soccer practice. She found out she wouldn't be able to play because her ankle's a mess-- she almost tore a ligament.

      My sister and I were supposed to ride with the licensed driver friend, but I ended up giving the spots away since one of them, the f***ing ringleader of that little gang of air-headed bitches, didn't want to ask her uncle.

      If she thinks her uncle's a bad passenger, she should try my mother!

      So even though I knew my dad had plans, I asked him to take Kim and I in. He took pity and managed to fix his schedule to fit our outing. I drove us to Regal Cinemas in my nice, air conditioned car that for some reason smelled like dead rodent, and found a decent parking spot. I spotted my friends out in the driveway. I waved hello, they blew right past me. I told them three times to wait up for my sister and I, as I helped her limp inside. By the time we got past the kiosk and into the concession line, they were already on their way to the theater.

      I mean, they had to have known I wanted to hang out, right? I tried so many times...

      I managed to call one of 'em back to help me carry the drinks and nachos. The group wisely chose a set of rows in the middle, but I decided to sit a few rows ahead of them to make it easier for my sister. The one who helped sat between my sister and I, but someone from the group called her over with, "We left you an empty seat!" Heh. No one thought to ask me. Six friends... six of 'em. One of them had to have cared, right?


      I'm glad my sister had a good time, and that there was really only one talker during the movie. She got shushed a lot, but she just lowered her voice. It's kind of sad. I don't think she understood that no one cared to listen to her.

      The group hustled out right after the movie, but two stayed behind because the talker dropped something. I waited by the door for them, and I once again tried to make conversation.

      ...it was like I was a ghost or something. I know I wasn't, though, because my dad had been watching me and told me later that he hated people like that. He doesn't use strong words a lot, so it must've really made an impact on him.

      [Hey. One of them, the licensed driver, came back to hold the door open for me. I guess that counts for something.]

      I lingered outside of the group, maybe an arm's length behind. They decided to head off to Borders. I tested the air and asked for one of them to check to see if there was a certain manga title there. Some glanced at me, notably the ones I wasn't so familiar with... but none of them said goodbye or wished me a safe trip home.

      My dad, sister and I walked slowly to the car, a serene change from the brisk pace they had taken up. I said I was driving, even though I don't normally like it. Conversation was stilted after dad told me they were assholes and that I needed better friends.

      On the long road home, I broke the silence.

      "Now you know why I only hang out with them once a year."

      I alternated between sitting up rigidly, my grip tight on the steering wheel, and relaxed against the back of the seat, gazing around listlessly. I drew my negative emotions into a box and messily shoved it into the back of my mind. (It's possible.) And I thought, perhaps for the first time in years, 'With friends like these, who needs enemies?'

      I mean, at least bullies acknowledged me. At least they told me what they didn't like about me. At least I could beat them down without feeling guilty!

      I probably would've handled it better if my best friend was there. I say "best friend" because I actually like spending time with her. I don't spend time with her because I feel obligated to. It makes all the difference in the world.

      I'll see her tomorrow, we'll watch the movie online... it'll be just like rebooting and forgetting this day ever happened.

      Hah. It's all right now. I don't have to see them again for a year if I don't want to. They might live in this town, but there's no way I'm going back to them so soon after being snubbed like that.

      I'm going to go make sure they know that. Then I'm going to take a shower, 'cause I'm sick of smelling like roadkill.

    • "Nice to see you were outside!"

      9 years ago


      Dad: Nice to see you were outside for a change!
      Me: I assure you, every second was torture.

      Note to self: ~19 hours of sleep + exercise = BAD IDEA. I think it made my period come early. And I'm having trouble feeling my fingers! Feh... I wouldn't have agreed to supervise my sister's running if I'd known it would actually be for half an hour. I kept trying to convince her to turn around and start heading back, but she was relentless! @_@ I probably looked like a goof, following behind her on a bicycle in a baggy nightshirt and silky pajama pants, hair askew and steering haphazardly-- I almost hit her a few times!

      xD Now I am lightheaded. Yaaay.

      Nevertheless, I'm happy because tomorrow, I'm going to see the afternoon showing of Vampires Suck. I only wish the trailers weren't so spoilerific. D: It'll be cool, though.

      And hey, on the bright side, I've set back my sleep schedule to a regular time! Hopefully, I can just start waking up before noon so I don't have to roll myself out of bed to get up for college.

      "OW!...the sky is very hard."

    • 30 hours and counting... >_>

      9 years ago


      I'll be right as rain after maybe 12 hours of sleep. ^_^ 30 hours of self-induced insomnia can do that to you, I guess. Limited internet access... is... terrible. I couldn't watch the new episode of RvB until just now. D: At least Grif was epic enough to make up for it. <3 Something tells me that once he wakes up, he's gonna wanna try another suit. He's very keen on those invisible naps.

      I can't wait.

      ...meh. Since I'm already awake, I might as well wait until my sister comes home in an hour or two so I know if she failed her Global Studies retake exam. I'll be very disappointed if she does! =P

    • Banning Oneself & Selective Sleeping

      9 years ago


      I wonder if it's really possible to block yourself on this site. I'm kind of afraid to try.

      I was awoken about seven hours after I fell asleep, but I still felt tired for most of the day after having to walk for hours yesterday. It could've also been because my sleep was interrupted. Btw, I've noticed something over the past few years that I'm a selective sleeper.

      I don't sleep well if I hear things going on outside and downstairs. When I do sleep, I can sleep through just about anything except for my two alarms and when I instinctively know someone's heading for my room.

      Our house is situated so all the bedrooms are upstairs, yeah? My room is on the right at the top of the stairs, and my parents and sister's are on the left. My sister tends to walk up and down the stairs a lot in the mornings she doesn't have school, but my sleep isn't interrupted by that, nor by her music.

      But whenever someone intends to enter my room, I somehow know it by the time they're halfway up the staircase! o_O It's like a switch. They ask me why they never see me asleep.

      Well, at least it gives me an excuse to sleep in.

      [Btw, brain control > mind control.]

    • Why Sleep Deprivation Is Fun

      9 years ago


      I remember a year ago, around this time, when I'd been awake for three days trying to... well, I don't quite remember that part, but I think it might've involved writing. My new phone let out a beeping noise. It was on the table behind me, but in my less-than-sane mind, I looked down at the computer mouse and I could swear it blinked back at me! So I picked it up and tentatively asked, "Hello?" Of course no one answered. Feeling a bit silly, I put it back down onto the mousepad. "I'm watching you," I said, sneering.

      My dad gave me the strangest look when I told him about it later that day.

      The coolest insomnia story I could tell you is when I'd gone without sleeping for a while, sustaining myself in brief naps, and started seeing these revolving, multi-colored cubes in the corner of the dining room. o_O It was kinda weird!

    • Favorite Event/Person

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      My favorite event in Japanese history is the tale of the 47 Rounin, known as Chushingura ('tale of the loyal retainers') in the Japanese language. The reason I love it so much is because it's one of the most famous events that was orchestrated by the Samurai; I've always been intrigued by their way of life.

      Every year, the Gishisai Festival takes place on December 14th in Ako city in Hyogo prefecture, in memory of the 47 Ronin. On that day, schools and business are close and the streets are decorated with banners and colored lanterns.

      Additionally, each year, at Sengakuji Temple in Tokyo, thousands of tourists visits the resting place of the 47 Ronin and pay homage to their dedication to Bushido [The Way of the Samurai].

      The 47 Ronin are regarded today by the Japanese people as 'Cultural Heroes' and are honored in traditional holidays and a in countless kabuki plays, movies, novels and manga.

      That makes it even cooler.

      My favorite person is probably Nobunaga Oda, the man who almost united Japan back in the feudal age! He kind of reminds me of Napoleon, actually. A close second is Ranmaru Mori, an attendant to Nobunaga whose loyalty is remembered even to this day.

      Ranmaru's bravery and devotion is remembered throughout history, and especially during the Edo period because of his decision to commit seppuku and follow Nobunaga in death.

      What about you guys?

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    • Fluorescent Lights+Curiosity: Do Not Mix

      9 years ago


      Sleep deprivation does strange things to me, especially when coupled with fluorescent lights. It's almost like they always buzz at the same pitch! The ones in my kitchen do, at any rate. Haven't tried elsewhere. o_o Don't want to be carted off to the psych ward for sitting underneath a light and banging the keys on my keyboard (piano), trying to locate the pitch.

      I got the oddea (odd idea) from a fan fiction about one of my favorite Japanese singers, Gackt. The sad thing is I know he'd probably do it. xD

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