Hi, I'm new to the whole "interacting with a forum" idea, but I'm very intrigued, inspired even by threads by fellow fans like the "Want your OC drawn?" group:


And I've decided to try out a very similar idea.  So here's the "get your rwby weapons 3d modeled" thread and probably not the end of my obsession with "quotations".  And with that I suppose I'll introduce myself:

I'm a fresh new college student living in New York studying engineering and doing 3D modeling for fun with Blender and the hopes of sneaking my way into the game and animation industry.  

TL;DR I'll make some cool weapons that you post here.  Follow the guidelines and they could look like BASIC FORMS of this: http://kalephrex.deviantart.co... 

Now, back to the matter at HAND (just had a Yang flashback).  My guidelines are very similar to the ones set by Smugtisser on his (or her) recently closed thread:

1. Be informed. I will work for free and in return, I will have no schedule and no quotas.  That is to say that this thread is maybe 70% for pleasure (I like modeling) and 30% to be more involved with the community and show my fandom.  Of course I will do my best to stick to descriptions, but bear in mind that there is no semblance of any contract binding my will.

2.  Be specific. For the descriptions themselves, please provide as much as possible.  Words, images, visceral feelings in your upper left abdomen (excluding appendicitis) anything and everything will do.  Specify any lights, propulsion, moving parts, etc.  Even a jerryrigged MS Paint pic is worlds ahead of a paragraph.  

3.  Be thoughtful. I will prefer and most likely model the most thoughtful ideas.  Anyone can say "slap a machete to a flamethrowing shotgun and it'll revolutionize the rwbyverse!" but honestly, it probably won't UNLESS you can describe the synergy between weapon, character, and semblance.  The main team (RWBY) and their weapons all include some movement utility and have indirect powers other than direct.  Ex:

Ember Celica - shoots shotgun shells and fire

Cheesy and Lame - fires a bullet that kills everything it touches and pierces any shield

The RWBY weapons (whole series) are cool because they allow the characters to play their roles and complete their tasks, they don't become godkillers and hacks, but at best they can allow CHARACTERS to slay gods and hack away at foes.

4.  Be Original.  In all honesty, I think that the great Excalibur is a lame weapon because it's shape and design has no special function.  I could name a slice of toast Excalibur and give it the power to rule England and it would serve the same function.  In essence, the only special thing about Excalibur is that somebody said it was special.  And that's lame.  Crescent Rose (Ruby's scythe), in contrast, is special because it is a SNIPER RIFLE SCYTHE THAT TRANSFORMS.  There is nothing else like it and nobody can mistake it's unique design or it's iconic functions.  A good weapon is arguably mightier than a pen.  A GREAT weapon signs it's signature in such a way that none other can imitate.  You could replace King Arthur's sword with any longsword in history and it would look the same in pictures and paintings.  But nobody opens a jar of pickles quite like Crescent Rose.

Thanks for reading.  And I look forward to finding new ways to kill, slay, slice, dice, burn, shoot, cut.... time until the release of volume 4!

My Work - A link because idk how to post images. (help?)


<<<<<<Disclaimer - They're not going to look as good as the ones on my page.  These are not final products, they are essentially concept art to help you visualize and show off.  Most weapons on my page take around 3-8 hours, I'm thinking maybe 1-3 hours per weapon here.  Feedback is much appreciated.>>>>>

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