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    • ooh!

      13 years ago


      I hate to copy something from someone else's journal, but this video is just too cool.


      This video was programmed in Applesoft II on a 1979 Apple ][+ with 48K of RAM.

      Thanks to Toast for the link to the video.

      HOLY SHIT! As I wrote this all of a sudden the video appears in the middle of my screen on the Firefox window, and then when I try to take a screenshot of it, my computer screen goes completely gray except for the video, and it says I have insufficient memory to create a bitmap. I have 512MB. I think my poor shuttle is nearing the end of its life...

    • Narrow escape...

      13 years ago


      So, I was supposed to write up this 5 page essay on C. S. Lewis's book The Screwtape Letters, and the teacher tells us on Tuesday night, at 10PM, during the last few minutes of class that he wants it at 7:45PM on Thursday. So no time to work on Tuesday, Wednesday comes around, I have class until 3, come home and do some homework, cook and eat dinner, work on my homework for the other classes, at which point I fall asleep. So I wake up today thinking "Shit, I need to get this done." Well, I have class again until 3:30, I get home, and I have 4 hours to work on it.

      In these 4 hours I have to look up quotes from the entire book, which I have a ton highlighted (since we didn't know the question beforehand) so I had to read through all of the highlighted quotes in the entire book and find the ones I can use. So I get that done and it is already 5:30, and I have to go eat. I get back, it is 6. 1 hour, shit. So I start writing and I get through about 1 1/4 pages and realize there is no way in hell to get another 4, so I say screw it and I have to leave about 20 minutes later for class.

      I arrive at the class thinking "Shit, I am so screwed" until I start to listen to the conversations around me. Everyone keeps complaining about how they didn't have enough time. So when the teacher finally asks, "So who finished the essay?" not ONE person moved. The look of shock on his face was priceless, and the only thing he could say was "WHOA! I guess everyone struggled with this one.. so did my other class." Everyone in the class let out a sigh of relief, and everyone complained that we were not given enough time, so he extended the due date until Tuesday.

      So close to disaster on this one. smiley4.gif

      *I miss my Fiancé*

    • *giddy* SNAKE!!!

      13 years ago


      Well, next week (the 22nd) I get to leave town for a while and go up to Seattle for the The 11th Annual Captive-Bred Reptile & Exotic Animal Show & Sale. It is going to be so awesome, I love reptiles, especially snakes, so I get to go see a ton of them, especially rare ones. I am going with a friend who is looking to buy a snake, so if she gets one I have a snake to play with for a little while before I go back to my house too. smiley0.gif I get to leave on Friday to go have some fun at a haunted house and Haunted Corn Maze (I have never been to anything like that, so although childish, it will still be fun) and then the next day spend about 6 hours at the Expo.

      * smiley12.gif I miss my Fiancé smiley12.gif *

    • *sigh*

      13 years ago


      Well, happiness in that today marks Locutus44 and my 1 year anniversary, but it is sad because we had to spend it 800 miles apart... I really miss him, and I hope I can see him soon or I might just go insane smiley2.gif

    • Well... AGH!

      13 years ago


      Have you ever had a song that you hate stuck in your head for a long time? I am not talking about a few hours, I am talking weeks.

      I have had that stupid song "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts *de-del-de-do* There they are a stain' in a row" song stuck in my head for over 3 weeks now. No matter what I do, I cannot kill it off. Whenever I stop thinking, or I have a moment of silence, that song instantly pops into my head. Any tips on how to kill this off for good would be greatly appreciated. smiley4.gifsmiley5.gifsmiley7.gif

    • Don't worry Gus...

      13 years ago


      We still love you, and we don't blame you, shit happens. smiley12.gif

      People need to stop giving him such a hard time, there is no reason for it.


    • Well then...

      13 years ago


      So, journal entries died... Time for a new one then. The big journal entry I lost was...

      I am now engaged to Locutus44 smiley0.gif . During the time he came to visit he proposed to me, and I accepted. My mother went uber bitch about the whole situation, but I don't care, I love him and he loves me- that is the only thing that matters. I finally got the ring back a couple days ago, and I love it. The only thing that I wish right now is that he is back here, or more preferably, that I was with him at his house. Then I can meet his family, and I would be able to hug and kiss him again... That is the thing I miss the most, being able to reach over and hug him whenever I want.

      I just hope that I can find a way to visit him in as soon as possible, as I don't even want to think of having to wait another few months to see him again, it really is far too long smiley2.gif


      14 years ago


      That about sums up my day. I get out of surgery and my face is badly bruised, from both sides of my lips to nearly my chin, and even my temple was bruised. All of my teeth were impacted (in the bone) but the two upper wisdom teeth were so high their roots were in my sinus bones. After getting done, I wake up and I have a burning pain from the bruising and stuff on my lower face, and I am bleeding like a stuffed pig because I did not receive stitches.

      So, by the time I make it to the pharmacy to get Vicodin (20 minutes) the narcotics they gave me wore off, and the pain sets in. Unluckily for me, Hydrocodone does absolutely nothing for me, so I have had to stick with just ibuprofen. Luckily, besides the bleeding still 8 hours later, I am actually not in very much pain. It really is not all that bad, my pussy brother at 18 was nearly in tears the first few days and couldn't even talk. I was up eating a rice bowl and speaking by the time I made it home. smiley0.gif

    • Blah...

      14 years ago


      So... I have to go in for oral surgery tomorrow (well, technically today... in) and get 3 wisdom teeth removed. Lucky me smiley4.gif . So, I will not be able to surf this wonderful site for at least a day, what a bore. As you can tell, I am not doing a very good job at this journal, but considering it is 1:30 in the morning, and I cannot sleep, it is to be expected. I will just consider this my blah journal.. yes, that should do.

      I would like to add in a serious note, thank you to everyone who donated on this site to the Red Cross for the hurricane relief. You guys are awesome! smiley12.gif

      Ok, I have run out of ideas on what to write, and I am bored, so off to... do something I go.


      3:30, still awake. Meh, I have to fall asleep eventually.

      -EDIT part Two-

      Finally fell asleep at about 4ish, was up by 9. Had to wait out the 3 1/2 hours before I had to leave. It sucked.

    • A day of Hell...

      14 years ago


      One word: School.

      I had to get up at 6 AM to go change my schedule at the school, because (imagine this) they messed it up beyond saving. I have afternoon classes at the college, (while attending High School) so the dumb asses at the high school say: “Oh look, she registered asking for the afternoon off, lets schedule ALL of her classes during this time and give her the morning off. That should work out just fine. Oh, and out of the 10 English electives, lets not give her one of the 6 she picked, lets give her this one with the teacher that she hates the most (and it all about sports literature. Oh joy for that one.).â€Â

      After finding out all this shit, I get to the school today to find out that they want me to pay $50 that I had paid already. After having to pay that again, I wait in line for the 4th time (total time in line approximately 1 1/2 hours) I get inside to find out that they in fact cannot change any of the classes I need changed, except for one. They also inform me that before they will let me turn in a request form to change my classes, I have to go register for the college.

      I go home and get all the paperwork for that filled out and signed, then head over there. Luckily, that went well and I got into all the classes I wanted/needed. (YAY for Osteology!). I then have to take all of that paperwork back to the high school/hell on earth.

      When I arrive I have to spend 15 minutes filling out papers and trying to find loopholes so that everything works, only to find out that I will not find out if I am denied or accepted to have my classes changed until the first day of school (Nice one Sherlock!), and if I am denied, I have to start a war to get into the classes because I will not be able to attend any of them. I have to wait 3 weeks until the first day of school to know whether I have classes or not. Then, after having a nice chat with the counselor about everything, and going back to the college again to turn in the final paperwork, I am home.

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