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    • KaliYuga

      2009 : A year in Review 1

      5 years ago

      So here is the first of what I hope will be a mini-series of things I'd like to review for myself and for posterity as we start to head into 2010. Not that any of this will matter in 2 years though. (Hail Cthulhu)

      Top 5 celebrities in 2009 that I wish would drop off the face of the planet.

      Jon and Kate Gosselin
      (did I spell that right? Who fucking cares?)

      They have 8 kids, they got divorced in a public setting - and good god was it messy... Who fucking cares? My parents got divorced when I was young, I turned out okay. Child stars always get fucked up in the long run - look at the Olsen Twins and Lindsey Lohan - adding a messy public divorce to unwanted childhood stardom is only gonna fuck them up more. Can we say abandonment issues?

      Lady Gaga

      Edit: She was gonna be my #1 celeb to drop off the face of the planet, but then I realized that there are people I hate worse then her, so let's give her 5 more minutes and put her behind Kanye.

      Fuck! Need I say more? Bad music and stupid clothes, not to mention my sisters loving her music. Die already, there's no more room for insane celebrities.

      Kanye West

      I'ma let you finish Kanye, but your 15 minutes of fame should have ended about 3 years ago. Jesus Walks was the beginning of the end, my friend. Just because you're a vocal douchebag on public television and you 'speak your mind' (what little of it you have) is no excuse for you to be so famous. I bitch about everything and I'm not pulling in millions of dollars - and I'm a rock band celebrity goddammit.


      I had enough of them in 2006, can we just be done with the fascination of two horribly rich, unattractive people who can't act anymore (Inglorious Basterds is the exception only 'cause I haven't seen it and damn, that was a ballsy movie for Brad Pitt to do.) and who seem to pretend to give a shit about the shite state of the world? Adopting from Cambodia is like spitting into the ocean - fat lotta good that's gonna do overall. Fuck off.


      It's a tie!

      Stephanie Myers, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

      It's the one time of day I used to like, but now it's worse than a curse word.

      Twilight. *shudder*

      To be fair, I did read the first book, only so that I could bitch about it and know what exactly I was bitching about. I refuse to read any more of the books, I think I lost a few IQ points after the first one.

      Anyway, the author of the book is an idiotic Mormon who just barely passes for literate and is so fake, she makes Pamela Anderson's tits look real. The entire concept of the story promotes necrophilia, bestiality and pedophilia all in one, while at the same time also insulting the reader's intelligence. She was trying too hard to be a kid-friendly easy-to-read version of Anne Rice and she FAILED. Christ, a blind monkey with a typewriter could write a better book than Twilight. In fact, I am almost ready to rewrite the whole series to include a lot of blood, violence and graphic SEX. (something that Myers said she would never include in her books or in the films.) Not to mention vampires that don't fucking SPARKLE. God.

      Adding insult to injury is the fact that these shitty books were turned into even shittier movies. I will, however, go and see the third or fourth one if they include a graphic scene in which Edward (the gay sparkling vampire) performs a C-section on Bella (the girl he knocked up and possibly married) with his teeth to remove his bastard werewolf child from her womb before it devours her from the inside.

      Actually, I'd rather see the version where the bastard son eats his mother from the inside. Hang on... someone told me the child is a girl. Well, then let's have her kill her mom and sleep with her dad. It's be just like Shakespeare only made of AIDS.

      On top of it, all the screaming fan girls should just have their lips sewn shut and then be force fed upon by a bunch of REAL vampires. And possibly raped, just so that they can get the thought of being cold-cocked by a vampire out of their minds... Maybe throw in some rabid wolves too. I dunno.

      Also, I would really appreciate it if the 'stars' of the film, former child star Kristen Stewart (see, what did I say? THEY ALWAYS GET MESSED UP!) and Robert Pattinson (formerly a wizard, now a dead sparkling fetish item) would just drop into nothingness. I don't think they're even good enough for a blood sacrifice to any pantheon of gods. They're in my opinion, some of the most unattractive people I have ever seen and they have absolutely no chemistry - on set of off. They have the IQ of a toasted English Muffin - and that's combined. These jokers have beaten out Megan Fox for the top celebrity I wanna see gone by 2010, but alas, it's not gonna happen. There's still 2 more movies to come out. (I still think I oughta write these stories better, with more blood. Anyone seen True Blood? Yeah, like that, but without full frontal Anna Paquin - gross.)

      Anyway, that's my list og celebrities I wish would go away. Micheal Jackson was gonna be on this list but then I remembered he's dead and this is the same crap that happened to Kurt Cobain when he swallowed that shotgun, so I just have to ride it out I guess. However, I do wish that his family would stop leeching off his memory and the fans. I'm not a fan, I'm just disgusted.

      So, I hope you all enjoyed this, please feel free to give me your list of who you wanna see dead and gone and forgotten from this year. And be sure to stay tuned 'cause I've got a few more lists to compile before the year is through... And a book to edit... and a series to fix... *sigh* See you all later!

    • KaliYuga

      Ohshit NaNoWriMo

      5 years ago

      Good news: It's almost the end of November
      Bad News: NaNoWriMo ate my soul

      Good News: I won
      Bad News: I almost didn't

      Good news: I have a new story I am willing to share here with everyone
      Bad News: You probably don't wanna read it 'cause you probably don't care.

      Good News: I'll post it if there's any/enough interest
      Bad News: i don't know when.

      I miss you all. <3

    • KaliYuga

      Holiday wishes '09 #1

      5 years ago

      Hi everyone.

      I'm only here momentarily, I have a lot of things that need to get done and not a lot of time to do them all in. I'm hoping that I will get the last week of October off for real and I will be able to catch up on everything I need to catch up on then, assuming I can't get them all done.

      The reason why I'm writing is to say happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you all. Even you heathen Americans, most of you who I love so very dearly. I just hope that you are all safe and warm and with someone who means something to you this weekend, and as we head into the Christmas season. (I know, it's not /quite/ Black Friday but for us here in Canada, this is the beginning of the Holiday season.)

      Happy Thanksgiving, I hope that the end of the year smiles on all of you!

      Now for the few announcements I need to make.

      Duste: If you read this, I"m running behind. I didn't forget about what you asked is it for Halloween or just for shits and giggles 'cause my mechanics aren't available much right now, they're both swamped at work. The jacket shouldn't be a problem (I'm getting my website updated tonight, I'll leave you the link ASAP) but I dunno what the deal with the glasses is.

      Daruma: Thanks for talking with me when I needed it. You're amazing.

      Luna: I love you. Mat's jealous of you. Lolololol.

      Everyone else: You know how much you mean to me, I am really sorry I'm not here to say it more often. I love you all.

      Peace and love.

    • KaliYuga

      Halloween Costuming...

      5 years ago

      In between writing this journal, I'm working on my aforementioned 'Classy' Ice Climbers costumes with Mat. It's fun. We've got FinnTroll playing really loudly and I've got a pile of empty Coke cans to show that I've been working. ^_^ And on top of everything else, we've got the whole house to ourselves. (And we're sewing, wtf?)

      What we're doing for these ones is awesome, in my opinion. Instead of using just regular fabric, we opted to get some quilting fabric to give the 'parkas' the actual puffy sectioned look of real winter parkas. I like this fabric, it's cotton so it's lightweight but also warm enough that we won't freeze our asses off walking around outside. I don't know how we're going to feel about these costumes after dancing for 5 1/2 hours, but last year I was White Mage and that cloak was heavy as fuck and I was sweating buckets - needless to say I froze my ass off on the walk home.

      So, these 'classy' Ice Climbers are looking pretty spiffy so far. Mat is making his right now. The sleeves are tight-ish and the parka itself just hangs minutely past his waist.

      My costume is going to look more like a dress than a Parka. We're going to make it long and angled and we're going to put a piece of wire along the bottom in the faux fur trim to make it like a hoop skirt. The neckline is going be pretty deep and it's going to attach right up into the hood making a really nice neckline - I hope. We got a bunch of long white faux fur to do the trim instead of buying pom poms to put on the edge of the hood as we're going for a more 'realistic' look... also slightly whorish. Lol. Actually, I'm not opposed to having a bit of cleavage in a costume, especially when you've got boobs. I think it 's silly for fairly flat-chested girls to try to give themselves cleavage. It just doesn't work.

      Anyway, I will post some pictures as we go. I just don't know where the camera is right now and Mat has commandeered the sewing room. Hence the journal.

      My only issue with these costumes is the boots. I want a semi-inexpensive alternative but finding cheap boots for Mat is damn near impossible. I can always go to Claire's or Ardene's jewelry stores and buy a $20 pair of Uggs or similar just for use with this costume. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. ^_^

      Stay frosty everyone! (I know I am, damn it's cold.)
      Peace and Love.

    • KaliYuga

      Took the plunge

      5 years ago

      I wish it was something more interesting, taking the plunge tends to mean something more death-defying to me or something. I dunno.

      I honestly thought that I would write a big long thing about love and trust and how I suck at both those things. Trusting and loving I mean. I tend to be a cynical, jaded, hateful person. Scud can attest to that.

      Anyway, I just thought that it was about time that I told everyone here.

      Matthew asked me to marry him on September 5th. I said yes. He asked when I was lying down having a nap and I told him I was sleeping and to 'go away' and when I woke up he was sitting on the edge of my bed with the ring and he asked me again if I'd marry him.

      He asked my mother for permission nearly a month before he asked me and we haven't told HIS family yet because they're all super Catholic and will try to rush the wedding and try to force us to have it in a church - especially Matthew's Mom. I will become Bridezilla and bite people's faces off like Hannibal Lecter if his mom pulls that on me. Seriously. Ha ha ha!

      Anyway, I'll get a picture, but the ring is silver with a moonstone set in the middle and it's quite honestly the most beautiful moonstone ever. Pictures don't do it justice because this thing shines with pink, blue, yellow, amber and white depending on the light. (I don't like diamonds and I don't like gold and moonstone is symbolic of spiritual growth and some other stuff I forget right now.)

      I am very happy. The date is tentatively October 16, 2011 (October 16 is Oscar Wilde's birthday and 2011 because I don't think we'll have the money before then.) I don't have a guest list even started yet, but if you think you can make it out to Calgary in 2011 let me know and I will put you on the list. You all have been so wonderful to me over the past 4 years, I want to share my joy with you all.

      I still love you guys so I won't be leaving because of him. He likes RvB but has little time for online communities... unlike me who can piddle away hours and not get important shit done... like sleep. ^_^

      So... yeah. Marriage. I'm terrified and excited and happy all at the same time.

      Thank you all so much.
      Peace and love.
      Stay Frosty.

    • KaliYuga

      Is it a bad thing?

      5 years ago

      I apparently have a new hobby.

      This goes alongside writing, which I have yet to sell, costume making, which I've made a little money off of, and making anime and video game inspired costumes, accessories and the like, which is that business I mentioned a few months ago.

      In amongst all of that, I have found a small joy inside painting.

      I got into painting with acrylics a little while ago. I'm not very good yet, but I dabble. I managed to sell one piece of art of anime garbage... Yaoi cat boys I think it was. I dunno. I tend to dabble in the fetish side of things.

      Anyway, I'm currently obsessed with Portal... again. I blame Scud and his "Heavy Comrade Container" costume, which is really just him in a suit with a Weighted Companion Cube on his head. It's badass as all hell.

      I have found a sick little bit of joy in taking half-naked and bikini-clad anime girls, painting pictures of them and then painting Companion Cubes on their heads.

      It was one of those little joyous things in the game, to find the posters and pin up girl calendar with the companion cube glued over their faces.

      So now I paint them.

      You can kinda see what I'm talking about in these two screenshots.


      /not in anger, not in wrath, the reaper came today. An Angel visited this grey path and took the cube away.




      You know that picture of you, in white, that a certain Anii Ki drew? Yeah, that's getting Cubed.

    • KaliYuga

      Web bollocks

      5 years ago

      I need a cheap-ish web hosting thingamagummy so I can build a website and have a store through paypal that won't rip my imaginary testicles off and shove them up my nose. PLzkthx.

      I don't want fucking freewebs, they want waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too goddamn much per year to start a store, and I won't use eBay unless it becomes 100% necessary to sell shit. I dunno what godaddy is like on a yearly basis. Basically I need something that I can have my own domain name (instead of using domainname.webs.com) so that it's more properly professional and will eliminate adverts. I hate adverts. x_x

      Anyway, if anyone can point me in the direction of a semi-inexpensive web hosting thingamagummy that'd be great.

      I will also eventually learn to code.

    • KaliYuga

      Grief, in brief.

      5 years ago

      You'd think that because it's my day off, tomorrow is the Highland Games, which I am planning to attend, so there will be lots of boys in kilts, plus my boyfriend will be wearing one, I actually got a little bit of sleep last night and caught a small catnap on the couch this afternoon, and then spent most of my day baking and preparing food, which is something I love, and I have a short work week next week that I'd be in a fan-fucking-tastic (pardon the language) mood.

      Alas, this is not the case.

      I write tonight on a bitter note. I am currently exhausted again, despite the sleep I've gotten today. I can't cope with much and I'm having trouble seeing the screen and keyboard. I can't make my brain work. I know I have to go upstairs and put the miniature meat pies and the miniature pear pies and spinach turnover thingies and the bread and cakes away -- I made a fantastic feast for our picnic at the Highland Games tomorrow -- but aside from that I am having a lot of trouble thinking.

      I have to write this down because if I don't I think I might explode. I am trying really hard not to just completely break down into tears because I have to stay strong for my mom and littlest sister. And my boyfriend is asleep and if I start to cry it will either wake him up or I will wake him up later by not being able to breathe and start choking in my sleep or something. It's happened before when I've been sick and had a stuffy nose. No it's not sleep apnea. I'm totally off topic. I'm too tired and sad to care all that much.

      Anyway, we got a phone call this afternoon from one of my mom's sisters... Cathy I think? Not that it matters, we have minimal contact with them, meaning my mother's family, unless there's an emergency or someone wants something or something similar to that. They're kind of self-righteous and greedy and they all dislike my mom because she's the youngest and actually a nice, hard-working woman who deserves some respect and admiration... Again, I'm getting off topic. Well, today we got a phone call from one of my aunts. She is out with the others (there's 6 sisters and God knows how many of their children and one brother out there) in BC. My littlest sister answered the phone.

      It was bad news, obviously as I am currently dealing with everyone's grief. Except for my boyfriend and Scud... Because my boyfriend doesn't have any real attachments and Scud is out of the city.

      My Grandmother, who I haven't seen in about 6 years, is declining rapidly and her health is deteriorating. Apparently, she no longer recognizes people, she is incontinent, she can't speak except for the word 'yes' and she is going into intensive care or something because my mom's family are too fucking lazy and self-centered and greedy to do in-home care. They put my grandmother in a nursing home 4 years ago after my grandpa died because no one wanted to take care of her. My family - meaning me and my mom and my siblings - have been looking after her since I was 2 goddamned years old. We''ve always dropped everything to help her and my late grandfather out and these assholes my mom is related to can't do shit. Ever. Pricks.

      I'm really angry and hurt.

      My family is made up of self-righteous, selfish, uncaring greedy fuckers who I wish would drop off the face of the planet and my grandmother is dying.

      My mom is taking it really hard.

      I'm trying to remain calm and lucid and not lose it, for her sake. And also for my sisters' sakes.

      I won't get to talk to my grandma or see her again and I won't be going to her funeral.

      I didn't get to see or talk to my grandpa before he passed 4 years ago and I didn't get to go to his funeral either.

      All the Scottish men in kilts and homemade bridies (which is a meat turnover similar to a sausage roll) and football (soccer to you non-Europeans) and caber tossing won't help.

      I need alcohol. In large quantities. Because I can't deal with anymore.

    • KaliYuga

      My fandom is about to be destroyed.

      5 years ago

      You've probably already seen it, but too bad. I was 13 or so when this movie came out and it has been my favorite ever since.

      Now this is hitting theaters? The cult status is about to go out the fucking window.

      I swear to God, this will give me more than enough reason to kill Twilight fangirls, especially if they get into my fandom... dammit.

      Click here to have a gander.

      We'll see how this ends up. I'm on the fence right now, it could be fantastic as fuck or horrible to the point where all who are involved must be destroyed. *sigh* It's been 10 years and this has been in the works for almost all 10... And I'm afraid.

      /...power hath descended forth from thy hand, that our feet may siftly carry out thy command. And we shall flow, a river forth to thee. And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine partis et filis et spiritus sancti.

    • KaliYuga

      INTERWEBS HELP, plzkthx

      6 years ago

      I know I just wrote a damned journal, but this one is actually kind of important.

      I need a Code Monkey, or someone who would be able to direct me on how to make a website. I currently use Freewebs 'cause I'm too cheap to buy a website, and also 'cause I'm broke all the time... Anyway, I plan to buy the domain name from freewebs eventually, but I'm lazy. And broke.

      Anyway, I need to build a snazzy website but I know fuck all about coding. I used to dabble in html coding but apparently no one uses THAT anymore. Freewebs is supposedly/apparently compatible with CSS coding, so if anyone would be willing to point me in the right direction to learn a bit of that, or if someone would be willing to give me cheat sheet or a crash course in mkaing my websit snazzy, I'd be eternally grateful.

      Also, I didn't sleep a wink last night and I've been up for too many hours to count, so I"m gonna go to bed.

      Life should be quieting down a wee bit this next month or two so hopefully we will all be able to play catch up. I miss you all.

      Thanks in advance for helping me with my web-building dilemma. I appreciate it.

      Peace and love.

      /...Code Monkey have boring meeting, with boring manager Rob. Rob say Code Monkey very diligent, but his output stink. His Code not functional or Elegant, what do Code Monkey think? Coke Monkey think maybe manager wanna write Goddamn logging page himself. Code Monkey not say this out loud, Code Monkey not crazy, just proud...

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    • seruko


      5 years ago

      im cleaning out my friends and if you want to stay on the list leave a message on my latest journal

    • Kabuse


      5 years ago

      How much of True Blood did you watch before deciding you don't like it?

      Just curious.

    • Duste


      5 years ago

      Then to it!

    • Duste


      5 years ago


    • Duste


      5 years ago

      YOU HAVNT SEEN THEM YET.,... because, I, er, havnt published them yet.
      That said, I do have this that go with my pair of these.

      I hope I started something incredible.

      Like Mens leggins, but not terrible, like mens leggins.

    • Kabuse


      5 years ago

      That's saying something, considering I'm on this website for an average of 30 seconds a day.

      Also, seeing as how you hate Twilight so much, I think you should watch True Blood. Something tells me you would like all the vampirical graphic sex and violence.

    • Duste


      5 years ago

      Again, no rush. Frankly, I'm just happy to find people to work with who might share a passion.

      Because as much as I'm sure you're interested in trying new designs out, I bet you'd not mind a few pics of me in somethign gorgeous and girly, haha.

    • Duste


      5 years ago

      I've nothing particular in mind, more interested in seeing, if I offered to pay for the entire process, what your imagination might throw out.

    • Duste


      5 years ago

      Oh the things I'm learning about carbs...

      That sounds fantastic, and no rush or worry about the glasses. I'd much rather a wicked cool jacket.

      That said, if it turns out, I'd love to see if you could turn, essentially, a gown into a mens jacket.

    • Duste


      5 years ago

      I'm interested in her, well, balls. If she has the talent, then she certainly has the exposure to create good things.

      Hehe, needed this the other day, though I'll have to get neck/wrist for you tomorrow or so.

      Shoulder across 18.5 ''
      Bust 39 ''
      Waist 33''
      Hips 36''
      Shoulder to waist 16''
      Waist to knee 24''

      Be warned, my body is changing in very unpredictable ways... the bust will shrink, along with the waist, but I can't tell what the hips are doing.