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    • BLOG!

      4 years ago


      Yes, I have a blog. Yes, I just created it a few days ago. I write about sports, video games, movies, TV, really anything I think is blog worthy and that will make people laugh with my scorching hot taeks!

      Head over to pileofkap.wordpress.com and give it a read.

    • RIP Monty

      4 years ago


      I never knew Monty. I never had the opportunity to head out to conventions where RoosterTeeth was hosting a panel or a table or whatever and just tell him I was a fan. But from what I've read today of everyone's personal stories of Monty's badassery, he seemed like a special, one-of-a-kind person. I always admired his talents with animation, even though I'm not into anime at all, and his drive to make his dreams and goals realities. The world needs more people like him, who go all-out, 110% all day every day.

      I said this in Matt's journal post, but I want everyone to make sure they tell their family or loved one that you love them. You never know when they may be taken from you, or you from them, so go out of your way to give them a call or just give them a big hug.

    • CFP National Championship Prediction

      4 years ago


      Ohio State - 41
      Oregon - 33

      I hope I'm wrong with the score. I honestly want to see a 70-67 shootout, because I don't see anyway these offenses can be stopped.

    • Doubts

      4 years ago


      I'm not really sure how to put this, but I'm not enjoying my time in Michigan so far as much as I thought I would. Maybe I should back up from the beginning...

      This summer, I was hired to be the graduate assistant in the sports information office at Grand Valley State, one of the best all-around athletic programs in the NCAA Division II. In addition, I decided to pursue my graduate degree in communications so that I can achieve my goal of being a Sports Information Director.

      Let me start off by saying that I love working here. Love it! The atmosphere in the office is great, it's much more casual than what it was at the last sports info office I worked at, and the people I work with are so helpful and just great to be around. The campus is also gorgeous and the facilities are some of the best I've seen at the Division II level, even rivaling some Division I facilities.

      Unfortunately, I'm not as happy here as I was working in Florida last year. The weather has something to do with it (not a fan of cold weather to begin with), but a big part of why I'm not as happy here is because of taking classes. Three days a week of classes from 6:00-8:50 shouldn't be as bad, but when you've got ADHD bad and never liked sitting in a classroom to begin with, it feels like the longest three-ish hours your life. Add on the stress and the exhaustion of my day job going into the classes when all I really want to do is go back to my apartment and just unwind, and it's not a good feeling.

      Another reason why I'm not as happy is because I'm incredibly far away from my family. I was just as far away from my immediate family when I was in Florida, and thanks to the wonders of technology I can communicate with them whenever I want. But by the time I get done with work and class, it's too late to talk to any of them as they are in bed. And I have some relatives who live in Detroit, but that's a two-hour drive just to see them and they've got their own lives that I don't want to intrude on.

      I understand that working towards my Master's degree is for the best and when I'm finished here I'll be much more hirable than with just my Bachelor's, but right now between the stresses of classes and work and the loneliness, I feel like I've made a mistake choosing to work here.

      I feel like there's no one I can talk to about this. If I talk to my bosses, I feel like they'll get the assumption that my heart is no longer in this and begin the process of looking for someone new, and my parents and friends back in North Carolina keep giving me the "its for your future' line for the hundredth time. And I can't air this out to my 77(?) followers on Twitter because my bosses follow me.

      I'm not sure what else there is for me to say. I have no intentions of quitting or dropping out of the graduate program, and its only for another year after this with summer classes, but that still doesn't mean there isn't a part of me that regrets leaving what I had in Florida.

      Honestly, I don't even care if anyone comments on this or not, or if it comes across clearly. I just needed to get this off my chest.

    • Quarter mark

      5 years ago


      25 years... 25 goddamn years old. Holy hell does time fly by.

      So much has happened in the past year. I've worked in Florida, I've had my heart broken, I met a great batch of new friends (awesome), I had to leave said friends when my contract was up, and now I'm living in Michigan pursuing my Master's degree while working in the Sports Information office of one of the best Division II athletic programs in the country.

      I have to say I'm truly fortunate to have experienced all of these things because they've made me learn and grow into what I hope to be is someone I can be proud of when my time on this planet has come to an end (just not as ripped or tall as I wanted to be).

      Hopefully I don't have a quarter-life crisis anytime soon, if that's even a thing. Birthday wishes, cards with money, or handies are more than welcomed.

    • Arg!

      5 years ago


      I hate when you miss parts of your face when you shave/trim. No matter how small or unnoticable it is, it still feels like you missed a big fucking part of your face.

    • The Season Aprroacheth

      5 years ago


      With the Spring quickly approaching, I'll officially begin what Florida Southern brought me here to do: cover men's and women's lacrosse (not psyched about that one, out of lack of experience with the sport*).
      And much like what I did with last year, I'll be posting what I write on the main site (fscmocs.com) on here so you can all read what I write and judge.

      *- If you know anything about lacrosse, you'd know the men's game and women's game are two ENTIRELY different sports.

    • Merry Christmas

      5 years ago


      Hope everyone got what they wanted today!

    • 5 years ago

    • Ugh

      5 years ago


      I hate everything right now. I hate work, I hate my coworkers, I hate my boss, I hate my office, I hate my desk, I hate my laptop. Fuck!

      /hungover rant

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    • phoenixlord

      11 years ago

      With your post in the Halo Motivational Posters:

      Stretch Armstrong:
      "Has started playing Halo"
      or "Makes cameo appearances in Halo 3."

      Or something like that. But the main title should be what you want to focus on. And if you use those titles, be sure to give me credit. It is your pic after all, so you should post it.

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      Thanks for the mod dude.

    • gravy13

      11 years ago

      i like ur cat dude

    • Glaxton

      13 years ago


      Also, I have created a website with tutorials on it... (click on the image)


      You may also MSG me with any questions.
      If you don't know how to send private messages, there is a tutorial on the website smiley11.gif

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