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      This journal has been created under my own free...*Lori cocks gun* will.

      I. Airport battles round 2.

      On the Friday night, I left my house for good and took a small trip to Manchester Airport, to which didn't seem to have any seats in the departure lounge. I then found a nice row of seats to call a bed near the arrival entrance where the doors were constantly open, letting a ghastly chill sneak in which made it impossible to sleep. Logically, I bought myself some coffee and a packet of sausage rolls and attempted to not go insane...

      II. This is your Kapten speaking!

      I cannot remember much of the flight nor could I care as I passed out from lack of sleep, food and the naughty text messages from a certain Canadian that shall remain anonymous... *Kicks Lori*

      III. Cope in Copenhagen.

      Jalnor suddenly remembered that he was keeping me updated on my flights as I wasn't too sure if anyone spoke common sense at the airport unlike last time but with a book in one hand and a coffee in the other, I attempted to keep my sanity for as long as possible.

      IV. The Custom Of Custom Officers

      "You speeek Swedish YA?"

      Routine check to see if I am that guy the KGB are hunting down for.

      V. Odd people.

      KGB insurgents found me at the airport and kidnapped me. They now feed me constantly, giving random hug attacks and shouting innuendos.

      VI. Edukatshun 4 teh edukated.

      Thanks to my politeness and Lori's ability to put my idiom speech into a more understanding of hybrid English/Swedish, I was let onto the course...

      VII. Following the followers.


      Jesus christ, I became popular in a matter of seconds and a mortal enemy of another teacher even quicker. bigsmile.png

      VIII. Edukating the Edukated.

      Teaching a bunch of students certain accents and phrases to fuck with your English teachers mind = Priceless.

      Finally a place I can call home where I am appreciated and loved.

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