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    • Friendly Reminder About Community Etiquette

      3 months ago


      We’d like to formally address some of the messages that have been posted in the comments sections of recent videos.

      While we encourage and support civil debate, there are a few, very important, issues we’d like to point out. These are here to help further foster our community to continue being a welcoming environment while also keeping respectable discussions thriving.

      1) Our community is welcoming, engaging, and diverse. That means that even if there happens to be a difference of opinion, it doesn't mean that we cannot interact and be respectful of one another. We are asking for everyone in the community to treat each other with respect even if you do not see eye to eye on certain topics.

      2) If you no longer enjoy a show or a character of a show, etc, you are free to express that provided that your tone fits with our community guidelines. However, we do draw the line is invalidating someone's right to exist. Those who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community are real people, the same as you and me. This is in no way making any kind of political statement, as we are simply writing about real types of people who exist in this world.

      3) If you see comments or interactions that violate of our Terms of Use, please report them to conduct@roosterteeth.com. Afterward, we the community team, will handle it from there. We encourage you to not further push yourself into arguments or engage in any disreputable actions. The community team and the site admins are here to handle these situations and act in the best manner to solve them.

      Again, we greatly value our community and want to make this the best possible place for all of you to enjoy!

       nora  heart

      - Kdin

    • Two Years Later...

      7 months ago


      November is fast approaching and it got me thinking “Where Did 2018 Go?”

      This year whizzed by with such aggressive speed and with unrelenting force that it’s left me a bit worse for wear and reeling in many facets of my life...which has caused me to stop and reflect on the past two years of my life and try to take it all in piece by piece.

      If 2017 was a year of rediscovery, reinventing, and revitalization... 2018 has been a year of rejection, failure, and loss.  Now, to be fair, a good chunk of those things happened in 2017 too, but I didn’t feel the full effect of it all until now, especially with all of the “NEW” and “HAPPY” that came from a single bold step.

      But now that 2018 is coming to a close, it’s all coming down a bit harder and faster than I would have liked.

      I’ve lost people who once stood by me “no matter what”, I felt the sting of rejection not for my abilities or lack thereof but for “who” and “what” I am, I saw the failure and breakdown of communication in already strained familial relationships, and I’m currently preparing myself for an inevitable upcoming loss.

      Before coming out, before transitioning, I knew that adversity paved the ground in front of me, it was part of the reason I had waited so long to do so.  How friends, family, those I looked up to, etc treated groups like that & how they spoke of them shaped my fears and worldview. An “act” is easiest to describe a younger me, someone who fit the role that those around me wanted me to be. Shedding that off, taking off the disguise, it was invigorating and filled me with a sense of purpose for myself, those around me, and those who may follow the path I began to create.

      The last 24 months have really tested me in ways I thought I was prepared for.  I knew hate, ignorance, and bigotry would greet me around every corner, both old and new, and I thought that greeting it with a smile would give me an upper hand.

      And yet...

      Arguments with what small remaining blood relatives I have became ever constant.

      Reading the news every morning broke my heart and filled me with continued dread.

      Prayers being made to “cure” me of what I had “become” were made.

      Long standing dreams, once within reach, zoomed away to a painfully far distance.

      Harassment became an everyday occurrence, and it was normalized.

      Professional doors closed, personal relationships died, internal struggles persisted.

      It’s no secret that I’ve spent the last year pouring myself fully into VO work, and I’ve met some amazingly talented and lovely people, I’ve gotten roles in projects I’m excited to be in with hardworking and compassionate folks...yet, despite those great moments, they are tainted by a few experiences of disrespect, unprofessionalism, and hate.

      To be direct, I was told “You cannot play a woman, because you’re not one. Our company doesn’t approve of men who audition for female roles.” The response went into more detail, and I don’t fully know if that was the company’s actual views or just the views of the vocal and casting director for the project, but you can understand why this has stuck in my mind and heart.

      So...with all that and the news that hit yesterday, I felt an all too familiar pain shoot through me, and it came at a time where I’m struggling to feel sympathy for those “closest to me” who are struggling yet continue to deny and persecute my existence as a woman, as a wife, as a daughter, as a person. To many, I don’t “exist”. Yet though these people may not have a place in my life anymore, I still hope the best for them.

      Though 2018 hasn’t been kind to me I’ll continue to be kind to those around me...and I’ll keep moving forward.

      P.S. - VOTE!

    • Kdin's Reactions to Every Game At E3 2018

      1 year ago


      UPDATE!: I believe I've hit almost EVERY SINGLE GAME that was shown/talked about at E3...or at least close to it.  If you're looking for a specific game, use that handy-dandy CTRL-F function!  Also, the top 9 games listed in the "My Favorite Games from E3" are new additions, and every other new addition is listed after "The Crew 2" and under the "(UPDATED LIST BEGINS HERE):" section.

      So I'm not physically at E3 2018 because of medical issues, so Brian and I are holding down the fort at the office.

      I took some time to rest, but now I've officially caught up on everything that's happened at E3 2018 (so far).

      I'll be updating this post with more games as they roll in, and if I've missed any PLEASE leave a comment with the game's title so I can do a write up on it, I'd really like to hit every game I possibly can!

      CTRL-F if you're looking for a specific game, and if you don't find it, tell me and I'll add it ASAP!

      So, without further ado, let's get to the games!:

      My favorite games from E3 2018 (So far):

      Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu/Eevee:

      I literally wrote the entire story The Know did on the leaks around Let's Go games.  You all said it was "lies" or "untrue".

      Not only was I right.

      I was ULTRA RIGHT.

      And the game looks like SO MUCH FUN!  It's my #1 game for this year.  I really need something like this to just chill out with, and the fact that it is fully co-op and I can take all the work I've done in Pokemon GO and transfer it to the Let's Go games? I love it.

      Would love to see the Let's Go series continue along side the main series if the gameplay actually stacks up like it looks!

      Catherine: Full Body:

      I love love loved Catherine when it came out, I'm a huge fan of the game.  I cannot wait to get my hands on this "New Game+" version, I will absolutely be picking it up just based on how much I loved the gameplay.

      Please though, and I know this is a longshot, but please treat Erica Anderson better and don't make Rin a "trope" in the way we're expecting.  Please?

      Just...seriously.  There isn't a lot of representation like these in games in general, but 9 times out of 10, when we do get it...it's really negative or just harping on "tropes".

      Octopath Traveler:

      This is one of my "MUST HAVES" for 2018.  This feels like a natrual evolution of the SNES era of JRPG's.  The name is still super weird, but that actually makes it better for me.

      Wild Arms 3 had one of my favorite all time JRPG intros, is Octopath Traveler emulates that style even slightly, it may become one of my favorite RPGs of all time.
      Love what we've seen of the world so far, and also love that the game is coming out NEXT MONTH! 


      Where is Ooblets?  Why am I not playing it right now?  Give me this game.  Animal Crossing + Pokemon with little weird shaped creatures.  I want it and I need it.

      Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion:

      It literally comes out TOMORROW.

      TOMORROW!  Thanks for the Mic Drop Nintendo.

      Love that we finally get to play as the Octolings.

      Segregating the Squids from the Octos was bad, we're all just aquatic life that can transform into humanoid forms, we should all be treated equally.
      I'm going to have my Squid Kid marry my Octo Kid, and they will have adorable Squocto Babies.

      Spyro Reignited:






      Super Mario Party:

      FINALLY!  I'm so happy we finally get a more traditional Mario Party style game.  Don't get me wrong, I did like the concept that the "car party" games had, they were fast and fun...but the grueling 50 Turn runs were the contests of champions and I want to feel exhausted when I play a round of Mario Party and hate everyone in the room when we're done or I just won't feel fulfilled.

      Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

      Everyone is back.

      They tempered expectations by saying: "Don't expect a lot of newcomers".

      They gave the "reskinned" characters a proper treatment and put them into new type called "echo fighers".


      Inklings are SUPER cute.


      I love Smash, so this is a no brainer for me, but this one in particular seems so much like a celebration of the franchise.

      Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition:







      Fire Emblem Three Houses:

      This game is absolutely beaufitul to me in every way.  I love the FE franchise and it is nice to finally see it coming back to a "home console" setting, even if I can pick up that home console and take it with me on the go.

      I'm wondering if the title "Three Houses" refers to a style similar to the Fire Embem Fates games, Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation, in which we'll be playing through the campaign multiple times from multiple perspectives.

      I'm really into Fire Emblem and the setting, and with this resurgance of popularity I'm hoping that this one will see a significant amount of continued support with full on story DLC and more campaigns.

      I do really like the style changes they made to the camera and battle formations, hoping that adds a new enough flavor to the old style of combat.

      Resident Evil 2:

      A from the GROUND remake of Resident Evil 2, one of my FAVORITE games of all time.  I'm buying it.  There's no double, and it's on my "FAVORITE GAMES" list for E3 2018.  But with my hype comes some apprehencion...

      This seems like Resident Evil 2 by way of Resident Evil 4...which isn't why I liked Resident Evil 2 at all.  In fact, when RE4 came out, I was a bit dissapointed that it changed things to an "action" format and away from the "puzzle" focus that the RE series had built itself upon.

      I very much hope that this RE2 remake will bridge the two styles together, something I've been desperately craving for a long time.

      Or at the very least give an option to have those classic tank controls and camera angles.  I'm in the minority, but I adore them.

      Wolfenstein: Youngblood: 

      I'm actually SUPER excited for this, a Co-Op Wolfenstein game that puts you in the shoes of BJ's twin kids?  Heck yes.  Also, super badass nazi killing woman being (from what it looks like) the "default" twin?  Nice change of pace compared to the "dude bro apocalypse" that we're usually thrown into.  But, like Doom Eternal, it's more of the same with the idea of "MORE IS BETTER" and for DOOM and Wolfenstein, I can't really argue.

      Fallout 76:

      It comes out on my birthday.  Bethesda, can you send me a copy as a present?  That'd be lovely.

      For real though, multiplayer Fallout may be the thing that makes me enjoy these "Skyrim With Guns" stype of Fallout games a bit more, especially with a focus on "rebuilding" the world.

      I mean, yeah, we know that the rebuilding of the world goes pretty poorly based on Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Fallout 4, but hey...maybe West Virginia wll be totally rebuilt and lovely and just the REST of the entire world is a garbage pile.

      Metro Exodus:

      Metro has been so good about updating it's style, gameplay, and exploring it's world more through the eyes and feelings of the main character and the people around them.  This seems to be delving even deeper into those feelings and blowing out the world even more with a lot more thematic changes.  Though, that could just be how I saw it.  This game could very well fall into the "more of the same" category, but from what I've seen it seems to be doing enough new to warrant actually being a worthy continuation to the series. 

      Also, this will be our first actual "Next Gen" Metro game, since 2033 and Last Light were both originally Xbox 360/PS3 era games.  So I'm hyped to see what they can do with the new hardware power.

      Sea of Solitude:

      I really don't get what "Sea of Solitude" is supposed to be about, aside from "humans turned into monster if they get lonely", and honestly...that's all I need to know.  Such a wonderfully relatable subject brought to light in the format of a game, maybe I'm a simple person, but I'll more than likely be picking this one up.

      Indie games, more often than not, have held my attention better than AAA games, and this seems to be no exception.

      Really big shout out to EA (and all the bigger devs) for funding more indie projects!

      Death Stranding:

      I still have no idea what the hell this game is about, how to play it, or really anything about it.  But I trust Kojima.  So I want it.  Give.


      We've seen this game three times now, and unlike some other games, the more I see the more I feel I need this game.  This is the type of Spider-Man game we should have been getting all along, and it's very curious why it's taken this long to get back to this type of game.

      Still wish it was about Miles Morales or Gwen Stacy, or more "Spider-Verse" focused with players hopping between the different characters, but hey...maybe in the sequel?

      The Last of Us Part II:

      We FINALLY got gameplay and holy heck was it ever worth it.  I adored The Last of Us, probably more than I liked the Uncharted series (which is saying something as I loved them a lot), so to finally see more of the world that began in the first game...it's a welcome experience.
      Ellie is every bit the badass she should be, and they didn't shy away from the tougher and "road less traveled" experiences that Ellie is going through.  Which is good.  If you're going to make a character, let the character be themselves, don't sweep it under the rug.  Let the character become as a living breathing person and follow them on the journey.  Ellie is the personification of that.

      But I do want to know...what's Joel up to?  Is he ok?  Does Ellie even respect him anymore?  The fact that I'm asking all these questions just adds to the fact that I'm  super into this game.

      Also THAT KISS THOUGH, RIGHT? HOLY NUTS! What an amazing scene! I'm in LOVE!

      Beyond Good and Evil 2:

      Ubisoft has outdone themselves with how enticing this game looks.  I want to play it immediately.  The world is so vibrant, the characters immediately lovable, and the sense of wonder that seems to be around every corner just gets me so hyped to explore!

      I'm disappointed that it took Ubisoft so long to make a sequel to such a wonderful game, but...maybe all that time cooking in the oven was worth it because of how different it is.

      Also it has co-op.  Please keep making co-op games.


      Remedy made one of my favorite games from the last generation, Alan Wake, but Quantum Break was such a letdown for me.  CONTROL seems to be a return to form, but not in setting, for Remedy and I like that.

      If a new type of gameplay or style doesn't work, change it up again and keep changing it until you and your fans are happy.

      CONTROL is very much my type of game and it's, again, super nice to see a female protagonist.

      Everything Else:

      The Elder Scrolls 6:

      They announced this way too soon.  Nintendo got away with "just a logo" last year with Metroid Prime 4, and in hindsight, we shouldn't have let Nintendo get away with it.  I'm retroactively "meh" that it was just a logo and I'm "meh" that Elder Scrolls 6 was just a logo.  Bethesda is usually better about how and when they announce things, this seemed like a formal announcement that they are working on it and nothing more.


      With how long we've been hearing about this game and to only see a logo, again, it's pretty disappointing.  Especially with the concept of "next gen" being tossed around.  Between this and TES6, when we actually see these games is a mystery and again I'm a little disappointed at the "announcement that something is coming at sometime...maybe".  That said, a space RPG by Bethesda sounds fun.

      Ghosts of Tsushima:

      This game looks like an evolution of the "Way of the Samurai" games, pieced together in a much more "average gamer" type package...as Way of the Samurai was a bit on the difficult side to grasp sometimes.

      I'm into the presentation, but the teaser we got last year seemed a lot different than the gameplay trailer we got this time around. I like it, but I don't "like like" it.

      Battlefield 5:

      Having really enjoyed the style and gameplay adjustments from Battlefield 1, everything that Battlefield 5 has to offer seems like just "more" of that.  Which I'm abolutely 100% behind. 

      That said, I'm pretty much against the idea of adding in a Battle Royale style mode without having something new to offer at this point, and B5's royale mode seems pretty standard for what it will be offering.


      I'm worried, I am.  Bioware, as a company, used to illicit a certain response from me, but I feel like this seems very derivative of a lot of different games we've seen over the last few years.  The more I see of Anthem, the more I feel disinterested in what it wants to be because of the idea of what it "could be" that had been lingering for so long.

      Regardless, the gameplay looks solid and the game itself looks absolutely beautiful.  Fingers crossed that this is the game that brings Bioware out of the funk they've seemed to be in the last couple of years.

      Doom Eternal:

      It's Doom.  It's violent.  It looks like it will be very much "more of the same, but BIGGER" from the last entry in the series.  Not much to say, considering what we've seen, but I liked the new DOOM, so I'll more than likely pick this one up eventually.  DOOM is always a cathartic experience that I'm willing to jump back into.

      Cyberpunk 2077: 

      We've gotten two trailers and honestly what this game will "be like to play" is still a mystery to me.  I never played The Witcher 3, but I did play the other two and enjoyed them, so maybe with my interest in Cyberpunk 2077 I'll hit up Witcher 3 before this new IP drops.

      Cyberpunk, the genre not the game, has always been a favorite of mine so to have such an innovative and driving force for game development behind this new series...I'm already a bit taken by it.  So, with my genre bias, I'm super into it.

      Also that android putting on their make up while their "mouth" wasn't connected was super cool, I don't care what anyone says.

      Just Cause 4:

      Didn't really enjoy Just Cause 3, after really liking Just Cause 2, and this seems to be, again like DOOM and Wolfenstein and a lot of this year's showcase, more of the same.  Which isn't bad, Just Cause 3 did very well and open world-explore-explode-mayhem style games are always a blast to jump into.

      Halo Infinite:

      Where do I even begin, the trailer showed nothing and they talked about nothing.  You play as Master Chief and there's a Halo.  If this is "Halo 6", I'll be honestly angry as Halo actually kept it's mainline games perfect in the numbering system and if Infinite is supposed to be 6, we'll be going into a naming trend that I hate.

      I mean, Halo would have pulled a Rocky, even down to the number:

      Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo Infinte.

      Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky V, Rocky Balboa.

      Why?  Stop doing this.

      Anyway, it'll probably be Halo and Halo is fun.  But, and I keep saying this, it'll be "MORE OF THE SAME", in this (and many cases this year) the "more of the same" is actually "more of something that was good/fun", but still "the same" is "the same".

      P.S. We'll never see Master Chief without the helmet, stop teasing us.

      Kingdom Hearts 3:

      Delayed.  No surprise there.  I wish they would have replaced Haley Joel Osment with a sound-alike or someone who sounded more like an "adult/older" Sora, his performance (from what we've heard) is fine...but it just sounds awkward.

      Game looks amazing, the new worlds look incredible...though I'm pretty lukewarm on bringing Pirates of the Caribbean back into it.

      I've played every Kingdom Hearts game,  I'll be playing this one.  If it comes out.  Which until it's physically in my hands, I will not believe.

      Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice:

      It's not Bloodborne 2.  And that's ok, but I had my hopes up.  Seems like we're on a feaudal Japan kick in the industry, which I'm absolutely behind, but I'm a bit "meh" that every single one of them has a focus on sword combat instead of the wealth of other mythological elements and themes from that era.

      Either way, it's a From Software game and it's going to be hard and rewarding as hell.  Sign me up.

      Shadow of the Tomb Raider:

      I wish I was more excited about this game.  I loved the reboot, and despite the really weird card nonsense from the next entry in the series, my enjoyment continued.  But this...and I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here...looks "the same".

      Let's hit that mantra again while we're here!

      "More of the same" when "the same" is GREAT is still GOOD...but it's still just "the same".
      I do greatly enjoy seeing Lara beat the living hell out of the bad guys though, super satisfying.  You go girl!

      The Division 2:

      The first Division looked very generic and boring to me.  Somehow, with very minor changes in gameplay and setting, The Division 2 oddly has my attention.  Would love to get my hands on this game and play with a squad.  This COULD be the game that gets me back into playing multiplayer centric games after being so burnt out on the "perpetual online experience" that begun devouring the gaming landscape oh so many years ago and still continues it's warpath to this day.
      Anyway, looks cool, love the style and setting, would love to know more about it.

      Forza Horizon 4:

      I don't like the main Forza series.  But Horizon is my jam.  Exceedingly pretty arcade style racer with loads of customizability and an ever present "driver ai" that races for you against your friends based on how well you drive.  The Forza Horizon series is just...fun, nothing more to it.  If you like the idea of driving fast in exceptionaly pretty landscapes in a hot pink car with an anime girl on it, the Horizon series is your kinda game.

      But...it's "more of the same", E3 2018 is full of games like that, again, not bad, just "the same".

      Devil May Cry 5:

      Three playable characters, two of which are Dante and Nero, "removing" DMC: Devil May Cry from the mythos, and taking place in the normal game's canon "10 years later".

      Devil May Cry is honestly just as confusing as Resident Evil's plot line at this point.  Nothing really makes sense, but it doesn't need to.  The gameplay is what makes the series, and if they add a it more flavor to the game by having these three playable characters actually play DIFFERENTLY for a change, I'm all for it.

      While I'm happy to jump back into the "main line" story for Devil May Cry, it makes me wonder "what could have been" if we just ended up focusing on the new direction DMC: Devil May Cry went towards.  For what it's worth, I thought it was a really fun game and tried to do things different enough while still keeping what folks liked about the originals intact.

      Oh well, I'm excited either way.

      Gears of War 5:

      A Gears game without a male lead and a focus on a female character?  Someone slap me, I'm obviously dreaming.

      Jokes aside, the Gears franchise has always been really fun and sneaky with how they implemented something "new" into it.  Something that, unfortunately, Gears 4 didn't do.  So I'm hoping it will be back onto the innovation train with Gears of War 5 both in story telling and for gameplay (or at least with some new modes).

      Dragon Quest 11:

      I love the Dragon Quest series.  Even more so in recent years for keeping that classic JRPG feeling alive while still changing up the gameplay quite a bit.  Plus I'm a huge fan of Akira Toriyama's art style when it comes to cell-shaded graphics.

      Starlink: Battle For Atlas:

      There's collectable toys and Star Fox is in it.

      I want this game.

      Assassin's Creed Odyssey:

      I skipped Origins, it didn't really grab me, though I may still pick it up at some point.
      However, I really loved what I saw in Odyssey.  It oddly felt more "Bioware" than most of the stuff that "Bioware" has been doing in the last couple of years and with the ability to create your own story with how you play the game, it makes the Assassin's Creed games seem more alive than they were before.

      Though, in doing all of this, it makes it a much more "branching" experience and less like a solid narrative.  Which, considering how nonsensical the AC storyline is...that may actually be a good thing.

      Gameplay looks a lot like Origins and still has that AC feel to it, may be my time to jump back into the franchise.

      Madden 19, FIFA 19, NBA Live 19, PCG Club (All The Sports Games):

      They're sports games, there's a new one every year, they keep looking prettier and prettier, I have no idea how to play these games but I do appreciate how much attention to detail and love that seems to continue to go into the development of these games.


      No more lootboxes please.


      FROM SOFTWARE is making a PSVR game.  I...don't even know what it's about, the trailer was super confusing and didn't really give me anything to grasp onto.  I do like that they are trying something new though! 

      Gears Tactics:

      "This is a GEARS game Kdin, put it in the BIG ONES section", I hear you saying.

      Nay, I say.

      Game looks great, Gears series works great for XCOM style tactics gameplay and I'm all about genre shifting...

      But Mario + Rabbids made the genre easily accessable to newcomers and I don't really see the Gears Tactics game adding anything to the genre that XCOM hadn't already done.

      Neat, but not sure if this is where I'd, personally, like to see the Gears off-shoot series going.


      Make the game hard as hell, limited lives, limited continues, don't forget levels like Turbo Tunnel/Clinger-Winger, and don't make it a simple "beat-em up".  However, give it a "tadpole" mode with unlimited lives, unlimited continues, easier enemy placement and I think you've got something good.

      I do, however, think it'll be more of a Beat'em Up, which isn't bad, but it's also not really what Battletoads is all about.

      Also, Brian likes Battletoads a lot, so I'm happy Microsoft finally got the thousands of letters he'd been mailing in.

      Dying Light 2:

      Sequel to an openworld zombie game that I thought was a great story focused single-player version of Dead Island.  It looks fun, but this time around it seems like there's a bigger focus on world building and "choices".  Which I think is really cool, but I feel like in the multitude of choices we're going to lose a lot of the subtlety that we could be getting from this series.

      Please bring back "Be a Zombie Mode", it made me feel like the Spider-man villain Carnage  and it was absolutely my favorite part of the game.

      The Quiet Man:

      What the hell even was this.  I don't even know what this is going to be.  Seems like a melee combat focused detective-y game?  I'd love to know more, but it seems like a AA title from SquareEnix.  Which isn't bad, just...very very confusing.

      Jump Force:

      Naruto, Goku, Luffy...I love these Shonen Jump crossover games.

      But if Deku isn't in it, I'm going to riot.

      Jedi: Fallen Order:

      I hate to be "that person", but Viceral's pitch sounded more fun.  This just sounds like every other single player Star Wars game we've gotten with the concept of "CAN I BE A JEDI? WILL I GET A LIGHT SABER? DO I GET FORCE POWERS?"

      I'm sure it will be super fun, but I'm tired of being a "Jedi" in the Star Wars universe.

      Unravel 2:

      I never played the first Unravel.  I wanted to, and after seeing this "IT'S OUT NOW" drop coupled with the addition of Co-Op gameplay, it may be the kick in the skirt I needed to grab the first game then hop immediately into Unravel 2.

      Puzzle platformers are great, especially when it's a cooperative experience.  Puzzles are best completed with a friend!

      Command & Conquer: Rivals:

      I. Hecking. Loved. Command & Conquer.

      I fell off after a while and never bothered to jump back in, but this 1 V 1 mobile game really won't be bringing me back in.

      It's a novel concept on paper, but I think the series deserves a bit better than this offering.

      Just Dance 2019:

      You dance in 2019.
      That's it.
      Move along.

      The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit:

      I wish I enjoyed Life is Strange more.  I liked it just fine, but it didn't grab me like I wished it would.  If Captain Spirit is "more of the same", I'll be opting out even at the free-of-charge price.

      But I'm also a sucker for "free" and I love a story driven narrative, so I'll somehow still end up playing this game.  The protagonist looks like he'll be a good one to learn the story of and follow around, and I'm honestly a bit curious to see where it's going even if ife is Strange didn't hook me like I wished it did.

      Babylon's Fall:

      A nonsense trailer followed by a "Platinum Games" logo. I love Platinum, and trust them (most of the time) to make a great game.  But these "what am I watching" style trailers from so many developers make me apprehensive.

      Show the game if you can, and if you can't, don't announce it yet.

      Final Fantasy 14 / Monster Hunter: World crossover:

      I don't play FF14, but I have a friend who does and they absolutely love it.  They also love Monster Hunter.

      So I assuming they're so happy they exploded into confetti at the sight of this announcement.

      Trials Rising:

      It's Trials!  It'll be hard, it will make you wanna throw your contoller, and it will make you laugh endlessly.  I don't think this game adds anything truly "new", so it's absolutely a "more of the same", but it's been a while since we've had a full Trial's game, so maybe it'll be nice to get back to it.

      Skull & Bones:

      After critisizing Sea of Thieves, saying Skull & Bones would be the better of the two, then...somehow enjoying Sea of Thieves...I'm at a loss.

      Skull & Bones seems to be the pirate offshoot that everyone craved after playing through Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag.  Maybe it's a bit too late for this game?  Or maybe we actually just need more pirate games in different genres.  This game still looks like a lot of fun, but it may not be for me.


      I'm a firm believer that VR experiences and games will absolutely be a staple of future gaming and that there is a place for them alongside tradictional "controller" games.

      This one?  I'm not really sure about.

      "Neat" I guess would be my summary of it so far.

      The Crew 2:

      It looks neat, but if I'm going to race cars, I already enjoy the Forza Horizon series plus I'll get that game for free with Game Pass.

      That said, do love the ability to jump between gameplay styles on the fly.


      Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion:

      I fell off the Adventure Time train a while ago, but this game looks a heck of a lot like it's going to play like Costume Quest which I LOVED.  Seems fun, but realistically I can't see myself picking this one up.

      Make a game about Marceline and Bubblegum and thenwe'll talk.

      Call of Duty: Black Ops 4:

      CoD is back to Black Ops, and Playstation is even giving away Black Ops 3 right now for PS+ members.  All that sounds great but...
      No storymode?  That and Zombies are the only thing I actually play in CoD so...hard pass on this one for me.  Still looks like it'll be fun for fans of the series.
      Still wish they'd sell the Zombies modes seporately.

      Children of Morta:

      Seven playable characters.  Top down, dungeon adventure gameplay.  "It's like Zelda but with more characters!"  Okay, that's an over simplification, but that gets the point across nicely.

      The overall aesthetic of the game is fantastic.  I'm always down for  dark fantasy setting, especially with how lovely the pixel art looks!

      Conqueror's Blade:

      Not much to say here other than "Dynasty Warriors with Open World Multiplayer".  If that sounds good to you, watch the trailer and sell yourself on all the absolutely bonkers action!

      Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course:

      I did not expect DLC for this game but I'm SO happy to have it.  Thanks for adding Ms. Chalise and however many new bosses you'll be adding that will undoubtably kick my ass too many times before I beat them once and only once.

      Daemon X Machina:

      Marvelous! and First Studio making an absolutely nuts Mecha game, reminds me a bit of how Virtua-On looks, but with a focus on (I'm assuming) a single player campaign.  I've been on a Mecha anime kick, so this scratches an itch for me!

      Destiny 2: Forsaken:

      I wish I cared about Destiny 2.  I tried, I really did.  I tried with the OG Destiny too.  But I never had a consistent group to play with and most of the first year DLC just sucked to me.  Seems like they are following the same pattern this time, which is unfortunate.

      Happy that those who enjoy it are finally getting the "Taken King" of Destiny 2.


      We've seen this game for a couple of E3's now, but what will really sell me on it is what the gaming community will do with the tools inside the game once it releases.

      So...release the game please?

      The Elder Scrolls Blades:

      Bethesda joining Nintendo in the "small side game from a known franchise to satisfy the fans foaming at the mouth" camp.
      Looks fun, it's a mobile game, it's whatever. 

      Farming Simulator 19:


      MOVING ON!

      Fear the Wolves:

      Really pretty looking survival game, reminds me a bit of the Metro series.  Love the focus on running away (and the speed of that) coinciding with stealth, but not shying away from big loud action!  Here's hoping the game actually delivers on what it promises.

      Generation Zero:

      Left 4 Dead with Robots?  I think.  That's fine, I could use more games like this.  Vermintide is a blast, but it's nice to have some competition.  Also robots are cool.

      Ghost Giant:

      I cried at the trailer.  Like I wept openly.  There's not much else to say.  I was moved by the message behind the TRAILER of this game.  I want to be friends with this little anthropomorphic cat and help them.


      I absolutely hate the name of this game, it's a "nothing" name.  However, the game seems to be a in the same aeasthetic as the old PS3 game Folklore with a focus on "Darksouls" style combat, and that has me interested.  

      Harold Halibut:



      Hitman 2:

      Never been into Hitman.  Game looks neat though. I don't have much to add here, glad to see the studio continuing to work on a series they're passionate for!

      Killer Queen Black:

      An ARADE GAME that was made in the late 2000's is getting a rebuilt port for the Switch.  Very hectic multiplayer combat, fun for parties I'd assume!

      Little Dragons Cafe:

      Harvest Moon with DRAGONS.  Sold.  MOVING ON!


      Shark simulator where you mercilessly eat people.  It's like JAWS but you get to be the shark.

      Mario + Rabbids Donkey Kong DLC:

      This game was absolutely amazing last year, and I'd love to see Ubisoft and Nintendo continue to work together to bring more Mario characters or even Ubisoft characters into this game with DLC.  Would kill for some Rayman DLC to be added.  The new style of gameplay that DK and the other new character brings to the table brings some welcome changes to combat.

      Mega Man 11:

      He is Mega Man.

      He's blue and cyan.

      Created by Doctor Light (or Right if you are from Japan)

      ...also known as Rock Man.

      It's just a Mega Man game in a new style, I'm into it.

      Metal Wolf Chaos XD:

      Remaster of Metal Wolf Chaos.  FUN! MECHA! GAME! 

      Monster Hunter Generations:

      Was Monster Hunter World your first Monster Hunter game?  Welcome to Generations, where all the streamlining is gone because this game came out before World in Japan.  Even so, if you're a MH fan, it'll be a must-have.  Everyone else?  Try a demo if one comes out.

      My Friend Pedro:

      Gun-Fu side scrolling action game.  Reminds me of Hotline Miami but with a visual shift.

      Nioh 2:

      What. Is. With. All. These. Samurai. Games.

      Seriously?  Did I miss a memo or something?

      Nioh was a total blast, so more Nioh is great, but I really wonder what "new" things they'll be adding to the format.

      Ori and the Will of the Wisps:

      I never got to play Ori and the Blind Forest, but I heard "You'll really like it a lot, Kdin!" from some folks so...I assume "You'll really like Will of the Wisps, Kdin!" because of how everyone who played the original Ori is reacting to it.

      Outer Wilds:

      No Man's Sky but it has a Finite Universe.

      Planet Alpha:

      If No Man's Sky was a side-scrolling platformer...and fun.

      Overcooked 2:

      Missed opportuniy, honestly.  Should have called it "Overcooked 2: Well Done".  See the pun?  It's a good one.
      Anyway.  "More of the same", but again "the same" in this instance was fun so...yay!

      Overkill's The Walking Dead:

      I can't believe this game is still a thing.  The Walking Dead brand has waned so hard over the last couple of years and the zombie genre is still as crowded as ever, I can't really imaging this game bringing much new to the table based on the presentations and trailers.  Realistically, this game seems like the old Xbox 360 game "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct" but with an actual budget and graphics.

      Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight:

      If they can explain how the main character is dancing despite this happening AFTER Persona 3, and have it make sense, I'll give them an additional $10 upon purchase.

      Regardless, PERSONA RHYTHM GAME!

      Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight:

      Dominatrix P5 Protagonist is worth the price of entry.  Someone make me that outfit and it will become a part of my casual wardrobe.


      Prey: Mooncrash:

      How will the Speed Runners break this DLC? Find out in several weeks when people are beating it in 3 minutes or less.

      Jokes aside, Prey was low-key one of the most fun games from last year.  You just didn't play it.  But you should!

      Quake Champions:

      I want to play this with Ryan.

      Rage 2:

      I didn't play RAGE, but I had a friend say that it was fun just "very dull to look at".  Seems like they added a lot of pink to the game, I love pink, so I want to try this out.

      I'm a simple woman, ok?

      Rapture Rejects:

      Cyanide & Happiness made a game.

      I...ok.  Sure.  Why not.


      I love these quiet indie adventure games.  The low poly/sketch style really speaks to me, no idea why.  But I could definitely go for another Journey style game, and this seems to be in the same vein but with a whole different feel to it.


      Something I've never been called.

      Jokes aside, really neat looking multiplayer base building chill survivalish game.

      The music that went alongside the trailer was pretty hype too.

      Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails and the Forsaken Shores:

      I like Sea of Thieves.  I can't tell you why, but I do.  So the fact that they are continuing to support it with a growing amount of content makes me happy.

      Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass:

      Hey, if DOOM can make a complete comeback, so can Serious Sam!  Let's hope it's better than Serious Sam 3.  The frame rate problems in SS3 were just ridiculously bad and the game wasn't well put together. Fix the technical issues and lean heavily into the silliness and you'll have something great on your hands!


      It's like Skate.

      ...what do you want from me?  It's a skateboarding game and it looks fun.

      The Sinking City:

      An open world H.P. Loveraft game interests me greatly...but the alpha gameplay looks SUPER rough around the edges.  Will be checking back on this later when it's closer to release.

      Soulcalibur VI:


      Strange Brigade:

      Hoard mode game with mystical powers.  Standard affair stuff, but it looks like it could be fun.  Still, fairly rough around the edges with how the presentation looked.

      Team Sonic Racing:

      I loved Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, I liked Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed, I hope this is more like the former rather than the latter.  Hoping for a smaller roster too, actually.  Maybe the inclusion of the "OC" from Sonic Forces though for some variety?  That'd be fun.

      Tetris Effect:

      TETRIS! IN! VR!


      I don't...I don't know?  This is what VR should be about, intimate and unique experiences, but...I'm really confused on my feelings about this one.

      Trevor Saves the Universe:

      Something weird from Justin Roiland and we have no idea what the gameplay will be like, but it will be on PS4 and VR so I'm guessing something fairly simple that focused on "comedy" rather than "gameplay".





      Twin Mirror:

      Alan Wake but not made by the Alan Wake people.  That's the vibe I get.  It looks neat, would like to learn more.  The trailer didn't give much info.

      Valkyria Chronicles 4:

      This entire series is way more fun than it appears.  If you enjoy stuff like Fire Emblem, you'd best check out the Valkyria Chronicles series.  This one seems again, "more of the same" but "the same" is great stuff and in this case we don't get a lot from the Valkyria Chronicles franchise so "the same" is fine.


      We saw this at Nintedo's first "Nindies" showcase for the Switch, and I'm still just waiting for it to come out.  Think Advance Wars by way of Medival England/Traditional Fantasy Setting.

      We Happy Few:

      I feel lke we've known about this game for far too long and "what it actually is" has changed overtime.  I'm still a bit uncertain of what to expect when actually PLAYING We Happy Few, but the themes and setting have me interested.

      The history of it's development is fairly interesting, and kind of sad actually, if you're interested I'd reccommend reading up on it.

      The Wind Road:

      Another mystical Samurai style game.  I seriously feel like I missed a memo or an email or something, there's so many of these and it can't just be a coincidence.

      Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country:

      Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was good, more in that world is also good.  Glad they're still investing time and money into this series, I'd love to see this become a continuing trend with the Xenoblade series.  Do like that they keep jumping to different characters in the franchise too, keeps things from getting dull.

      Yakuza Kiwami 2 & Yakuza 0:

      I'm lumping these two together.  I've never played a Yakuza game, but I've heard the BEST things about them.  I'd love to give them a shot, but I don't know where to actually "start".

      That said, the games are beautiful and it's great to see them getting western releases!

    • 2018's Pokémon games are Let's Go! Pikachu & Let's Go! Eevee?

      1 year ago


      In the early evening yesterday potential leaks from Nintendo's E3 plans started to trickle out.  Among those rumors were titles like Punch-Out!! Become the Champion, Metroid Prime: Renegade, Fire Emblem Memories, Yoshi's Flipping Island, Star Fox Lylat System, and F-Zero SX.  But the one that everyone is focused on is the potential leak of the Switch's very first series of Pokémon games Let's Go! Pikachu and Let's Go! Eevee.

      So I'm going to take you on a run down of what the rumors have been saying up to this point and see what additional info we can glean from them, if any.

      First, a caveat, this rumor (for the time being) is unconfirmed.  However, we do have some indication that it could be true based on domain name registrations by Nintendo.  The twitter account @Pokekalos tweeted the domain listings by CSC Corporate Domains Inc.  They also noted that CSC is a company that registers domains for other companies, with both Serebii and PokeFan confirming (through the use of "Who.is") that the domain was registered by CSC for Nintendo, similarly to how it was done for Sun and Moon.  Now this doesn't make it a 100% sealed and shut case, but it's pretty conclusive based on past experiences.

      Industry insider @PixelPar tweeted a video of all the hints they had been dropping over the last month, revealing that the information they had lent itself to this "Let's Go! Pikachu & Eevee" titling as well as some additional gameplay information.  PixelPar has a pretty good track record with leaks, having screenshots and information for the Spyro Reignited Trilogy just before it's announcement. According to PixelPar, these will be pseudo-remakes of Yellow Version, celebrating it's 20 year anniversary.  The most interesting aspect that PixelPar hinted at was "Pokémon Go integration" with the game as well as potential Amiibo support.  They also confirmed that previous information about translation being underway was true and also noted that an image of Pikachu and Eevee are now "just chilling out on the official Pokémon corporate website".

      This Pokémon Go aspect of the game was also hinted at by Emily Rogers on blog yesterday.  She discussed the number of Go users and downloads and asked how Nintendo and Game Freak could learn from this success.  Also citing that Nintendo, not Niantic, created the Pokémon GO Plus device and the possibility of Nintendo Switch integration with the device or possibly a new, similar, accessory specifically for the Switch.

      Now for the real meat!  A thread appeared on 4chan on March 31st leaking even more information about what we can expect from the Let's Go games.  The leaker confirmed that these would be remakes of Pokémon Yellow, would indeed have two versions (one featuring Eevee and the other Pikachu), a return of the main characters Red & Blue playing major roles in the story with you and your rival being new trainers, Pokémon will once again follow the player, PokeRide continues to replace HMs, an ONLINE TRAINER HUB, as well as the previously mentioned Pokémon Go integration.

      The go a bit further in depth with the talk of what exactly the games will be taking from Pokémon Go, which actually sounds pretty cool.  Catching Pokémon now works just like it does in Pokémon Go, I assume this means you'll be physically flicking the ball upwards towards the Pokémon and the closer you get the capture circle to the Pokémon the more likely you are to catch it.  There will be rewards for linking your Pokémon Go account with the Let's Go games.  And finally, similarly to what Emily Rogers spoke of, a new accessory that can be used with both Let's Go and Pokémon Go.  Personally, I'd love if the Pokémon Go Plus accessory also work with Let's Go, but that's just me.

      Finally, a lot of these insiders have all hinted at Nintendo and Game Freak making a formal announcement of the games "very soon" and releasing both versions this year.  This all makes sense if Nintendo is aiming for that sweet Pokémon Yellow 20th Anniversary nostalgia to hook in the older crowd of players.

      It's no doubt that both Eevee and Pikachu are among the most popular Pokémon, hitting that anniversary, re-adding the Pokémon following the trainer feature from Heart Gold/Soul Silver, and snagging all those Pokémon Go players by having it and some of it's better features integrated into the game...it all sounds like a very smart decision by the developers to hook in as many old and new players as possible.

      This is, however, shaping up to be a very big departure from what PokeFans have come to expect from the series.  But change can be a very good thing!  Gen 7 proved that big tweaks to the gameplay make the series far more accessible to newcomers and younger players while still delivering the core experience that veterans to the series have come to love.

      Keep in mind that previous rumors had stated that the next Pokémon game would not be Gen 8 and not really be "remakes" either, so this fits both of those stipulations pretty well.  While we're here, Liam Robertson also mentioned that "that new Pokémon game may end up being pretty divisive when they reveal it", which ended up being true as the Pokémon community became a mixture of confused, happy, and enraged after these rumors started leaking out.

      Well, that's all we "know" about the new Pokémon games based on leaks. I'm pretty excited but what do you think of this new direction for Pokémon?  Which version will you be getting?  Do you think we'll still be getting a Gen 4 Remake and a proper Gen 8 sometime in the near future?

    • Why Nintendo's Online and Classic Games Service are a GOOD THING!

      1 year ago


      Yesterday Nintendo announced more about their plans for the Switch's online service and offerings.  So let's break it down a bit and I'll explain why, in the long run, this will be a smart choice by Nintendo.

      At this point in the console market you have to pay to play online, no matter the console.  Playstation 4, Xbox One, and now Switch all force players to pay a monthly (or quarterly/yearly) to connect to their friends.  We knew from the outset that Nintendo was planning on changing from the "Free Online" to a service right at the start, but they will continue to offer free online until the subscription service goes live.

      All in all, a pretty good deal all around.  Nintendo gets to constantly test it's online offerings with first and third party titles until they're confident they are offering a service worth paying for; while players get to enjoy those months of testing for free.  Sort of like a "beta" in a way.

      While I'll admit, the Switch's online service is bare bones and is full of issues, this is truly their first dive into something like this.  Yes they've had online services before, but it was pretty much "per game" and not a whole network.  And, before anyone says it, yes the "chat with friends" feature is pretty garbage and should absolutely be changed.

      So what is Nintendo offering, and why is it "good"?

      A paid for online service means money to make the platform better.  Yes that means that you'll have to pay to play online with the games you've been playing for free...so no more Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, or ARMS online unless you fork over some cash.  But that cash means the online service will become "profitable", and if the service goes down you'll have a better reason to complain.  Think the early days of Xbox Live, they were rough, but now it's easily one of the best services as far as stability is concerned and that didn't just happen overnight.  The act of paying for it will also make Nintendo more accountable for service delays and down times.

      You'll finally have "Save Data Cloud Backup", and honestly I know a lot of people who live and die by their backup saves.  I've never been a stickler for this, as I've only had very few instances of my saves getting deleted or my console being "beyond repair", but you really never can know when something will just stop working.  So having the ability to finally back up saves, -then- send your Switch to Nintendo for repairs, and being able to restore your Switch back to how it was is something absolutely needed in this day and age.  Yes, you have to pay for it, but you have to pay for cloud backups on PSN and XBL as well, so no big shock.  Again, would be great if they had a way to do offline backups, but we're talking specifically about the online services here and not what firmware updates Nintendo should do.

      This one is the only real point of contention for me...the "Nintendo Switch Online App".  It's rubbish.  Everyone knows it's rubbish.  "Want to talk to your friends online while you play?  Get this convoluted app!  Then plug a horrible mess of wires everywhere and you're ready to go!  Just pray your phone battery doesn't die in the middle of your gaming session!"  It's silly, out dated, and I can't honestly see Nintendo keeping this around for the duration of the Switch's life.  But, as I mentioned before, with the service becoming a "paid for" thing, outcrys from unhappy customers will easily sway Nintendo to change this if it starts dipping into profits.

      "Special Offers"!  One of the major problems I have with the Switch's online store right now is the fact that there arn't many sales.  It seems, and this is such a simple thing, that when the online service launches folks who opt into it will be given discounts much like PSN and XBL.  I can't tell you how many times I've picked up new games just because they dropped an addition 20%.  More games at a cheaper price just because you're subscribed to a service?  It's one of my favorite things about XBL and PSN so I'm happy it's coming to Switch.

      Finally, the big one.  Nintendo is turning classic games into something akin to "Xbox Game Pass".  Now, lots of people are upset with the small amount of 20 NES games at launch, but there's some reasoning to this.  These 20 games arn't just the same Virtual Console versions re-released.  You'll be able to play games like Super Mario Bros 3, Ice Climber, Baloon Fight, etc ONLINE with your friends.  Sure, it's not that big of a deal, but think about how this will change in the future.  What happens when we finally get SNES, N64, and potentially Game Cube titles on the platform?  If the concept is to bring "online play" to previously couch co-op only titles that means we could see Smash Bros, Melee, Pokemon Stadium, etc see the same functionality.  Not to mention, these games offered through the service come at no extra cost, unlike Game Pass.

      So what's everyone upset about?  Well Nintendo mentioned that "Virtual Console" is going away.  But that's not really the case.  The branding and such of Virtual Console will be gone, but I suspect that any game that doesn't get the "NOW WITH ONLINE PLAY" functionality added will be simply re-released on the eShop, much like how we're seeing the "ACA NEOGEO" games hit the platform.

      The wrap it up, Nintendo is taking a big step forward in providing a solid online gaming service complete with Netflix like game offerings that will rotate out every so often.  Will it have some major bumps along the way?  Absolutely!  But so did PSN and XBL, and by thoroughly testing, communicating with the players, and of course "more time spent actually developing it", we can expect Nintendo to develop it into something we'll all be 'pretty happy' with.  Because...let's be honest, we're never truly satisfied.

      BONUS ROUND!  Switch's online service is $20 per year (with the NESFlix like service added free), compare that to Xbox Live at $60 per year + $10 per month for Game Pass and PSN at $60 per year and PS Now at $20 per month...Nintendo's is a bargain, even with the (currently) smaller offerings.

      What are your thoughts on Nintendo's online service?  Will you be getting it or just waiting until the platform becomes more viable?  Is there something Nintendo should change about it before launch?  And while we're at it, what HARDWARE and FIRMWARE updates would you like to see happen that could make the online service even better?

    • Infinity War Predictions

      1 year ago


      So we're a day away from Infinity War and I wanted to put out my few predictions of the overall end game that Marvel could be going with before I see the movie just to test and see how well I know the MCU's schtick at this point.

      I'm going to mark the rest of this post as SPOILERS, even though I haven't seen the movie yet...but still read at your own risk!  Also, let's keep those comments spoiler free too, ok?  Thanks.







      Scenario 1:

      I call this the "It Ain't Happening" scenario.  The Avengers and Guardians, despite the odds, pull everything together and beat Thanos, but in a last ditch effort, Thanos gets the Time Gem and resets everything (save for his gem count) and prepares for a re-match in the next film.

      This isn't going to happen, at all, no way in hell.  But it'd still be cool to see our heroes actually show off their collective strength and teamwork to pull off a miracle right out of the gate.

      Scenario 2:

      Let's call this one the "New Kids On The Block" scenario.  Very simple.  Despite their best efforts, Thanos wins, everyone dies.  I mean everyone.  No Thor, No Cap, No Iron Man, nobody.  Everyone is gone...except the ones unaccounted for that we've seen:  Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock.  Setting up the next film to introduce an unusual (but not unheard of) team-up for these two to warp reality and bring the heroes back for a re-match.

      Way more possible, but still pretty unlikely.  Adam Warlock was originally going to show up in Infinity War, so him showing up in the next film isn't out of the cards, but still going to say a "Probably Not" to this one.

      Scenario 3:

      Similar to the last one, but let's call this the "Reboot it!" scenario.  Heroes lose, Thanos wins.  Everyone dies.  But that's -our- reality.  In another reality we have a similar set of heroes -WIN-, but Doctor Strange sees that this is only one outcome and the Alternate Universe heroes set out to fix our reality.  

      REALLY cool idea, but NEVER going to happen.  Re-casting or "side-casting" Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, etc as some of their alternate incarnations (Bucky or Falcon as Cap, Jane Foster as Thor, Riri Williams as Iron Heart, Ben Reilly or Gwen Stacy as Scarlet Spider/Spider Woman, etc) would be a ridiculously well kept secret that I don't think even Marvel could get away with at this point. I'd still love to see it though.

      Scenario 4:

      Alright, this is a "Two Sides of the Same Coin" sort of scenario, so let's call this version "Cap's Coin".  Everyone dies except Captain America, Thanos kills everyone and leaves Cap to suffer.  Thanos destroys half the universe, gets what he wants, and takes time to torment the MCU's "Good Boy" with the loss of all his friends, including for a second time, Bucky.  But again, half the universe is still around, and we know Marvel is ramping up Captain Marvel, so we'd launch right into "Part 2" with a Captain America/Captain Marvel team up (maybe Adam Warlock too?).

      I think, of the two "Same Coin" theories, this one is the less likely of them.  Cap has gone through a lot, and while it would be awesome to see him be the last one standing and be the cause of the re-birth of the MCU (which he, in this incarnation, will not be a part of) would be a great sendoff for Steve...but...

      Scenario 5:

      All that leads us here, with the final of my scenarios, which I call "Tony's Coin".  Here we see Thanos kill everyone again, but this time, Tony Stark is the last one standing.  Thanos lets him live because of...reasons?  Maybe they argue and it's punishment, maybe he gets lucky and isn't part of half the universe that's destroyed, or maybe he (or anyone) makes a deal with Thanos to save one hero from destruction and Thanos just chooses Tony out of spite (these could also be possible for the "Cap's Coin" scenario).  No matter the outcome, the result stays the same just with a hero swap, in "Part 2" we'd have Iron Man teaming up with Captain Marvel (still have some hopes for Adam Warlock to show up, but that's a long shot) to save the MCU.

      Iron Man started the MCU, he'll be the one the end it...well, this part anyway.  While Captain America makes a logical choice here too, Tony is my bet.  He's taken to mentoring Peter, dealt with his demons, and even went to "war" against his fellow heroes.  He's done it all and is still standing.  So to see him kneel to Thanos and have his ability to save anyone taken away in the last moments would be an incredible finale to this "Part 1".

      Not to mention Tony Stark and Carol Danvers have a bit of a history in the comics, and having this relationship be the bridge of this era of MCU into the next, with Carol taking over Tony's role as the leader would be pretty appropriate since she's lead more than a couple variations of "Avengers" in her time.

      All in all, "Tony's Coin" is my bet.  We've got the most invested in him, screen-time wise, but it really is a toss up between "Cap's Coin" and "Tony's Coin" for me, with how Marvel makes their movies.

      Those are my theories, I have a few others, but these are my "Most Likely" of them because of how they'd make sense in the MCU.

      Either way, I'll see you all on the otherside after we've all seen Infinity War!

    • Jessica Jones (Season 2) -Spoilers-

      1 year ago


      So I've been watching Jessica Jones Season 2, after absolutely loving the first season when it came out, and I can't put my finger on an exact "point" but somewhere along the line in Season 2 I stopped having fun or enjoying the series.


      I recently finished "AKA Three Lives and Counting", the 3rd to last episode, and found the performances from most of the cast to be some of the best this season, but even so a lot of the actual storytelling fell very flat.

      This season really has no primary antagonist and is leaning more on the concept of gray-areas, asking questions like "What does it mean to be a hero?" and "What are you willing to do for your loved ones/the safety of others?" but it never goes deep enough into those questions to actually feel meaningful.

      Before I go further I want to say that Krysten Ritter and Eka Darville have had some AMAZING performances this season, bringing a lot more heart to each of their characters.

      That said, the choices that Jessica, Trish, Jeri, Alisa, and Karl make throughout this season are mindboggling.  A lot of their reasoning seems to be "BECAUSE" rather than giving actual purpose to their actions, or at least enough of a purpose to suspend disbelief.

      Trish in particular has been a nagging point to me this season.  After finding her to be a great "side-kick" and necessary point to Jessica's growth and the overall plot of Season 1, she seems like she's just "being an asshole to be an asshole" this time around.

      Now, I get that they are trying to work their way towards re-introducing her as "Hellcat", more than likely in Season 3, but the way they went about doing it feels like we're going to be seeing her as an Anti-Hero rather than her actual true heroic attitude from the comics.  Which is -totally fine- if it's explained well, but so far she seems to just have Super-Power Envy, and that's kind of lazy.

      And that's not even mentioning the introduction, characterization, and motivations of Alisa Jones.  Seeing her brought back from the dead, her powers, her breakdowns, etc.  Especially in the second half of the season...it all feels very "Why?!" with no true reasoning for anything.

      All in all, I'm not finished with the series yet, still two episodes left...but I have a feeling that unless Season 3 hooks me within the first few episodes, I'll be dropping the Netflix Marvel Universe out of just being bored by lazy plot points and annoyed by weird and not well explained character motivations.

      Fingers crossed that Freeform's Cloak & Dagger will reignite my love for the MCU's small screen heroes.  I have high hopes for it!

      What are your thoughts on the Small Screen MCU and it's characters?  Is Iron Fist still the weakest link?  Should the characters be teaming up more after The Defenders or are these "stand alone seasons" still the best way to go?

    • Busy, busy, busy...

      1 year ago


      So we're already almost 2 full months into 2018 and it's already a whirlwind!  Between work, stuff at home, and tons of personal side-projects, I've been probably keeping myself a bit "too busy".

      I'm re-writing a comic/animated series concept I wrote over 10 years ago, updating it a bit and re-working some details.

      I streamed the original Legend of Zelda to completion in order to get footage for an upcoming personal project.

      I did a tease announcement of a VLOG series that will deal with issues like mental health, personal issues, dealing with stress, etc.

      Attempted to get some low-key Voice Over roles in a couple projects I saw asking for auditions.

      I'm in the process of writing a (live-action) show concept that came to me in a dream, and I'm really hyped about.  Though the idea is still in a very early "series of stickynotes on a wall" phase.

      Amidst all that, the usual stuff continues!  The Know videos, MPG videos, trying to maintain a regular Twitch streaming schedule, and day-to-day life stuff.

      I'm putting in a good effort for 2018, doing my best to make this year, -my year-.

      I hope you're all doing your best for 2018 as well, I would love to hear about the projects you may be working on, books you are reading, games you are playing, etc!

    • Kdin

      Kdin Jenzen - VO Booth Test

      1 year ago

      Just a test of my makeshift VO booth for echo and soundproofing.

    • My 6 Month HRT Anniversary & Dealing With Negative Thoughts/Self Hate

      1 year ago


      Last week I posted that I hit my 6 Month HRT anniversary!  This was also the first time I told anyone, aside from my partner and some close friends, that I had even been on HRT.

      Amidst the last 6 months I've been thinking a lot about life, who I am, who I was, and my fight with constant depression.  Some of this I've already posted on twitter, but I'm taking some time to add a bit more to it, while also integrating something else I recently talked about too.

      I spend a good deal of time feeling down on myself about things I can't change.  I feel most people do that too. I worry so much that sometimes it can be incredibly debilitating and stop me from being able to function properly.

      Thinking so much about something we did/didn't do, something we said/didn't say...I spend a lot of time being down on myself with regret and thinking about any hurt I may have caused, to others, to myself, etc.  Of course, knowing what I know now, there are so many things I'd do differently. 

      Its an assumption but I feel like most people have these thoughts. Thinking the hurt they feel now is because of who they were before or what they did long ago.  It can become a crippling depression and make things so much worse.

      Now, I think what is most important is what you do now, what you learned, and doing your best to be a better person.  Living life thinking "I wish I didn't say/do that" or "I wish I did say/do this" does more harm than good.   

      If you are being a better person now, that's what matters most.  We all wish we could have been better, so let's all be better now.

      I feel it's important for me to say I'm sorry for my mistakes and I forgive you for yours, the past is gone, we are who we are now and nothing less.

      With the constant negative thoughts, I look at everything I've done, been through, said, and experienced and it sometimes sends me spiraling.

      I take a look at my professional career and wonder if things will work out, and over a decade of work later I still feel I’ve made no progress and continue to struggle to find any proper “place”.

      Even day to day issues can easily be just as overwhelming as larger problems and often get me stopped in my tracks for longer than they should and the constant struggle I’ve had to deal with concerning my gender identity has been something that caused me no end of discomfort and heartbreak.

      After coming out as trans, I saw so many people who once supported me on the sidelines suddenly abandon and ridicule me. I got, and still get, daily messages of hate. Some more mild, refusing to use proper pronouns because I’m “not a real woman”. Some filled with rage saying I should “kill myself” and refusing to see me as anything other than a freak who should be “dealt with”.  Honestly, part of me feels like all those hurtful and mean messages, I deserve them for one reason or another.

      Being bullied or abused isn't restricted to one certain type of experience, and because of this, you may become someone you didn't want to be.  Acting in ways you don't agree with, taking your aggression and frustrations out in unhealthy ways, both towards others and yourself.  Words hurt just as much as physical pain, and in some cases can be even more harmful.

      Life is a struggle for everyone, sometimes it gets easier, and sometimes it seems impossible to fix. Often times my experiences have left me with life and my goals feeling more towards “impossible”, with the constant whispers to give up and stop trying ringing in my ears. And these experiences arn’t limited to my struggles towards coming out.

      Those feelings did become more prevalent ever since I came out publicly. My work, less important. My opinions, less valid. My existence, null and void. The world, and my options in life, became smaller and things and opportunities that were “available” to me became completely inaccessible.  However, I've had a constant struggle with being accepted by others, family, friends, etc, to the point of almost losing myself and who I was and who I desperately wanted to grow up to become.

      So far, 2017 has been one of the most difficult times in my life, which is saying something. But one major good thing happened.

      On March 4th, 2017, I took my first steps towards transitioning. Now I’m officially 6 months in on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and I’m slowly feeling less at odds with myself.

      So with this major step forward, I’m going to keep trying, I’ll keep working hard, and I’ll continue to do my best to find my place. Be it professional, in day to day life, with new ventures, or as I continue my journey towards transitioning, I hope I’ll have support from all of you. 

      Because honestly, without the support of my loving partner, friends, coworkers, fans, and this community that is being slowly built around me, things easily seem impossible.

      Thank you for accepting me, thank you to everyone who has been kind to me, dealing with trauma isn't easy, and I'm happier that I've finally been able to process things that happened to me before in healthier ways.

  • Comments (113)

    • limelizard FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      I just saw this weeks Always Open and this was the first time I heard you were transitioning. I started transitioning about ten years ago and want to thank you for talking about this. Knowing that someone like me is a part of Rooster Teeth is awesome.

    • RiverRunning

      2 years ago

      Hope things are going well for you, shifting in people's perception can be as hard as not falling properly into the boxes in their heads (but from what I can tell RT is a good place to be in terms of that :)  two_hearts

    • Animatwin FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold AnimTwin

      2 years ago

      saw you in fanservice, dude y'all are just cute

    • Bull3tBra1n FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 years ago

      Just popping in to say that you're awesome :P

    • CWilsonLPC FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 years ago

      Thanks for accepting the friend request Kdin.

    • Alex

      3 years ago

      Hey man, just wanted to say - Your little post about best games of 2015 is probably what led me to succumb to my friend's persistence and try Undertale.


      And what an experience that was.


      I'll go on and say it - Easily one of the very best singleplayer games ever conceived, and I don't say that lightly. I've played and loved Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI & IX, Half-Life, Portal, Fallout, and so on.

      I almost feel like a more whole person for it or something. Been a long-ass time since I've really felt so strongly for NPCs in a video game, but I remember the feeling from when I was a kid, and this was like that but far more intense than even back then.

      You can see my journal if you'd like to see a little gameplay from it I put out.

      So yeah, thanks for that and stuff.

    • cyd0nia FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Cosmic Floof

      3 years ago

      Thanks for accepting my friend request X)

    • nesagsar

      3 years ago

      Hey, I was watching Off Topic and in fairness, I started college at age 13 and now I have a masters degree and work for the government. I would rather work for Achievement Hunter.

    • RD-Trigger FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Radical Dreamer

      3 years ago

      Congrats! Wish you two the best!

    • Arthro FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      3 years ago



    • avakong

      3 years ago

      Hello Kdin! I hope you're feeling better and I just want to say happy almost three years (Does November count as almost?) . Keep up the great work and thank you for everything! :)

    • BiRubyRose

      4 years ago

      LGBT supporter?

    • Kurayimi FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Idiot

      4 years ago

      Hey......you're cool

      Post edited 6/08/15 1:12AM

    • ClairedeLune

      4 years ago

      Have you watched any of Daredevil? Because there's a character in it who looks an awful lot like you...

    • onuryz FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Kdin you are my hero right now, thank you so much for the start/end spoilers tag in the Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 154 video. clicked the mute as soon as i saw the spoilers tag :D

    • heywes FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Your editing is fantastic mate. I love the little comments and images you add during post. Great work, keep being awesome!

    • anshuman FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Question, I applied for the junior 2-d animator position a week ago. How will it be till I get an answer.

    • AndrewMitch4

      4 years ago

      Thank you for the add man, keep doing what you do it is awesome.

    • Toptoast FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of the Breakfast

      4 years ago

      You are awesome!

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      Thanks for the add man. Keep doing what you do best...being awesome!

    • KMH1995 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      The work you do is amazing and I love your presence in videos. Hope you have a happy Heart Day! smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

    • Writes_alot

      4 years ago

      Hey Kdin, I think I might have a solution for your coffee creamer issue (not sure it would work though). What about using coffee flavored ice cream, just a little bit of it? It would be similar to creamer, right?

    • chocobose Expert Editor

      4 years ago

      Hey man, wanna Smash it up sometime? Let me know and we can exchange Wii U codes.

    • LunaKnight21

      4 years ago

      I have an idea for a minecraft lets play if you need one.

    • Evil_Matt FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold [spoiler][/spoiler]

      4 years ago

      Hey Kdin, just wanted to say that I loved the newest Countdown. I agree that the GTA "Hiests" were probably the best part of the year! smiley8.gif

      Keep up the good work, we love ya!

      (Edit) For those not understanding the quotation marks: youtu.be/fmUOlHSvINw?t=4m4s

      Post edited 1/06/15 9:20PM

    • Daftphonics

      4 years ago

      As much as a disaster was that episode, it sure was funny my goodness

    • Frogber FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Frogber

      4 years ago

      Oi Kdin, I kind of wish you guys would release the let's builds as a podcast on iTunes, just audio. Wouldn't mind hearing it while walking around.

      I didn't think about the ads and what not though, so maybe a dumb idea. Have a good one

    • Gomez_Classic FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold When's Mahvel

      4 years ago

      Hey Kdin, have you gone through the first episode of Tales of the borderlands yet? I wanted to see if you had any thoughts, as I had just gone through it and it very entertaining.

    • dustypoptart

      4 years ago

      Hey, just came over to say that you are my most favourite gangsta. ily kdin

    • another_dude

      4 years ago

      Kdin, I just have to say I can't stop watching the let's builds. I not quite sure how, but somehow you, Matt, Jeremy,and Lindsay have chemistry that is so great the only way I can explain it is by comparing it to the relationship between Joel and Adam, but a little more chaotic like team lads. Honestly, the two shows I look forward to every week are Let's Build and Rage Quit/Play Pals. Anyways, I just wanted to commend you on working your a** off and keeping me and countless others entertained.

    • lokinthedark

      4 years ago

      thank you for accepting my friend request! It really means a lot! Super awesome! <3

    • grenou FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Yar... just watching through the Perfection Build Part 2:

      Yes. Waspinator was the best Predacon. smiley11.gif

      (from my office collection of TFs)

      Dinobot was the best Maximal..!


    • DiamondLou86

      4 years ago

      Kdin! Remix is an awesome show! Can't wait to see you guys play more retro games.

    • ValerieLynn

      4 years ago

      Lawl Loser ♥

    • ElliotJ FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Hi Kdin! I just watched the latest Countdown, and it was really cool to see that topic, considering all the mess going on with "#gamergate" (pfft), Anita Sarkeesian, and Zoe Quinn. I haven't heard of/played a few of these games, but I noticed that the ones I have played seem to be lady characters who A. Have names and B. Have backstories not pertaining directly to men.

      Great list Kdin, even if you weren't going for that in the first place! :)

    • GoLdZoMbiEE

      4 years ago

      I feel like top 10 levels in halo kinda suits roosterteeth

    • SamCorrion

      4 years ago

      How bout a Countdown of Gavin's ten favorite games?

    • The_Jew_Fro

      4 years ago

      Top 10 Pokemon Related Games

      Top 6 Rays Least Favorite Games

    • fruitconor

      4 years ago

      I really enjoy countdown just wanted to ask if you would make one on top best/worst tv/movie game ever made.thanks :)

    • kandaras FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago


    • criticalord

      4 years ago

      Hey Kdin, just wanted to say you are a awesome youtuber and I really really hope to see you in some lets plays and other videos. PS your Dead Space lets play was my first lets play. :D

    • bricksantos

      4 years ago

      Hey Kdin, I was wondering if you would release to the public/give to me a raw version of all 6 audio and video tracks of a past or previous lets play. The reason being is I want to work at of have a very similar job to what you guys do at achievement hunter and figured video editing to be a big part of it. I'm not asking for some sort of exclusive content rather something I can practice with for the time being. please reply and thanks. friendlypardox@aol.com

      Post edited 7/23/14 8:31AM

    • leodavin843

      4 years ago

      Just want to say that we all appreciate all the work you do for RT and AH! Keep up the awesome work!

    • EntropicMyr

      4 years ago

      Hey Kdin im an aspiring lets player and Hopeful Internet man around town and i was wondering if you had any tips or anything of the type for me. I miss your vids and the lets plays but it was for the best i suppose. Luv ya Kdin keep up the good work.

      Signed, Entropy,Vaosire

    • llumos

      4 years ago

      ayyyy we almost share a birthday! mine's the 15th c: thanks for being raddd <3

    • shoutoutto

      4 years ago

      You almost got brained during the AH panel! Anyway, loved seeing you on the stream, and I hope to see lots more of you! <3

    • Aeollon The Sun

      4 years ago

      Kdin I heart you!

    • BazingaAce93 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Sorry if my last comment was a bit too bold. I'm just trying to get noticed by as many people as possible...

    • BazingaAce93 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      4 years ago

      Hey Kdin, as part of being a community member who is aspiring to one day work in AH, I'm eager to try and prove myself. I was wondering if you had any small not - so - important videos that I could edit for you guys? Please let me know if you're down for that.


    • LJHughes

      5 years ago

      Are you ever going to be in the Let's Plays?

  • Questions answered by Kdin

    Multipurpose Gaming was conceived to stand on its own.

    While we're totally up for doing collaborative work, our goal is to create a unique identity for our content and grow it organically.

    While we're sure there is some crossover from the LPN's fanbase, we're also very keen on growing outside of that community and reaching new audiences!

    Why are you leaving?

    | Asked by: SeanTFlynn 3 years ago

    I'm not, I'm just changing departments!

    I'll still be around, I'll just be over at The Know!

    Layers of Fear is "One Chapter Per Recording" just to make the series shorter.

    Pokemon and Undertale are actually done the same way. "Accomplish something important, and find a good stopping point".

    Undertale's episodes are generally about 20 minutes each because of how dialogue heavy some things are.

    But on average, despite the Mt. Moon episode, Undertale and Pokemon are about the same length in episode time.

    More than likely! We're also planning on doing Shovel Knight's DLC, Plague of Shadows. But we're going to take a break from Outlast and Shovel Knight for a little bit and do some different stuff to give people some variety!

    Billy West, Douglas Adams, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Betty White, and the entire writing/creative staff for Futurama (Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, Eric Kaplan, Claudia Katz, Ken Keeler, etc).

    To name a few.

    Trevor, Lindsay, and I have a pretty good synergy. Aside from that, probably Geoff.

    I'm beyond behind on both series.

    Overall I've enjoyed TWD's first few seasons more so than GoT, but again, I am stuck at Season 3 of both.

    I use the Elgato both in office and on my personal capture setup at home too, so yes I'd absolutely recommend it!

    Believe it or not, felt pretty normal, there wasn't a huge change that most people would assume there would be.

    Haven't gotten around to playing it yet, but I've heard great things and I do own it!

    We're toying around with the idea of more story driven content, we have a few we'd like to do, but no solid "YES" or "NO" on any just yet!

    Haven't started Winter 2016's season yet, still catching up on all the things I missed from 2015! But I'm always up for suggestions!

    Our office is always busy!

    For Multipurpose Gaming it varies, if we're really feeling it, then the recording session can go for 2+ Hours.

    But on average, we try to record for at least 1 hour per recording!

    Red Vs Blue Season 1 - Episode 1 - Why Are We Here?

  • Videos

    Kdin's Videos

    Kdin Jenzen - VO Booth Test
    Posted at: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 7:01 PM

    Just a test of my makeshift VO booth for echo and soundproofing.