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    • a steam-powered fishcake

      10 years ago


      any guesses as to where this came from?

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      10 years ago


      i don't have a lot of them do i?

      Also, random negs make me lol. It's mainly because the neg-modders are wasting their time. so no matter which way you go from now on, you've made my day. every time you neg me, it shows me that idiots always waste their time, and if you stop it shows me that i've won. either way, your trolling is fail and i lol at you. so go ahead, keep negging me just so i can laugh at your pathetic expressions of your loathing for me! that way you can show me that i trolled your asses, otherwise i've put you in your places. you're either too stupid to know how to get to me, or you're too weak to continue on your selected path.

      checkmate. i win. and i love to win

    • has this ever happened to you?

      10 years ago


      so a few days ago i was playing TF2 on the 360... and i enter a normal-looking game. it ends up that it's modded and there are invisible/invulnerable snipers everywhere killing us all so that we had no chance of winning. they despawned one of their modfag-snipers as a scout, and the snipers suppressed my entire team so that the scout was able to score it. next round, it turns out the master-modder has placed an immobile door in front of our own, and we can't leave our spawn. i immediately go heavy because i'm expecting trouble... the master-modder comes in through the wall and i hammer his stupid ass with my minigun. he DIES. immediately and, in retaliation, he moves his inviso-fag buddies into our spawn, and a friend goes pyro. the invisible sniper burns and dies. the host shuts down the server and we all leave. so yeah... i killed a modder, and inspired a team-wide cheering/berserking for the rest of the match!...

      god i love TF2!...

    • Today

      10 years ago


      today is my birthday, so post all B-day spam, presents, and insults here. thank you, have a nice day.

    • Banished RP

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      There are many lands, and all have their own unique people, and they are all connected to the Wasteland, the one largest land of them all, the land of Death. when soneone dies, or when soneone commits a crime..... they are tossed from their land, and thrown into the Wastelands. the cirminals live for a few days and then die in the sands of the wasteland's desert... but most recently, the most powerful of the inhabitants have been thrown from their lands, banished into the Wasteland after being framed for crimes they did not commit....

      Basic RPing Rules:

      1) All posts must be worded according to RP rules
      "character lines go like this"
      *actions go like this*
      the written word goes in bold
      (out of character dialog goes like this)
      character thoughts go like this

      2) if you attack someone, you don't decide if it hits, they do. but if you never take any damage it gets annoying. if you get to the point where you're OP, i'll step in and make you take some damage. please, try to keep things fun for everyone.

      3) remember, attacking enemies is perfectly acceptable, but attacking friends is bad etiquette to attack a friend. attacking offline people is also bad etiquette.

      4) i have the last word when i need it. don't piss everyone off.

      if you want to join, you have to post your char. sheet in my journal and have it approved by me! DO NOT POST BEFORE THEN!!!

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    • Hatchling RP

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      OK here are the rules.
      (1) You get one character, and only that one. thread mods don't have to follow this one. but should stick to 3 or less important ones.
      (2) No god modds. i am the ultimate power here. not you. thread mods can only do this when it is required.
      (3) don't even try to controll someone else's char. Thread mods can if you are offline during an important event and we need you on.
      (4) You cannot choose whether your attacks hit or miss. but remember, you aren't god, attacks do hit and you can't always dodge them. so don't over do it. thread mods have to follow this too.
      (5) your character can be killed. Story characters can only die after their roles are completed. it the arc dies, they can too.
      (6) if you want your character to have magic, you'll have to ask me. magic exists, but you can't have ultimate god powers.
      (7) please stay in character. All must follow this rule. even me!
      (OOC chat between these)
      *actions between thses*
      "speech between these"
      thoughts in italics
      written in bold
      Character formatNAME
      (Dragons) COLOR
      (Humanoids) RANK
      (Humanoids+late dragons) HISTORY
      (Humanoids) EQUIPMENT

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    • Fractured Reality RP

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      You are in a universe that has become unstable, something has caused a major imbalance and now you must escape your ruined homes to reach a safe place in this crumbling universe!

      here are the rules i have set!
      1) don't god mod or i will kill you off! you only get one warning!
      2) do not try to controll another person's character in any way, however, you can tell them what they see in some instances
      3) try to resist the temptation to double post
      4) please stay on-topic
      5) if you talk in OOC, use ( ) and if you make your character talk use "".
      6) for the love of god, use correct grammar
      7) Spam and i'll kill you
      8) i make the rules, and as long as long as reality is bent, i controll it!
      9) have fun!

      basic character informations

      and last, but not least, i will not have a character for a while, i'll controll some of the more complex and difficult events.

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    • First Journal

      13 years ago


      This is my first time on here! Yay! I'm glad to have finally become a member.

      My brother, NotABluetard knows how everythng works here, so I won't really need anyone to help me.

      He's already taught me how to make links and images, and pretty much how everything goes in the Forums, like how a member has to be level 20 or higher to create a new thread anywhere.

      NABT was level 20 very soon after the new site, so I hope to do the same, but he says it will be harder for me, because he started at level 10, and I'm starting at 0.

    • 2019 years ago

    • 2019 years ago

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