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    • Done and dusted

      14 years ago


      Well uni is over til the new semester in October now.

      Time for some rest and relaxation and a chance to enjoy the good weather.


    • Honey u mean Hunkules.

      14 years ago


      Long ago, in the far away land of ancient Greece
      there was a golden age of powerful gods extraordinary heroes
      and greatest and strongest of all these Heroes was the mighty
      But what is the measure of a true hero? Now, that is what our
      story ...

      Will you listen to him?
      He's making the story sound like some Greek tragedy.
      Lighten up, dude.
      We'll take it from here, darling.

      You go, girls ...

      [Muses:] We are the muses.
      Goddesses of the arts
      and proclaimers of heroes.
      Heroes like Hercules.
      Honey, you mean Hunkules!
      I'd like to make some sweet music of it
      Our story actually begins long before Hercules
      Many Aeons ago ...


    • Time after time

      14 years ago


      If you're lost, you can look and you will find me,
      Time after time,
      If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting,
      Time after time.

    • Be Not Nobody

      14 years ago



      The view outside my window - interesting, huh?
      Can u tell I'd rather be doing anything than my essay?

    • I just can't look its killing me..

      14 years ago


      Hey everyone.

      Isn't the English weather great? Yesterday I got very sun burnt on my neck due to studying in the garden, totally my own fault, i could have put on cream if i wanted. Today (its sunny now) but earlier it was drizzling, cold, extemely windy and really horrible and I think I might be catching a cold. I'm feeling really achey at the moment.

      Besides this I'm on my third and final essay! woo!

      Music obsessions are:
      The Killers (as can be noted in the subject of this journal) - Mr Brightside.
      Foo Fighters - Best of You = this is an awesome song.
      Chris Moyles - Parody of Gwen Stefani's Holler Back Girl - hilarious.

    • The Fifth Element (And More)

      14 years ago


      Well I did manage to finish my Gothic essay yesterday and I'm quite pleased with it, only one more to go now which is nice.

      I've just watched The Fifth Element on tv, I haven't seen it in years but remember liking it and really enjoyed it tonight. Bruce Willis is great in it.


      Having seen the advert again in the cinema the other day I'm really looking forward to seeing Sin City when its released next month.
      But I'm praying I'll win tickets to a special screening of it in a competition I just enetered.
      Feel free to enter at Film Four but if you do win the pair of tickets, just remember who told you about it :o)

      Rosi encouraged me to watch the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory Trailer which looks rather bizarre but hopefully will be good.

      I've also heard good things about Narnia, check out the trailer!

      The most awesome film coming is The Fantastic Four which u can watch the ad for here. It stars the lovely Ioan Gruffudd (although he's left his yummy Welsh accent behind in favour of an American one) and the cool Jessica Alba.

    • Don't steal our sun

      14 years ago


      Yes we're here once more, its the cheesiest night of the year...

      The Eurovision Song Contest.


      (U love it really)
      I'm sure all u Brits will be cheering on Javine, although as her publicists have planned if she doesn't win its down to her "sore throat" of course.

      I'd like to wish u all a good evening, and enjoy!

    • Who's scruffy-looking?

      14 years ago


      Today's a good day,

      I'm feeling happy and pretty relaxed.

      Maybe tis due to seeing Star Wars last night (awesomeness) or the fact that i've handed in my second essay.

      I watched A New Hope today, which i haven't watched in years, it was good but i'm afraid to say looks rather dated and the lines aren't great, it was never my favourite of the trilogy.

      My next essay is on science fiction and the gothic so woo hoo! I'm quite looking forward to doing this one, not so much the one after though. A week left and then i'm free from uni until October!

    • Star Wars

      14 years ago


      It was awesome and heartbreaking,

      thats all I can say.

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