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    • World Domination

      14 years ago



      You must have all seen the tv adverts for the new wave of ringtones, the Crazy Frog, as seen above, the Chick and Nessie the Dragon.

      Nessie is slightly cute,

      but they seem to be annoyingly taking over the world. There's even a song in the chart featuring the crazy frog.
      I just find them rather irritating,

      Anyone else feel the same way?

    • Current Obsession

      14 years ago


      Sadly my birthday has now passed (it was on the 20th not the 19th like my journal was strangely saying). But it was good all the same.

      I currently have an obsession with 2 songs by My Chemical Romance, those of Helena and I'm Not OK. I keep replaying them over and over again, its not healthy but they are great songs which u should check out.


    • Hip Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

      14 years ago


      "The sun has got his hat on,
      Hip hip hip hooray,
      Its also Katherine's birthday,
      And she's 20 years today"


      Yep you heard right, today is my 20th birthday and I'm rather excited having just opened all my cool presents. Hopefully it should be a good day.

      For my birthday I would like everyone to blow out one of my 21 candles (yes just imagine) and make a wish.


      My wish is that, tonight in my candlelit bedroom, I slow dance with a handsome gentleman to Lifehouse's You and Me

      Its never gonna happen but I can dream :D, what does everyone else wish?

    • Boredom

      14 years ago



      I promise to be much more upbeat and write loads tomorrow :D

    • Secret Identity

      14 years ago


      I would like to reveal to all of u, my trusted Rooster Teeth friends, my secret Identity:

      I am Supergirl


      You all believe me right?

      Anyone else been harbouring a dark secret they'd like to reveal?

    • Achievement!!

      14 years ago


      I'm afraid this is really rather a stupid journal,
      but I would like to announce my achievement to everyone:

      After 2 weeks as a Rooster Teeth member I can finally post images in my journals!

      I was able to post links but couldn't get the images to work, now however photo bucket has come to my rescue, and its all pretty simple.

      As an example of my awesome power here is a very cute pic of Stitch to keep u entertained.


    • Mystic Meg Part 2

      14 years ago


      Well, Mystic Meg has been gazing into her crystal ball today and predicted this for me:

      Your own planet Mars merges with inspirational Neptune so you have a winning blend of energy and creative ideas. This is the day to focus on what really matters in your life. A place on a team for you or a relative will stir a family celebration. Single? Love links to a famous name.

      Its true I do feel quite energetic and creative today, rather happy in fact, but my creativty is going into tidying my bedroom really properly and ignoring the scary presentation i have to do tomorrow.

      Love links to a famous name? What does that mean? Johnny Depp's about to knock on my door? I wish, lol.
      Still haven't met those celebrities I was promised yesterday. :o(

      Anyone else want to know whats in their stars?

    • Mystic Meg's horoscopes.

      14 years ago


      In a moment of boredom, i decided to look up my horoscope for today, and who better to go to than Mystic Meg in the Sun. Lol. This is what she had to say about my star sign:

      Communication planet Mercury moves forward again and a time of feeling too much and saying too little is replaced by clear discussion. All kinds of delayed plans start moving and the renewal of love promises means so much. A meeting with a local celebrity has an intriguing outcome.

      Sounds interesting... I get to meet a local celebrity apparently. woo hoo! but i don't know any good celebrities round here. hmmm
      Its all probably nonsense.

    • Riddle me this

      14 years ago


      Anybody feel like a challenge?

      Get ready to solve this riddle:

      What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?

    • I am a bleary eyed monster

      14 years ago


      Well this is kind of a continuation of my last journal but oh well.

      I've just watched Finding Neverland and it is one of the saddest films I have ever seen, hence the bleary eyed monster after lots and lots of crying and stifled sobs, but it was a truly brilliant film. If u haven't seen it I suggest u do. Kate Winslet is superb, as is Johnny Depp and the boys are so cute and wonderful. It was just amazing.

      I really should have something else interesting to say, but I don't, so there u go I guess....

      (Oh here's a pic from the film if u want a look).

      EDIT: I've uploaded a new image of me if ur bored and want something to comment on.

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