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    • List of Eastern Influences in RWBY

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      (This thread is dedicated to gathering as much info on RWBY's eastern influences as possible)

      I've been trying for a long time to gather a list of anime and such eastern media that has been shown to influence RWBY. The thing is: it's very hard. Like one of it's influences, RWBY takes from a lot from previous works. Unlike that show, RWBY's pool is so big and varied it's hard to analyze. So if you feel a certain show or game or manga in RWBY, put it down below:


      Soul Eater 
      Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

      Final Fantasy ( A mixture between VII and VIII)

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    • Bright New World (Summer Rose's theme)

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      This world is so cold and unforgiving

      How could anyone hope to survive?

      Striking at us without relenting

      Why do we endure?


      I try and fight with everything I can

      But I still fall to the ground.

      How do those of whom I am a fan

      Deal with such great grief?


      This world is not a bright world

      It is so dark and cruel

      Is it right for me to try and change that?

      Or am I just a big fool?


      (Slowly but steadly growing in strength)


      This world may seem overwhelming to me

      But this is not true for everyone

      I have met people who have allowed me to see

      Just how strong we can become.


      I try to fight with everything I have

      To grow as stronger as they are

      I must take this long and arduous path

      So I can stand by their side!


      This world is not a bright world

      That cannot be more true

      But I will fight against it

      So that the righteous shall rule!


      (Now strong and firm)


      This world doesn't seem so bad now

      Why was I so scared before?

      I was once forced to kneel and bow

      But I shall do so no longer!


      I will fight and fight until the very end

      Taking down these monsters and beasts

      Against these horrors I shall fend

      Because I am afraid no more!


      This world is not a bright world

      But that won't be true for long

      Now I shall change it for the better S

      tarting with this very song.


      I will make this into a bright new world!

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    • Stuck With You (Summer And Raven Dual theme)

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      Stuck with you



      Voice 1:You seemed so reliable and strong
      But I couldn't be more wrong.

      When faced with a problem you cannot slice

      You just turn tail and run off.


      Voice 2: Hmph, you dare to call me out weakling?

      I fight while you crouch and start shrieking.

      I am strong and the strong rule over all

      So you better get in line, little girl.


      Voice 1: If that is your way, why are you here?

      Why do learn if only use it for fear?

      Voice 2: Why do you ask such stupid questions?

      Are you just that dumb, shorty?


      Voice 1: Oh you think you're so powerful

      With all that arrogance and gull

      Voice 2: I do not think, I am strong

      Stronger than you could ever hope to become.


      Voice 1&2: Oh how I loathe the day I meet you

      How I hate the moment we meet eye to eye

      And the day we part will be grand, that's true

      Until then, I'm stuck with you.


      Voice 1: If you think you're so better than me, just leave!

      We'd all have more time to live and breathe.

      You are so reckless, always jumping into battle

      Just how many times have we saved your ass?


      Voice 2: And just how many times have I carried this team?

      I wonder if the answer you can gleam.

      We have only gotten this for because of me. S

      o you'd better learn to give me respect


      Voice 1; Such pride, how does your brother put up with you?
      How does he not jump into the deep blue?

      Voice 2: He knows that I am essential for survival

      But I'd like to know the same about you?


      Voice 1: And how Tai managed to love you is beyond me

      Whatever he sees in you I do not see

      Voice 2: Oh. Is that what this is all about pipsqueak?

      Are you seriously jealous over that pathetic blonde?


      Voice 1&2: When the day comes that I leave you, I will embrace it!

      Because I won't have to see you ever again!

      And you know what, I won't miss you one bit!

      Until then, I'm stuck with you.


      Voice 1: Goodbye Raven, now get out of my sight.

      Never again do I want to suffer your blight.

      Voice 2: Agreed, I wish you ill luck as well

      And I hope you learn that strength reign supreme.


      Voice 1&2: Guess I'm not stuck with you anymore.


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    • That's Life For You! (Song)

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      (Bad Luck Charm)


      Part 1


      Voice 1: You say you're nothing but rotten luck
      Well I can say that's very wrong!
      You've taught me so much over the years
      Even how to conquer my fears!


      So, even though you say otherwise
      You helped me become who I am!
      I am young and naïve, that's true
      But I know that's life for you! 

      (Bad Luck Charm)

      Voice 2: I wish you would understand me
      So you know why I leave without a sound
      I would never do this without reason, you see
      So promise me you will not frown.


      But I cannot stay here, for your sake
      It's sad but true fact, dear
      I know I may look like a flake
      But I must leave, not without tears.


      Voice 2: This is a sad, cruel world, you must understand.
      Voice 1:
      Voice 2:
      This was never apart of my plan But I stayed and rooted here, like a fool
      Voice 1:
      Please don't!
      Voice 1: Alas, that's life for you, so cruel.


      Part 2


      Voice 3: Hey now, where do you think you're going?
      I better not see tears following.
      You ain't leaving here, not on my watch!
      This is one mission I will not botch!


      You've always been there for us, why stop?
      You make it to the finish line and flop?
      Now, from you that's something new!
      And come, that's just life for you!


      (Bad Luck Charm)

      Voice 2: Heh heh, always a joke on hand. Just like your old man.
      But now's not the time
      I must leave before you are all reduced to ash and sand
      And I cannot bear to commit again that crime.


      Someday, you will understand I had a reason 

      For doing what I will do
      But now, I must commit this treason
      And I regret it, that is true.


      Voice 2: I cannot stay here any longer
      Voice 1:
      Voice 2:
      Leave before this very house folds
      Voice 3: You can't just!
      Voice 2:
      Enough! I mus go before the jinx grows stronger
      Voice 1:
      Just stop!
      Voice 3:
      We don't mi-!

      Voice 2: That's life for you, so cold.


      Part 3

      (sobbing can be heard in the background)

      Voice 2: (Sniffs) I have to go, before I can cause any harm
      Please know I will always love you both
      But this is for the best, to be farther away than an arm.
      That's life for you I so loa-

      Voice 4: Enough.

      (Answer To Me)

      Voice 4: All this rumor about bad luck is just that!
      Why can't you understand us?
      We've already lost two others, you rat!
      We will not lose a third.


      Go ahead and try to leave, see how well that works!
      I will fight you with all I have left!
      Although Bad luck and misfortune may lurk
      That's just life for you.


      (Bad Luck Charm)

      Voice 2:You of all people should know
      the harm I bring in my wake
      You should see this isn't a show.
      That I do this for your sake!


      Voice 4: Guess what? No one asked you to!
      If it's pain you're worried about, don't.
      Sit down in that chair and get a clue
      I can take enough damage for everyone.


      Voice 2: Yes, I know you can take a beating
      That is why I must leave, dumbass.
      Your life, like everyone's, is fleeting.
      How long can you be around until you pass?


      Voice 4: Forever if I need it to be.
      So That you may stay here with us.
      Why can't you of all people see?
      We need you in our lives.


      Voice 3: That's right, you're staying right here with us!
      We need you more than you could ever know!

      Voice 1:
      Yeah, you know in us you can trust!
      Now please stay, we can't take this blow.


      Voice 2: But what about all the pain I cause?
      Voice 4: Oh please, as if that were true.
      Bad thing happen, you shouldn't let that pause you

      Voice 2:
      I guess You're right, That's just life for you.


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    • PhantomAC asked Knightofbalance a question

      Okay,.. private this will be. This question format has a limit to text. My email is wireman23611@gmail.com Put RWBY as the subject and we'll get down to it.

      Answered: Jan 5, 2017

      Okay. Mine is jobeprice@hotmail.com. Look out for it,

    • PhantomAC asked Knightofbalance a question

      Pssst,.. It's STRQ,.. I think,.. pretty sure.

      Answered: Jan 5, 2017

      http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/STRQ No it;s STQR, pronounced stark as in stark white.

    • Strength (Raven Branwen's theme)

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      You think you can stand up to me 
      The best warrior Remnant has ever seen?
      Armed with nothing but a peashooter
      This isn't a fight, it's slaughter.


      Doesn't matter to me either way
      who or what I am may flay
      Be it Grimm or man or beast
      To me, every battle's a feast


      So draw your weapon and prepare to die
      I better not see you run or cry
      You died the minute you challenged my strength
      Of course, that you know now huh?

      My strength rains supreme across the land
      I can reduce boulders into mere sand
      So the thought you can defeat me is laughable
      And nothing short of stupid and pitiable.


      I have made the strongest men drop to their knees
      For mercy, they beg and they plead
      Of course I deny them, why shouldn't I?
      They should have been smarter and sly


      Now draw your weapon, be it sword or knife
      You're about to go on a trip to the afterlife.
      Oh, don't be so pathetic, accept your demise
      You were the one who got in my strength, remember?


      Now,as you lie, bloody and pale on the ground
      Know you weren't worth a pound
      You were weak and useless, a waste of space
      Just like your pathetic mace


      Your foolhardiness has cost you everything
      And of this battle, no one will ever sing
      Take solace in the fact you fell to the best
      That no on else could ever pass this test


      I'll be on my leave now, no point in staying
      Little man, there's no point in praying
      There's nothing awaiting you beyond the darkness
      So suck it up, this was your fault alone


      Your fault for not seeing my strength.

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    • Taiyang Apperication Thread

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      This thread is dedicated to celebrating the father of Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long, Taiyang Xiao Long. Here you can post about how much you like the character, any theories revolving around him and any good fan work you have of him.

      I'll start this off:

      I love Taiyang Xiao Long because he fits two of most respected aspects of a character: Being a good parent and taking a hit from life.

      The thing is: being a good parent is hard. I say this from a weird sort of experience by hearing how much difficulty my mother had in raising me and the delicate balancing act she has to pull in raising me. This, alongside the fact that 80% of parents are either dumb, embarrassing, abusive or evil in fiction, has given me a great appreciation for good parents in fiction. Taiyang, despite losing both his lovers in the span of a presidential term (guess where I got that from), supports his kids and gives them all the love (be it soft or tough) he can give. And then there's the fact that his love for his kids just radiates from the man. He must take a lot of pride in that job of his.

      And then there's his beatings. Let's be honest, Taiyang is one of the saddest characters in RWBY. He's got Ruby's problems about the world crashing around him, Yang's problems of being abandoned and depression and Qrow's problems of looking after his kids. And then you take into account how easily a Huntsman can die on the job, how many times he's nearly lost his kids,the pain he's seen them go through, the helplessness and sheer terror he must feel about his kids constantly almost dying and you start to wonder how he gets out of bed in the morning. He's lost his lovers, both of whom were also close teammates, his daughters TWICE with the last time leaving one in a coma and the other without an arm, Ruby and Qrow ditched him and now he's staying behind to look after Yang through her depression, something he can't break her out of, while Ruby and Qrow could be dead somewhere. And yet, despite all that, he is the best damn parent  in RWBY.

      Here's a link to a Taiyang Fanfic of mine:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12281328/1/Cowardly-Lion

      So, now it's your turn!

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    • Cowardly Lion (Taiyang fanfiction)

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      Could you please check this out? I need feedback on what I did good and what I did wrong.

      Seriously, please tell me.

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    • Friends To The Very End (Qrow & Taiyang Dual Theme)

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      Voice 1: Well, aren't you one sorry piece of work, dear friend.

      Laughing and grinning stupidly to the very end.

      And dear god, those ridiculous puns.

      They are just. Not, That. Very. Fun!

      Voice 2: Oh, you think you're any better, little man?

      If so, that's about as true as a scam.

      You walk around all tall and rough.

      But you just ain't that tough.

      Voice 1: Oh that's some pretty tough talk coming from you!

      But can your fists match your words, yellow fool?

      Voice 2: You're throwing insults at me, what a shock.

      And this coming from the man who can't keep his cool.

      Voice 1: Alright, that tears it! It's fighting time!
      Time to open some scars and give some new!
      Voice 2: Oh so that's how you what to be?
      Fine then! And so you know friend, you just proved me true.

      Voice 1: Grrrr.

      Voice 2: Rrrrrr

      Voice 1&2: Aha ha ha ha!

      Voice 1 & 2: Though we will yell and fight!
      Slamming each other all with our might!

      Each other we shall never mare!
      Friends till the end, that's what we are!

      Voice 1: Even though he's a bit dim upstairs
      And he has a bit too much flare.
      He's always been steadfast and strong.

      Even if he's always wrong.

      Voice 2: Just can't go without insulting me, eh?
      Sharp words are all you seem to say.
      But I'll put up with you're sorry ass.

      Since you're always there, if a bit crass.

      Voice 1: Hey, someone needs to keep you in line.
      Before the tears and blood start to flow.

      Voice 2:
      That was one time, you hypocrite!

      Don't say it again unless you want eat crow.

      Voice 1: God damn it Tai, you just couldn't resist.
      What is next, “It's been a
      bear-rible day?”

      Voice 2: Hey, that's not half bad. I'll take that.

      I hope you don't mind, of you may?

      Voice 1: Don't you dare!

      Voice 2: Make me!

      Voice 1 & 2: Aha ha ha ha ha!

      Voice 1&2: Though we may trade blows!
      And some that are rather low!
      From each other we will never be far!
      Friends till the end, that's. What. We. A-

      Voice 1: Wait, aren't we brothers?

      Voice 2: Damn it, you're ruining the song!

      Voice 1: I'm just saying we're a bit more than friends.

      Voice 2: That's not the point!

      Friend's to the very eeeeeend!

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