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    • Project: Transformation

      14 years ago


      Yay! So here's what I'm doing this summer. I'm an intern at a program called Project Transformation. It works with inner city kids for eight weeks over the summer. The program includes reading, math, arts and crafts, music, and computer education. We do a little bit of bible study, but that has had to be pulled back and carefully watched now that we have a grant from Americorps. We actually can't count the time we do the Bible Study towards the 300 hours we need to complete for the program. But it's okay.

      This isn't just take the kids from one thing to the other, I'm actually a coordinator. I'm running (surprise surprise) the computer and math portion of the program. Which is cool, because those two are very intertwined at the ages that I'll be dealing with. Oh yeah, that age group is 1st-6th grades. This is one of the best parts: I am required to live at the housing provided by Project Transformation. Which means I'm not living at home and I don't have to pay rent. I also get $2000 dollars cash over the summer and $1000 for a scholarship. Plus, since the program is also tied to the Methodists (who also run the college I'm transferring to in the fall), I get another $500 for that too.

      The only real downside is that I don't get to see my friends as much as I'd like to. But, there's plenty of cool people here to hangout with, and my frineds can go ahead and come visit anytime I'm not working. So, there's my summer plans in a rather large nutshell.

      Heh, nut.

    • I'm back

      14 years ago


      Sorry guys, I have totally been out of it the past few weeks. I've been moving my stuff, but I'm back and ready to do... stuff I guess.

    • Lack of Update? Blame the Schools.

      14 years ago


      Well, it's been well over a month since I have, so I will.

      First off,


      Now that that's out in the open, I'll go further. Needless to say I'm pissed off. Plus, I've been mooching playing time off friends who are lucky enough to not have a faulty disk reader. Anyway,...

      As the title suggested, school has begun it's strangle hold on my posting here. Seriously, I haven't been doing jack on the site until recently, unable to cope with the growing workload that shall destroy me.

      That's about it. I highly recommend Jeskid's movie if you are one of the few losers who have yet to see it. It's easy. He on my friend's list. The link to the movie is on his site. I'm too lazy to do the link right now.

      Also, not for sure yet, but a friend and I might be starting our own webcomic. Thoughts on that possibility?

    • Annoying

      14 years ago


      I really don't like turning people's friend requests down. But I'm getting requests from people I never met in real life and never talk to on this site. Plus, they all seem to be under the age of 16 for some reason.

      If you're reading this and I did that, just participate in some threads that I'm in for a while. Let me get to know you. I want to be people's friends, but for God's sakes I'm not going to approve pwnz0r29 whose age is 89 apparently.

    • Reformat? 5 projects due on Monday?

      14 years ago


      So this weekend was great. Got to spend Saturday trying to download something that would get rid of a virus that prevented me from using my ctrl-alt-del menu. When that didn't work, I performed a pre-emptive reformat. Twice. The first time the system decided to keep some of the files from applications I had installed, but not put them on the programs list in Add/Remove. So, when I tried to install anything, it failed. So I re-reformated. Now I'm trying to rebuild my computer to its former glory.

      As if that wasn't bad enough, I had a project in about every class due on Monday. I've knocked out 3 of them, and got a fifth extended. Here goes the last one.

    • Late Again

      14 years ago


      My days are finally normalizing: 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. And that's the weekends.

      On the bright side a friend of mine was nice enough to put me on their WoW account, so now those precious few hours I had to sleep are spent trying to level my character. Plus, I have 256 RAM. Need to upgrade that as soon as possible. The lag can get unbelievable. I can't even go into Stormwind, it's that bad. I need to get a job to take care of this problem. And, so I can get my own account.

      Another good reason to get a job, I wrecked my car. As soon as I get pics of it, I'll post them. Didn't get hurt too bad. All that happened was my brain was bleeding a little bit.

      I've got about 4 chapters of sociology that I need to read and write a page per chapter on by Tuesday. Flippin Tuesday. Plus a cultural interview, plus a critique on a guy's paper in English. Not to mention crap for about 10 other things going on in my life. College sucks only if you want to succeed in it.

    • Fuggin Politics

      14 years ago


      So, I'm sitting in Astronomy and the Prof. is lecturing about different ways to express numbers, mostly to make huge numbers seem smaller (IE, expressing by either powers of ten or by the metric system). He uses the federal budget as an example, including the national debt. Some idiot while he's talking about it yells out, "there's a war going on!" For Christ's sake, the professor isn't trying to make a point about the Bush administration, just teach us about really big numbers. You know, the ones you deal with in astronomy. Just let it be. Facts are facts: the national deficit is around 535 billion dollars. You can't change that. The numbers won't be nicer or less true because there is a war going on. Find the right place to talk about that crap, don't waste my class time.

      On the plus side, I learned a new word in that class: Gigabucks. That's actually the metric way of saying a billion dollars.

    • In class...

      14 years ago


      I just wrote a paper on how video games were basically the only constant thing in my life outside my parents. I'm think I might have given my teacher the impression that I'm obsessed with video games.


      But she probably draw the conclusion that I love violence and ending life because I like gaming so much.

      How unfair is that? Just because they are violent doesn't mean I'm violent. Just because I choose to relieve stress by blowing up a helicopter on a computer doesn't mean that I'm going to do it in real life. At one point of my life, video games probably kept me from doing something like that.

      Now if you'll excuse me, there's a litter of puppies I need to throw sharp objects at.

    • Screwed up

      14 years ago


      Mondays suck. My schedule for the Spring has 6 classes right now. 4 of them are on Monday. I will have no breaks from 9:30 until 9:20. Stupid 12 hour day.

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    • kg6ejp

      12 years ago

      You need more content!!


    • torryrocksme

      13 years ago

      Go Sooners!!

      If you're a Sooner fan... smiley0.gif

    • WalkerBoh

      14 years ago

      the best 2 quotes from the movie were
      "how would you describe her" "uhh scary beyond all reason"
      "let me guess were about to go over a huge waterfall" "uh huh" "sharp pointy rocks at the bottom"
      "most likely" "bring it on"

    • JohnMichael

      14 years ago

      Yzma: Krunk, take out that door!
      Krunk: What're you kidding me?? That's hand-carved Mahogany!

      Hands down...one of my favoritest quotes from anywhere! ;) Queen rules....oh yeah

    • cousinbruski

      14 years ago

      hey thanks for taking that sperm thing well.

    • SarahJr

      14 years ago

      Hey, just wanted to give you a virtual high-five for the gun control thread. I agree with you, there.

    • Sephy765

      14 years ago

      Great picture man, Thats hard to find. its even cooler when u get Inuyasha on there. Plus Queen is cool.

    • Bookworm

      14 years ago

      Dude, you rock. Not just because of the Emperor's New Groove quote, but because you like Queen too. If Freddy Mercury were still alive, they'd be kicking everyone's asses. You get a mod on your journal from me too for the mad Queen props.

    • Bagger

      14 years ago

      "Emperor's New Groove" rocks. Love the quote. I can't mode your "description" though, so I'll just add a point to journal.

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