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    • KrozeGG

      Oh hey, what's happening on the RT site recen... HEY! WHERE IS MOD POWERS?!

      10 months ago

      .... not even left with a pretty sponsor star for years of service.... *sobs*

    • KrozeGG

      Nobody knows the travels I've seen...

      5 years ago

      Hey everyone! It's that time again!
      No, not the time where I cover myself in bacon and jump into a pit of hungry lions...

      Some of you may be asking yourselves "Kroze, where the HELL have you been? We've been dying without a new news post here!" and to that I say settle down! Many MANY things have been going on which now shall be described for all of you to consume!

      First off, as some of you may already be aware of, Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series is up for an award for FUNNIEST YOUTUBE CHANNEL EVARZ in the Mashable's 3rd Annual Open Web Awards. We are up against some PRETTY stiff competition but I have no doubt that we can all join together so that we can claim this award in the name of british people who do funny voices for other people's amusement EVERYWHERE! You are able to vote for CardGamesFTW once every 24 hours so I highly recommend making it a part of your daily rituals such as brushing your teeth and crying yourself to sleep at night because Kyle Rayner is dead (OMG SPOILERZ!!11!). Let us triumph over the rest of the competition using the power of friendship and childrens card games! ARE YOU WITH US?!?!?!?!?

      Now seeing as how it is getting to be time for the holidays once again, its time to start your holiday shopping! For those of you who might be looking to expand your or your friend/lovers/parents wardrobe this holiday season, you may be happy to know that Shark Robot now has a crapload of new shirts and other various products in from a whole bunch of new talent! Not the least of which including TEAM FOUR STAR T-SHIRTS!

      Not to be outdone by everyone else, we also have a couple new items of our own in the shop as well...
      If you remember last year we had a limited edition shirt just for the holidays that we had on sale... well due to high demand and people threatening to rip off my head from my neck, Screw The Yules, I Have Money shirt is now back on sale just in time for the holidays!


      And due to many of our fans of the female variety also threatening to make me bleed, new for this year we have the shirt in GIRLS SIZES!
      Keep in mind that this shirt IS only for a limited time so if you want it, I would highly recommend ordering ASAP since once we are out, we are out!

      BUT thats not all in new YGO:TAS merchandise news!
      We now have the Third YGO:TAS Button Set up (finally) for sale featuring all of the new shirt designs including Duke Devlin, My Voice Gives Me Super Strength and Attention Duelists!


      Aren't they soooo shiny?

      Speaking about Shark Robot, Yu-Gi-Oh: Abridged and Team Four Star, in a few weeks something special will happen that we will all be attending...
      Something that only occurs once a year...
      An event so powerful that not even my fail can hope to overpower its awesomeness!


      For those of you not in the know, MAGfest is a Music and Gaming Festival that takes place every year, this year once again at the amazing Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, VA (right next to DC) from January 1st through the 4th, including a MASSIVELY HUGE New Years Eve party on the 31st. At this event you will be dazzled and amazed at the 14+ musical bands that play, every night, over the course of the entire weekend including our good friends The Megas and Rare Candy!
      LittleKuriboh himself is coming all the way from British Land (TM). Also joining him to try and kill me with britishness overload is MasakoX from Team Four Star as well!

      Now I know what you are saying "That's nice and all Kroze, but are there any famous people attending that I would actually care about?". Well I am glad I put those words in your mouth because we have that area covered for ya as well!
      After years and years, for what feels like FOREVER, you've been listening to his voice across several games trying to kick ass and chew bubblegum but being all out of gum... JON ST. JOHN, THE VOICE OF DUKE NUKEM is attending MAGfest to rip off our heads and sh*t down our necks while looking for his pet Froggy.

      Not your style you say? You rather like games that require a bit more brain usage you say? Stop putting words in my mouth Kroze you say? Well, also attending MAGfest 8 is one of the all time legends of gaming... some call him "The Father of Computer Gaming.". SID MEIER of Sid Meier's Pirates, Sid Meier's Civilization and Sid Meier's SimGolf will be joining us as well talking about his many experiences in the video game industry and other things.


    • KrozeGG

      The Giant Cock At The End Of This Post!

      5 years ago

      Hey there all my loyal fans!

      *crickets chirping*

      Er... um... Hello all Yu-Gi-Oh: Abridged worshipers?

      *Huge applause*

      Well now... that's MUCH better!
      big things have been in the works here for some time and now is the time to let the cat out of the bag!
      Not that I would ever stuff a poor little kitty into a bag or anything... well, maybe if it was a catgirl or a furry... but that's another story!

      At the end of this month, big thing are going down up in Dearborn, Michigan!
      Like what you ask? Well my dear currently uninformed and possibly insane reader, THAR BE CONVENTIONS HAPPENING OVER THAR! YARRRR!!
      Youmacon happening on October 29th through Nov 1st has decided to have one very British and non Joss Whedon lover who abridges a certain Japanese animated show about teenagers with crazy hair playing a childrens card game (No, not THAT show.. the other one...) and his ever so sexy and possibly omnipotent helper as guests to their stunning and ever growing convention!
      That's RIGHT!
      Both LittleKuriboh, who is being flown all the way over from the land of the British and I will be going to Youmacon as guests! So please won't you all come and join us? There will be punch and pie!

      Okay, so I lied about the punch and pie but I swear its gonna be a kickass time!
      Especially since we are premiering episodes 43 AND 44 of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series there! (DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!)
      And if that isn't enough to sell you on it then maybe THIS will...
      Also invited as guests are the members of a certain OTHER Abridged Series team made up of four head members who love to sit around and play with their ballz all day long!

      So what are you waiting for? JOOOOOOOOIIIINNNNN USSSSSSS!!!!

      Also in upcoming convention news,
      Next weekend on the 23rd through the 25th is a brand new gaming convention called GameX in Oaks, PA that I shall be attending along with several awesome friends of mine in helping run several things there... such as possibly a YGO:TAS panel! So if you are around I would encourage you all to show up and join in on the fun!

      And now for something COMPLETELY different...

      Many of you all have been asking for new shirt designs in the store for the past year...
      Well folks! Its that time again!
      No... not the time where I dress in drag and do the hula...

      First we have a pair of shirts that go very well together and people have been asking for due to loving each of the respective characters they go with....

      Tristan's MY VOICE GIVES ME SUPER STRENGTH! shirt:


      Next we have yet another character who hasn't gotten any shirt love yet so far...

      Duke Devlin's Sexy shirt:

      Following that up we have a new one for all of those of you who have always wanted to have a Millennium Item without all the nasty side effects like going power hungry and evil or ending up with two souls, one guy...

      Bakura's Millennium Gaydar shirt:

      And finally, just because we have had SOOOOOO many request for this girls only shirt to make a return (And you girls BETTER buy it this time or else no complaining when its gone again! ;P), completely redesigned...

      Mai's My Breasts Challenge You To A Duel! shirt:

      All 5 of those new shirts are up now on our Store for Preorder along with a completely new set of buttons to go along with them coming soon so check em out!

      We WILL have these new shirts at both GameX and Youmacon in these following weeks but no promises that all of the above shirts will be there... so plan wisely!

      And now it seems as though I am coming to the end of this news post, I must reveal to you all the thing that was alluded to in the title of this post....







      FINE THEN!
      THAT'S IT!
      IT'S TIME!



      I warned ya!


    • KrozeGG


      6 years ago

      Kamen Rider K-K-KROZE! NEWS POST FORM!

      Hey guys! Long time, no speak... I wonder why? have you guys been avoiding me or something? Did I do something wrong? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?!?!?!?!?!
      And here I was just about to bring you insanely awesome news about upcoming events but now I see how it is...
      Wait, whats that? You say you want this crazy kickass news? O RLY?
      Fine, I'll tell you what this news is!

      As I am sure many of you remember me ranting and raving on and on about this convention last year named MAGfest, a convention in Alexandria, VA right outside of Washington DC dedicated to Music and Video Games and how it is so kick ass and whatnot. Well once again it is happening on January 1st through the 4th and about to become WAAAAAYYY more awesome by tenfold!
      How so you ask? Well what if I were to tell you that the one and only KROZE (Thats me!) will be there!

      *crickets chirping*


      No? That doesn't do anything for you?
      Well fine then... cause I got another trick up my sleeve!
      What if I were to tell you that LITTLE KURIBOH HIMSELF will be appearing as a guest for his first official convention appearance in the good ol' US of A?
      Thats right! Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series will have a HUGE presence at MAGfest this year, but we are not the ONLY ones...
      Also coming is the voice of DUKE NUKEM, Jon St. John and some of the most kickass video game bands of ALL TIME!

      Thats right! This January is gonna be one of the most epic parties you will ever bare witness to and I know LK and I would love to meet you all if you come!
      There may be even a few surprises in store and announcements... ;P
      But you don't have to take MY word for how awesome MAGfest is just take a look at this:

      Click Here

      And speaking about upcoming conventions, next weekend on Saturday September 26th, Tigercon will be happening at Towson University in Towson, MD!
      Did I mention that its COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY FREE?!?!?!
      I will be joined by several awesome others including the awesome video game band Rare Candy in a attempt to make the beginning of your school year just a bit more awesome!
      Since its free, those of you who are within 3 hours owe it to yourselves to come down and join us!
      You won't be disappointed!

      And I am afraid thats all th...



      DAMNIT KANYE! Why'd you go and have to do that to me? I thought you and I were homeboys!

      As I was saying, thats about all the awesome news that this post can handle it seems... so until next time....

      I'm just a passing through Kamen Rider!

      *Crossposted from*

    • KrozeGG

      About. To. Fall. Asleep. At. Keyboard...

      6 years ago

      Current time: 2:42 AM
      Location: Seattle, Washington
      Mission: Write news post before head decides to collide with laptop resulting in defeat.

      So here I am loyal YGO:TAS users sitting here late at night writing this post because recently I've just been way too busy to sit around and write one up in a sane state of mind about upcoming events... that are now currently upon us and I must rush to get this done before said events happen and no one will know about them.

      Firstly for all of our UK fans, this weekend is the much talked about Alcon happening at De Montfort University in Leicester!
      Why is this con above all others talked about you asked?
      Well good sir, I am glad you asked! For you see, the Brit Boy himself, LittleKuriboh will be doing his first ever offical con appearance EVER, doing panels, signing autographs, and going around generally making a complete fool of himself in public (LIKE WHAT I DO!).
      I suggest if you can get out there for this weekend, you do so in a hurry!
      If any of you do make it out there, I demand that you ask him So where's the new Eden LK??? and get it on video because he deserves to be tormented like so.
      I hear the con will be a fun time for all!

      Now as we go all the way across the ocean to Seattle, WA another event is happening. A crazy and awesome, not to mention sexy as hell guy who is an admin of this site will be attending the Penny Arcade Expo with the Overclocked Remix crew and the awesome man known only as Dom teh Dominator! If you are around and happen to see me, stop on by and say hello or just follow tradition and punch me then run away! ;P

      Recently Episode 42 of YGO:TAS was just released so if you somehow missed that, head on over to the youtube page and give it a watch! You won't be displeased!

      Around the corner we do have some fun stuff happening that will be sure to knock all of your socks off and I can't wait to tell you guys about it all but I am slowly drifting off here so I guess it will all just have to wait till I retu- ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


      *Crossposted from*

    • KrozeGG

      Crispy Wontons!

      6 years ago

      Hello True Believers,

      Kroze here at Comic Con San Diego with a swarm of loyal minions here at Booth #5302 selling our awesome and wonderful shirts from our online store along with the kickass band known as The Megas!
      If you are not too busy trying to get through the insanely long lines just to get into a panel room (Like I am currently doing right now for the Stargate Universe panel) or busy being Yiffed (I'm looking at you Bryy!) then you should come on down to our booth and say hello!
      Trust me, we are WAY less scary then some of the other booths here... like the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds booth! ;P

      (Also if you can make it, you will WANT to go to the Lost panel Saturday morning... big news happenin there...)

      Speaking of The Megas and us, on Sunday night after the convention there will be one of the most kickass after convention concerts you will ever encounter:


      Thats RIGHT! prepare for a battle of epic geek proportions Sunday night and Sunday night ONLY!
      Also Snafu Dave and I will have shirts on sale there as well for those of you who can't make it to con!

      And finally...
      Who wants yet another new shirt preview?

      First off, a shirt we've had many requests for and are finally getting around to it!
      For those of you who wish to bring sexy back:


      Isn't it just sooooooo sexy?

      Next we have a shirt for those of you who've always wanted their own Millenium Gaydar:


      I can hear the screaming fangirls just waiting to follow you around already!

      The final versions of these two will be up along with the Attention Duelists! and My Voice Gives Me Super Strength in the online store in a few weeks for preorder along with possibly a few MORE goodies! ;P

      Finally, next week we will be at yet ANOTHER convention... Connecticon in Hartford, CT! Its just one convention right after another! Like a whole orgy of cons!


      And you wonder why I am not allowed to talk in public...

      So anyway... the Stargate: Universe panel is about to begin and I will soon be carried away to a new galaxy of wonder and excitement... and Robert Carlyle...

      Mmmmm.... Robert Carlyle...

      *Wanders off in a daze of Sci-Fi (Or is that SyFy?) goodness*

      *Crossposted from*

    • KrozeGG

      Screw the stupid puns, I'm at Otakon!!

      6 years ago

      Ah Otakon... you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...
      This is where I make this news post from in hopes that this message will get out and people will know how it all went down.
      It is in this place that one shall stand and one shall fall!
      Here we have the finest merchandise this side of the river Jordan, on sale today, come on down to the Artist Alley!
      Stop having boring shirts, stop having a boring life!

      This news post and I? We're done professionally!
      Live free, die well my friends!

      (Authors Note: If you are at Otakon and got all the references in this news post, come to the YGO:TAS booth and see me. If you can name all the references, you will get a free shirt!)

      *crossposted from*

    • KrozeGG

      Not even Jack Bauer can save Anime Expo!

      6 years ago

      "So Brain, what are we gonna be doing THIS weekend?"

      "The same thing we've been doing almost every weekend for the past month Pinky! GOING TO ANOTHER CONVENTION!"

      Or thats at least how I would imagine the conversation would go if ReconDye and I were laboratory mice who's genes have been spliced right before Recon would hit me with a huge pencil for asking something so stupid.

      Thats right, this weekend both of us along with TrainerBAM who worked on all the fantastic artwork you all witnessed in the Slavemas Christmas Special, The amazing and awesome rocktacular band The Megas who's amazing versions of songs from Mega Man 2 will rock your socks off! (I highly recommend checking them out if you haven't done so already!), and Snafu Dave will be decending upon Anime Expo in jolly ol' Los Angeles (funny, I thought that place got destroyed in the first Bayformers movie...) for the next four days with shirts to buy from our awesome store!
      Look for the Snafu Comics booth and you will be sure to find us!

      But the shirts we bring aren't just ANY shirts, oh no...
      These are, not one but TWO completely brand new designs we will be shoving in your faces at Anime Expo this weekend!

      First we have "My Voice Gives Me Super Strength!"



      And not to let Tristan have all the glory (or any glory at all), in response we have "My Hair Allows Me To Defy Gravity!"



      These two have been in the works for a long while now so I hope you will all enjoy them!
      We will also have them on sale in the Online Store and at Otakon very soon so you will all get your fair shot at them both!

      For those of you who do not know, the video system we've been using on the site for the videos called Revver has been giving us a lot of trouble for the past few months and thus is why you have not been seeing any of the newer episodes appear on the site as of late. We are working hard on finding a new option for the videos on the site as well as the itunes feed which Revver currently was supplying before it all started to freak out on us.
      Until then I point you twards LK's youtube account where all the new episodes have been getting uploaded...

      Also, here are some youtube embeds to the three newest YGO:TAS videos currently not on the site:

      Episode 39

      Episode 40

      Episode 41

      Sorry about any confusion about the matter and we hope to have the problem fixed soonish!

      I still have not packed for my trip out to LA tomorrow morning so with that all said, I must bid you all a fond farewell!
      I hope to see a bunch of you guys at Anime Expo this weekend!

      KROZE OUT!

      They're Recon, they're Recon and the Kroze Kroze Kroze Kroze Kroze Kroze Kroze Kroze Kroze Kroze Kroze Kroze...


      *crossposted from*

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      Are you even alive anymore Kroze? =O

      On a more fun note, I am going to be invading your country in two months, you should be very afraid.

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      Well, hello there, nemesis!

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      Happy Thanksgiving!

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      what is this?
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      had to reupload it to fix a few over looked things

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      Krooooooozzzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeee this Kangaroo misses your randomness. also I started posting things on youtube. even if it does take 8hours to post something decent! Send me love!

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      Hey man. I talked to you at Vidcon about my LOST shirt and Grifball and such. I FINALLY found your profile haha the spelling was evading me.

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      I love how you're back to your old ways of NEVER posting new journals. 2 years and counting... Just like the good ol days...

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      You gonna be at RTX?

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