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    • A Little Smoke: My Video Series

      2 years ago


      If you happen to be reading this, great! Thanks!

      I've been interested in doing some kind of YouTube series for a while. I didn't want to be another vlog or gaming channel, as those are...a bit flooded. Not to mention that I feel like vlogs are best left to those who we already know and love from their other content, rather than as the main content (Casey Neistat is an enigma to me).

      I had an idea last year or so to do a one-shot documentary dealing with hookah smoking and health, as a lot of the FDA tests are...not so reliable. So, I wanted to explore anecdotally myself what hookah smoking would do for a work-out. Then I realized...why wait? Why do some huge project "movie style" when YT is right there, and I've never edited a video in my life?

      So here's the birth of that project. I hope you enjoy it. I know it's niche, and I don't expect a huge influx from this site, but I'd love to know your feedback/criticism from a creator or viewer's perspective. Thanks guys!

    • Series on Hookah+Health; Personal Project

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      Hey guys! I've been wanting to get involved for a while and I keep making introduction posts about that...but it's probably time to jump in at this point.

      I've been making videos for the past couple of weeks. The idea is to explore the difference I have in cardio workouts during a month of not smoking (hookah), then a month of smoking (again, hookah only). I'm starting to find interesting results that aren't posted yet, but I'd be interested to hear criticisms/comments from you guys. Video 1 is right here.

      Also, I had a question about editing on Reddit that kinda went nowhere, and I'm wondering if any of you have an answer for that?

      Thanks for checking it out, and thanks for feedback!

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    • Thinking About UT

      2 years ago


      I've been thinking of going to UT. I live in Louisiana so it's pretty realistic for me to go and talk to them about some things, namely financial aid and whether my current credits from my Associates Degree will transfer well. Anyone have advice on who to speak to regarding that?

    • RWBY Ep. 8

      5 years ago


      So, I choked up at the end.
      Am I pathetic or is the show good?

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