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    • OroborosNZ Projector

      10 years ago

      Hi <<avatar>>!

      At LFTO Networking, we invited group members (just like you <<avatar>>) to create a logo for ourselves. We'll use it for our own merch - t-shirts, coffee mugs, you name it.

      We'd love it if you could check the designs out and vote! We're contacting you personally <<avatar>> because here at LFTO Networking, we believe in that personal touch. After all, that's why you signed up on <<signUpDate>>, isn't it <<avatar>>? And hey: why not invite <<option::listFriendAvatar01;listFriendAvatar02;listFriendAvatar03>> to join?

      Please check in to LFTO Networking and vote for your fave design.

      We hope to see you <<option::"soon";"dead";"in prison">>, <<avatar>>. Keep it real!

    • DocRossim

      10 years ago

      My book? Oh, I've changed the title now.
      Well, it involves dragons, and a young girl (not the one pictured) and some other people... it's kinda complex, and to really explain the basics of the plot would give away a lot of the story...

      And yes, Terry Pratchet's Discworld = awesomesauce

    • Green_knight

      10 years ago

      The pictures from those quizzes, the pictures are always buggy. Save the picture you got, and if you want, I'll tell you how to correctly post it, in a comment, like this.


    • ConnieEdogawa

      10 years ago

      thanks. i used websites to make them all, but they're all made by me.

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