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    • Goodbye, Rooster Teeth

      1 month ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!

      It's been a hell of a ride. It wasn't so long ago that you guys were my primary source of entertainment; that I spent the majority of my free time poring over and analyzing what was happening in your shows while going unsaid.

      But right now, I'm done. Red vs Blue hasn't felt worthwhile in years. RWBY's most recent season had a message more harmful than helpful. gen:LOCK seemed promising, but I couldn't watch it on principle, with how hard your advertising was shoving it down my throat, after I paid for your "ad-free" FIRST service. RWBY Chibi and Nomad of Nowhere were fantastic the last time I saw them, and currently missing without a word.

      You pretended to kill off your company's single most popular character, meaninglessly, just so somebody else could get character development. Then you pretended she would get character development in the new season, just so that people would watch. And now, while her most vocal fans are questioning why she hasn't done anything meaningful in years, you've chosen to actually kill her off in the most meaningless way possible, for no reason besides thinking you can.

      I'm not going to claim "this isn't what Monty would have wanted," or any of that insensitive spew that clueless people say when they want the moral high ground. I really do think you're doing your best. But I also think you've lost sight of why people ever enjoyed your content in the first place. Because lately, you've given me far more misery than joy.

      So, I'm done. My membership is cancelled, and if I knew how to end the period I've paid for prematurely, I'd take it on principle, because I currently have no intention of watching anything you create. I might be back in a few years if I start hearing good things again, but I certainly won't keep my fingers crossed for it.

      I wish you all the best, and maybe some day you will get it together, but I don't anticipate watching to see if or when that happens. While I appreciate all the good times you brought me, it's clear to me that those times are over.

      Goodbye, Rooster Teeth.

    • RT Extra Life takeaways

      3 years ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!

      If Gus doesn't play the Cheesemaster in Season 3 of X-Ray and Vav, I will be very disappointed.

    • Sponsorship!

      3 years ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!

      Sponsorship is something I've wanted for a while, but just haven't really had the means to get. My parents managed to instill in me an extreme discomfort with using credit card information online, so I'm that guy who always uses prepaid cards.

      On that note, did you know that the new Rooster Teeth app features in-app purchases, in the form of sponsorship? Now, for anyone else out there who gets by on prepaid cards, you can be a sponsor using an iTunes card with your iOS device. Thanks, Rooster Teeth!

    • 3 years ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!
    • Rest in Peace, Satoru Iwata

      4 years ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!

      People die. People you know, people you look up to. There one second, and gone the next. It's a simple fact of life, an inevitability that we all know is true. Our own community is still feeling the effects from Monty Oum's passing. So why does it never start to feel normal?

      Satoru Iwata was only the fourth president in Nintendo's 125-year history, and the first not to carry the name "Yamauchi." It's no surprise he accomplished what he did, because the man was nothing short of a genius. Prior to his rise to presidency, the man was a programmer who worked on many of Nintendo's classic games. When Pokemon's developers had run out of space for the Johto region, Satoru Iwata personally compressed the game files down to a size where they could fit the entire Johto and Kanto regions onto a Gameboy cartridge.

      He lead the company as it created the Nintendo DS and Wii, two of the most successful dedicated gaming systems of all time. He made an effort to make fans feel included, creating and speaking for programs like Iwata Asks and Nintendo Direct. When Nintendo recently started to operate at a loss, he cut his own salary in half as a means of taking responsibility. Twice.

      When I heard of his passing yesterday, it wasn't a quiet matter. People and companies from all across the industry were taking to social media to pay their respects. Men and women expressing their gratitude to him, whether they ever worked with Nintendo or not, or even if they were direct competitors, all using the hashtag #ThankYouIwata.

      Satoru Iwata was a huge part of my experience with video games. Balloon Fight and Pokemon Crystal were two of the definitive games of my childhood, and I was always excited for the next wave of information from Nintendo Direct. In my mind, it's clear that the video game industry has lost an important figurehead and a major positive influence. So, thank you Mr. Iwata, and may you rest in peace.

      "On my business card, I am a corporate president.
      In my mind, I am a game developer.
      But in my heart, I am a gamer."
      -Satoru Iwata

    • Keep the dream alive

      4 years ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!

      "Can you match my resolve? If so then you will succeed. I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve. It may not be immediate, and often your greater dreams is something you will not achieve within your own lifetime. The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death."
      -Monty Oum

      Rest in peace, Monty. We'll miss you.

    • RWBY Volume 2 intro

      5 years ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!

      Wow... Looks like we'll be seeing a lot of 4-on-4 going on this volume. Some rival stuff going on, too. And a lot more big story events. Most of all, I'd have to say I'm very interested in the roles Ozpin and Pyrrha are going to have now. She's seeming pretty important and Ozpin's giving off a "man behind the curtain" vibe, which is fitting, I suppose.

    • I was half-asleep today

      5 years ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!

      My mind started jumbling together RWBY and Xenoblade for some reason. I forgot the difference between the creatures of Grimm and the Mechon, the Monado and either or dust and aura. Took me a while before I figured out why that wasn't making much sense.

    • I've been watching a playthrough of Lightning Returns

      5 years ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!

      I really don't see what the problem is. I've never been a Final Fantasy fan, so the story is a bit confusing. But other than that, I really can't see why people dislike the game. It looks fun, seems a nice length and with a decent amount of side content. And Lightning may be a bit monotone, but why does everyone seem to think she's a cancer on the series? She seems like a pretty neat character to me.

    • T-Shirt Contest

      5 years ago

      Kyvos Atlas will prevail!

      I wish I had any artistic skills. I'd totally make a shirt that just said "Whot if..." at the top, and then a big scatter of stupid Gavin questions.

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