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from Shullsburg, Wisconsin

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    • This thing yay

      4 years ago


      Thanks @TheLadderMan for tagging me in the thing and making me do the thing lol

      Username: KyxricXIII
      Age: 21
      From: Wisconsin
      Sponsor: working on it.
      Date Joined: 2/26/14 almost a year lol
      Last Signed in: on here? a day. on everything else? every day

      Rooster Teeth Content:
      First RoosterTeeth video you saw: Red vs Blue season 5 episode 1
      Last Podcast you watched: I don't (I should tho)
      Favorite Member of the RT cast and crew: tough one since they're all great but I guess Burnie Burns
      Did you watch an RT video today: you damn right I did.
      -which one: Let's Play - Destiny: Raid Attempt 2 Part 2
      Favorite RT series: RWBY
      Favorite RT video: oh man, probably the fps Immersion episode

      RT Site:
      Current number of notifications: 0
      Name of First journal:Time to be Productive again (yeah that worked out lol)
      Name of your latest journal: not named lol
      Last photo you uploaded: the sketch I use as my picture.
      Last Thread you commented on: uh...
      First group on your group list: Afterstreamers
      Last Private message sent to: myself QuQ

      Achievement Hunter:
      Gamerscore: 42400
      Team Gents or Team Lads: TEAM LADS
      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Michael Jones
      Minecraft Skin: I thinks its Master Chief but I can't remember lol
      Favorite Achievement Hunter show: Lets Plays

      The Community:
      Favorite Group: Afterstreamers
      Have you gone to a community event: Unfortunately nope.
      Have you gone to RTX: Planning on it next year
      Favorite Fellow community member: probably this dumb butt named @poobdraws but I love all my friends ^_^
      Tag 5 People to do this: @poobdraws @nsafi97 @heardarumor @fathlin @geekyartchic

      have fun losers :P

    • 5 years ago



    • Time to be productive again

      5 years ago


      Gonna try to be more active on here from now on. am always more active on twitter or tumblr but gonna try and post more on here ^_^

    • 5 years ago

    • 2019 years ago

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