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    • During the next two weeks...

      2 years ago


      I am away world hopping the next two weeks, so my full time comeback is delayed yet again, but rest assured when I get back it really is happening! But until then have a good summer everyone and an even better RTX! I expect to hear many a story when I get back!

      Meanwhile I will be getting tan and chilling on beaches. ALthough I may just be a disembodied piece of text on your screen, in two weeks time you will have to imagine it being a much more tan piece of text! Anyways see ya when I see yas a have a great two weeks while I'm gone!

      From ya boi x

    • The obligatory exams are over post.

      2 years ago


      So if you've read the title then you'll know what I'm about to say, but I'll say it again anyway..


      As you can tell I'm pretty happy that they're done and the pressure is off (until results day in August but shhh we don't talk about that) 

      I've actually been off a week or so now, but I just needed some time to chill and sort myself first, and lemme say I am really excited for the summer, as I have possibly around 10 weeks+ break, so not only is there enough time for all the games I want to play, but also a ton of super fun activities too! (Frisbee mode activated) 

      I'm actually away for two weeks starting this saturday, but I should be back to normal after then for a few weeks....

      Either way I've missed all of you here on the site that I haven't been able to talk to properly in the last few months, and I look forward to reconnecting again! 

      Have a good one peeps :)

    • Xenomorphs and more: A brief look at Alien art online

      2 years ago


      While on a brief break from revision, I though to myself I'd take a brief trip onto google to see what I could find, and let me say, I was NOT disappointed,

      I had no idea the Alien community was 


      I think this proves my point

      But more so some of the art I've found is just so horrifying.....just....why?


      You may search further at your own risk, but lemme say there is some seriously weird stuff out there 

      Also I still can't work out why this pops up when I search Alien Fiesta 


      I get its a fiesta, but unless people ain't telling me the truth about Chihuahuas then I see no Aliens here.....

      (side note: The whole moral of the story from my previous journal was that life is filled with disappointments. I meant to show this through the lack of the bird blowing up in the first vid but you may have discovered it just through reading my journal.)

      Also I've been listening to a load of music by Joji recently and its awesome! Its low fi hip hop (I think) and I really enjoy the relaxed vibes, but yet the close personal feel, that this music has. This song is one of me favourites. Thanks for reading  and have a good day :)

    • Can you guess the answer?

      2 years ago


      This Video taught me an important lesson today. 

      Can you guess what it was?

      Leave your answer below!

      Meanwhile this taught me something else :)


    • What is this? Just what IS this?

      2 years ago


      Like seriously, its a good question

      Gotta love that Lil Jon feature though :)

      Also this is my new fave 

      He is the CEO of my account with other doggo as majority shareholder.

    • In my absence....

      2 years ago


      In my absence I give control of my page to this dog

      Any questions will go to dog thank you all for being so understanding.

    • How did it come to this?

      2 years ago


      Why. Just why.

    • Yu Gi Oh GX Season 4!!!!

      2 years ago


      Season 4 is kickass! I was kind of confused the first two episodes, although that was mainly me having to adjust to the japanese version of the show (as they didn't dub it in English due to 4kids going bankrupt), and getting used to the new tone. But now I've watched a few episodes I'm actually really enjoying it! Since when GX get so deep and intense? Many people don't really know about season 4 and I'd definitely recommend giving it a watch! Although it does kinda ruin my revision schedule when I'm trying to work but also want to watch another episode.....but I digress.


      That's enough for one day, and for once it hasn't been more stupid shite I've found online XD

      Anyway see yas! (that's the plural of ya for all wondering......why can't my computer recognise that gosh. ITS A LEGITIMATE THING)

    • Boy do I love Snickers..

      2 years ago


      I bet Jesse Eisenberg's cousin wants to get some nuts. Snickers.

    • Fun and stuffs on the interwebs

      2 years ago


      Now even though my journal is becoming somewhat of a linkdump for stuff I like, I don't mind! Now check out the glory of these vids!

      And there is one more very, VERY special one that I will be posting everywhere possible! Spread some love for this! You'll soon see why :)

      Currently I have nothing meaningful to say except that revision continues! As does my gripping Yu gi oh addiction. Its lead me into Yu Gi oh GX season 3 and I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! But revision. And Jar jar. 

      Also I found this funny webcomic from 10 years ago called DM of the rings, Y'all should check it out if you like LOTR. And with that adieu :)

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    • Priest FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold NonSequitur OCC Consular

      2 years ago

      You must be a super commenter, you are ALWAYS at the top of this list. 

      • LCPeter

        2 years ago

        And no one is more confused about this than me! I just go on a forum and then it happens again! You'd be surprised how much of those posts happen to be about Backstreet boys though. Its just a topic that seems to come up a strange amount.....

    • SirSailorStar

      2 years ago

      Happy Easter from Sailor Jupiter. Have a great day, LCPeter!


      • LCPeter

        2 years ago

        You too! I don't know what Sailor Jupiter is but I appreciate it.....this isn't more of that tales of vesperia/besperia yoohoo?

      • SirSailorStar

        2 years ago

        No, Sailor Jupiter is a magical girl character from Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon Crystal. I think I posted a picture of Sailor Venus on the Breakfast/Dessert alliance forum.

    • Kaoru27Umi Princess of Mars

      2 years ago


      Happy Chocolate Giving Explosion Day!

      • LCPeter

        2 years ago

        Aww you :)

    • Izayer Keeper of Stories

      2 years ago

      Imagine Dragons-Believer

      • LCPeter

        2 years ago

        HELL. YES. I love it

    • Steversonaa564

      3 years ago

      hi there.

      • LCPeter

        3 years ago

        Hello right back to ya!!!

    • Matty FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Student

      6 years ago

      Welcome to the site, Peter!

      • LCPeter

        3 years ago

        Oh hi! Sorry I'm a bit late. But better late than never I guess?

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    1. Obviously Buzzwole as he represents the gains I wish to recieve. Like seriously those arms......8CvOgn-l.jpg

    But actually I like Mimikyu a lot at the moment. I'm undecided welp. THERES OVER 700 HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE


    3. Depends if the counter is Wobbuffet or not cause that BLOODY HURTS

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    I think she obviously just hates fun

    What is your GT?

    | Asked by: Izayer 2 years ago

    My GT is WoodlandOregon2 

    (It's random I know, but I could never be bothered to change it. Although now I have some kind of presence online maybe I should change it......we'll see)

    Well, we all know swallows are seasonal creatures, and thus migrate with the changing of the year. And while in the winter they hunker down in their safe shelters beneath the ground, in the summer they unleash their true spirit, by heading straight down to Malaga and partying out the year, congregating in what some call a "banging nightclub". From here they proceed to tear up the dancefloor and feast on the souls of the young. They move in swarms and can swallow a man whole. Hence the name.