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    • I love it

      2 years ago




      So Ron Perlman   Ferlman....I see it. The trifecta is complete

    • ........wut

      2 years ago


      Title says it all.

    • Hey! Hey you!

      2 years ago


      That's right! You there! You like pokemon? You like the RT community? Well boy have I got a deal for you sonny jim! The OCC pokemon league is open and ready for business! You want to challenge the league? We got one up and coming right here!

      Compretitive not your thing either? That's ok! We're casual too! We got trading and casuall attles for all! You want it, we got it. 

      So join today! Just hop in the forum and say hi. We'll see you there! 

      OCC Pokemon League

      Feel free to ask questions in the comments below! (please don't I was just being nice)

    • Oh yeah and this is pretty funny too

      2 years ago


      This was really funny too! Would recommend if you like abridged series. Although it's nothing like any abridged series I've ever seen. Aka nothing like Yu Gi Oh the abridged series which is kickass! 

      Also I found out you can make a whistle out of a carrot! It's awesome. Watch these two videos:

      Vid 1

      Vid 2

      Rest assured I know what I'm doing all weekend. How about you's?

      (If its not carrot whistles I'll be disappointed))

      giphy.gifgiphy.gifFor good measure :)

    • Important Business

      2 years ago


      Alright, so this is important stuff here. Are you ready? Good. Now let's begin:


      Eyes on me? Now eyes on the pikachu. Eyes on me, now eyes on the pikachu. Repeat that process 15 times. Now stop. Now start it again. That's what I've been doing for the past 3 weeks. Except turning 18, passing my driving test and getting on school holiday. Now get those eyes back on the pikachu! Alright you can continue reading now. That was a lie earlier, I haven't been doing this for three weeks, its been 3 years. 


      And now I'm revising for exams and whatnot. Hooray. But also I've been getting into yu gi oh again (in case you didn't see me talking about it constantly for the last week or two) and its still awesome. Elemental Heroes are still kickass, especially with all the new ones! The masked heroes and the contrast hero are pretty awesome too, although I haven't got them yet but all in good time! Keep watching the pikachu dammit! 


      And some of us from the OCC are setting up a pokemon league! It's early days in the process but when it's ready come and test your mettle! That's all for now but more updates on stuff will be coming soon. As will more pikachus. Seriously I'm putting this everywhere. Spinning Pikachu out.


      giphy.gif                                                                          giphy.gif


      (Sidenote: Although I've never used the app, the duellinks trailer is stupid and it irritates me)

    • SirSailorStar asked LCPeter a question

      Moar questions. 1. Does it irritate you to see a word typed incorrectly on purpose? 2. Do you like fluffy things or feathery things? 3. What is a question?

      Answered: Mar 26, 2017

      1. No. 

      2. Yes.

      3. Maybe.

      I think that answered your questions? What's that? Still not satisfied? Fine. I'll do it properly this time.

      1. Still no. I've accepted internet culture IS spelling words wrong. 

      2. Feathers, because I can't stuff a pillow with fluff, and I really like pillows......


    • So......St Patrick's Day eh?

      2 years ago


      So it may have been a few days since Ole Paddy's day, but while everyone was out celebrating all I could think of was this....

    • My Addiction

      2 years ago


      It's been almost a year now, and I've been in denial about it for a while; but now I think its finally time that I finally admit it to everyone else, and most importantly, to myself. 

      I just can't stop listening to Kpop dammit its so good! I love it so much! BTS, SEVENTEEN and NCT 127 are just too awesome for words. BLACKPINK are pretty awesome too (even though they only have 6 songs). I may not know what any of it means, and I'm too lazy to look up the lyrics or learn Korean, but dammit those sweet tunes are too stylin for me. Yeah! 

      Wondering what I'm talking about? Have a look at these, then look at these: 

      Say what you want about the music videos (cause they are a bit weird) but I think the music is awesome. 

      Also I know everyone else ever has mentioned it, but I saw Logan and that was pretty cool too. All I'm saying. Anyways hope you guys like some of the stuff above, see ya!

    • General Things...

      2 years ago


      Now I know you've all been waiting in anticipation for this, and I'm here to give you the goods. Since last time I've perfected not one, but TWO more games, IDARB and the Wolf among us, neither of which are hard to complete (seriously IDARB took the best part of an hour), but are both a lot of fun. IDARB is one of the most ballistic games I've played and I would definitely recommend playing it with friends. 

      The Wolf Among Us is a few years old now, and I've played it before, but A) I wanted the achievements (of course), and B) Its an awesome game with a great story ( Why oh why don't they release season 2 I need to know more). I love that game and would recommend it to anyone.

      But apart from that has much happened? I don't know, I can't remember! Its been 2 weeks or something since I actually wrote something worthwhile here, and in my mind that's basically two years to me. But things have been pretty good, just need to get ready for the full on exams now....

      Anyways see you people around the site!

    • Now this....this is gold

      2 years ago


      Hey @Kaoru27Umi thanks for changing my life for the better! 




      and this is an honourable mention.

      Whoever knew Korean TV was so awesome?

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