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    • How did it happen again?

      2 years ago


      Sooooooo I'm just gonna come right out and say I don't remember doing any of this, but apparently it happened. 232 entire posts....and I'm top.....I swear I don't know how this happened. But yay I'll take it!


      Except I did 1000 Max the curse of Brotherhood. I don't know why but that damned boss fight without dying took me so long AND I DON'T KNOW WHY. Oh wait I do. I just suck. But I got 1000 so I guess that means I'm the best at it ahahahahahah-ok you can go bye byes.

    • SirSailorStar asked LCPeter a question

      Questions: 1. Who is your favorite Pokemon? 2. Zwei from RWBY or Rockruff from Pokemon Sun and Moon the anime? 3. Would you rather slap someone or punch a counter? 4. Did you answer my questions?

      Answered: Feb 18, 2017

      1. Obviously Buzzwole as he represents the gains I wish to recieve. Like seriously those arms......8CvOgn-l.jpg

      But actually I like Mimikyu a lot at the moment. I'm undecided welp. THERES OVER 700 HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE


      3. Depends if the counter is Wobbuffet or not cause that BLOODY HURTS

      4.  But what if the questions were never questions......

    • It happened..../My Thoughts On Pokemon Sun

      2 years ago


      Its been a long time, and I've lost track of the days, but I've done it....


      Since then I finished the main story and started the looker missions. I've got a type Null from Gladion as well (in Aether paradise in the post game), and am probably going to go and bag myself a nebby once i've got all the Tapus.

      (I may have accidentally killed Tapu Koko but it's fine as I can catch him again once I beat the pokemon league a second time)

      Now, to talk about the game. I think I'm in love :)

      Pokemon Sun might be my favourite pokemon game. Why that is I'm not entirely sure, as I loved the earlier ones, but I feel they made a real effort on this game all round. The story I found genuinely touching and I connected with it far more than I have with any other pokemon story, although that may be due to where I am in this stage of life. The game looks so beautiful too, with the cutscenes having so much care and attention being put into them. The new region is really original, with the new island structure making a nice change in the way you travel. Its far less linear in the way you travel in my opinion, especially with there being more quests and special trainers to beat on each route. Z crystals as rewards gave been a great addition too, as now beating trials actually gives you something of use, and encourages strategy in a way that perhaps mega evolution didn't.  

      I haven't played much post game yet, but I'm looking forward to it! Especially the Looker Quests, as in X they were without a doubt my favourite part of that game, especially how you had to explore the complexities of Lumiose city, and the compelling story in this small segment of the game. Obviously there are the legendaries to catch, as well as fight the man himself. There's still a lot more to do! In this game I think there are more post game opportunities than there were in previous ones, giving it more longevity in my opinion. 

      In short I loved the new story, as well as keeping the old formula and spicing it up with new ideas I thought the alolan forms were a great idea, and kept the franchise recognisable but still new (although Golem's facial hair and Dugtrio's He man locks I'm still undecided on). The island trials are a good new format, and give a longer gameplay experience, and makes it more interesting than simple battles. While I'm cynical of the powers that affection has been given in pokemon refresh it has saved my arse a few times. It does add a new more random angle to the game that some will like and others won't. I'm unsold, but I do like being saved by it....even if I know its a tad unfair. 

      If you haven't already, absolutely buy it! Great game all round and well worth whatever you pay for it. It's really fun and a good new angle on the pokemon series.

      Meanwhile I've now finally perfect SR IV Reelected, and am about to perfect Max the Curse of Brotherhood, which is a fun little platformer/puzzle game I picked up a few years ago. Its good fun and a fairly easy 1000.

      Anyway update over from me! See ya people :)

      (Also RTX London hype)

    • Protoblues asked LCPeter a question

      Why does JazzRose not like jazz?

      Answered: Feb 7, 2017

      I think she obviously just hates fun

    • This is as much for me as it is for others

      2 years ago


      This. Enjoy :)

      My absolute thanks go to @Andy for posting about this. It is a fine addition to my collection.

    • My New Favourite Film

      2 years ago


      I'm just gonna say it straight out. I absolutely love Zootropolis (Or Zootopia for you Americans). It is funny and exciting and so, so clever as a movie. I have not enoyed a movie in the way I did this one for quite some time. You should all watch it. That is all. (Seriously go watch it now) (Especially you @Hanako23 cause you haven't seen anything at all)

      Also I'm eating some Ferrero Rocher right now and I just feel like I'm doing it wrong somehow. 

      Edit: It turns out I was as I accidentally exploded a coconut one everywhere as I write this. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Well you know what they say, Odi et Amo and all that (and they are so good, so I'll let it slide this time...but damn it if those lil whippersnappers come at me again I'll give em a good slap with the back of my hand let me tell ya)

      Anyway, watch the movie! And good night!

    • Izayer asked LCPeter a question

      What is your GT?

      Answered: Jan 29, 2017

      My GT is WoodlandOregon2 

      (It's random I know, but I could never be bothered to change it. Although now I have some kind of presence online maybe I should change it......we'll see)

    • Progress Report: Day 200

      2 years ago


      I still haven't caught a Feebas.

      I hate this so much.

      But does the hunt go on? Find out next week if I give up and finally progress with the game properly or still attempt to catch this goddamned fish and claim my reward!! 

    • A quote for you all!

      2 years ago


      "Today I learnt that Breast Milk makes good pancakes" - Person

      Did you know this? If not pass it around and enlighten your friends! 

      Explanation video is in this link 

    • Day 57

      2 years ago


      It's been weeks: I'm not sure if I can remember the last time I saw daylight, the wet touch of water on my lips or the taste of food in my mouth. I've been working at it for days, weeks, months it seems like....trying to accomplish this one simple aim. I know what I have to do, but the hundred times over the random numbers never work in my favour. I've been grinding so hard but my luck has never paid off. 

      I just want to catch a goddamned feebas already and get my money. Is that so hard?

      Yes, apparently as I still haven't caught one. The hunt goes on.

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